Android Version: 5.1App: cityHUNT
Release date: Sep 26, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: cityHUNTCategory: entertainment
Name: cityHUNTExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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cityHUNT brings you awesome, customized release experiences right to your mobile device! Our brand lives to initiate scavenger hunts and group residence occasions that are guaranteed to gain you moving, collaborating, and most of all having FUN! Simply log in, enter the access code to your game, and have a blast finding clues, completing challenges, and earning points to rescue your group to victory. Happy Hunting, The cityHUNT group



Dino Damalas  6-14-2021
excellent enjoyment in the city...


Take The Whip  5-8-2021
I could give a zero star review if possible. We paid 240$ to avail this app. There was nothing to hunt for, nothing to brutal for, no clues to solve mysteries. It was just photo suggestion ideas. For example "take a picture of you and your group smiling". Also, the edition is extremely meager coding. Slow loading, didn't function properly, and reminded me of how the internet in the 90s looked when it could fail to load.


Tanner Taylor  12-28-2020
Did things. Embarrassed ourselves. 5 stars!


Scott Hendricks  10-3-2020
enjoyment times, excellent people, straight to do with social distancing.


Traci Noble  4-25-2020
Couldn't run on my own or with a buddy


Kurtis Bidondo  3-9-2020
Lots of fun. fantastic exercise. extremely interactive!


Sam Friedman  2-28-2020
borough hunt is a lot of fun. Some of the clues are a little out of date. Still, I give it a 4 out of 5.


Tina Motway  12-12-2019
This was such a enjoyment team-building experience. Got to enjoy time with coworkers and also examine my city. I highly instruct CityHUNT!


Denaya Todd  12-11-2019
So tons enjoyment group residence with coworkers


Alicia Gabbard  12-6-2019
Ui is fantastic but I'd love linking smartphones


Ryan Hall  12-3-2019
Omg I love borough hunt. Also my groups is dope. #justgot99


Cynthia Psarakis  11-16-2019
cityHUNT was amazing! Our group had a blast and it was a fantastic idea to gain outside and examine the neighborhood we love!


Philip Stately  10-18-2019
This edition is awesome!


AJ Pride  10-9-2019
Unexpected but enjoyment :)


Theresa Viramontes Casillas  9-12-2019
This edition is outstanding and so is group Benny!😁


Nathaniel Schier  8-2-2019
I recently did a brand scavenger hunt using borough Hunt and nearly didnt avail it due to the horid reviews. At the solution of the CEO of borough Hunt, I did avail it during our game. It does not work on Pixels but it was more than useful on my Note 8. I only had to restart the edition 1 time and it was a little alow between some functions but was fully useable. So tons so that my group won the Hunt and we work it a extremely competitive environment so everyone was trying to win.


Regan Carrington  6-29-2019
Slooooooooow felt like it was on "dial up" style during our release costing us valuable time and points. Deleting today.


Sherry Floyd  1-9-2019
So fun!


Gary Brown  7-31-2018
Do not install this edition on an Android. Stopped working half idea through. Would not upload any videos. Tried to upload a second and third time and again could not upload.


A Google user  6-27-2018
Super enjoyment and group building!!! Love this edition and steeling candy from a baby!!!


Gregory Whitescarver  7-21-2017
extremely confusing interface that does not allow groups to collaborate...and there's no messaging to talk you that every group needs to stick to a single smartphone for advice submissions to work. When you sign in it is extremely unclear whether you can join a group within a release and whether or not you have successfully created a team. dozens dependents can sign up to a release using the same group name, but their submissions are not treated as a single team. extremely meager quality edition with lots of avail cases not addressed at all.


Lisbi Abraham  2-10-2017
The augmented reality clue was great, I got to move on my boss' head


Paul Padier  2-10-2017
Winning team!


Damaris Fraser  11-5-2016


Elizabeth Splawski  10-22-2016
The edition (which you avail to actually do the scavenger hunt) didn't work properly. missions that were finished could step from finished to available, requiring them to be resubmitted multiple times. After resubmitting things 10 times and being fully frustrated, I no longer care to ever do another scavenger hunt from this brand ever again. The edition turned what would have been enjoyment into nothing more than anger and disgust. Workers were not helpful. Waste of money. STAY AWAY! Zero stars if possible!!!!


Carrie Bond  10-22-2016
No wonder they declare it's exquisite to avail an iphone. Can't gain the Augmented Reality mission to submit. Tried 2 smartphones devices. We don't have an iphone. There goes our chances 😣


Steve Y  9-9-2016
Crashed multiple times during normal usage. Also, turns out iOS edition shows point values for mission activities on listing whereas smartphones edition does not.


Sudhakar Srinivasan  6-3-2016
Won't even permit me complete the trick game. could accident or go back to login image everytime I take a picture.


Sean Russell  5-6-2016
Because of the app, what would have been a enjoyment evening was more frustrating than fun. could not instruct the event.


Sean Kinsey  9-18-2015
This edition gobbled up my tablet battery faster than a fat babe food cake. It has potential, but a ideas to go to gain there. repair the power consumption issues, and then repair the relax of the UX: (1) Add a uncover trait -- we had 99 missions and it was a separate unrewarded mission to wade across them. (2) Add a filter to allow for more efficient viewing of missions -- i.e., I do not desire to see finished missions when attempting to discover the next mission to be completed. (3) keep position in the mission list during back navigation -- jumping to the top list of finished and uncompleted missions only to have to forthwith begin scrolling down to some point deep in the list ... well that just plain sucks. With the above elements corrected I could give it another go, but not sooner than that. For bounty points: (1) Allow drag/drop re-ordering of the list so a group can plan and optimize their route. (2) site missions jointly for completion bonuses -- e.g., two points geographically distant.


Ashlyn Fowler  6-17-2015
Crashed every time photo was taken. I thought the way was great, but I won't instruct them to anyone until their technology is repaired and their tips stop showing up late


Muzafar Umarov  3-27-2015
I hate the UI. horrible usufructuary experience



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