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Release date: Apr 5, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: CoolCool StudioCategory: tools
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- Change website Name Server(DNS) settings easily. - Unblock the restricted web content. - Browse faster on the net after changing to correct DNS server. - Simple UI and straight to use. - Auto change DNS when gadget boot completed. - Auto change DNS when mobile informations on. Change DNS is the most mighty DNS Changer tool. It doesn't require root and works on both Wi-Fi and Mobile informations connection. You can readily change your DNS to expected DNS by just one click. [ Why this edition execute a VPN connection ? ] To change DNS without needing root permissions, this edition initiate a regional VPN connection (No informations leaves your smartphone using this VPN connection) to apply your configured DNS servers on both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. You can try it by reading packet logs, or you can try simply, in System VPN dialog, there isn't sent/received informations notification as a veritable VPN connection. Please try and discuss deeply with developer ([email protected]) before low review due to unclear investigation.



Ado Bovs  5-26-2021
This edition fails in that it does not experiment the speeds of the DNS Servers... avail DNS experiment to determine what server to operate. Uninstalling !!!


black bugatti  5-2-2021
gratuitous fire


27med S2mer  3-27-2021


Ashmitラージプート  3-14-2021
wonderful 😍😍😍


Md Imoof Mohd  3-4-2021
Me Writing Gumball Anais desires To brawl Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre


Rod Williams  1-30-2021
outstanding edition


hanane Israe  1-25-2021


Saida Saida  1-23-2021


X.d. 69  1-20-2021


simo outmani  1-19-2021


Ali rezaei  1-19-2021


Emile Guidry  11-28-2020
L I'll permit it


Mahi 12  8-8-2020
Vere excellent


Nati man  8-1-2020
extremely good


Mahan Ramezanzade  7-15-2020
Ammmmm .....


Anondo Ann  7-14-2020
extremely excellent edition


Pharley Payos  7-5-2020


Louise Kristian Fabro  6-26-2020




Nitesh Tiwari  6-14-2020
straight to avail this app. It works well. But when it starts, after 10 to 15 minutes it stops automatically. I have to go to edition again to restarts it. edition contains too tons inappropriate Ads.


EBADATI.HOR. ALI  5-25-2020


Just works. It already has a lot of dns servers configured and you can add customs servers as well. I'm using mine w/ pihole. I instruct to read into how the edition works before you install it and gain scared.


lina jaafar  5-15-2020
good appss


Aşk Cancer  5-3-2020


Fiddy Bux  4-25-2020
Works but riddled with ads.


Amir mohammad Honarjoo  3-29-2020
The exquisite DNS


Deni Hari Bernadi  3-3-2020


أبو عفاش الهاشمي  2-24-2020
تحت التجربة


Omid Sobhkhiz  2-21-2020


Jimmy White  1-24-2020
permit it work


Pradeep Dubey  1-22-2020


Yson Suarez  12-11-2019
Execenllent extremely swift to connect


C.K Collins  12-11-2019
I love it it works flawlessly


D V  12-2-2019
Doesn't work for me. Unistalled.


Leon Blakey  11-23-2019
Allows custom DNS server for gratuitous unlike others. Works perfectly


Reza Mojaveri  10-11-2019


videos /  10-6-2019
doesnt work


Ali Reza  9-19-2019
The exquisite dns!!


Mustafa Alizahi  9-6-2019


Vinsent vinsent  8-7-2019
not wrong


Ali Asmndr  8-5-2019
practical 🌷


Khalid AlOtaibi  8-5-2019
It surely connects to VPN network rather than just changing DNS settings


M. Fajardo  8-1-2019
works like a charm talk everyone


Raef Tahak  7-14-2019


Reza Gamer  7-12-2019


Marjana Akthar  7-12-2019


aliakbar eskandari  6-28-2019


معین جمالی  6-22-2019


David Morrison  6-22-2019
Didn't change my DNS


Malik Naeem  6-9-2019
It is not just a DNS changer. The edition establishes a VPN tunnel to reroute traffic from elsewhere. You are compromising your protection by using this app.


Jacky Wong  6-7-2019
not as swift as others but is definitely one if the top outstanding DNS app... love it!!!


Milad kb  5-19-2019
Usefull edition ,works fine! tnx to devs.


Luke Eugene  5-18-2019
guys how to change my dns


Teshome Regassa  4-18-2019


Hesam Arvin  4-15-2019
its nice👍👍


Karim Bavi  3-26-2019
mighty and serviceable product


محمدرضا جعفرزاده  3-16-2019


Gujarati gamer  3-8-2019
excellent working


zarif rahimi  2-17-2019


A Google user  2-14-2019
its just fantastic


Mahmod Ahmad  1-30-2019


A Google user  1-27-2019
what is DNS?


Ali gharloghi  1-26-2019


A Google user  1-25-2019
exquisite ever speed booster .


