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Watch live streams and chat in real-time. From pastime to gaming to sports events, we’ve got the exquisite in live. And now Drake has partnered with Caffeine to deliver you the world’s largest combat rap platform–URL–where you can tune in for gratuitous and watch the top combat rap MCs face off live on Caffeine. Join the exquisite community for live entertainment, clip games, and sports fans! Simply open the edition and you’ll find a personalized page of live streaming channels to watch. Live chat, wonderful streamers, and fantastic occasions - 6 motives to download NOW: 1. Live streaming on the go - Watch hit shows, games, and live sports wherever you are 2. Live chat, in real-time - Chat with streamers and supporters in real-time, with no lag 3. seize hit shows like URL’s final Madness 2, Primetime, and The Recap, Jay Blac's Fade Arcade, The Dungeon Run, Headkrack’s Gloves Off, combat Club, and regular streams hosted by Roy Wood$, Deetranada, Ohmwrecker, CaRtOoNz, Ronnie2K, Crainer, SamaraRedway, Nerpah, HomeofGames, RaidAway, Joshy, and more 4. Chat with top combat rap MCs like Tsu Surf, Tay Roc, and Mike P on their regular weekly streams 5. clip releases live in action - Watch Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, PUBG, League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, plus dozens more 6. Live sports - track channels like FOX Sports, RedBull TV, EDGEsportTV, and more JOIN THE STREAMING COMMUNITY Chat in real-time with other supporters and broadcasters, find shows, watch games, and stream live sports - all in one app! Our clean design and simple-to-use softs rescue you connect with others in the community, find enjoyment recent content and discover exactly what you’re looking for. ENJOY LIVE STREAMING ON THE GO Crazy about CS:GO? Love to stream League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends or PUBG? We’re large on gaming - stream and watch releases like: Fortnite Apex Legends PUBG League of Legends CS:GO Dota 2 Overwatch VALORANT NBA2K Dead by Daylight Minecraft Hearthstone Starcraft II World of Warcraft Plus many, dozens more! REAL-TIME, LIVE CHAT Like interacting with streamers? Caffeine makes it super easy. You can jump into their shows, live chat with them and fans, and give props to exhibit your support! Whether you’re watching a live rap combat from the final Rap League, catching a release of Fortnite, or joining a watching live sports on FOX Sports party with your beloved athlete, Caffeine makes it incredibly enjoyment and simple to interact. You can jump into their shows, chat with them and fans, and give props to exhibit your support! Download now to join the community!



TailsStuff :o  12-7-2020
The verify is intractable I cant log in so wrong and useless


Tracey Pleasant  12-7-2020
I would not chime in or chat with the podcast, I also misspelled my usufructuary name and there is no idea to proper it except I delete my account. Why is this edition so none usufructuary friendly? I have reused the site in both the verification and welcome mail and I still can't communicate to my podcasters? What next?


kedrin rogers  12-7-2020


Joseph Norwood  12-7-2020


Frank white  12-7-2020
good to declare the least if I must!


Anthony L Pickens Jr  12-7-2020
I cant see any of the streams


Can We Keep It Real Podcast Hosted by Ya Boy Mikie  12-6-2020
How can we stream our platform live on caffine?


Ondray Knight  12-5-2020
Beats Twitch all day


Micheal Osei Bonsu  12-5-2020
fantastic to avail


Paul Duda  12-5-2020
Worst edition ever


Julia Dennison Brakemandennison  12-5-2020


bleezy smith  12-4-2020
URL is dope Smack respects tha culture 👌


Mitchell Oakland  12-4-2020
Just clean Cutt enjoyment


Santanu Sonu  12-4-2020


Loma Gaines  12-4-2020


Daniel Fletcher  12-3-2020
If you're looking for a recent streaming app, that's not any of the large name, this is the one for you. As a streamer, it's got a super straight interface to manage so you can gain up and running without any troubles. And the community is extremely friendly!! Highly recommended


Redd Sparling  12-3-2020
It's intractable to seize the shows on when they r on and adds maintain popping up


Austin Montgomery  12-3-2020


Fatjon Tredhaku  12-2-2020
It's good but at times it has its own share of lagging in the stream. But overall a extremely excellent edition continue to do your wonderful work 💪👌.


Allan Maddox  12-2-2020
A fantastic edition


Eugene Haynes  12-2-2020
Do not understand


Mubariz Hajimuradov  12-2-2020
I was trying to unsubscribe from emails, it doesn't work. They doesn't honor that I don't desire to gain emails from them. They just maintain sending them.


Davon Thompson  12-2-2020
It's cool, I'm still learning how to do certain things. I probably could give it a better once I figure it out.


