Android Version: 4.1App: Circuit Jam
Release date: Mar 29, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: MuseMazeCategory: education
Name: Circuit JamExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Meet Circuit Jam, an wonderful recent puzzle release from creators of EveryCircuit. We’ve gamified circuit learning, making is super fun, challenging, and rewarding. Packed with sophisticated graphics and simulation technologies, this edition makes electronic circuits remarkably interactive and approachable. There are over 100 puzzles that will take you for a enjoyment and exciting ride. No... no getting deep into formulas or equations... just cool circuit releases that take you from the extremely fundamental to keep-you-up-all-nighters. You will study about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and say victory every time you win! ★ mission yourself with over 100 puzzles ★ find 10 necessary circuit components ★ try your homework answers ★ Invent your own circuits in sandbox ★ gain ready to grin as you learn The objective is to build circuits that generate electronic signals of some shape. You will gain to execute connections, set component values, and operate switches to solve the puzzles. Circuit Jam will also teach you how to add and split voltages and currents, work out equivalent resistance and capacitance, and avail Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's laws. As you finish puzzles, recent sandbox components are unlocked. Sandbox style permits you build any circuit you can visualize out of unlocked components. With sandbox you can simulate examples in class, animate textbook circuits, understand how they work, and try homework answers. Or maybe you'll just have a greatest way and invent a recent circuit. Five exciting puzzle collections are included, and the first one is FREE! Essential components can be unlocked by solving puzzles: • Resistor • Capacitor • Lamp • Switches • Voltage source • topical source • Voltmeter • Amperemeter • Ohmmeter



James Cooper  6-21-2021
fantastic starter for electronics. Inductors could be a excellent addition.


Only 1st tier can be unlocked. The remaining tiers are not for gratuitous they need to buy if you want. But I really like the 1st tier of current.


malcolm xavier  5-20-2021
fantastic releases for learning


Sven Moser  5-12-2021
Is not free, makes you pay after a few tiers


John Akles  5-12-2021
extremely enjoyable learning app. extremely cheerful I got it!


Star khadka  5-11-2021
Irritated 😏


Abdullah Kamran  5-3-2021
I like it


Guyat theEnd  5-2-2021
Well value the $3 , teaches fundamental electronics across puzzles and you earn components to avail in their simulator to initiate your own circuits from what you've learned .


Indika Sampath  5-1-2021


Kuba Michalik  4-27-2021
I don't know. outstanding way on one hand, but for the price it's extremely short and basic, and even within the scope (current, voltage, switches, resistors, capacitors) it does not go to some interesting places, like using a capacitor to double the voltage, or fundamental RC circuits. I'm sure the each Circuit engine is more than capable of handling such things and more, but apparently making circuits that will execute for excellent puzzles is not easy.


Damjan Pavlica  4-17-2021
fantastic and hilarious app!


Ps3nd0ny  4-16-2021
Actually,I was delighted of the fact that ,FINALLY A living team of human Educational release Developers Finally made a lightweight Learning and amusing app,that educates dependents without strings attached. But I was wrong. This is one of the motives why learning is intractable to achieve.People whenever put money to educate.


sirfancypants Mcgee  4-12-2021
amazing idea to imagine the concepts I'm learning about. It's short though.


Dickie Marchant  4-11-2021
Cool tool. Helps me remember older circuit designs I've needed again from the 70's & 80's and rough work out features for the recent use. Stable and beautiful straight to use. Thank you!


Steven Watson  3-16-2021
It's good enough but I feel like I'm missing out on the basics of understating circuits and topical flow because I'm too occupied flipping switches to simulate a waveform. So instead of looking at the circuit and seeing what it's doing I'm watching the waveform!


Smoux Reserved  3-9-2021
beautiful cool puzzles.


Saul Garnell  2-26-2021
Loads of enjoyment while helping you study fundamentals electronics. ideal !


zachariah christie  2-24-2021
Love the game, wish there were more levels....?


Nico Prinsloo  2-21-2021
I don't care about the timing, i care about the practicality


Shawn Mahoney  2-5-2021
excellent edition


__ATOM __  1-20-2021
I purchased this edition chapters but it's not unlocked.


Karthikeya Anumula  1-17-2021
Worst then ever


Gynvael Coldwind  1-9-2021
beautiful enjoyment :)


Oluwasegun Haruna  1-8-2021


Igor Cujba  1-4-2021
well, interesting, like, but I have misunderstanding, sandbox ... choice some component, it says 'sovle puzzle to disclose components' puzzle says 'buy all levels'. What is the problem with sandbox ? I can't touch the sky, I don't know for what I'll pay. sanbox and logic is broken. paid version need disclose components count or count of boards but not all


ali lari  12-28-2020


artsyguy209  12-20-2020
It was enjoyment but now I desire them to add transistors and others.


