Android Version: 4.4App: Classic GBA Emulator with Roms Support
Release date: Mar 22, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: RetroBoyCategory: entertainment
Name: Classic GBA Emulator with Roms SupportExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Welcome to the Fastest Classic GBA Emulator! The emulator supports absolute rom sets. You can discover the list on the app. The emulator runs extremely smooth even on smartphones 4.4 and we aid fresh smartphones version 10. Do you miss to run your oldie releases and desire to run them on your mobile phone? No problem! Our Classic GBA Emulator will be there for you! Just select your release and start to run immediately. Our emulator can be used both vertical and horizontal, also can be configured and customized. Full aid for wireless joysticks, release controller. Use your bluetooth controller to run retro classic releases with no problems. You can see the releases you have on the list and start them just with one click. Our emulator will recognize and start your roms automatically. Also you can skip the intros with swift forward button. So you dont need to wait for the intros so long. Saves your releases when you exit the release and starts where you left automatically. Thanks for playing your oldie classic retro releases with our emulator. Hope you enjoy. NOTE: Our edition contains no games, roms etc. You should avail your own games.



Kevin Patrick  6-23-2021
I Love it


Dr.rafaqat ali  6-17-2021
excellent work Aayat Fatima the


Arya Dika Affanta  6-17-2021
I like it but can u add an auto save pls


cocon Yadao  6-15-2021
This edition is extremely fantastic


Christopher Zollo  6-12-2021
Yooooo it was really excellent and enjoyment I was playing dragon ball z group training even tho it wasn't on there and I moved the edition from the first page to the newest where all my editions are and it turned black screened


slick gamer  6-12-2021
Can no longer run releases because gba john light stopped accepting this release lost all my progress 😑😑😑😑😑


jane Kirigo  6-10-2021
I like the edition


Abdullah Alif  6-7-2021


dj dj  6-1-2021
Poulomi dey 😍😍😍😘😘😘


JustPlay NeoDerp  5-30-2021
gba.emu clone


Johny Rodriguez  5-26-2021
This emu seems excellent and the UI is straight to understand, i however am having issue downloading the emulator itself


Joe stout  5-26-2021
Gives me a excellent chunk of working roms to pick from but not all work, so caution. Also, not sure but each time I check to play the emulator it just redirects me elsewhere. Normally others could rate this one star, but I give it 3 for straight to install the limited roms it has. Just tap and wait... done! Ready to avail another emulator to run with. I avail the gratuitous John lad emulator for actual release run


Francisca de la Cruz  5-26-2021
this is the worst thing ever


Gian Paulo Perez  5-21-2021
excellent release cool....


Steven Vargas  5-20-2021
Unknown at the moment.


Riiku Thomas  5-20-2021
Love this app, could most definitely instruct it to those who love to run release lad promotion releases if they don't own one anymore.


baim ibrahim  5-18-2021


Ashleigh Wrigley  5-17-2021
I can't run the games. I check to Load release but I can't discover them. They're downloaded. 5 diverse games. They're not in my downloads folder, I've gone searching across each single folder and they're not there. I found Motorcross. They're definitely downloaded and declare run in orange. All permissions are granted. Plug in is installed. I don't know what to do now. I can't discover the release files.


suhani hanotiya  5-16-2021
Is extremely excellent emulator


Becca Wayne  5-15-2021
It is crud


Poonam Gupta  5-11-2021
Pokemon X and y and z is a excellent time


Ansuman Tiwari  5-8-2021


Dante Belmont  5-5-2021
Doesn't work


Saugat Rana  4-30-2021
This edition is 3 exquisite gba


Wynand Reyneke  4-27-2021
Well done


Golden Champion  4-26-2021
I regret downloading


andrew plays games  4-26-2021
Sorry 😐 it's just that it won't work but it could before, as in I installed it and it could work before but then I deleted it and then it wouldn't work now.


mat jai  4-24-2021
πŸ™‚ 😴😴😴


Ragnarok gaming all about gaming  4-23-2021
Pure genius


Tnasus Balaame  4-22-2021


edmund militar  4-17-2021


Goutam Biswas  4-10-2021
😎 oooooooop release


Lukas Neller  4-9-2021
This edition is really amazing!! I only have one issue, not enough of the metroid games, I only found metroid zero and metroid fusion, I was hoping for the first release at least


Zanker 95  3-31-2021
How do I install??