Rache!  12-1-2020
Cannot play this edition if you do not have excellent internet. Apparently should have at least 5 mbps down AND up.


parmesh charan  12-1-2020
I like the edition it's just that it stopped working for me 1 month after I got it, my wifi speed is swift I'm starting to think there's a problem with the edition


Devin Kendrick  12-1-2020
I come to watch combat rap if you don't seize it live it's virtually impossible to see it so this edition is senseless for me


DaRealP Chaos  12-1-2020
edition works great. The only trouble I've had is all of a sudden, I'm getting no emails from caffeine. No after stream reports or anything


Wa Hid  12-1-2020


Sincere Santana  11-30-2020


Angelo Crenshaw  11-30-2020
Its ah fantastic edition


Gerran Lewis  11-30-2020


Indy River Monsters  11-30-2020
Never even started, edition needs work


gameing with niguel  11-29-2020
This edition is outstanding but it keeps kicking me out


Mp 40  11-29-2020
Khankir chele baler editions


Monique Hill  11-29-2020
fantastic to see ppl like ,informing me,being positive,being leaders,I hope and pray this goes syndicated.


Kim Pratt  11-29-2020


Vecci TV  11-28-2020
fantastic experience


Ethan does games  11-28-2020
I can't gain in Why does it even have this verification system I mean robots don't watch youtube clips or live gaming clips


Hasso inamone  11-28-2020


Sumit Devkar 10A roll no 17  11-28-2020


Ben Segura  11-27-2020
The stupid edition never permit me pass inputting my birthda,it was to tons issue just trying to set up an account,so i deleted it,what a waste of time and spot on my phone.


Marquice Bruce  11-27-2020
One of a genre Nothin like it


Montrell Weaver  11-26-2020
Off the Chain ⛓


Griffin Damien  11-26-2020
excellent edition


Gaming Addict  11-26-2020
I would not watch anything because nothing could load


Shiffty McGee Gaming  11-25-2020
Its fantastic it has each thing you can imagine.


javon berry  11-24-2020
Its cool for the content it provides


Devonte Gardner  11-24-2020
fantastic experience


Sixx9 D.C.  11-24-2020


william oatman  11-24-2020
I thought it was an edition that I would listen to combat raps as advertised I didn't understand that it was a live stream the advertisement led me to believe one thing while it was another


christina shumpert  11-24-2020
I'm trying to log into this account for the first time. For some motive it's not takin my password I am trying to create.


BIG MIKE 313  11-24-2020
They charged for something that on your mind not there I wouldn't pay nothing to used this edition to my a melody or anything like that it must be gratuitous to everyone


Jimmy Jam  11-24-2020
exquisite damn edition out there.


Erica Carlie  11-24-2020
extremely amusing and informative on the now in hip hop r&b and tons more. Love the combat and Fox Soul.


Steven Illges  11-23-2020
generally lags a lot when watching but otherwise its beautiful good.


Beantown Bandoe617  11-23-2020
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Beau Suppes  11-23-2020
I can't sign in and it won't verify me


William Gaskins  11-23-2020
Exciting raw explosive amusing


Tre & Kaiden  11-23-2020
It's senseless you can't watch anything except they're live ad showed me all these combat raps and can't even watch them my opinion this edition is a waste of time u can watch all this on youtube


Agent Phillips  11-23-2020
Hold on it's about to happen y'all. #incognito #alonetogether #thankyouforyourservice #tenboom #zamperini


Code dL  11-22-2020


daviddd888  11-22-2020
Dint joshy sas here The flash


Dyshanika Tisdom  11-22-2020
Downloaded it, opened it, made a password; The edition said i wasnt able to sign up at this time. What?


Chris Mathews  11-22-2020


daron franklyn  11-22-2020
Cant even watch recent combats there's no idea column to category in a combat to see if it's there. You have to do too tons to just look at a combat when they ameliorate that it'll be excellent $Money$


Shonda Brown  11-22-2020
This is it wrd


Schayya Carper  11-22-2020
fantastic edition


Zninenineeight AndroidPhone  11-22-2020
Have to sign up


K Shaw  11-21-2020
Wasn't able to see one battle.. all i see is combat rappers live streams.. foh. Deleted the app.


Crystal Leigh Gove  11-21-2020
tidy app.its beautiful cool.all the live action


pierre jules  11-21-2020
Live feel like your ther


NinjaGlorious  11-21-2020
Please add VOD's


Demarcus Bonner  11-21-2020
exquisite combat rap streaming edition ever


Coach White  11-21-2020
enjoyment edition


Marquitta Connelly  11-21-2020
How do you watch the videos?


D_1 & Only  11-20-2020


Larry Morgan  11-20-2020
You whenever delete the reviews you do t like? Thats so sad....


Charles chizz Hudnell  11-20-2020
fantastic app, keeps me up to date on who's still tight & going in & who's fell off or trash! If you're a supporter of rap/Hip-Hop then you definitely will love this edition 💯


Jon pin  11-20-2020
extremely Good!!!