Unirally 101  12-19-2020
Cool way but I didn't gain extremely far in because the tiers seem extremely repetitive and tedious, and don't really contact much. Seems like more of a rhythm release in that respect.


Drake the duck114  12-13-2020
What! I have to pay to gain the other tiers and it doesn't mention it Hahaha what a joke this'll be excellent to put in the reviews Never run this release until the paywall is gone


حسین بیک محمدی  12-12-2020


Mixed Reality  12-11-2020
This is great! The skull ones are nice.


Erwin Septian  12-9-2020
This aps is adverts for evercircuit app..


Ryan Pumilia  12-4-2020
I learned a lot about electric circuits with this app. Exactly what i was looking for!


Linas  12-3-2020
I am rating this edition 5 stars in order to aid it and also because I think it is a simple way done (for the most part) well. That said, there are certain problems with this app: a lack of recommendation and tricks to rescue you overcome tiers where you gain stuck, a relatively slight quantity of material covered in the lessons, and also the fact that the interface for editing circuits, while it mostly works, is still glitchy in places, thus I could often discover myself unnecessarily resetting levels.


Aleksandr Loshkin  11-30-2020
fantastic app. But it's not free.


Eric Bock  11-27-2020
Obnoxious, tedious puzzles with manual switches.


Johanes Widhagdo  11-21-2020
It's excellent app. I think will be better if you can add inductor,diode, and transistor


Pablo Pazos  11-12-2020
Can't do tons with the gratuitous version... The edition is great, but can't build anything useful.


Brendan Crocker  10-30-2020
Neat, but limited and basic. This was a enjoyment exercise for fundamental reinforcement of Ohm's Law and dividers. There are capacitors, but crudely simulated (no reactance), and I feel inductors must have been included for a absolute RLC suite. Maybe this edition is too fundamental to simulate "real" or complex circuits, permit alone semiconductors. An option to skip ahead could be good too.


ALL IN ONE BY SOBUJ  10-28-2020


Édgar Méndez  10-22-2020
The concept is good, but i miss a lot of areas that would be added given how finish the simulator is. Puzzles with inductances, diodes, transistors, etc could be interesting.


Azimov Begmatjon  10-22-2020


constanthinium  10-13-2020
Вообще отличная игра. Из недостатков: нет задачек на другие элементы, в частности транзисторы, катушки индуктивности, трансформаторы. А также слишком мало теории, как мне показалось. Хотелось бы изменить меню элементов в песочнице, потому что иногда нужно долго листать, чтобы найти какой-то элемент. Некоторые задачи решаются способом подбора какой-либо величины, вместо того, чтобы посчитать ее и выставить свойство элемента. Хорошо было бы добавить задачи на сложные схемы, используемые в жизни.


Spencer Mckenith-Williams  10-11-2020
Nice. It does extremely well in helping me with my projects so far.


Player NooB  10-10-2020
Not value my money bcoz all tiers are repeated over with small change and must have mentioned that this is a paid app, it could have saved me some time.


Akhil Dakur  9-30-2020
Wish we would have more tasks on other topics like filter circuits, amplifiers, etc.


Dan O  9-18-2020
So excellent as a puzzle game! wonderful that I'm learning, too! 👏


user73o1u 81716  9-12-2020
it's a paid app, you will only realize after playing this for a while. The strategy is perfidious: put notification about remittance in slight print amd mislead dependents to believe the edition is fee until half idea in. Shame on you - and I think how dozens students are robbed of excellent learning opportunities with these schemes. execute your money vehicle more transparent now!


Muhammad Asif  9-5-2020
Too excellent I desire each circuit edition for free. Here I have have just study and open details one by one. It's fun.


chavel60  9-3-2020
enjoyment puzzle game.


Suleiman Abdi  8-25-2020
I like it


Mark Croker  8-25-2020
meager instructions, you are largely left to study by fumbling about. Doesn't mention cost until you have finished all tiers of the first creature and then demands remittance to disclose the rest. Doesn't cost tons (UK £2.50) but it is the underhand idea it goes about it that means I won't be buying an edition that I actually like.


