Android Version: 4.4App: Chatmasters Casual Jumping & Chatting Arcade Game
Release date: Jun 25, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: TAKU StudioCategory: arcade
Name: Chatmasters Casual Jumping & Chatting Arcade GameExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Chatmasters is our best mobile release for your android phone. It offers a very casual and enjoyment online experience of battling adversaries via jumping across conversation dialogue. Download our free mobile release now to fill your gratuitous time with winning battles, unlocking achievements and characters. Our top release includes diverse competitive thematic leagues: Chicken League, Unicorn League, Comics League, BadGuy League, etc. every recent league raises hardship and holds a unique set of unlockable characters. If you are bored and up for a mission – gain your highest score now! Compete with your friends or family and have enjoyment in the process. 🌟Features: ✪ Hyper Casual Arcade Experience ✪ Cute Cartoony Design ✪ Jumping and Chatting Mechanics ✪ Unlockable Achievements & Characters ✪ Character update Option ✪ Different hardship Thematic Leagues ✪ Highest Score Leaderboard ✪ Fast-Paced Gameplay ✪ Boss Mechanic ✪ Coins to disclose and upgrade ✪ Defeat adversaries to disclose them 💎Advantages: ✪ Simple and User-Friendly Interface ✪ Family-Friendly Content ✪ Games for all ages and skill levels ✪ Reward Claiming System ✪ Free to Play Model with ads ✪ Watching adverts to earn coins 🕹Gameplay: By selecting a character and choosing attainable to run league you can mission your adversaries to a combat of words. During the argument, you can exchange either positive or negative messages. Holding and dragging Emoticon from your side to opponent's and vise versa gets you likes or dislikes which contributes to indicated victory score. Two categories of messages appear on the screen: positive messages are in a green frame; negative messages are in a red one. Jump across conversation dialogue by holding and tapping yellow Emoticon to gather likes. Face diverse opponents: Fashion Granny, Mad Cook, Blogger Girl, Nuclear Guy, supporter Warrior, Plush Shark and dozens others. Progression With every recent encounter, you will warning that the speed of conversation increases, and sometimes it will simply go across the roof. Feel gratuitous to take your time enjoying the mission of this jumping game. Immerse in a verbal combat with brightly animated characters, surrounded by lovely artwork – dozens release tiers are waiting for you! As the game progresses, update your characters, buy defeated opponents, update combo, and set recent records.  💜The goal is to contact the number of likes indicated at the top middle of the screen. ⚙️How to play: 1. pick your character from a major menu and start. 2. Your character is in the upper left corner. Your adversary is in the upper right corner. 3. The left side of the image has your messages, the right side has those of your opponent’s. 4. Chat messages pop up as text and as stickers. 5. Moving Emoticon, as often as possible delay it on positive messages of your character and on negative messages of your opponent. 6. every touch with yellow Emoticon of a positive message on the left side gives your character a like. every touch of a negative message on the right side takes a like from an opponent. 7. Avoid touching negative messages on your side and positive messages on your opponent’s side. 8. On the screen, under character and adversary models, you can see the number of likes collected by every of them. 🔻Keep in Mind: ✪ Do not permit yellow Emoticon fall to the extremely bottom of the image – release round will end. ✪ Make sure that yellow Emoticon does not linger at the extremely top of the image – release round will end as well. ✪ Time automatically slows down if you stop touching the screen. ❣️Our edition provides you with a variant of thematic leagues to explore, adversaries to challenge, bosses vanquish and cute characters to disclose – everything just by tapping and dragging to your heart's content! 😍Experience our release now and leave a comment. If you don't know what to do with your spare time, spend it with Chatmasters – you will definitely love it.



Deepika Dua  11-9-2020
excellent edition


Helal Vodka  10-24-2020
To ppl reading this: the ad was misleading and the release is nothing like the veritable release


Alyson Mckitty  9-1-2020
This release is so enjoyment I run it quotidian


Orlando Campbell  8-12-2020


Rafiq Rosli  7-12-2020
This is release so cool saya harap kamu buat release yang lagi exquisite #socool#amazing#chatmaster.


Xalky 69  7-8-2020
full dog shite


fahd musa  6-29-2020
это красиво, мне нравится Snoop Dogg, мне понравилось



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