Android Version: 4.0App: Cheerful Bird. Play and earn.
Release date: Apr 22, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: SinatumCategory: arcade
Name: Cheerful Bird. Play and earn.Extension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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glad Bird is a extremely enjoyment and addictive super release from the arcade section. In this arcade game, you will not only have fun, but you will also be able to earn extremely excellent money. Click on the screen, avoid obstacles, gather cash and gain your earned money. The money earned in the release is paid to all winners who have passed all levels. It doesn't matter how ancient you are and what country you are from. It doesn't matter if you made $10 or $65000. You are a winner, which means you must receive your earned money. And you are guaranteed to gain them. You can receive the money earned in the release to any Internet remittance system (to any Internet wallet), or to any bank account (card) of any bank in the world, or to your smartphone number (if supported by your operator). In this game, every tier is difficult in its own way. You will need patience to finish all levels. every passed tier is saved. And the percentage of the passed tier is also saved. You can close the release at any time, and all your achievements will be saved. Attention! Be sure to read the recommendations when installing the game. There is a lot of interesting news in the manual. If you read the recommendations carefully, you are guaranteed to earn extremely excellent money in the game. And dozens times. Good luck and early victory! Best regards to you Sinatum. Support service: [email protected]



Sanzi  10-28-2021
tényleg fizet ? mennyi idö még meg érkezik a paypal számára?


Mela Chan  6-8-2021
Just having started...


Wendy Yeboah  6-2-2021
It's legit cause you will forthwith gain your money after completing the 20 levels. I am getting the hang of it, so why don't you check it and permit me know if you are better than me


Know It All  5-29-2021
permit see if i can finish it in time or not!


Rabiu Jamiu  5-23-2021
Please am don with the release but am not able to gain my money does it means that I will upgrade the release please if I do hope am not going to start from the beginning again


Nikki Kunz  5-22-2021
Cheefful Bird is one of the exquisite releases to run to execute money! I love it!


Ruan du Preez  5-19-2021
excellent game, tough but enjoyment


Emmanuel chimobi  5-18-2021
So addictive release I love it so tons


Daniel Contreras  5-17-2021
AWSOME enjoyment and extremely time if you sitting around just doing nothing this is a enjoyment and leave idea to execute money


Khalid sport channel  5-5-2021
extremely High quality release so far with extra earn prospect.


Chris Clowd  4-14-2021
Hey guys you desire a challenge.this is the exquisite release on out may look at like its lame but check will mission u ordinations ur keeps ur mind concentrated on the task at hand.dont think ahead or u will fail.I really enjoy this game.Thank you guys for being 100 with what u do.


Abdelkarim Ezzanfari  4-12-2021


davidmichael2007PH  4-11-2021
I discover the release difficult but fun.


Aminu Gwarzo  4-9-2021
This release is a total scam stay away from it, you can never win and they will lure you to execute an in edition purchase, after putting your money even if you win,they will ban you. I don't know why google playstore is giving room for this genre of apps.


Reme Jeffrey Simon  4-8-2021
enjoyment & Addictive. Working my idea towards achieving goals. Wish us all gamesters a excellent luck!


Gusbert Giliomee  4-6-2021
each upgrade brings a recent challenge. I really enjoy playing it 💫🙂


Vikas Kumar  4-6-2021
extremely interesting and enjoyful game... I like it, all tier extremely challenging and new, and I like chelleng... I give five star because extremely excellent release and rescue meany dependents after winnings, hope I complete all level.. But thank you release sponsors,,,,, 👏👏👏


Ani Ndidi Amaka  4-5-2021
excellent one


Ugwuanyi Anthony  4-5-2021
I have reached tier 15 and now it automatically changed to level1 why


Aljhonrey Lamera  4-4-2021
This is extremely good release


Rishi Kumar  4-3-2021
Only earn money from us because we are watching adverts they earn profit what a foolish l😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


Hashim Khan  4-3-2021


Ron Rhea  3-27-2021
100 and so on... % legit so now let's run a release so that we can win ,😇😍❤️


Joyce Mabute  3-25-2021
IT'S A large SCAMMMMMMM. WASTE OF TIME... I already passed the 20 tiers in just 3hours, but in the end it says that I don't have enough bounty to receive a reward cash. Don't ever download this app! SCAM AND WASTE OF TIME. TSK!


Marilou Luris  3-23-2021
Is this release its paying?


