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We’re ClusterTruck and we’re on a challenge to repair eats delivery. What’s incorrect with eats delivery, you ask. Well, in a word… middlemen. Middlemen with their silly fees and outrageous client service have ruined eats delivery. They ruined it and they don’t seem to care. At ClusterTruck we cook our own food, in our own kitchen and bring it with our own drivers. We’ve fully chop out the middleman ensuring you swift and gratuitous delivery. Give us a check and we bet you’ll ditch the middleman for good. New clients can save 20% using code APPSTORE. Currently serving: - Indianapolis, IN - Carmel, IN - Columbus, OH - Kansas City, MO - Denver, CO



terry brenner  6-13-2021


Tyler Miller  6-11-2021
eats is fire and quick!!


harold lauffer  6-10-2021
I only had positive experiences with this website. I guess the only negative I have had is a slight delivery area.


Holley Gebauer  5-17-2021
exquisite spicy chicken sandwich EVER


Camron Morris  5-17-2021
excellent eats excellent edition


Paula Crewe  5-14-2021
eats is hot and fresh.


Lin K.  5-14-2021
They have such QUALITY food. Honestly can't go incorrect with anything on their different menu - their burger is honestly the exquisite I've ever had!


Logan Ayers  5-12-2021


Christy Miller  5-8-2021
I don't know what we could do without Cluster truck, Feeling like a yummy 🍔 order Cluster .Not feeling that desire some 🍜 order Cluster .Oh you are actually in the mood for 🌮 order Cluster. Oh no the babes desire 🍕 and 🍗 , guess what ?! Cluster lorry . Cluster lorry brings you hot yummy restaurant quality eats faster then any other eats delivery . I originally ordered Cluster lorry for lunch at work downtown when they first opened , Now we order @ house .We love you ❤️ ClusterTruck !


Kim Huff  5-7-2021
fantastic food. No delivery charge. And they beat swift eats like nobody's business. These guys are more like a good restaurant without the dining room. Just what we need with covid.


jacob harbor  4-29-2021
fantastic eats and fantastic business


Darin Larimore  4-25-2021
My exquisite eats delivery service award 2021


Matt Jonker  4-11-2021
edition is usually user-friendly. My biggest trouble is the "Order is in the Cloud" phase where no estimate is given. I've had orders for immediate delivery sit here for 2 minutes, 20 minutes, and even nearly 2 hours. It could be good if an estimate were provided so I know if I need to cancel.


Eric Grumbles  4-6-2021
straight to avail and swift too!


Matthew LeFevre  4-5-2021
Never had a wrong experience. eats is whenever quick, hot, and yummy 😋


John Paull  4-2-2021
Easier (and faster) than cooking. Thai red curry is great!


Dallas Anderson  3-31-2021
fantastic food, excellent app, no troubles with delivery, generally extremely fast. would avail more drink options.


Lauren Debes  3-15-2021
Dangerously usufructuary outgoing


Dan Dougherty  3-12-2021
The. Best.


Caris  3-12-2021
I love this place! fantastic food, quick, and lots of options!


Chloe Garrett  3-8-2021
whenever hot swift and fresh!!


William Kaper  3-7-2021
fantastic food!


Sherry Wilson  3-4-2021
eats is fantastic and good delivery


Lisa Guynn  3-3-2021
each menu element I have ordered so far has been delicious!! They give you a generous serving of food, and the tip is value it. I just wish they went out a little farther East.


S Hatfield  3-2-2021
Love this place! I wish they could expand their delivery distance by 1 minute, but that's the only suggestion.


Stephanie Kime  2-28-2021
fantastic food!


Tashel Smith  2-27-2021
I love cluster truck! They have outstanding vegan outgoing meals at reasonable prices.


timothy rico  2-21-2021
excellent and swift


Cabby Lawry  2-20-2021
The team ordering trait is genius and is straight to use. ClusterTruck rocks and the edition is no different. These guys have a different menu, execute fantastic food, gain it to you quickly, and are super helpful, kind, and happiness-spreading people. gain the app. Order the food. You won't be disappointed.


