Android Version: 5.0App: CoConstruct
Release date: May 18, 2015App Rating: 3
Author: Co-construct, LLCCategory: productivity
Name: CoConstructExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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CoConstruct’s #1 rated cloud-based program helps remodelers and custom house builders sell more projects and play them better. With details to rescue manage your team, clients, projects, and budgets, CoConstruct will save you at least 30 minutes a day. Rated #1 for these beloved details and more: - Simple and organized communication between your group members, clients, and partners - Robust scheduling to whenever know what needs to be done on the job site - Job blog logs to readily report on diurnal activities - Highly-flexible selections maintain everyone on the same page - Change orders with signature capture - File and picture storage - avail your finger to draw on pictures to execute your point - Simple employee time tracking



AZHAR iQBAL lahorei  6-18-2021


Vitaly Iyerusalimets  6-15-2021
Latly edition freezes and shuts down, takes 1 to 2 minutes to open some line items, this happens after the newest update. Before that it worked fine. repair the bug


KAYE new  6-15-2021
extremely patchy and freezes up so can't open 50% of the time


Ron Waters  6-14-2021
edition will not open! Keeps telling me to try my connection or check again later! Just did an upgrade on the edition and now it's not working!


Finn Johansen  6-11-2021
Does give me the option to initiate a recent account. Uninstalled.


Joe Jensen  6-7-2021
It's a simplified version of leadership software. It does everything fine. A lot of block heads review bombing it. If you can't avail this, I can't visualize them using Procore.


Marco Trotta  6-2-2021
AMAZING. Nailed it. gain this. Trust me!


John Katzman  5-8-2021
edition is useless now after newest update. Cannot login, but domain works just fine. Thanks for ruining this is in center of our build. must be renamed Co-Concrap


Jack Sharpe  5-2-2021
After upgrade I am unable to add any time entries as it says I cannot add a future date entry even though the date is set for a former day


Lee de kock  5-2-2021
beautiful glitchy. I think the trouble is that the edition doesn't minimize what it delivers to field staff enough and in the complexity delivered it glitches out. The truth is most field staff don't need half the details leadership staff do. Most editions fail to realize this. Additionally, the edition URL and the web location URI not congruent so your mobile gadget is unlikely to recognize the relationship for things like saved passwords. Be aware of this for registration using Google generated passwords etc.


Jason Payne  3-24-2021
Same experience as all the other posts. Hoping these negative reviews are being viewed by CoConstruct. The edition no longer works after the newest update. It whenever says that the username/password is not recognized. I've tried resetting my password multiple times, with no change. I am now using the domain on my smartphone which is not a fantastic experience.


Gary Sheppard  3-24-2021
The smartphones edition for CoConstruct is not bad, but there's room for improvement. For example, I cannot access messages. If I tap Messages on the project screen, nothing happens. Also, tapping a CoConstruct info takes me to the project screen, not to the actual action that generated the notification. (I'm a client, by the way. Maybe group members and trade partners gain diverse behavior from the edition than customers do.) Overall though, the edition provides beautiful excellent mobile access to project information.


Michael Rice  3-20-2021
The edition is okay, but has some dumb quirks. We used it extensively to communicate with our builder during construction of our home, and it was functional. We are post construction now, and are using the edition for warranty requests. However, for some reason, I am not able to login across the edition anymore; I can login using the website. I tried reinstalling the app, but it did not repair the issue.


Anish Kattukaran  3-16-2021
The edition is now useless as I'm fully unable to login into this recent version of the edition despite using the proper login and password (website still works but is a sub-par experience on a phone).


Josh Vines  3-11-2021
The edition won't permit me log in. :( Web based works but not the app.


M D  3-11-2021
All the buttons don't work on the most new version of smartphones you guys need to gain your act together. This is an significant app, it needs to work.


Sean Magin  3-10-2021
fresh upgrade broke lots of features. Unable to select the communication option to view or conform to messages. Also unable to select settings Gear icon. Using a Samsung S10+, S9, and also S20.


Duane Vanduyvenvoorde  3-7-2021
The edition stopped letting me log in on the app, like all the new client complaints in these reviews. I even uninstalled it. I also logged into the web version and changed my passwords just to see if that works work. Nope. edition was whenever beautiful fearful compared to the mediocre web service. Why builders are using this is beyond me. Deleted.


Bernadette G  3-4-2021
Can't even view the messages anymore


Adonrum Die  3-3-2021
I cannot login with the edition (Note 9), but I can across the website. It used to work before this newest upgrade I believe.


Kajal Patel  3-2-2021
Unable to login in the app, can only login on domain


Tim Davis  2-26-2021
Cannot login. Useless.


