Android Version: 5.0App: Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game Multiplayer RTS
Release date: Mar 19, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Bytro LabsCategory: game strategy
Name: Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game Multiplayer RTSExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The second World War: Tank clashes, Naval battles, Air combat. In Call of conflict you rewrite the course of history! Take control of one of the powerful nations during the times of World conflict 2. subdue provinces, forge alliances and build up your economy. Research top secret weapons of World conflict 2 and become the one authentic superpower! sensible alliances or ruthless expansion, wonder weapons or mass assault? It is up to you which idea you choose! For supporters of realistic grand-strategy titles Call of conflict offers a enormous gameplay environment, dozens diverse functions and creatures to pick from. Jump into matches, combat it out over weeks and become the rank leader in this addictive WW2 game. FEATURES ✔ Up to 100 veritable adversaries per map ✔ creatures step in real-time ✔ dozens diverse maps and scenarios ✔ Historically accurate troops ✔ enormous Tech tree with over 120 diverse units ✔ diverse terrain types ✔ Atomic bombs and secret weapons ✔ Regular updates with recent content ✔ Growing alliances in a enormous community Join the race for the exquisite strategy game, jump into WW2 and experiment yourself versus veritable gamesters in veritable time on historical maps! Enjoy Call of War? study more about Call of conflict and share your experiences with us! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Call of conflict is gratuitous to download and play. Some release elements can also be purchased for veritable money. If you do not desire to avail this feature, please set up password security for purchases in the settings of your Google run shop app.



Jay Brig  12-8-2020
This release is easy up wonderful i love the skill and stratgey it takes


Maxim Van den Broeck  12-8-2020
It's really enjoyment just wish things can go like 5% faster and trust of a province can reload faster as well to execute it less boring to wait.


M h  12-8-2020
excellent quality release


Colson Logsdon  12-8-2020
I think its a fantastic release if you love ww2 and strategy


Straight Edge Sam  12-8-2020
It's fantastic I run it on my PC and smartphone alot. Really excellent gratuitous game. must check it out. Not one for rts releases like this but loved it.


097 Stanley Irvine Popang  12-8-2020
I think it's beautiful realistic


t Ganka  12-7-2020
Gold strategy is extremely unfair in this whole game.


Aquila Playz  12-7-2020
I love it but the high comand is a problem


Citkat  12-7-2020


Big Bang Attack4561  12-7-2020
As long as you continue to develop upon the game, I see it having a bright future


Billy Blazek  12-7-2020
fantastic release


Jaded Wisp  12-7-2020
I absolutely love it


jennifer granger  12-6-2020
This release is enjoyment and god at the same time but before I played the ww3 release you guys where making but it's gonna now? Did you guys stop making it or are you guys still making stuff better in it and then game it again.


Sadanika Dayarathna  12-6-2020
nope doesn't work .loading takes ages, extremely disappointed


nicekicksboi  12-6-2020
This release wows me for a mobile game. There are no ads, practically no pay to win (you can buy gold to speed things up but it is only residence and troop research you can speed up and it costs a lot of gold which is a lot of money so i dont think it is pay to win). This release has fantastic multiplayer action with up to 1 hundred gamesters in borders suchlike to those of 1939.


yo75 z  12-6-2020
intractable to understand and run and it s overall really boring


the meme Master  12-6-2020


Ilham Ajeeq  12-6-2020
This release is extremely good. I'm having enjoyment with it until this day. Suddenly this release won't permit me in. After the Bytro opening the image turns white and the release won't start. I waited for 30 minutes and nothing happens. I deleted and downloaded this release again and it still the same. Please repair this I'm having enjoyment with this release before.


charlie baker  12-6-2020
extremely addicting and fun.


Kamerad Mada  12-6-2020
LOGISTIC LINE, aside from infrastructure. Logistic line can be built on each province, can be seen as blue line next to province road. Cheaper to build than the infrastructure, and the gamester also need a extremely cheap priced lorry to transport any needed rss to the selected army/division. The more/advanced the truck, the more rss can be sent to more division on the front. Province can stockpiling provide to ensure no morale decreasing during province siege (no provide line connection).


Josel Amor  12-6-2020
K Nk


Patricia Davis  12-6-2020


Gacha Phantom  12-6-2020
excellent gaym


Ghost 541  12-6-2020
This is a enjoyment veritable time release I love to run


Mitchell Crisp  12-6-2020
It's enjoyment and time consuming but value it


Jess and Sweep  12-5-2020
Its enjoyment


YourGrandma  12-5-2020
These A.I need a re work, they all say conflict on you when its endgame and its stupid af, they all have so dozens army when its not even possible to execute that dozens in such short periods of time, im about to quit this release because the A.I are OP


GRAY EMN  12-5-2020
Its a fantastic release i think it still needs to be faster and there must be peace treaties but apart from that its excellent


asn mohamed  12-5-2020
I love this release but i think if the group add more categories of tanks that gone be fantastic


[7D] Clavt8  12-5-2020
Please execute kursk a borough and execute oryol a province pls


Hammad Arshad  12-5-2020


Lucas Melo Modesto  12-5-2020
Needs more optimization for mobile, the pay to win gap can be very obvious at times. Not a wrong release but it does have main flaws.