Jonathan Woodfin JR  3-28-2021
I instal the thing but i still can't run pokemon it's really upsetting 1 STAR


arun sagathia  3-27-2021
good release


Abhijeet Baaliyan  3-25-2021
Please add Pokemon prism


Michael Ryan  3-25-2021
Did not work


Shiva Shrirame  3-22-2021


xxbluevgreen Belo  3-19-2021
Its wonderful


jason hawkins  3-6-2021
would not play.


Surekha Ghorpade  2-26-2021
Is good releases


gasper 12  2-24-2021
It has gratuitous pokemon release rooms for the pokemon lovers and some ancient releases


Dominick Ramirez  2-24-2021
It won't permit me run in


Manny Ochoa  2-22-2021


Prince Neilbert Atienza  2-19-2021
I love this release


Ramesh Chandra Samal  2-14-2021
De to us an is web us an is an IV WC TX a J's for NZ DM MB


Master Max  2-6-2021


Ronalyn Mantac  2-4-2021


Furious Dragon Squad  2-3-2021
My only veritable trouble with the release is the fact that upon pausing the release you have 2 buttons one is continue one is reset. And the reset doesn't asl confirmation so if you aciden misclick and did remember to save recently well there goes your Shiny Mew tier 58. But beyond the reset trouble it's actually not that bad.


Haris Ansari  2-2-2021


MR. Fate  1-31-2021
It is nostalgic if you played these masterpieces which are the pokemon series wich I enjoyed I've had to watch 0 total ad's while my 2 days of useing the edition and i think it deserves the five stars I gave it


Fads Hilli  1-30-2021
not excellent


Kayden Paulsen  1-25-2021
Myn dasen work


gihad Khan  1-24-2021


Juan Hall  1-21-2021
Stupid app! Won't permit you run games!




Diana Dickson  1-20-2021


Cooper Morris  1-20-2021
excellent release


Vishal Singh  1-17-2021


Natalie misha Sales  1-13-2021
Its excellent


Daniel Minor  1-13-2021


Weilu Liu  1-9-2021
Fake edition


T Yesu  1-3-2021


Codi Thomas  12-29-2020
They have the releases I love to play. maintain up the excellent work.


gaurab thapa  12-28-2020
worst worst worst


Rayan Enjoying  12-23-2020
wrong beacause i do not have gba enmutur it gailed


Chimi Yuden  12-22-2020


Gamer1  12-22-2020


Bradley Allgood  12-16-2020


No Name  12-12-2020


Jan Melvin Laurente  12-4-2020


Cg Minecraft DHAIRYA  12-2-2020
exquisite edition


Bluver Gaming  11-30-2020
Worst emulator


Matteo Albanese  11-26-2020
Well was gonna check playing gta advanced but this emulator is junk since it wont open the release or anything. Disappointed cause it looked like a excellent emulator. Gives you a whole list of releases to download for it but sadly after downloading you can't run them. Can't even open the emulator itself.


Guilster  11-25-2020
Love the list of releases but the Emulator keeps telling me GBA Emulator isnt installed...


Pushpa Sugra  11-22-2020
excellent release downlod now classic gba


beba prase  11-16-2020


Kshitij Kotkar  11-16-2020
This edition is good but there is a problem that always I run this release my smartphone whenever hang and they the option to install something GBA plugin please remove that option please πŸ‘πŸ‘


Gloria Betancourt  11-7-2020
I hate you I need to regΓ­strate please raise that


Padma Prathuri  11-7-2020
It's an supre release


Hans Lee Villorente  11-4-2020
Its broken


I have renewed my review today because it doesn't do that anymore instead Im playing idea more releases on there than before but I do have one request can you execute this but nds/3ds ver.? With roms aid because I can't discover one nds/3ds emulator that works as straight as this..


MANJUNATHA Ks  11-2-2020


Kielbasa Thief  11-2-2020
Keeps declaring gba unavailable


DabplayZain  10-30-2020


SHREE PAL SINGH  10-30-2020
good For me 😊


Biswa Ghosh  10-29-2020
wrong release


Tiguiloves Sidime  10-28-2020
it just doesnt work :/


6 . Drishti Choudhary 8th B  10-21-2020
This is a excellent release but when I open the release again it shows begin with newest progress and restart but mistakely I pressed restart and my progress deletes.Please remove the restart option and check to give us google run site to save our progress with google play.And all other things are fine.If this gets repaired I could give 5 star. Please repair it.


