Android Version: 4.1App: Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter
Release date: Jun 10, 2012App Rating: 4
Author: Tatem Games Inc.Category: action
Name: Carnivores: Dinosaur HunterExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Carnivores series celebrates its 20th anniversary. Carnivores: dino assassin is a hunting simulation that is fully authentic to life and entirely breathtaking. You land on a distant planet inhabited by dinosaurs and progress from a bashful wildlife observer to a stealthy and ruthless T-Rex hunter. All dinosaurs are in absolute 3D finish with their terrifying roars! - Select from 7 enormous 3D environments - pick time of day (night vision on!) - Fill the territory with dinosaurs to your liking and skills - Equip with camouflage, cover scent or radar - choose a weapon and hunt or take a camera and observe - shop your prey in real-size trophy room - Go green and avail tranquilizer instead of bullets - check to beat your high score in endure Mode - Read guides and hints for each dino in ‘Dinopedia’ To anyone who played Carnivores on PC, guaranteed hours of nostalgia! And recent hunters will see what they have never seen before. PLEASE NOTE: - This release is free, but for veritable money you can buy additional things, the quantity for the purchase of which will be written off from your Google account. You can disable purchases in the release in your device's settings. - The release is not intended for children. - Please be careful when making purchases. - The release contains advertising. - You need to connect to the Internet to play. To discover out how TatemGames collects and uses your data, please read our rules terms at If you have a problem with the game, please send your problem to: [email protected] Become a supporter of Carnivores on Facebook: Thank you for playing our games! Stay in touch for information and updates:



Hannah Michiko Factora  6-21-2021
This is my childhood game...😶😶😚😚😍😍😍✌😭🐲🐉🐍🐊ت ت


Stevie Quiroz  6-21-2021
After all these years since I newest played this release on an ancient computer, I'm surprised to see it remarkably refurbished.


Dinosaur Doernte  6-20-2021
I love this game!!! The only problem I really have with it is that there is no pro package like Ice Age so you can't really disclose anything, Also sometimes it's a little laggy.


Rica Banaag  6-20-2021
ITS SUPERRBBB...I played thia release since I was 10...I hope it would have a multiplayer so I can run with my buddy even though we're not together...😢💖💖💖


Abel Espinosa  6-20-2021


Izak Arredondo  6-19-2021
I had played this release a while ago. I loved it and had lots of enjoyment playing it. But I think it is showing its age. I could love to see it gain an overhaul. I could love to see a idea to update and grind the guns. The dinosaurs must be upgraded to be more realistic and reskined. I'd also like to see better animations too. Overall I like this release and could love to see it overhauled and revived.


Lamar Woodard  6-19-2021


molten death  6-19-2021
I love this release I used to whenever run it when I was like 4 lol. fantastic dinosaur shooter release where u can step around the maps


Dino rex the king of the universe Stojanovic  6-19-2021
We need a multiplayer


Adam Wahid  6-18-2021
Look it's the exquisite release I played But please please add more weapons maps and dinos please I don't like that Iam bored so please work on it And ice age too please


EH Eshan  6-18-2021
I love this game. The details are nearly like veritable life that the dino can smell you, they can hear you walking, and can see you and play away. The only thing I didn't like the random dinosaur spawns, mostly random carnivores like velociraptor, allosaurus, and spinosaurus. I've been killed by these several times. Recently, I've got killed by a spinosaur when I was stalking a pachychephalosaurus. Please repair this bug. Then I will rate 5 stars.


Hector Moncada  6-17-2021
It is a bit intractable to earn credits


Pancake Boi  6-15-2021
It was epic!


