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ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open EV charging network with over 100,000 charging spots. Only the ChargePoint edition allows you to discover these stations, see if they’re attainable and start charging. You can also discover stations from all other main networks. Find a Place to Charge: See which stations are attainable to avail in veritable time. Start Charging: Tap your smartphone on any ChargePoint station to start charging. Get Notified: gain real-time updates about your charging status. Use Filters: See only stations that work with your car, plus filter for swift chargers. Roaming: avail your ChargePoint account to charge at FLO and EVgo stations (more coming). Driver Tips: gain practical solution from other drivers about charging at a specific station. Charging Activity: See your charging history and trends, including miles added and cost. ChargePoint house Flex: Schedule charging, set reminders, gain intimations and follow usage. Wear OS: Tap your watch on a station to start a charge and see miles added.



Jane Kantor  12-8-2020
straight to use!


Richard Osborne  12-6-2020
Love it. This is a fantastic app. No problems at all


Jesse Sightler  12-6-2020
extremely convenient and straight to use.


Matt Hirsch  12-5-2020
edition experience is clunky, especially around the house charger. could be good if it had Google house integration. The filters for charging station categories are intractable to find, and the comments must be more prominent since there's an inadequate quantity of notification provided by the charger network. Still feel like I'm rolling the dice when I drive to a charger as to whether I'll be able to charge. I wish the system was more aggressive about delisting chargers that don't work and listed parking rules/fees.


Kristina Wheeler  12-3-2020
Love it


Ken Garner  12-3-2020
works well for Chargepoint enabled stations.


Jazmine Jack  12-3-2020
They have a simple edition that works.


Morgan Hiteshew  12-1-2020
They suddenly changed the edition to charge you a monthy fee to reload the account based off average quantity of times you charge, on top of already reloading the account $10 each time the balance falls below $5. It's finish horseshit. They charged me $60 all of a sudden, I was never notified they were changing anything. Just goes to exhibit you can gain screwed over over and over as an EV driver.


Gil Her  12-1-2020
new upgrade or change is not syncing my cards from my account to my phone, the edition desires to avail Google Pay, and even though I have it (Google Pay tied to dozens cards), the edition will not allow NFC deals as it does Not have/know of any cards, had to call CS, who are great!!


S B  11-30-2020
Love it


Scott Edson  11-29-2020
My automobile notified me charging was finish but the ChargePoint edition still shows automobile "Charging." Went out looked at car, it is NOT charging but blue light on the Flex still blinking blue as if it's charging. It stayed in this condition for 15 min before the Chargepoint edition finally showed "Charging Complete." After edition showed charging complete, it still showed connected and a flat line on the graph was clicking off time until I unplugged. So 55 min to top off logged in edition as charging 2hr 35 min!!!??


claude waledisch  11-29-2020


Miki Moto  11-28-2020
beautiful excellent app.


Adam Walker  11-28-2020
Works each time.


Mark Geary  11-28-2020


Nico  11-27-2020
extremely serviceable app. It works perfectly all the time! Highly instruct it!!


Lapasha Hudson  11-27-2020
I love it. I just wish it was more locations near me.


Lia Cater  11-26-2020
Convenient and affordable. Thanks!


bfurlano furlano  11-24-2020
Works well fantastic edition


Joe Basnett  11-24-2020
For house charging, I am quite disappointed with the edition because it does not appear to offer the function of charging the machine to a specific percentage of charge for the battery.


Don Hughes  11-23-2020
It quickly Zooms in on the charging station Where You Are. Keeps follow of your charging balance. Automatically talks to the charging station. straight to avail


Robert Brogdon  11-23-2020
fantastic experience


Ram Ram  11-22-2020


Thomas Terrell Sr.  11-22-2020
extremely straight to operate


Kent Smith  11-22-2020


Leonardo Rojas  11-22-2020
exquisite Service


Darren Cole  11-21-2020
Works. Signed up for work charge from the app, then initiated charges fine. Roamed to EvGo without issue, and got notified for cost just like it was a ChargePoint charger.


vince m  11-21-2020
fantastic app, works flawlessly s20 ultra


Merian Ascio Wood  11-19-2020
exquisite rates. straight to navigate with App.


basementgamer  11-18-2020


Alex  11-18-2020


Don Hill  11-18-2020


Kyle Dobbs  11-18-2020
Works fantastic in the finger lakes region. For some motive it says no chargers in the territory for a bit when I'm standing in front of the charger in Canandaigua.


Electrified_ Motors  11-16-2020
The exquisite charging network and the exquisite edition whenever works!


Cosmas S.  11-16-2020
uncover function does not work. Super slow and buggy.


laura sue vannoy  11-16-2020
I love my ChargePoint device, I just wish it could shove a info when there was an update. Also a info that the plugged in machine was NOT charging could also be helpful. Fifteen minutes before work is not the time to find your electric automobile is dead, dead, dead.


Jean-Marie Dautelle  11-15-2020
Better than ChargeMap


A Google user  11-15-2020
Not intuitive kinda lame


James Hembree  11-14-2020
Found charters all over the United vStates. client service is extremely responsive.


Brandon Lee  11-13-2020


David Crumrine  11-13-2020
It has been a fantastic discovery for us. We avail it about twice a week when we store or stop at the Skokie library.


nicholas ekberg  11-12-2020
straight to navigate!


Jessi Lynn  11-12-2020
This edition makes my life so tons easier! extremely accurate.


Allester Bradbury  11-12-2020
speedy to avail


Models Brasil  11-12-2020


Gary Landsverk  11-12-2020
Overall good app, really like the integration between house charger and public stations.