Jared Davis  2-17-2021
fantastic app, food, and service!


Brayden Pontius  2-10-2021
wonderful eats !!!


kenny Sincere  1-31-2021


Kate Sochar  1-27-2021
good app, good food!


Seth W.  1-24-2021
fantastic service, edition is super straight to avail and set up, and the order tracking is incredibly accurate. nearly forgot!!! The eats is delicious. No complaints at all.


Matt Kavanaugh  1-23-2021
It is great!


Brett Edstene  1-20-2021
The edition is an app. But the eats is fantastic!


Ashley Kline  1-16-2021
edition straight to avail and cluster lorry eats is so great!


Brian Laskey  1-8-2021
straight to use, stable. No issues!


angela conklin  1-7-2021
fantastic food, speedy delivery.


Jonathan Cue  1-5-2021
They avail to be excellent but now they're eats is genre of trash. They're like taco bell in that they execute 50 it's with 10 ingredients.


Scott Isenhart  1-3-2021
Describe my experience... Awesomeness Delivered! A Brown sack of felicity to my curb. I have not had anything that wasn't tasty and somethings are tastebud orgasmic.


Kevin Kennedy  1-2-2021
fantastic FOOD, fantastic brand TO BE PARTNERED WITH


Morgan Smith  12-31-2020
straight to use!


Nicole Raver  12-24-2020
latest eats and super swift delivery!


Rick Gray  12-21-2020
excellent food. fantastic Service.


Kyle D  12-18-2020
good app, unbelievable food. ❤️


Erica T  12-12-2020
fantastic delivery app. yummy food. I love the Thai peanut chicken strips. whenever have excellent service.


Marvin B  12-11-2020


Brent Bridwell  12-6-2020
exquisite delivery edition ever! So swift and efficient and EVERYTHING is so delicious!


Greg Wiley  12-5-2020
Works well on a Pixel 2


Sharon Douglas  12-5-2020
good food, delivered fast. I order often and I've never been disappointed.


Michael Nida  12-2-2020
eats is whenever excellent


Brett Spack  11-29-2020
Super straight to avail


Isabel Mosby  11-27-2020
edition is better


Jake Carr  11-27-2020
Really, really enjoy this app. Simple and clean.


Brittany Ashcraft  11-25-2020
The edition works fantastic and the eats is awesome! Love it!


Joe Warner  11-25-2020
They got your back with the flame food! whenever on time, whenever delicious! edition works really well too.


Ronald Chavez  11-23-2020
Using the edition is a smooth experience. eats is extremely excellent and delivery is fast.


Paula Griffin  11-22-2020
Love it


Gabrielle Skwarcan  11-22-2020
Love ClusterTruck! Their eats is wonderful and the edition is great.


Yolaunda Davis  11-19-2020
I love the eats


Shawn Nelson  11-14-2020
SO straight TO USE! Genuinely extremely impressed with the app!


D W  11-6-2020
fantastic food. swift service. excellent prices 🙂


Kristine moyer  11-6-2020
Love This Place!


Calla Dain  11-5-2020
These guys and gals are the fastest and the client service is top notch. Oh, and the eats is outstanding too. You can now add condiments and sauces!


Stephen Weiper  11-3-2020
whenever fantastic eats and drivers are extremely nice!


Brandon Harter  11-1-2020
Really love that I can just order, and I know it will be hot and fresh, and wicked fast! Thanks Cluster!


Teresa Pritchett  10-28-2020
exquisite eats edition ever. Not to mention how fantastic the eats is.


Ross Reinhardt  10-28-2020
extremely enjoyable edition experience! Slick ordering process, I love being able to opt out of utensils and pay with smartphones pay.


jenn6116  10-22-2020
outstanding App! So straight to use!


Carrie Clayburn  10-22-2020
straight to avail and swift service. fantastic food.