John Slaughter  2-26-2021
Useless. Web based version works fine but the smartphones edition won't open the Messages tab on my Samsung phone. Now, it no longer recognizes my username/password combination. Exactly the same one I used to log into web interface seconds earlier is declared invalid on the app.


GISports Tv  2-23-2021
No access to program with multiple signin.


darren harris  2-20-2021
Unable to login. Username/password wrong message pops up. I'm only able to log in across the website.


kathi in folsom  2-20-2021
Can't log on to the mobile edition


Jane Ellen Jarrell  2-8-2021
As a client, I'm having troubles contacting my contractor. I can respond his messages but I can't send him one. From a client's perspective, why bother?


Mac Osvatic  2-5-2021
Got a recent phone. Will not login now. Disappoint.


Steven Beneda  1-31-2021
So I just switched from iPhone 11 to galaxy note 20. The edition is now fully useless. It does not recognize log in news at all. Their mobile edition sucked for iPhone and now simply doesn't work at all for galaxy note20. I've been a usufructuary for some time now and the tech aid strings you along but never follows up. This system is supposed to save time and money when in fact it cost you more money in labor. One little mistake and you should start all over again. dozens more problems too.


Jose Hernandez  1-25-2021
is just a nightmare


Milton Martins  1-20-2021
fantastic app!


Jason Downe  1-7-2021
It's a veritable pity this brand is ignoring the constant complaints about the incredibly slow timeclock sign in


Aleks Guzman  1-1-2021
Love the app!!!!


David Campbell  12-21-2020
Nothing works correctly. Some jobs fail to exhibit up at all. dozens tasks don't exhibit on the jobs. Some workers can see more or less tasks than others. Takes idea too long to load. Whole squad hates it!


Reid Pelly  11-10-2020
dozens of the details do not work consistently, when the edition is completely functional it is incredibly slow. My entire squad dislikes the timeclock trait as it takes quite awhile to register log in/ out and frequently does not capture log out times if the worker does not leave the edition on their image while it takes the time to "think" . I could not reccomend this app.


RE J  10-31-2020
maintain sending me emails telling me to click an upgrade icon. When I check to mail them back for aid they just send my messages to the contractor instead.


Russell Camper  10-17-2020
The bugs and glitches are causing me to have to discover other ideas to gather and save my project data. If this continues, I may be force to look for an alternative. Hope they resolve the issues.


Aayah Beneda  10-14-2020
This service is no longer value it. The edition never works, it upsets alot of clients because they can't pay their invoice and have login problems. Technical aid responds in a idea that is suchlike to declaring "oh well" or what could you like me to do about it" or "it is what it is". Those are highly unacceptable answers for 200.33 a month. Time to finally transition to ProCore and permit Co-Construct maintain their mess. I rather pay the higher fee for a service that won't drive away my customers.


Gee K  10-8-2020
NOTE 10 PLUS : There are glitches while recording job logs and edition is somehow laggy and unstable. It crashed few times as well.


Kyle Haughey  9-29-2020
fresh upgrade on smartphones is extremely buggy. When posted job logs the image flashes and is intractable to type. ancient version was tons smoother


Deanna Norris  9-25-2020
I maintain having glitches on my One Plus 7 Pro. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling it but it seems worse. Works fine on my other gadgets so maybe it's just this manufacturer? It's so wrong I can't even talk where to click. image is entirely rearranged.


Bill Wolff  9-2-2020
Desktop edition is fine. Mobile side is poor. Slow, unresponsive, finicky.


Jonathanpaul01  8-16-2020
The co construct platform is fantastic but the edition needs a lot of work.


Johnny Cover  8-13-2020
Not extremely excellent wouldn't recognize my passcode


Christopher Timleck  7-9-2020
Continually crashes while sending photos. fantastic concept, fearful edition


Rashad Ayyash  6-15-2020
Please have the mail links open to the edition instead of the website. Galaxy Note 10+


Gage Gregory  6-11-2020
Dog ass


Sean Banayan  5-28-2020
gratuitous Trial is a Scam! They wont exhibit you on the program work in practice and fool you to aign up for a so-called "free" trial! Then they deduct a month of subsciption from your Credit Card claiming that you must have implemented the program if you desire the refund! Just a modern idea of scamming people! Shame on them!


Steven Pecile  5-21-2020
The brand I work for is testing it out and asking for opinions and I gotta say, this edition needs a lot of improvements. Compared to Builder trends this edition is lacking fundamental concepts like editing a picture or being able to post multiple pictures in 1 job post. Also my pictures are Turing out grainy and not on portrait style even tho I took the photo in that way... The edition also loads veritable slow or sometimes not at all. The CoConstruct system as a whole is excellent but the edition is sub par.