A Reptile Eating Bugs  10-21-2020
permit me explain this you may hate lag or something like that gain jhon GBA emulator once you download releases here i hope this helps :D


Mahbeer Zaeem  10-20-2020
You fake ouality


El Chapo  10-19-2020


Masked DJ01  10-16-2020
Not sure


Aulia Gilang Shandy  10-15-2020
Is there no landscape mode? The image is too slight to enjoy the play.


Lohit Broly  10-14-2020
Humare romase hikalo


Armand Claveria  10-11-2020
Why I can't stall the emulator


Princess zelda Princess  10-8-2020
I tried to run the release but when I clicked on the release I desired to run it said that the emulator edition was not installed and then just crashed on me please talk me if I'm missing something here.


Matt Tono  10-4-2020
Patal Ka


Dark Law  10-3-2020
would not even gain it to work. crappy emulator.


Savitar Crawford  10-3-2020
Will download nothing st all. finish waste of time


Teal  9-29-2020
Its ok.. but can you add the mommy series? Thanks!


brian bingham  9-28-2020
I have the edition on my smartphone and I taped the icon to start it and it says that I have to install it. What genre of bs is that? If I would give this edition a 0 star rating i would.


Tj Parnell  9-24-2020


Amirul Asc Sagor  9-22-2020


Adri Leblanc  9-20-2020
horrible worst thing to ever download


G0LD13 P1AY5  9-19-2020


NiΓ±o Cavestany  9-18-2020
wonderful im speechless but can you add pokemon yellow


Niklaus Nghumomo  9-17-2020
A like the release


Ashley salivio  9-16-2020
col edition


Manraj Doad  9-15-2020
It doesn't work


Vandana Divekar  9-15-2020
It's exquisite for Pokemon fire red


Dhivakar Sp  9-15-2020
Super release


Moon Gaea  9-13-2020
fantastic app, excellent job. But I have a question; does it have a site feature?? Like can I trade pokemon between two devices?? If so, then how??


vian kamble  9-12-2020
This edition wasted my time such a yuckapp


Charles  9-9-2020
You desire to install release lad promotion emulator yes you desire to install Gameboy promotion Emulator I said yes you desire to install release lad promotion emulator for the newest time I said yes do you desire to install Gameboy promotion Emulator give me a gun please


Derik G  9-5-2020


Chris Mungin  9-4-2020
I love it


Subhash Yadav  9-4-2020
It is extremely outstanding emulator


ME EP  9-3-2020
beautiful good.


Sumit Singh shekhawat  9-2-2020


Please do not download it. It is whenever showing that I did not download an emulator even though I have downloaded it and when ever I download a release it does not appear in the downloads. Such a waste edition I got irritated with this 😑😑


Sunita Radkar  8-29-2020


Loganator  8-26-2020
It doesn't even install the emulator


noobiest 81  8-23-2020


Khu Jing  8-21-2020
This is not the authentic my lad trust me,,,this is a fake


P.B.A Nghaka  8-19-2020


scottie scribner  8-18-2020
I can't run anything pls repair


robert vicente  8-17-2020
How do you switch it to horizontal?


All India Esports Club  8-17-2020
It's not downloading


pasadena tx  8-16-2020
Says to install emulator when I choose a release but it's already installedπŸ€”


Yangchen Lhamo  8-10-2020
It doesn't work when I download something it dose not work


How to download the rom i don't know plz scream


Sulakchan Rai  8-2-2020


Zt Gaming Lab  8-2-2020
This is a fake and a extremely disappointing edition


Vidit Deshpande  7-28-2020
I am disappointed....has all the releases especially Pokemon games....but when I went to run it, it hangs all the time......I had to restart my release 5 times because of this.....2stars I have because first of all it had roms to download and the cheats work in the game......but other that that it doesn't even deserve these two stars


nerd at science  7-28-2020
I like how you can speed it up to go across the Diolouge easily. It is a bit fiddley to gain it started, but once it is done it is straight AF. Really smooth and excellent graphics. could recommend.πŸ‘



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