Will McDonald  6-15-2021


Holly Bromley  6-15-2021
idea to difficut


Keshav Yadav  6-15-2021
outstanding this release is wonderful and I also check carnivores ice age it is also fantastic but in carnivores ice age you must add white tiger and polar bear but this release has wonderful graphic


Bob Plus  6-15-2021
I used to love this release before it turned into a coins grab I know the sales on this release went down but ye didn't need to execute it such a coins grab I used to love it! just please execute it what it used to be like I wish the creators could actually listen to everyone


JadeRaptor 11  6-13-2021
You must add a sarcosuchus


Aeden’s Dino world Toys review  6-13-2021
I've played it before and it's great! Even though it's a port, the genre of outdated graphics give it a form of charm that 90's 3d releases like Banjo-Kazzoie have. Overall, I instruct it to dependents looking for a dino hunting release with a Nintendo 64 feel!


Haevin Dimabuyu  6-12-2021
extremely cool


Raghavendra T C  6-12-2021
Actually like this release but you had to gain some recent updates like more dioceses and lands or oceans and lot of guns.


Pavel Meluzín  6-11-2021
ancient but still excellent enjoyment :)


dark lighting  6-10-2021
wonderful game, A beloved from my childhood!


_Shadow_Owl.EXE_  6-10-2021
Love this release and in my opinion it is pergect in each idea please if anyone sees this Download it you will not regret it


Nadee bandara  6-10-2021
wrong the worst release ever why do you need credits to buy more dinos hunt misson just execute it you disclose the missons when you complte the misson and i cant discover the dinos you kill for credits


poopy farts  6-10-2021
I love it i run each Friday and Saturday


Ezrin aisya  6-9-2021
This release is my childhood release i will cry if i cant download it


Klemencien  6-9-2021
This release is briliant, it like behemoth assassin but with guns,but i could like if the release has a marker for the dinosaur we desire hunt cuz i searching the yellow dots one by one and it taking so tons time,and maybe add multiplayer so we can run with buddies


is spinosuars  6-8-2021
Can u at least execute a excellent upgrade I hate bug fixes I didn't see any bugs repaired in this release all the dinosuars are just glicthing to high place or add recent weapons or add laser rifle or what this upgrade is like peace of carp delete the version execute it a excellent upgrade


Ariba Khan  6-8-2021
exquisite release


megatron play's  6-5-2021
I love the release excellent nostalgia but I wish the added multiplayer so I can run with buddies and I wish you did not have to gain so dozens credits unlike ice age where you can just maintain killing and not have to spend so dozens credits.


mandem teja  6-4-2021
This release is excellent. If I run this game, I remember my memories. It's extremely excellent dino release and even the maps and dinosaurs are extremely good. Finally: I love it😍😍😍😍😍


torilover89  6-4-2021
Tatum releases can you execute some mods on mobile such as Triassic my dino assassin 1 crashed 1 time but my Ice Age one is still running


Hazel Runyon  6-4-2021
It's a extremely cool release and all but I think it must add a few more dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus


Roxinity  6-4-2021
What is this? An ad generator? I actually got 6 adverts in a row for doing nothing until I gave up. Thanks


Darker  6-3-2021
extremely enjoyment release Spent a whole summer playing it.


Cristina Cutanda  6-3-2021
excellent release


Kasra Sayadi  6-3-2021
pay to run 5 years ago u didn't need to pay for resupply and relocation. how bout not switching up on ur faithful supporters after all this time.


PRIYOBRATA  6-2-2021
Did you know this is the worst release of the world. Oh sorry , I am just kidding


percenages  6-1-2021
exquisite release ever in my childhood


Anjali Goswami  6-1-2021
This release is extremely good ☺️ but this release is no multiple this is not rite of this release but this release is extremely good


Russell Alexander Yim  5-30-2021
I used to love this game, but as I revisited it recently, the adverts are tons too intrusive in the topical version. You can't even leave the edition and enter again without one popping up, and it frequently plays another right after the first one completed


I'M PRO  5-30-2021
Dinasaur suara macam abang aku


Slumber Queen  5-30-2021
Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Vera tier release


gabby concepcion  5-29-2021
Why is the allosaurus is too slight and didn't have horns


Gil Lada  5-28-2021
Its enjoyment release and allso jumpscare


Sylvie Ikon  5-28-2021


Alberto_ SaurusX019  5-27-2021
This release is outstanding and the graphics are wonderful :D and I wish the dinosaurs brawl every other bc it could be cool😎


ABrainTumer  5-26-2021
It has worsend overtime however I can remember loving and BEATING this release so dozens times when I was at a family friemds and my mums buddies home playing this on my coles samsung cellphone that barley ran instead kf playing with the other babes


Danielle Stubblefield  5-25-2021
Awesome, This release was my childhood, yes you can pay for a quicker experience but by no means is it pay to win, but then again name a release you can't. the graphics are iffy but for the game date they're incredible, this release has a place in my heart and it won't leave anytime soon.


