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The Chess Tempo edition provides a mobile and cellphone outgoing interface for features. Currently supported features: - CHESS TACTICS TRAINING - ameliorate your tactics by solving tactical problems, with over 100,000 puzzles available. - Includes both winning and defensive problem types. - For extended members, solve versus sophisticated custom sets that purpose your weaknesses, for example: - Sets that purpose a specific tactical motif such as pin, fork, discovered attack etc. - Sets that purpose your former mistakes, allowing you to repeat problems until correct. - Spaced repetition learning algorithm sets where problems you maintain getting incorrect are prioritised over those you are already able to solve. - Note, custom sets can be used on the app, but need to be first created on the website. - run ONLINE - run chess versus other Chesstempo users. - Supports both live and correspondence chess games - gain a absolute post release analysis after each rated release played. release analysis is spread out over our cluster of hundreds of instances of stockfish, allowing high quality results to be returned in a few seconds. - For extended members, have tactics problems extracted from your rated games, and attainable for solving in the tactics training UI, and selected via the advanced custom sets feature. - OPENING TRAINING - initiate multiple black and white repertoires. - Import repertoires from PGN or by entering the moves on the board. - Train your repertoires using spaced repetition. - Limit training to a branch of a repertoire, a single repertoire, or all repertoires of a colour. - Option to restrict training to a limited depth. - Ability to train versus the moves that are proving the most resistant to spaced repetition learning. - Comment on every position or move, and read the comments others have chosen to execute public. - Add engine evaluations or annotations such as +=, ?! etc to every step in the repertoire. - Export repertoire and your comments and annotations to PGN. - Graphs showing repertoire learning status and learning history over time. - avail the opening finder to pick moves for your repertoire (limited to a depth of 10 moves for gratuitous members). - For extended members, the ability to avail the cloud engine to ask for analysis on any position. - ENDGAME TRAINING - Practice endgames from 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 7 piece endgame positions extracted from veritable games. - Over 14000 diverse positions. - 2 positions per day for gratuitous members. - For extended members: - More positions attainable per day. - Custom sets that can purpose a specific endgame type, endgames you maintain getting wrong, or utilise spaced repetition for training. Note: Some custom sets categories need to be created on the Chesstempo domain before being used on the app. - ANALYSIS BOARD - Analyse positions using our cloud engines (requires extended membership). Cloud engines allow you to play high quality analysis without using up your own device's battery. Diamond members can request up to 8 analysis threads, analysing dozens times more positions per second than an engine running on your gadget would provide. - Setup positions from FEN or by arranging the pieces on the board with the board editor. - Analyse tactics problems after completion to better understand the solution.



Deepa Aswal  6-18-2021
I really appreciate it


Udayraj Maurya  6-17-2021
Dear sir, I am regular run the release but former two months, I log in but online page does not open and it's exhibit oops kaserbot can't discover the page. Kindly do the needful


classix  6-8-2021
extremely excellent edition


James Wood  6-3-2021
The interface is so terribly confusing. It's a Shame, because the content is amazing.


Jackson Hall  6-1-2021
I LOVE this edition but PLEASE execute the bottom bar in the opening coach stick to the bottom. Currently it is extremely intractable to avail because to navigate across moves you have to change where you tap as the panel directly above changes size. Thank you - 5 stars otherwise!


Sam Klotz  5-31-2021
The chess tactics no longer load even if I have absolute wifi connection. The login also doesn't work, constantly stating that I need to verify my mail even though it is already verified. 1 star until this is repaired because I loved the edition until it stopped workong for me.


arun  5-26-2021
I like the quality of your puzzles but your UI and UX hurts my eyes. Piece set and board theme choice leaves tons to be desired. Maybe you would copy/ licence the Lichess board themes and piece sets.


Alexander Mosgöller  5-23-2021
edition is fantastic for practise. I've discoverd a bug in the comment section circumstance on my smartphone and described it here. The developer contacted me right away, investigated my trouble and will check to repair it. 5 stars for this gratuitous edition and the exquisite dev suppor I've encountered in the run shop yet.


Abdo Saleem  5-21-2021
I installed it but can't discover the database like the domain I wany to uncover for playey releases for certain position


Brazilian Student  5-19-2021
Eles tiraram o modo offine de treinamento tático, agora só dá online, essa era a principal particularidade do aplicativo que o diferenciava dos demais apps, menos três estrelas, quem viaja muito igual eu vai sentir falta de treinar xadrez com economia de créditos.


Emmanuel Mériaux  5-13-2021
Even though the interface isn't really user-friendly, this is without any doubt one of the extremely exquisite edition for training chess (puzzles, openings...). I highly instruct it!