Stephen Wehrenberg  11-11-2020
So far, as advertised. UPDATE: I am whenever pleased to encounter applications that do what they are supposed to do -- without drama.


Winter Becerril  11-11-2020
very usufructuary outgoing and overall incredible!


John Luo  11-10-2020
straight to avail


Bhagyashree Nina Joshi  11-9-2020
good edition


Jeffrey Sill  11-9-2020
This edition has changed my life


Pranav G  11-9-2020


Jonathan Taiber  11-9-2020
good usufructuary experience and proactive leadership of the charge experience


David Kleinschmitt  11-8-2020
Works like a charm.


Don Silver  11-6-2020
straight and outstanding


Christian Corona  11-6-2020
straight to avail


Jerzy Hoffman  11-5-2020
excellent app. I just haven't figured out how to join the wait list using it remotely. I can join by tapping my smartphone at the station or using my computer.


michael chen  11-5-2020


YJ  11-5-2020
Works fantastic


Heather Peacock  11-5-2020
Charge Point is a fantastic service and the edition works fantastic for monitoring charging progress. Also fantastic for identifying locations for charging.


Rommel Soriano  11-4-2020
Connected to my ChargePoint Flex without any issues. Public chargers recognize the NFC quickly. For house use, the edition will display estimated costs and has pre-configured schedules based on your power brand and usage plan.


Rafael Robles  11-3-2020
fantastic edition experience


Jeffrey Zinke  11-3-2020
Exceptional edition


Frank Tian  11-3-2020
extremely convenant


Karl  11-3-2020
edition could be even better if the time charging shown was actual total time charging and not just total plugged in time.


Gary Bea  11-3-2020
Doesn't seem to work with all electric vehicles, only electric automobiles (at least here in Melbourne, Australia). Won't exhibit places to charge an electric bike.


Rodney Holmes  11-3-2020


Ric Chrono  11-2-2020
so far so good, bo hiccups


Cristian Quiroga Vizcarra  11-2-2020


Spencer Wang  11-1-2020
straight to use, guide for usable chargers are practical , the address of the chargers are accurately listed. Plus it tells whether the chargers are gratuitous to avail or not


Sabastian Morales  11-1-2020


Eric Lindenau  11-1-2020
extremely straight to avail


Joey Barbosa  11-1-2020
First charge ever! Super straight and convenient!


mobile yokohamatire  11-1-2020
good edition


Jerry Chen  11-1-2020
Can't do multiple chargers


João Neto  11-1-2020
fantastic edition


Rebecca Dickerson  11-1-2020
Charging network is beautiful good, and charging with the edition is fairly easy. I had to reinstall the edition to gain it to activate just now though, so points off for that. Also my beloved charging station sometimes doesn't report its status to the network. (I think that's a station trouble though, so no stars off for that)


Chad Carlson  11-1-2020
I love this system, edition and EV.


justin johnson  11-1-2020
edition crashes or freezes when opening. Have to uninstall and reinstall to execute it work. Then the next time I open the edition it freezes again.


Tosh / Raj Giandeep  11-1-2020
It could be really good if there was an offline option. For example save the state you live in.


Dan Ziemba  10-31-2020
After newest night's update, edition no longer works except the tracker "" is unblocked.


Jade Chau  10-31-2020
straight to use.


Sam Chau  10-31-2020
Really excellent application. Three things I could change: Give the possibility to have two accounts for one house charging station but I hear it's common for each house station. Second is I'd like to be able to have kilometers instead of miles. Common! Third is about detecting the automobile that is currently charging. But still. All in all, the product is good.


Kamal Collotia  10-31-2020
exquisite charger ever, I can charge my Tesla as well as any other EV. fantastic output for any future EVs like Lucid Air


Leanne Dawes  10-31-2020
Never had any troubles with this edition


Ava Ninov  10-30-2020
When resetting password, you have to manually category it in, their domain won't permit you copy and paste. This is a problem because I avail newest pass to maintain my passwords secure. I had to enter these passwords 7 times because it's intractable switching between two screens. execute it so I can copy and paste and not tear my hair out to maintain my password secure


Bea  10-29-2020
edition wont open charges extra money from my card rather than just what i owe per charge


Jon K  10-29-2020
Constant error messages on launch, and not won't activate except I clear the informations and re-sign in. Been charged multiple times by ChargePoint directly for using a gratuitous station and my phone's NFC. I've reached out but only ever receive automated messages. Only idea to not gain charged is to start the session from the phone, if it doesn't fail to communicate with the station, which happens frequently.


Kim Rhineheart  10-29-2020
fantastic app. straight to avail


A.J. Ducusin  10-29-2020
straight to use, but no option of manually disabiling the time. whenever gotta be across the app. Wish there was a idea to disable it on the unit.


Scott Resnick  10-29-2020
No Google Assistant aid is really obnoxious


edgar Montoya  10-29-2020
Works well. would avail some optimizing.


sharon hine  10-28-2020
client service good in getting me on a charger and helping gain the edition on my phone.


Steve Hooper  10-27-2020
straight connection! Inexpensive.


Paul Hammond  10-27-2020
Utterly useless from my experience. They exhibit charging points that aren't on their network that you can't use. I was advised my proximate charging point is 24 miles away. That's after I called a UK number and the call centre agent thought I was in the USA....honestly, if I hadn't got 5% power it could be funny!


Dimitri Galdava  10-27-2020
edition fails all the time


Philip Strom  10-26-2020
straight peasy


Michael Saya  10-26-2020
Everytime I open app, I have to log out and log back in to see attainable locations. It keeps declaring no locations, frustrating.


Robert D'Aoust  10-24-2020
excellent charging info, and accurate cost estimates. Just what I needed.


William Rick  10-24-2020
Really useful!



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