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1.Chinese diurnal calendar: calendar covers from January - December , one page per day, allow you to maintain follow of significant deadlines, occasions and more. 2.Chinese diurnal calendar details extra-large dates to be readily seen from a distance, so you can try the date quickly just with a glance, excellent for any age. 3.Each page specifies whats the excellent day to do, such as wedding, childbirth, birthday, funeral, housewarming, opening moving, promoted, retirement, and twenty-four solar policy reminder, rescue you to see Chinese culture in a diverse view. 4.Chinese recent Year calendar for Year of the Rat is an serviceable calendar for try lunar events. 5.Perfect soft to execute your life effective. Utilizing this calendar, you can write down notes, ideas, meetings, appointments, etc.



max young  6-10-2021
amazing extremely practical


Weng Heng Heng  5-26-2021
must all exhibit in Chinese writing


Ivan Wan  5-25-2021
Stupid editions ...its chinese lunar calender but the editions writing all is english version...


Yanni Li  5-11-2021
Love it! It has option to select traditional chinese.


seng zxc  5-10-2021
wrong wrong wrong


Hock Poh Beh  5-4-2021


bo li  5-2-2021
Really annoying adverts built in


O Castro  5-1-2021
straight to avail 中文界面,很好!


ng kamweng  4-28-2021


[email protected] Wkl7860  4-19-2021
extremely informative.


Junwei Mah  4-17-2021
No excellent


Yi Yong Chong  4-15-2021
supply excellent news and feature. meager language setting. I'm using my gadget in english language, but wish to avail the edition in chinese. However, it just doesnt work. It only display in mixed english and chinese which is intractable to read. To solve this, I need to change the language from simplified chinese to tradisional chinese, then back again to simplified chinese to have all the words display correctly, and need to do this everytime using the app. This is a exhibit stopper to go paid version.


Md Imoof Mohd  4-12-2021
Proton X70 not PROTON Ten Kota Kinabalu 94.1 Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre


louis chen  4-11-2021


Nicolette Wagner  4-9-2021
extremely excellent calender edition love it


Edwin Ng  4-5-2021
Why cannot change language after upgraded the app? Please try ur edition settings thanks


Tan Samuel  4-5-2021
All in poorly written English. Lousy app.


Dickson Leung  4-5-2021


Joe Wong  4-4-2021
This edition used to be excellent until some idiot did a upgrade on it with broken English. A piece of advice, please discover someone who can translate English properly instead of using Google translate.


Allen Tsai  4-4-2021
很厲害又方便 唯一就是常常自己切换到英文版


Senaaek Mohanokor  4-4-2021


cindy tan  4-4-2021


Tham Meng Kwai  4-3-2021


Nicole Lim  4-2-2021
why after updating, the language doesn't change to chinese even though selected language is simplified chinese? now all in english language.


William Sim Hock Soon  4-1-2021


Lee hy  3-19-2021


chili lim  3-14-2021


MING Z  3-13-2021
A lot of ads! Don't avail it.


K K Oon  3-10-2021


Erge Ye  3-4-2021


Suan Hoe Ooi  3-3-2021
extremely convinient


daniel lim  2-26-2021
excellent edition


senhsu1964  2-25-2021


Silver Tong  2-23-2021


Edwin Tsang  2-19-2021
Can't even close edition due to ads.


Sim Loo Yeeb  2-17-2021
excellent editions completely cover significant infos


Jenny Lee  2-16-2021
why is it cannot change to English vision?


Leong JW  2-14-2021
fantastic edition


Yvonne Moss  2-12-2021
excellent news


roland chan  2-12-2021


Milagros O'Santos  2-11-2021
no english translation.


Chris Lin  2-8-2021
The edition itself is beautiful good, but adverts so annoying like haunting ghosts!


Hooitwu Loo  2-7-2021


Lady Galadriel  2-6-2021
idea too dozens ads. Dont annoy installing this. Just buy chinese calender from your regional chinese store.


A Google user  2-6-2021


Hench Ma  2-5-2021
straight to use.


Chiau Siew  2-4-2021


Peter Tam  2-4-2021
excellent edition


Samuel Young  2-3-2021
straight to use. extremely educational. good reference.


khai qing  2-3-2021
After upgraded widgets exhibit out English version please imporve!!!


KC Wong  2-2-2021


Nerwen Lim  2-2-2021


Po Chu Wu  2-1-2021
extremely user-friendly


john ng  1-31-2021
straight to avail


yanggongzi2000  1-31-2021
excellent app. extremely features notification


Vun Chung Ng  1-30-2021
extremely excellent


kc ng  1-29-2021
extremely useful.


Yvonne Lo Eer-Ling  1-29-2021
Not accurate & can't discover any date i need within 10 years, so weird!


W CH  1-28-2021
Used to be excellent but nowadays too dozens advertisements. Bye bye


Paddy L  1-27-2021
A tsunami of adverts await you the moment you install and open this app. Lousy!


nite evil  1-26-2021


Li Jiarong  1-25-2021


Sandra Chiew  1-23-2021
This lunar calendar is straight to avail and also outgoing used too...


Wonyee Lu  1-23-2021
So far so excellent


FOREVER YOuNG  1-23-2021


Joe L  1-22-2021
TOO dozens ads.


EVERETT E  1-22-2021


Joe Long  1-22-2021


Kam Yeung  1-21-2021
extremely serviceable for Chinese date.


dizzy lizard  1-21-2021
No English translation


Chong Chu Sim  1-19-2021
fantastic edition ever. whenever avail it to try on Chinese Lunar calendar. extremely handy


Harmony Zephyrus  1-19-2021


Shereen Lowღ  1-19-2021
No display English for successful and to avoid event.


Toh See  1-16-2021


David Yang  1-16-2021


ZhiAUn Yang  1-15-2021
So good


Paul Szeto  1-12-2021
extremely excellent calendar! 🙏 🙏


Wei khim Lim  1-11-2021


J  1-11-2021
The quantity of adverts makes this edition unusable.


Patrick Sim  1-11-2021
Thought it's in english but after installing it I opened up and realized all are in chinese words


Lim  1-11-2021
extremely excellent for


William Tan  12-31-2020
A highly educational and very serviceable app.


Albert Chong  12-30-2020
excellent editions


YueMei Huang  12-28-2020
A extremely good lunar calendar with a lot of information. Thanks.


David Lam  12-23-2020
All diurnal news is shown clearly!


Kelvin Lee  12-21-2020


Li Family  12-20-2020


Prince Pin  12-20-2020


Tony Liu  12-19-2020
It's a pain to use! Uninstall after 5 minutes.


Bawngtim Kh  12-17-2020
excellent edition


johnyip johnny  12-16-2020
excellent illustration


Cchris Chiong  12-16-2020
Still recent to this edition but so far so excellent


eddie low  12-9-2020


MICHAEL KWONG  12-8-2020
So far so good.


Eio Hyork Ming  12-6-2020
I like this apps..can know anything from traditional day..tks


Lim Brandon  12-6-2020


Charles Phang  12-6-2020
Slow loading time. Too tons ads. Such a pain to use.


Teo Bee  11-30-2020
Results is as authentic 👍


Chua Ken Seng  11-30-2020
excellent , straight to avail


tuphung lam  11-29-2020


Desmond Goh  11-28-2020
inaccurate daily。other calendar shown excellent day but your one not a excellent day. Pls don't mislead people. try your 28 Dec 2020 compare to other calendar. entirely different.


Sherman TBH  11-26-2020


Rickcent Chin  11-22-2020


Jordan Yap  11-15-2020



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