Anthony Thompson  11-19-2020
Juz started boi 🤣


Daryl Roberts  11-19-2020


White Scorpion  11-19-2020
Absolutely love the community! But if something goes incorrect on an account you made for a friend, you gain in issue for it and all they do is say, "Sorry this is not reversable" after they IP ban you. They dont even tell with you about it, they just easy up IP ban you. Used to love the app, but now I only love a couple dependents while I'm forced to watch without being able to be involved. -Elora


sylvia lee  11-19-2020
This edition does not work


Bernard Kidcast  11-19-2020
I love it


Raymond Morales  11-19-2020


Deus Thor  11-19-2020
recent upgrade and still cant seize a stream


Byron Williams  11-19-2020
repair this app, cant watch my live, the edition maintain closing


phillycash Plato Pompeii  11-18-2020
The interface needs work im a first time edition usufructuary trying to watch battles, it shouldn't be this intractable


Javonta Griffin  11-18-2020
this edition is excellent and have excellent dependents /streamers but what I don't like is how you gain banned for declaring things that are incorrect after the stream is 17+


JR Meredith  11-17-2020
The edition was excellent and all it's just took ti long to load in when your trying to gain in


KING SLIZZY SLiZZ  11-17-2020
I love it


Pretty Toni  11-17-2020
I seen caffeine commercials for this watch the throne #4 so tons like I had to download the app. I really like it super clear live streaming edition , veritable straight to avail like it's my go to now ✨✨✨✨ I also downloaded it on my Tv both super clear


Bouggie Boi  11-16-2020
extremely good


Bryce Sparger  11-16-2020
fantastic platform for anyone trying to execute a name for themselves! fantastic community!


Corey Powns  11-16-2020
I don't know how to wat h the rap combat but I seize some live


Deidre Simmons  11-16-2020
I downloaded the edition and I can't watch any of the past rap battles... there is nothing explaining how to watch them or anything. This edition is useless


nathan o  11-16-2020
extremely wrong interface. The adds got me and I desired to see more but when I logged one it just felt cluttered. I will check this edition again when there is a U.I. upgrade


Kevin Davis  11-15-2020
A few streaming glitches... But, overall I'm enjoying...


Donna Cooper  11-15-2020


Diane Hadley  11-15-2020
I enjoy the rap combats


Eva Spencer  11-15-2020


Pandora 73  11-15-2020
Does not work..tried putting in my birthdate.. and still won't apply..


Robert Brown  11-15-2020
exquisite edition ever


Notgonna Tellyou  11-15-2020
The Dungeon play is the highlight of my week, especially since covid. Love that show, and all the watchers. Don't know what I'm talking about? Download and watch TDR, you'll understand. 😁 Edit: I could love to see an Xbox app.


Antoine Alexander  11-15-2020
If this is the recent tide of combat rap then in on it💯


Duke Togo  11-15-2020
excellent edition


June Sumpter  11-15-2020
The exquisite stream ever . Keeps you in touch with everything & one ..


Ryder Ambition  11-15-2020
One of my beloved editions to watch my pastime


Darryn Felton  11-15-2020
The streams are constantly buffering, or I have to turn off veritable time, which means I can't interact. Same on desktop most of the time. Come on, gain it together.... EDIT: The buffering has improved somewhat. It still has room to improve. Moved to 3 stars. This edition also really needs: Nvidia Shield compatibility and/or native casting ability.


Kimaine Joseph  11-15-2020
Only Cuz of Smacc and Rbe


zeo morphic  11-15-2020
Dope edition but hate when it start glitching especially when I'm trying to wash the combats


Mrs. Hicks  11-15-2020
Love it


Gregory Clark  11-15-2020
Battlerap Haven


Melquan Patrick  11-15-2020
Really excellent


Elvina Moore  11-14-2020


LovinLife  11-14-2020


Samuel Allen  11-14-2020
Kool That's it


Miko King  11-14-2020
I gain each f%#÷in bar nah but fr i love it


IsmvisioN  11-14-2020
It's the thing now. That's what's up. 👍🏽


FELO ARIAS  11-14-2020
The exquisite combat rap content URL


Playstaion Bro  11-14-2020
this is a ripoff of twitch which is wayyyyyyyy better


My Opinion  11-14-2020
Live streams don't appear


Main Banned Jappy Email  11-14-2020
SCAM ALERT!!! Caffeine and URL promoted 2 separate tournaments 1 for supporters and another for bloggers and no winners have been paid as of yet. In fact the official URL Channel has been disparaging the US VETERAN that won the blogger contest. I will no longer aid this brand and only bootleg their battles. Edit: D.I was on his live broadcast calling him a liar and tay roc said "f shooter" and The OfficialURL account responded directly to rocs comment declaring "ayo thats right" Stop the hat


GG Dirt  11-14-2020
I downloaded the edition strictly for the URL and QOTR! Its Dope af!



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