CrazyDilo 25  12-5-2020
Wont permit me play, tells me im offline


Armando G  12-5-2020


Aoife Ohara  12-5-2020
I am really enjoying this game. It is the only like it I have played and unlike other releases can win with just fantastic tactics. Not exclusice run to win. fantastic release I hope more updates come in the future.


PRONITA DAS  12-4-2020
IT'S a fantastic release


NotGringeHere YOUTUBE  12-4-2020
It's excellent


Marky Mark  12-4-2020
extremely excellent release


Sadra faalnazari  12-4-2020
I love it!!!


Table  12-4-2020
Stupid app, the image is all empty during trick mode. Pls repair this.


GoldenNugget 643  12-4-2020
How do i log in to my account on supremecy?


King Lsh  12-4-2020
U can't even execute an actual offer in the marketplace with out it glitching tf out and only letting u put 1 of anything u check to sell and u just gotta maintain postong 1 1 1 1 1 1 but the only damn problem with that is I really don't have the god damn time to sit and post 5 thousand or 6 thousand F ing 1s


Jayden Stone  12-4-2020
Have to wait hours to do anything


theninjagamer 99  12-4-2020
Cool ww2 my beloved subject


Noob VS Pro  12-4-2020
This release is really wonderful in pc and cellphone but it crashes a lot in mobiles. Otherwise it has lots of excellent details like you can initiate your own coalition, post an article on newspaper etc. It also allows us to run versus veritable gamesters wich is good.


Vano Okta  12-4-2020
Why i cant gain in the release it maintain loading


Benjamin Howe  12-4-2020
A great game. extremely reliant on political engagement, as well as a a unique unit, combat, and travel system. All in all, a beloved for the ages.


Laeton Boschult  12-4-2020
fantastic strategy release


Lyna Chai  12-4-2020
excellent release


Thijs Van Luik  12-3-2020
Really excellent release its blanced and the graphics are good, But the 4 starts is because i don't like that AI countrys can invade you if you attack


Birmallow Chakraborty  12-3-2020
One of the exquisite strategy conflict games, I won't mind if the size of the release increases for better graphics and love to see a modern era conflict map in it.


Lee arth Dwayne Cogling  12-3-2020
outstanding release BUT when i become a large piece of land each ai like each ai declares conflict with me and that sucks because i maintain losing that idea so hopefully in the future you can like execute like 20% that an ai country can say conflict on you


Crystal monreal  12-3-2020
extremely excellent release am not a bot but this release is so excellent


hectorkool20  12-3-2020
I just started playing the release 4 days ago and I'm in love it's such a fantastic and immersive release although I wish the AI controls countries we're a little more active. They must be able to execute pacts with gamesters or other AI,try to execute empires aswell to mission yours,etc. The point is to execute the AI feel like its a country who truly desires to thrive or succeed and will go to lengths to fulfill that whatever its reasons may be!I know it sounds a little ambitious but this release has more potential


Yami  12-3-2020
Feels wrong man: Gold testers are absolutely release breaking and isn't enjoyment to strategize anymore! visualize thinking intractable and doing your exquisite to subdue another country to its newest borough then he blurts out an unli gold card which permits them execute instant OP creatures then BAM! you lost all of your conquered towns and even drops a NUKE! at your main, I gain that some dependents are wealthy asf to buy ingame creds but strategy releases man, itslikeI'mnoobbutIhavelotsof moneysoIhavebigbraingodlikestrat. Thanks and GG. UwU


mr  12-3-2020
extremely excellent


Junk Bot  12-3-2020
I hate it its lag and the image is black i cant see my warriors i hate your release repair it


William Compton  12-3-2020
beautiful fun, I wish the trick was more in depth, still learning the release though


Florin503  12-2-2020
My release keeps staiyng in low graphics mode, even if i turned them off


Mallu Pawar  12-2-2020
excellent release and details but takes more time to upgrade


Rozina Tariq  12-2-2020
wonderful release 👍


Klein Melencion  12-2-2020
Its extremely cool. This is the release i desire to play.


George Dimakopoulos  12-2-2020
extremely good Game. could be excellent if you log on all 5 Continents. Also if it gave more Reasaurces, Money and Goals.Less time to Built and step could be nice. permit also Artillery work and all the relax ie. Tanks, conflict Ships, not essential to be Member. must have button to also try all Reasaurces. If you do all the above, this release will Dominate all Games.