Dustin Kopman  5-10-2020
edition loads slow and is not usufructuary outgoing


Ian Babitzke  4-24-2020
Difficult to add photos and constantly crashed when trying to open the time clock part of the app.


Kevin Haynes  4-24-2020
It's a junk piece of edition it doesn't work


firewater jackson  4-22-2020
Love this app! It's very beneficial at work. It will become even more Beneficial when we study to avail it to its absolute capacity.


Shoodoofoo Nugget  4-6-2020
Diffucult to avail to communicate. Messages vanish when focusing to other editions or windows. Longer messages execute it impossible to scroll across to review or even send.


Aaron Dickerson  3-25-2020
good app. Thank you.


joel lerma  3-21-2020
If you are student trying to study recent technolgies. This brand is not the one. They by mail that were not interested even paying a absolute month.


Dennis McCarthy  3-7-2020
fantastic to work with.


Craig Fairbanks  2-12-2020
good working edition would be a little quicker on response when clicking buttons on tasks but i assume that might depend on my mobile signal. Most of the time its fantastic but just decovered there were updates sitting in settings.


Riamz K  1-26-2020
edition extremely slow edition whenever bugs tried contacting client aid takes them for ever to respond one of the worst editions I've downloaded takes my atleast 4-5 tries to be able to punch in that is the only slow edition that does that on my smartphone my speed experiment is extremely excellent therefore since it's taking you guys over 1week to actually solve my trouble I'm leaving you a 1 star luckily I would put 0


Dawn Musson  1-15-2020
I bought two prgrams that said they did the same thing. Only Co-Construct was a detailed as both claimed.


Tamara Huaki  12-11-2019
It looks amazing, unless I often can't connect or its slow as hell opening pages up, I avoid using it and could rather communicate on email. Have uninstalles and reinstalled multiple times to no avail.


Konrad Witte  11-14-2019


Michael Horn  11-8-2019
Co Construct is the most innovative and constantly evolving Construction leadership Software. However this only scratches the surface of how they have integrated their customers into a community of Builders who will reinvent the Remodel and Custom house residence experience and reputation of the industry. Their aid group is one of the exquisite and your opinions is not only welcome but expected to ameliorate the usufructuary experience.


Phil Williams  10-20-2019
Can't log in on my smartphone but all my other editions work fine.


Hank Cheatham  10-14-2019
Does not work. It says it cannot connect to server. I've installed and uninstalled several times.


Matt Kalan  10-7-2019
The fundamentals are fine but fearful that it discards draft messages if you step off the edition to try anything else. Also both web and edition execute it intractable to search. They must allow searching the specs. The edition is better than the web version in that u can see multiple communications in the one spot, not just messaged. Also any messages must allow u to go to the spec that it transactions with


Michael Moreno  9-28-2019
I do not recommend. I've been trying to log in and downloaded edition for work but cant even gain thru.


Tom Collins  9-23-2019
SAID TREE 54 I I Y Hu a et 3 uueay


Reggie Davis  9-19-2019
Pertaining to my employment


Taras Skrupskyj  9-11-2019
Loads 15% of the time. Crashes nearly each single time.


Loris Miller  9-10-2019
edition will no longer open on Note 8 even after reinstall


Kami Joslyn  9-6-2019
No matter how dozens times I install, uninstall, and reinstall it tells me it can't contact the server and to try my connection or check again later... There's no problem with my connection. Especially not each single time I check and avail the edition for multiple weeks in a row...and while everything else on my smartphone works perfectly. No thanks to this crappy app.


Levi Ferguson  7-30-2019
slow, laggy, can't delete time cards, tsheets is a tons better app.


Santiago Rodriguez  7-22-2019
This edition sucks on Android!!! maybe I own a crappy smartphone or something but takes forever to load pics and most of the time i got an error message. Maybe the desktop version is better....


Larry  7-10-2019


Jeff Murrell  7-6-2019
extremely serviceable


Bryan Wappes  7-1-2019
Honestly, love the way of this app. The developers are whenever trying to gain our experience to a higher level. My previous review had been edited due to the developer correcting the issue... fantastic overall app.


Ryan Terry  6-11-2019
fantastic edition love it


JayPyro Hoff  5-22-2019
Wasting my time keeps declaring invalid username The desktop version i can log in but the edition is Gunk


david harwood  5-14-2019
fantastic edition for your residence process


Brett Burnside  4-10-2019
Up to date, innovative and surprisingly applicable.


E.J. Chernicky  4-10-2019
Love the desktop version, hate the mobile app. Most of the confusion my clients experience is from the fact they are primarily using the mobile app.


Jenni P  3-10-2019
I just installed the app, and immediately, it asks me to sign IN, not up, IN!! I can't sign in, I literally just installed the app. I guess I will just uninstall now. That was pointless.



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