Nikkal Hollwah  5-24-2021
This one's still beautiful enjoyment the fact that it's gratuitous is good


ZEROX gg  5-23-2021
Beer nuce bruh


Jacob Salinas  5-23-2021
fantastic game! Really brings back memories from my childhood playing these releases on the PC back in the early 2000s. Anyways I think it could be outstanding if you guys added the original maps from the extremely first carnivores game. Seeing the old pyramids and ancient temple surrounded by lava could be fantastic to run on again. I think that could really deliver back the authentic carnivores hunting experience.


kid with new mic  5-22-2021
This release is fantastic and i dont see any wrong things about it


Imposter Hunter  5-22-2021
Came for nostalgia only to discover disappointment, dinosaur kills give so little credits. Like 9 credits per kill. And because of that maps, dinos, and weapons take so long to get. Ammo for weapons cost money As well and if ur trying to save up its gonna take forever. And since ammo costs money I have to avail the pistol. I would be shooting spit balls at dinosaurs would probably do more injure than a pistol. Also gain a recent upgrade thanks.


Vignesh Vicky  5-22-2021
Super release


T-Rex  5-21-2021
good game. Add a weapon customization on survival style so that I can know where the aim of my gun is. And gain rid of the useless "diet" news about the dinosaurs. Also add recent dinosaurs and reskin the mobile port dinosaurs. execute their skins like that are inspired from Mark Hallets paleoart from the 1930's. Like the Iguanodon, Oviraptor for example. Change the animation of the mobile-port dinosaurs. execute it like the original Carnivores animations.


John Spillane  5-20-2021
I likea the release


Dharshini A.D.  5-19-2021
I'm downloading it for 4th time . It is that excellent


ANOOP.U  5-18-2021
The release lags extremely tons and my mobile is redmi 10i 🥵🥵


Nazareth Fernandes  5-18-2021
It was the exquisite but I got stuck but still great!


Sapphire The Dragon  5-17-2021
Really desired to give this release another shot. This is one of my childhood mobile releases I played for years but unfortunately it's turned into a stupid pay-to-win game. Disappointing. The more you progress in the release the more they plant dinosaurs you didn't select to hunt that kill you and lose all your credits you earned. horrible game. Clearly this developer doesn't care about being fair and only runs on greed. Uninstalling after I submit this money-baggers. :)


The 3D Man  5-17-2021
Yeah it's enjoyment but sometimes it is intractable to kill a recent brought carnivore


richard vecina  5-16-2021
can you add more guns pls


Patricio Tomarong  5-16-2021
Its coòoooooool bro you should run


ricarda perez  5-15-2021
this is the exquisite dino assassin release only problem can you execute so when your on the map see a dino on the execute the dot yellow if the dino is outgoing and execute tthr dot red if the dino is a carnivore that's is the only problem but more add something to delete photos because there's is a lot so plz do this to execute this a better release thank you


DB666  5-13-2021
I have been playing this release for a extremely long time now and I've got no troubles with it, excellent game!


lal romal  5-13-2021
Thanks developer ... I was searching for this release .. Five stars ☆☆☆☆☆


crim son  5-12-2021
Please the grapics and can we join in carnivores


Jayaganesh Jayaganesh  5-12-2021
good release


Arentola Aier  5-10-2021
Add more guns and dino and maps but it is excellent you must check this


ʙᴜʟʟ々ꜱɴɪᴘᴇʀ,  5-9-2021



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