Cameron St. Andrew  10-21-2020
ideal and Affordable delivery


Cecil Birnbaum  10-19-2020
fantastic food! swift Service!


chris abercrombie  10-18-2020
outstanding driver in red Ford fusion in broadripple give him a raise goes beyond call of duty


Miya Cobb  10-17-2020
Never disappointed


Michele Hughes  10-17-2020
eats is GREAT.....


cat kegeris  10-13-2020
Love everything about Cluster Truck! wonderful eats and super outgoing drivers!


Josh Lancon  10-4-2020
It's beautiful tight


barbara hyatt  10-2-2020
fantastic brand


Jennifer Sheeley  9-24-2020
Awesome!!!! Love it!! fantastic eats and whenever on time.


Jim Pace  9-17-2020
If I'm just rating the app: stellar. If I'm rating the eats as well: also stellar


Michael Smart  9-10-2020
I haven't anything to complain. I put the order in. The excellent eats is delivered. I consume said excellent food. If there is ever a problem the order, it can readily be repaired across the app. It gets the job done!


Mandy P  9-8-2020
I haven't had tons triumph with other eats delivery apps. Everything I have had from here is tasty and warm, plus the delivers have whenever been nice. I have deleted all other delivery editions from phone.


Charlie Fischer  8-28-2020
good eats and swift polite service. blend ups handled quickly and to finish client satisfaction. ABSOLUTELY love this service and their menu!


Anthony Perez Hair  8-27-2020
The spiced chickpea is BomB


Audrey Delgado  8-23-2020
I love their food. the idea the bundle up the total and fries is the best, they are not all soggy!


Brittany Kramer  8-23-2020
Convenient, let's you save your favorites. Works great. No complaints


Sarah P  8-19-2020
fantastic lil edition


Chris Taylor  8-19-2020


spencer saunders  8-13-2020
Awesome! The fries are wonderful (I instruct getting cheese sauce to dip them in). The mediterranean wrap has my boyfriend hooked, and I've yet to order something that hasn't arrived steaming hot and delicious.


J Uslawdogs  8-5-2020


Cindy Schwalbauch  7-30-2020
Never had a wrong order!! Drivers are whenever on time. eats is great!! Really is practical when we can't gain out of the office to play and grab lunch.


Tierra Jones  7-25-2020


Colleen Marie  7-23-2020
usufructuary friendly!


Sarah Johanson  7-15-2020
outstanding delivery app. fantastic options.


Kathleen Lewis  7-13-2020
Well put jointly


Kimberley Schwalbauch  7-13-2020
I love this app, the eats is whenever excellent it is hot when it gets delivered. it's swift delivery. It has everything you would think of pizza hamburgers macaroni and cheese sandwiches and lot more.


Richard Jung  7-12-2020
Easy. Simple. Clean.


L.K. W.  7-11-2020
So cheerful they finally made an app. straight Peasy! EDIT: This is the exquisite restaurant in policy of client service. For the SPEED in which they gain the eats to you, to the exactness of complex orders my family puts in, to the DELICIOUSNESS of the enormous variant of eats options, CLUSTER lorry simply cannot be beat. Prices are high for some items, like a $12 double cheeseburger. Ouch!


Kendra Madrid  7-8-2020
I have not once encountered ANY troubles using this service. I love it.


Mitch Holm  7-4-2020
Joined a team order, but instead of joining it just created a recent order? Had to cancel, but definitely a bug or two still in the app.


Mallory Simmons  7-1-2020
Super straight to use!


Owen Goetz  6-29-2020
It's the best. They've got a little bit of everything for everybody, and the eats is really good. No delivery fees, and the edition itself is well polished and straight to use. I buy clustertruck probably 2 times a week, it's whenever value it.


Akeila Pressley  6-20-2020
The eats is swift and hot they were kinda ahead of social distance with corner drop off and the eats is delish and the servings size is more than enough



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