Snowy Mans  8-22-2020
super good


Clint F  8-14-2020
enjoyment idea to practice with fundamental circuits. Purchased the finish edition and completed it in a couple of days. They really need to add more tiers to it for a paid edition ( RC circuits other components, etc). Once you gain the hang of how to manipulate the components it works extremely well. Sometimes intractable to see with the black background and grey colored components. gratuitous version is extremely limited


TAMIL NURSE  7-30-2020


Josh W  7-29-2020
So far fun, makes you think.


Eldorel  7-16-2020
not tons to say, other than well done. Edit: 3 years later, reinstalled to exhibit to a buddy and found that all but the first chapter is locked and there doesn't seem to be a idea to restore them without paying again. The run shop 'update' text seems to imply that this was a known issue. I'm not sure what got broken, but it's apparently not fixed.


Blake H  7-6-2020
fantastic edition for learning though some modules are confusing. If you're excellent at figuring things out on your own, this will treat you well. If you're more of a guided learner it might be a take more time or even some outside research. Also, you unfortunately have to purchase the absolute version to gain access beyond the first module or two. Everything else is great.


John Christopher Delegero  6-11-2020
Useless if your not unlocked


Andrew Bean  6-6-2020
The exquisite edition out there to rescue you study electronics and how all those little things on circuit boards work!


Peter Ajoze  6-5-2020
Cool. I made it across all in a day.


Duan Minnaar  5-31-2020
They repaired the bugs inside the edition and it runs smooth but only the first chapter is free. Maybe disclose a few tiers in every chapter instead of just in one. They also don't supply feedback.


David Czinke  5-12-2020
Only topical section is gratuitous of charge. All other chapters seem to be locked.


lukemon ajibola  5-10-2020
This is amazing App, while you are cashing fun, you are also learning electronics greatly.


Clement Emuanyaka  5-7-2020
excellent for understanding how connection are done while wiring a residence & also practical when designing a circuit board...


Dynamo Ov  5-5-2020
I love electronics


chrisstian aderson  5-1-2020


Kevin Jerman  4-29-2020
fantastic edition to study electronics theory


John Elliot  4-25-2020
fantastic release for learning the fundamentals and understanding how topical moves in a circuit


SeanSCR  4-21-2020
Amazing... I can study how to build circuits while solving puzzles at the same time!!!


Obrien Godoy  4-19-2020
Damn i love releases like this


Debanjan Ghosh  4-16-2020
This edition is gd but not really the veritable life if u wanna study st about electronics then this is not the edition


Tapas Santra  4-11-2020
greatest edition for begginers


Marc Thulander  4-10-2020
excellent for creating a excellent internal model (or 'feel') for electronics but lacking in explaining it as theory. I.E if you know absolutely nothing about electronics this isn't almost as educational.


Landon Snell  4-9-2020
In just the first few levels, the developer seems to be confusing volts with amps..


Sean Sylvester  4-1-2020
This is a really enjoyment and clever release to run


sage992000  4-1-2020


Ouoertheo Ouo  3-29-2020
Truly an wonderful release to intuitively study how electricity flows across a circuit. Well value the money.


Dodep  3-20-2020
extremely informative


Jacob W  3-20-2020
good overview of the concepts, logic, and math behind circuits.


Zane Bliss  3-16-2020
Just gain a pop-up about solving puzzles but gain no puzzles.


David Garrett  3-6-2020
fantastic game. Only complaint... I can't sync my progress through gadgets with Google Play. Will change my rating to 5 stars once that happens


janno meier  3-6-2020
Cool app.


Dylan Monahan  2-26-2020
Our Limbic/Reward system is P1 in our release of life: playing it well = 1UP or positive sensory opinions (pleasure); not playing it at all, or playing it badly = a descrease in the tone of our mood. excellent mood = P2 (Cortex) gets more control. Incentive? Tick! The puzzles in this edition are rewarding to solve and the hardship scaling is weighted well. PLEASE integrate as a reward: a time-lapse of the perfect advice circuit being built - with Play, Stop, Pause, Frame/Step -/+, an Playback Speed CRTL


craig dempsey  2-24-2020
Electrical hobbies a must. excellent fun.


Avinash Tadi  2-17-2020
exquisite learning edition


excellent release for Lrarning fundamental Electronic Circuits and Components.



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