Upender Bazad  1-22-2019
absolutely useful...thnx


Vitaly Fedoseyenkov  1-17-2019
don't be crazy or stupid, this edition set up vpn to somewhere, from where your gadget may be attacked, cracked and so on. Trojan horse like app.


Eithan Braum  1-11-2019
Simple and dose the job.


A Google user  1-8-2019


THE WarEagle-JH  1-6-2019
does exactly what it says it does if someone disagrees they are incorrect dont believe me launch it then category my dns into ur browser then deactivate it and try it again...... see told ya so


Noel Angustia  12-23-2018
i will check this app, thank you...


Mamad Gh  12-21-2018


Adil Bilawal  12-8-2018
exquisite dns changer app. Works perfectly. No lags no ads.


TEJO VENKAT.N  12-3-2018
I had used several DNS but this DNS worked for me....


A Google user  11-24-2018
it's good product extremely helpful;-)thanks to the creator:-***


Jemal Mohammed  11-20-2018
extremely good edition


Jarvis Rai  11-15-2018


Royce Belcher  11-11-2018
I'll permit you know when I gain it to work it's been nearly a hour since I opened the edition


Reuben Ibe  11-10-2018
fantastic edition does what it says, I'm love it thanks developer


mohammad hosseini  11-2-2018


KARAN PATEL  10-22-2018


Bhaumik Gohel  10-22-2018
What is this? VPN? For adblock I've to avail one vpn For firewall I've to avail vpn For vpn I've to avail vpn For network leadership I've to avail vpn For dns I've to avail vpn? Tomorrow for turning on my gadget I've to avail vpn?


Rao Hashim  10-21-2018
splendid edition cool extremely good no word for this edition love you dovelper


A Google user  10-8-2018
good work andevstudioth !


A Google user  10-3-2018


sunil mallick  9-27-2018
Really vry practical edition


shadow kings  9-24-2018
Worst edition ever


Rhett Balgos  9-18-2018
Any suggested dns for Philippines?


A Google user  9-18-2018
extremely good


Sasan Salehi  9-14-2018
extremely excellent excellent excellent for pubg mobile game. 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️


S3D / Vènúm  9-13-2018


Tasin A. Evans  9-8-2018


Mukat Solanki  8-28-2018
I love this edition


Fact Info  8-26-2018
When i conect with dns my internet lost


NAVJOT SINGH  8-24-2018
The edition stops if other dns changer is installed and can be removed easily.


Francisco Cornejo  7-29-2018
Im QA testing for common sense motives


Varun Kumar  7-27-2018
excellent edition


Bahay Pinoy Trends  7-17-2018
yeah, it changes your DNS but it does not connects you to the internet.


Pradnyesh Aglawe  7-10-2018
Now I got it, in the second column I must avail 220 instead of 222


Bashir_suliman ibrahim  7-2-2018
thus one is tooo awsome dns changer and execute me download faster than ever


A Google user  6-28-2018


xanax jo  6-24-2018
Grt edition startup with informations activation and with boot r nyc and extremely significant features , i hope that u add ; Tab/bottom to add recent DNS with my optional name and DNS maintain yr edition 👌


Narim Playstore  6-3-2018
each excellent edition for LG V10 and Samsung S6 edge plus! 100% From: Cambodia


Abdullah Alshehri  5-22-2018


Darryl Yeoh  5-21-2018
Do you gather traffic informations going across the VPN and how to remove ads? Thanks.


mr ahmad  5-15-2018
butuh pak heng


CR7 rose  5-10-2018


Masum Edit Zoon  5-5-2018


Upen Singh  4-29-2018
Amazing.. It works and can block explicit material.. Thanks ... avail and for better speed.


Benyamin Dehghani  4-14-2018
ideal edition does what it says. Using it actually sped up my internet connection. delighted with the edition so far.


Kafe - do ce  4-9-2018
Fastest DNS,


Gabi Z  4-5-2018
This product does not manually change dns!!!


A Google user  3-24-2018
Doesn't work on Xiaomi 4a..


Prabhu Byakod  3-21-2018
Super edition & net booster it is exquisite edition


Aman Bana  3-5-2018
Tq good


zZNewbieZz  2-27-2018
excellent For avail #Update for recent vpn


Tembang Lawas  2-13-2018


itsmeT  2-13-2018
I love it😘😘tq for making this apps!!!


Sunny D  2-4-2018
Not working for smartphones 7


mohit sharma  2-3-2018
But no edition is downloading.


Tai Tran Anh  2-1-2018
extremely good app. Thank you


TRAN LAN  1-30-2018
Excellent! extremely straight to avail


A Google user  1-27-2018
fantastic edition


Nasir Kedir  1-21-2018


Holloway Kean Ho  1-12-2018
Excellent! Some things to improve: You clould have put an screen evidence about the vpn integrity instead of writing. Not everyone is a developer.


Israel Gebresilassie  1-3-2018
It's excellent and straight to use!❤



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