Angeline Chan  12-2-2020
fantastic stragy release


bushy BD Ste  12-1-2020
It's excellent but please unperma chat ban me execute it a week the least you would do I just wanna converse with my allies again


spit fire Mk IX  12-1-2020


Duncan Parsons  12-1-2020
It just told me that I cant play! JUST SHUT UP AND permit ME run


Belo Mohamed  12-1-2020
exquisite release from this type. It will be better if you put some recent diplomacy relations and execute that a gamester can give his ocuppied country to another one.......


Amar Jusufi  12-1-2020
This release made me so angry....It all started when i asked for rescue at he rescue chat u know?then i discovered the worldwide chat and one if my buddies was there.....So we were chatting while suddenly a "moderator" came and said shut up.....I said:whats it to you? And he banned me from chatting....Im uninstalling and reporting it }:(


Savage WarriorYT  12-1-2020
I absolutely love this game, but I also desired to ask if you can execute a spot category call of conflict or a napoleonic mode call of conflict or a cold conflict era version, but I aid your guys work and I love call of conflict 1942 and supremacy


Josh Fitzwater  12-1-2020
outstanding release


Brandon Savage  12-1-2020
release consistently freezes and won't load properly. December 1st 2020 Galaxy S10+


Luke Millette  12-1-2020
This is a really cool stradogy release and I have a blast playing it.


steven soponis  12-1-2020
Doesn't work. I opened release for first time, clicked recent gamester and it froze, closed and now when I open it no matter what I click it tells me a recent gamester was recently created on this smartphone and I should log in to that... literally everything I check to log in from tells me that even though I never signed up. 100% rubbish game. Deleted and reinstalled twice, same thing. Do not download. Its rubbish


Hernelis Ruddin  12-1-2020
I cannot run this just turn out black image only in my smartphones smartphone


Blitz Elite  12-1-2020
exquisite ww2 startegy release on mobile you must be able to give ROW to members of other coalitions tho


Whyatte Stewart  12-1-2020
I love the game. Because i have so dozens things i can do, i have been playing since early 2019 and have loved the competitiveness on each round and the hilarious information reports, i enjoy the release each time i go on it and gain a little scared of whats going on when i am offline for a couple of hours like when i dont go on for a day i gain scared someone has taken half of my land. It has fantastic controls for a mobile cross platform game. maintain up the excellent work guys, lovring it


CuTe PanDa  12-1-2020
When i first download the release but im stuck at loading image when i check to login on it pls repair


Kayden Cameron  11-30-2020
This release desperately needs a trick style without other players. The tips to the first days in the release are a should read. It's a clever strategy release thats extremely straight to screw up early on. Overall it's enjoyment always dependents in releases cooperate, and can be a little depressing when someone who knows what theyre doing trolls you for being recent and takes all your land


jmaxw632  11-30-2020
meager graphics and gameplay


tommy tube  11-30-2020
wonderful came cool concept lots of enjoyment deffo download


ibrahim iskenderoglu  11-30-2020
extremely excellent release


Baron of Haste  11-30-2020
The release is too slow and it lags a lot


Charles Ivan Dionisio  11-30-2020
It needs a style where the Asian zone is attainable so that it can all out conflict


1000 subscribers with no videos challenge  11-30-2020
extremely excellent experience but needs balancing. We non high command testers must be able to queue at least 2 creatures and 1 for constructing buildings.


fallentaco  11-30-2020
extremely excellent release i enjoy it with my buddies


Minecraft gamer 14  11-29-2020
extremely long time


Romel Silva Plaza  11-29-2020
Really excellent game. Your provinces can boost your economy and morale really fast. In my server, I had just started as Ukraine, and in 3 days, I got the exquisite economy in the server.


Cooletz Ehra  11-29-2020
Please add that if a bot shares map to a gamester the gamester can execute a bot attack the foes whos fighting the gamester please add this


jerom van sichem  11-29-2020
Its enjoyment


Rudolph Von Stroeheim  11-29-2020
I love strategic games! This is my beloved aplication.


Ronillo Rosalem  11-29-2020
It's so excellent this is extremely excellent release you really need to download this it's so excellent release I love it


Karson Pop  11-29-2020
maintain it going


John Lewis  11-29-2020
I love the realistic time-line!


Gnomsey  11-29-2020
ill bruv but the paid for details must be cheaper


Andrew Cox  11-29-2020
extremely detailed game, and the cross platform run is great. I'm still a noob but I'm enjoying myself.


Ying Yang  11-28-2020
extremely slow starting off and limited resources. There isn't even 1 warrior in each province in your chosen country.


