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Release date: May 30, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: CaptaindroidCategory: video players & editors
Name: Captain Torrent DownloaderExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Captain Torrent Downloader is swift torrent downloader based on BitTorrent protocol. Downloading torrent is extremely simple and straight in Captain torrent downloader. Download multiple torrents simultaneously in to your phone/tablet. Its faster and secure and straight to use. Download any file at any time. This torrent downloader supports auto shut off and resume facilities. Other features: # Supports multiple torrent simultaneously. # Supports .torrent file # Supports magnet link # Less Power consume # View file in edition directly # Streaming film while downloading # And dozens more



Mohd. Imran  6-17-2021
enormous accident trouble in this edition ... don't install it guys


udaya kumar  6-4-2021


Madhu Sudhans  4-28-2021


nisha rawat  4-22-2021
cute torrent downloader ever. Its faster and smooth.


Reeba Khan  4-22-2021
fantastic edition for downloading torrent. It has also file locker system. Loved it


Atul Rathore  4-11-2021
Sign problem


Vincent Bock  4-2-2021


manikanta b  3-27-2021
Worst edition download extremely slow avail the more informations


Philipe š  3-17-2021
worst of the worst you can't even avail it you open it but there's nothing else !!!!


Shashi kant Kumar  2-12-2021
Suddenly stop editions when I upgraded anroid 11 repair it


Season Pro  1-28-2021
outstanding experience with Captain Torrent Downloader i love this torrent edition alot because you can readily download anything you desire :)


Larry Lentini  1-11-2021
Why is this suddenly a information and instant messaging edition with a team chat that I can't leave? Nobody desires to be inundated by that with each edition they use, why do so dozens editions do this? It was excellent for one function and now it's useless.


Jana Rudra  1-10-2021
Super downloader


Michael Ross  11-19-2020


Durga Veeresh  11-13-2020
exquisite edition for torrents


rayed morshed  11-4-2020


Pankaj Devrari  11-3-2020
worst edition ever i have seen


Morgan Alex  10-29-2020
Love the edition


SUDHAKAR Shahi  10-23-2020


Imdad Baloch  10-18-2020
why so underrated, this is the exquisite torrent downloader in appstore.


giduturi sunil  10-13-2020
This edition is awesome!!!.but there one problem but I did'nt run music background!!!


bala ambigai  10-8-2020
extremely swift


sem Sem  9-24-2020
like but thise edition like heail and i like heal


Mihir Karmokar  9-23-2020
outstanding Downloader Deserve My 5 Stars


Ramu G  9-13-2020
extremely speed torent i have ever seen. in my village i wont gain 4g even though i gain upto 1.0 mb. speedy downloads


Isaac Iwish  9-12-2020
excellent one


talha ansari  9-11-2020
Worst experience with the frequently shuts down when the download start repair this problem as soon as possible otherwise i m going to rate it down...


Farhaz Choudhary  8-29-2020


Karingamupembe Melody  8-22-2020
ideal edition ....very swift and trustworthy


R Cook  8-21-2020
You have to sign in w/Facebook or Google UNISTALLING!


Itsfofanah  8-21-2020
exquisite Torrent ever 💪


tech com  8-17-2020
Worst edition i not like its work fine but speed is extremely low.


Prasad Unnam  8-14-2020
Exlent torrent downloading, speed idea to download.


BM GAMING  8-6-2020
extremely excellent


Droid Tech  8-3-2020
I like this کیپٹن Torrent downloader edition due to appealing design and straight to use. Really practical app. Highly instruct


Razib Islam  8-1-2020
It is a fantastic edition for any torrent file download. This edition seem better then the utorrent or any traditional torrent app....loved it!!


Tu Liem  8-1-2020
great torrent downloader and clip gamester ever. This edition can download torrent and magnet at extremely high speed. Even in meager network. And the clip gamester is also incredible. This gamester can run all the clips


Santosh Adhikari  8-1-2020
Faster torrent downloader ever. High speed and smooth downloading ever. This edition is so simple and nice. No ads. There's also a clip gamester in this app. Its can run all videos.


Azeem Aftab  7-31-2020
wonderful speed on download simple swift and straight to avail with an added clip gamester really enjoyed it


Noor Mehdi  7-30-2020
yet so simple and faster torrent downloader ever. Its really really extremely faster like it says. outstanding edition that i have ever used. Thanks


JESSICA Cromwell  7-29-2020
unbelievable downloading speed. Seems like it works with an internet speed amplifier. Torrent and magnet are downloading extremely fast. And it has also a finish film player.


Astro Expert  7-29-2020
extremely simple and extremely quick download ever. It can download any torrent or any magnet. It has also a fantastic clip gamester which can run nearly all format.


Splendid Pakistan  7-27-2020
Captain torrent downloader is one of the exquisite swift and simple downloader. maintain it up.


Gulshan Faried  7-27-2020
Really fantastic film and large file downloader ever. It faster, easier and simple.


Touseef ijaz  7-27-2020
Simple. straight and finish torrent downloader ever. It has an outstanding clip gamester too. This torrent downloader can download file extremely fast. Fulfilled my need


Mudit Dargar  7-27-2020
It's a exquisite edition to downloading torent contain. straight to avail 👍


Tania Khatun  7-27-2020
readily get.better than other downloder..recommended.


Irteza Rahman  7-27-2020
good & Simple. straight to use.


George Bernard  7-27-2020
wonderful captain terrent downloader extremely practical and highly recommended.


Anna Sinclair  7-27-2020
captain torrent downloader is good product i love it . thanks


Safia Khan  7-27-2020
outstanding torrent downloader ever with good clip gamester


India Sports  7-27-2020
Captain torrent is such a fantastic downloader for all smartphones testers download each one today and enjoy the exquisite ever edition on your smartphone


Muhaiminur Rahman  7-26-2020
exquisite torrent download app.


amna zamir  7-26-2020
This is really a faster torrent downloader ever


Ashima Chakravorty  7-26-2020
Found it faster


Zahid Ali  7-17-2020
plz do better more


Remy Stan  6-23-2020


Nilkanth Chapaiya  6-11-2020
Captain torrent downloader is cool edition to download all toreent files easily.Helpful app.Recommended.


Jaglul Kabir Ahammad  6-11-2020
I love this torrent downloader



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