Walter Carpio  5-11-2021
exquisite tactics and endgame edition available. value the update for limitless puzzles.


Paul Kim  5-9-2021
exquisite place to practice tactics


Hari Suresh  5-5-2021
Can't accept challenges.


tauseef ansari  4-17-2021
good edition but needs improvement, developer needs to work on GUI a lot menus icons are so slight to touch


J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan  4-14-2021
Dear lichess: please track chesstempo's edition in re the puzzles


Ashai Tides  4-9-2021
excellent website, horrible interface.


mostafa ahmed  4-5-2021
Simple, no ads, fantastic puzzles, just got everything done ✅


Priceless  4-5-2021


Banbenbon  3-28-2021
Five stars for the gratuitous limitless tactics, the edition needs some simplification though.


Mohamed Wassim  3-26-2021
extremely excellent


Martin Mendoza  3-21-2021
It tier up my abilities in the release of chess.


Нина Р  3-18-2021
здравствуйте уважаемые посетители этого приложения и я думаю что это за приложение так как оно обыкновенное 5 из 10


Habib Ali Khan  3-11-2021
wonderful edition with training attainable for openings which makes it so tons better


Cyrill Küttel  2-19-2021
The exquisite place to Look for chess Puzzles. And it's free!


Marvin Martzall  2-19-2021
fantastic edition


Attila Vidacs  2-15-2021
Register? gain veritable


Alejandro Gil Mondavi  2-15-2021
exquisite edition for training!!!


mash oak  2-12-2021
fantastic edition


Jason Lee  2-7-2021
The UI doesn't interest me at all.


karthick Narayanan  2-1-2021
amazing collection of puzzles


Digby Mooney  1-30-2021
exquisite chess puzzle edition in existence hands down


Anthony Clark  1-28-2021
Absolutely disgusting, lots of dependents cheating and your adversary can detach you when they're losing. I've uninstalled it and will never avail it again.


Matthew Ulsh  1-28-2021
My brother played on this edition and literally it was his adversary that lost time but yet the server thinks overwise and probably will gain playing rights removed because of it


Mazen Zaheer  1-23-2021
exquisite edition for chess!


Suli  1-22-2021


raj jay  1-19-2021
This is THE exquisite chess learning product out there. From openings to endgame its just a blast. I really love how you can comment on every puzzle.


Trevor B  1-17-2021
extremely difficult ui to navigate. From what I understand, the ui is geared for those who come from the desktop blog and are familiar with it. However, I could definitely instruct some button labels at a minimum.


Sarah Muwuya  1-14-2021


Pramod Jadhav  1-12-2021
horrible usufructuary interface Can't figure out anything


Ansel Metz  1-9-2021
When I have time I like to check and train on it


DJ  12-22-2020
The web version has soo tons more functionality and variants to customize what genre of problems you desire to attempt. If you are a extended usufructuary whenever avail the web version as the edition is extremely limited to enjoy the absolute profit of the extended membership. Kindly look into making the edition as excellent as the web version as I got frustrated with the inability of the edition to customize problem tactics which is a main motive why one upgrades to premium.


Major Bajor  12-10-2020
I chiefly avail chesstempo for opening training and I love it, it really helped my chess and I have readily pushed 100-200 rating points since using it. Its fantastic to build up an overall repertoire and also got short term preparation. Also, the admin is awesome, whenever answers to questions and feedback. Everyone I showed chesstempo to also really enjoys it. TL;DR exquisite opening coach you can get. It's the exquisite idea to gain excellent at openings.


Sameer Al-jurf  12-8-2020
I rate it 3 star becuase I truly care for this edition to improve. I train on the domain mostly, but I discover navigating across the edition extremely difficult relative to the website. But overall, the puzzles are fantastic the engine is fabulous, opening coach is wicked. Just have to repair the little things. I am ready to change the review anytime they ameliorate it well


Bhushan Nilawar  12-7-2020
Useless edition


Joven James Torrejos  12-7-2020
I don't know how but there's a problem when I have to train with my openings that I created. They just didn't automatically step as generally does. Also there's a problem importing openings from pgn. You must check to repair that if not I guess I rather to avail another apps.


Mar Ampongan  12-5-2020
excellent for training. Also, admin is speedy to reply. But I definitely recommended using the web version.


Jonathan Torres  12-3-2020
fantastic edition for tactics endgame and online run


wejuli derrick  11-27-2020
You guys need to whittle the time when someone abandons the release to at most 30 seconds. Waiting two minutes is too long especially for blitz games. Thanks


عبدالله باعلوي  11-27-2020
اللعبة رائعة


Dusty Brown  11-25-2020
avail blitztactics instead. I've used all genres of chess program for 20 years. This is the worst and most frustrating by far. Maybe the desktop version is ok. I like that you can comment on problems, but even that isn't implemented well. Actually my own chessboard edition was worse, if I can count that.


