Android Version: 4.1App: Chess Coach
Release date: Nov 10, 2017App Rating: 5
Author: KemigoGamesCategory: game board
Name: Chess CoachExtension: Apk
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ameliorate your chess abilities with a thematic collection of chess puzzles. try your abilities in solving puzzles on the theme of attacking strategy versus the monarch and tactical strike. Start self-study right now! PLAY FOR VICTORY - Checkmate your opponent, choosing from the thousands of possible options one right move - discover an unexpected sacrifice and gain an advantage over another player - gain the maximal number of points on the chess board simulator in 30 seconds FEATURES - 14 peculiar sections supply the advanced study - 5 color themes for individual customization - 3 hardship tiers give the exquisite learning effect - tricks in every puzzle rescue you - Classic 2D design, loved by several generations of players - Internet connection required Download the edition "Chess Coach" and solve puzzles regularly. Please rate the edition 5 stars and write your comment. Your opinions will rescue execute the edition better. We wish you a pleasant game, Team KemigoGames



Ritik Galgate  12-14-2020
exquisite edition . I love this edition . Everything is attainable . gratuitous chess puzzles and it helps to ameliorate 👍


Gorazd Šiškovič  12-13-2020
Quite serviceable app, however in some cases I found more than one advice and the edition countered it as a mistake.


Tom Thompson  12-13-2020
Lots of fantastic puzzles. All of them are broken into species such as "Mate in 1" or "Forks". could like a style of "random" that pulls from all categories. edit: Apparently, this is possible across the "Challenge" section. Great! I'd instruct a rename or some sort of help/guidance as there is nothing letting dependents know what "challenge" means.


Marupaka Srinivas  12-13-2020
good !!


Brad Swancoat  12-13-2020
good learning soft


Al Jones  12-12-2020


Amir Pedram  12-12-2020
wonderful edition highly instruct it!


बालकवि कार्तिक डोलस  12-12-2020


Zoltán Soós  12-12-2020
This edition is extremely far from being a coach. It does not explain anything, it does not talk you why a step is right or wrong. It's a quiz at best.


J A  12-11-2020
doesnt work


Alex Tapia  12-11-2020
fantastic learning experience.....!!!!


Tim Driscoll  12-10-2020
So far so good. excellent instructions. straight to follow.


Ralph Walker  12-10-2020
fantastic teacher


John Wilkins  12-9-2020
I played in my youth, then I lapsed. Now in my 70s I desire to return to the pretty game. This ap is an good idea to refresh abilities I never mastered


Stanley Derochea  12-9-2020
finish waste of time. More than half the time each single step is incorrect just to hit the hint button and it exhibit the proper step ( the step it wouldn't permit me do) stupid edition


Victor Portem  12-9-2020
fantastic app!


Elijah Saah  12-9-2020
fantastic App!!!


Mai Elshobaky  12-7-2020


David Vazquez  12-7-2020
extremely enjoyment


Ks Thapa  12-7-2020
Trap Medium tier (only 10 puzzles ). Where the others?. If this is added with any engine?


Nacho Pirro  12-6-2020


paul dickson  12-6-2020
So far so excellent im a beginner so i'm learning i can see improvement in my release since i started playing with this edition


Kalima Chem  12-6-2020
extremely excellent for someone looking to ameliorate their chess understanding


Luphelo & Litha  12-6-2020
Love it 💯


mat chris  12-6-2020
Really good


Robert Baker  12-6-2020
Really practical to ameliorate


Joerg Thieme  12-6-2020
Nothing for beginners


PaoloSandrine Pantaleo  12-6-2020
fantastic puzzles.


Ravi Verma  12-6-2020
fantastic idea to study chess


Sanchit Jain  12-5-2020
Ui and recommendations would have been more specific.. overall really excellent release


Dhananjay mali  12-5-2020
excellent for learning chess if u r beginner


Karmu Kisku  12-4-2020
straight to run love it. Lots of puzzle to solve like it.


Kev  12-4-2020
1) usually speaking, this isn't a "coach", it's a quizz. It doesn't teach you anything, it assumes you already know things and punishes you for mistakes without explaining why the step was wrong. 2) Bare bones, ugly interface. 3) Unlike most intuitive editions nowadays, it requires you to tap again to unselect a piece before you tap on another of your own, otherwise it counts as a mistake. That's just wrong design, not the player's mistake. 4) It's padded out with repeat puzzles to feed more ads.


ValdiNaldo Ferreira  12-3-2020


Bandit Biker  12-2-2020
fantastic app. Some puzzles have other advices though.


Ricardo Farinha  12-2-2020
Really excellent to finally study some theories


Grant Abbitt  12-2-2020


Geri B  12-2-2020
extremely helpful!!


JR Hansen  12-2-2020
enjoyment for the casual gamester (which is me). If/when I gain better, I'll have to discover something a bit more difficult.


Gerard Taylor  12-1-2020
Some of the moves are wrong


Inbal Hasson Tapiero  12-1-2020
Not intuitive and has errors in the puzzles.


Steve Lawrie  12-1-2020
Lots of fun. Not sure it's excellent training though


Buddy Badu  11-30-2020
good admission for beginners. One piece of frustration is associated to the training. For example, the 'Checkmate in 1' may have diverse variants but the system doesn't talk you why one is better than the other.


Ankur Singh CE 13  11-30-2020


Gianpaolo Corrias  11-29-2020
Force you to think intractable


Desmond Audu  11-29-2020


Cheryal Murray  11-28-2020
Really makes you think


Jason Thomas  11-28-2020
fantastic edition and a enjoyment idea to gain puzzle repair


Mind of Man MOM  11-27-2020
study center release for all tiers of chess gamesters


Shaun Pohlman  11-26-2020
desired something with training the midgame...this does fantastic although there is a glitch or 2 in those missions that makes you fail more than essential but no biggie. Like that it's gratuitous for someone just learning to play.


Peter Lin  11-26-2020
fantastic APP!


Meenakshi Chockalingam  11-26-2020
it was a excellent time to study more about chess trainer edition



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