The Best Sellection 999  3-21-2021
Enjoy to trying this release


Shivansh Verma  3-8-2021
Worst and fraud edition ever


Teetee B  3-4-2021
What a enjoyment game! I'm at tier 20 and enjoying each second of it. It's definitely NOT intractable to do, just requires the right mindset, a tender but steady thumb, and a excellent working phone. Basically, it is fast, a little excitingly tricky at times, has absolutely delightful scenery - GO DeveloperS!!! - and, all in all, certainly a should PLAY! 🥳 I'm at tier 8 in the recent upgraded version and, I have to say, WOW! The variety, straight play, adverts placing, everything, fantastic!! If I would ... 6 stars. 🤑😎


Emmanuel Amponsah  3-2-2021
this release is excellent


Jennifer Gaddis  3-2-2021
I liked the idea the release was before. It was enjoyment and challenging. Now they've (of course) made it about money and sharing. I'm going to continue to run the game. I have high hopes for the next update. Maybe you can gain back to my 5 star review you WAS going to get. And BTW.... I purchased the 100 ❤️'s before the upgrade and now they're gone Here's my referral link. Do me a favor and click it 😁 Thank you


Omorere James  3-1-2021
fantastic release but I'm waiting for remittance


chamudi rathnayake  3-1-2021
This is a outstanding it!!(highly recommended)


Arleen Esmaquilan  3-1-2021
So good this release i was really enjoy...and i give all my exquisite to finish the tier i wish i would be patient....😘😙😚💜💜💜


good edition i really enjoyed it...


Ritu Raj  2-28-2021
The release is a fantastic example of patience, determination & perfection itself. I am just enjoying tier 20. I believe that some day I'll execute it happen.


yael Cataytay  2-28-2021
Greate sick rate 5


Anushka Gupta  2-28-2021
wonderful and addictive game. I am enjoying playing this release and now m on tier 20. I hoped to gain my winnings after completing 20 tier but the time span is over now waiting for 4.0 version of this game. After winning I will upgrade my review and rating and surely I will instruct this release to my buddies also.


Ms.compassionate_ A_g  2-28-2021
I was on tier 20 and this tier made me crazy....but the release us wonderful outstanding and addictive too..😅❤️❤️ now waiting for the 4.0 version to continue to run and earn🤞


Leila Siraji  2-27-2021
I really wish you ponder the time 16hours is a lot for tier 20. Please rescue us out atleast the 8 hours was okay! One day left and 16 hours is a lot please ponder this for this newest time


Jeson Paramo  2-27-2021
Gud day i just wanna ask why i cant purchase a life and im on tier 20 nearly completed and 16 percent left..what must i do?


Freddie Bajamundi  2-26-2021
I give 5 star coz enjoyful and exciting game...hope i complete the newest level.


Hamidianho Roman  2-26-2021
This edition is extremely excellent but sometimes it freezes


Francis Manuai  2-26-2021
Hope to complete all levels..A extremely addictive and challenging game. The release is actually testing our patience and attitude. 🙂👍👍


love movies  2-26-2021


Zaw Win  2-25-2021


Tony Swag  2-25-2021
I love this edition


Suhrab Sakhi  2-25-2021


Kakaloka Channel  2-25-2021
you know on tier 20 i think i am on 100 times trying to finish tier 20...But its ok..Little Jumping is the exquisite edition release for me bcoz it measures my Patience and Perseverance to pursue..All in all i will rate it 5...for the excitement and joy that it brings😊


Team Nava family  2-25-2021
I enjoyed this release but its not giving money 😒


Juno ya Christon  2-25-2021
fantastic release , I really enjoyed playing it But the tier 20 is driving me crazy 😅😅😅😅 Nothing comes from nothing I instruct you to download and run it's interesting and it pays really


Raneva Denise Bass  2-24-2021
Really enjoy playing this game...but don't permit the simplicity of it fool you, because it isnt as simple to beat as you might think from the looks of it.


zarnikyaw. zarnikyaw zarnikyawzarnikyaw  2-24-2021


Rasel Hasan  2-24-2021


edito toca  2-23-2021
I love this release ,,and I enjoyed while playing and extremely challenging for me. but it's okay it because I gain veritable money.thanks to the admin


linda rañises  2-23-2021
WORST release EVER 🤮🤮🤮😠😠😠


Theodore Fuller  2-22-2021
I could have more enjoyment willing Styx this release is like going back to the 1800 without a TV and without release paddles you're sending smoke signals


Muhammad Akmal Muhammad Akmal  2-22-2021
excellent release


Anieka Gabbidon  2-21-2021
excellent thank absolute good graet wonder absolute


Ilo Joel  2-21-2021
So interesting


Ryan Clark  2-21-2021


Somrat Hossain  2-20-2021


Kamran Khan  2-20-2021
It's extremely excellent release wow


New World 001  2-20-2021
I veritable love the honesty of the release


Mirabel Stephen  2-19-2021
Have not used it yet


Prince Ndori  2-18-2021


Michelle Mirano  2-18-2021
extremely good i love this release ❤



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