Ben Gaunt  11-28-2020
Its a excellent release but its so straight to exploit it. Just tier up Artillery a few points and slowly drive them round the map. They be all but invincible even when tanks or infanty gain close enough to engage. And bombing runs have little outcome on them. Also just set your bombers to patrol and they will endlessly bomb a purpose without the need to refuel or rearm. If they repair the exploits it could be a fantastic game.


Tyler Deveaux  11-28-2020
Best. Phone. Game. Ever!


Warshy88  11-28-2020
Yes, it is a excellent game. Like a version of Hearts of Iron. I like the trait of rebellions when u occupy foe area but i hate that some rebellions join a country that u r not at conflict with. It is annoying and it does not execute sense.


Ishikawa Goemon  11-28-2020
This is one of the exquisite strategy releases I have ever played....first when i started playing this release I really was puzzled of this release but thanks to YouTube my doubts are clear.This is a should run strategy game....and so I rated 5 stars...😃😃😊


theodoreCrazynoob  11-28-2020
I could like to see the option for espionage be expanded, execute a uprising on foe soil etc. I feel by adding more option for gamesters who avail espionage it could greatly ameliorate otherwise a already fantastic game. maintain up the excellent work!


Jessica Gentilesco  11-28-2020
Dosent work excellent I have excellent internet but creatures wont load i will check uninstalling and reinstalling the edition and check again.


CreativeIcon  11-28-2020
extremely enjoyment release it's extremely addictive i run it everyday, i like it :)


Ray Patranella  11-28-2020
Its great!


Blitz101  11-27-2020
Can't even log in. Don't download, it's a waste of storage and time.


Stahlhelm _  11-27-2020
wonderful game! The exquisite in the run shop tactic wise, it seems. However, it feels a bit too slow at times. Still extremely good.


Tahir Mutahiyr Mutalashi  11-27-2020
This is the exquisite app, please execute a first version of the release also..which must finish one day...


Juraimy Airline Manager 2020  11-27-2020
exquisite strategy release of ww2 but i desire more thing like what weapon to equip for infantry and what shell must we load at tank, good right?


Grosser Kurfurst  11-26-2020
It wont permit me sign up


Fire-Ball  11-26-2020
This is the exquisite ww2 strategie release I have ever played


Lil tom  11-26-2020
fantastic multiplayer strategy game!


the hand  11-26-2020
The army take time to attack and step it take hours :( becouse I give it 2 stars or I give it 5 if this problem not happen :(


killer gamer  11-25-2020
Love it


George Brandy  11-25-2020
This is the only idea I am able to report the glitch that is occurring.Game installed fine,I selected a Country (Poland), The map loaded, and I pressed the button at the bottom of the image that prompted the "Welcome General" message of what I visualize is the begining of a tutorial.I then followed the recommendation "Tap anywhere to continue."However upon tapping the image the edition minimised, upon maximizing the same image re-loads without trouble but also without progress.Unable to play, any advise?


james ian Bantigue  11-25-2020
this release is the exquisite Even you can write your own privacy and subdue towns


Franzes Febb Berenguel  11-25-2020
had to uninstall it.... it sucks and It keeps loading been waiting for Half an hour but It still loading.


Ethan Froese  11-25-2020
I have played this release for a few years now, idea back before 1.5, and Its still one of my beloved games. Despite how fantastic this release is, ot would still be improved. I could like to see the ability to change the names of provinces and countries, and to change the flags. Another thing that I could like, and this might be more feasible, is the ability to set up puppet states, or countries that are "technically" not part of your country, but you can control. And they wouldn't go to except you said.


Shri vishal  11-25-2020
It was fantastic


Yahya SAH  11-24-2020
A bit laggy but the release is excellent enough to go across that


samer salem  11-24-2020


Steve Harrow  11-24-2020


Furious Guy  11-24-2020
A fantastic game, but disappointed by one thing, the nations. We can hardly choose and the nations were all taken, thus there could be less nations to pick. Please repair it


Bfive 13  11-24-2020
It is difficult to step things around but it is enjoyment


Nathan Henderson  11-24-2020
fantastic game..I'm extremely patient about this release but i wish i would earn gold because I'm only 15 and desire to buy gold but i can't


Connor Hancock  11-24-2020
It's intractable but enjoyment you need to be smart and careful


Post Pone Malondry  11-23-2020
Better than most of the releases made by the creator chiefly because this release has less glitches


Ryan Lee  11-23-2020
excellent release


Dark Lord  11-23-2020
extremely intractable its impossible


if I sub to me I also sub back god  11-23-2020


CG FALCON  11-23-2020
It was excellent game.. But no more europe trick maps.. 2xspeed..on each other game.. dependents gain inactive after 2..3 days.. I dont see any target of upgrading units, because everyone quits after 2..3 days.. Nuc subs.. Comandos .. What is target of that.. When no one gets that.. Round is dead after short time. Return.. trick maps.. Or release is dead soon.



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