Annasaheb Dhawale  11-25-2020
extremely good game. But you must increase the number of gamesters so it will dont take too long to gind recent opponent.


crx nineseveneight  11-23-2020
horrible gui, wee cryptic buttons, you press on one they expand to other cryptic buttons, no explanation what they do... can't enable engine analysis no matter what I try... fantastic puzzles, abysmal interface... why are buttons so wee and clustered into a slight pile with so tons blank image around? So straight to hit the incorrect one. Manual has no pictures, just text, impossible to figure out the options. The board has color palletes that are trying to eat your eyes, can we have something less toxic?


Manas Singh  11-8-2020
fantastic job. You guys are doing fantastic work!


Travis Bosco  11-7-2020
Excellent. exquisite blog online for tactics by far.


Nashun Maghakian  11-7-2020
My name is nashun dabahgan ripsimeevich. I am 7. I am born in china Hong Kong at 12:30 pm in Chinese chess school 14/11/1981. I am go to chess school in Chinese UK. I am run chess on telephon. I am run chess on laptop. I am X grostmaster.


Azhar Abro  11-4-2020
Share button is little difficult. Yes it small. And too dozens clicks. 1. Open app. 2 click button. 3. History. 4. Open game. 5. Click button. 6. Click another button. 7. Then finally share.


Henrik Parsgaard  10-29-2020
Difficult to understand if you're a beginner


Alex  10-18-2020
excellent for practicing tactics


Chris Estiverne  10-12-2020
Works wonderfully!


Magical Africa  10-6-2020
Not playing


Daksh Rathore  10-4-2020
No motive to give less than 5-star greatest PUZZLES (Best quality of puzzles you will get) greatest GAMEPLAY greatest DATABASE (One of the best) greatest OVERALL EXPERIENCE What else do you need?


Viquar Shaikh's  10-1-2020
excellent aap


Gabriel Moreira Fragoso  9-17-2020
Ótimo edition para aprendizagem, muito indicado até pelos GMs(Grandes Mestres), estudo de tática e finais simples, e até tem ferramentas de anotações e estudo de aberturas.


Suyog Chandane  9-16-2020
साला भोसडीका edition 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


bass Tallass  9-15-2020
Comments extremely wrong repair or remove {cancel}


Yuri Campilii  9-14-2020
Chess puzzles GOAT! I simply love it. The gratuitous section is already extremely excellent (I tried it for a bit), but I nearly forthwith got a gold subscription because it's about a coffee/month and it's the least I would do (and, of course, gold details are quite interesting too!). Thank you guys!


Muthu Manickam  9-14-2020
Super exquisite


Ritesh Kumar  9-10-2020
extremely disappointed 😔 Movement of pieces sucks. whenever lags. I don't instruct downloading this.


Hlaing Htet Oo  9-9-2020
I will gladly subscribe if the edition gets smoother like Lichess.Piece animation lags and text sizes are extremely slight even for 6" screen. The details are splendid enough.


Geoff L  9-9-2020
Simply the best. I've used chess tempo for dozens years now and aid their efforts with a subscription. The community is robust, experienced and helpful. Shout-out to prariedoc who is highly rated and a prolific commenter who has explained all method of tactics problems for thousands of users, allowing them to more readily see the worth in learning from their mistakes by addressing all skill tiers with the same respect. Aside from the community, the edition itself is the ideal soft for learning.


3144 Deepak singh  9-8-2020
could rate 5 stars if we can gain documentation of how to avail edition properly and all the trait and recommendation and all.if we can gain database in more structured idea then it will be more comfortable.i am particularly talking about this edition ,i am not talking about domain since i havent avail the domain yet


Gerolf Ferriol  9-2-2020
I like it


Ambar Pandya  8-24-2020
excellent release for chess lovers. I have played it and enjoyed it.


krishiv trivedi  8-22-2020
Yes sir I know but I trying to declare I have to execute clip in YouTube so I desire a upgrade i which i can do my own setup and i can exhibit my planning with the rescue of arrow this is how I desire and a humble request I hope you will not disappointing me I am waiting for your upgrade but overall your release is exquisite for chess good


Manoj Shinde  8-19-2020
good edition


Vitalia DeMarco  8-18-2020
Tactics is fantastic for practice.


Sandeep Mishra  8-17-2020
exquisite one


Coo van Leeuwen  8-14-2020
The worst ui I've seen in ages. Spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how the hell it works and then gave up.



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