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C-Date is your trusty helper when it comes to meeting open-minded dependents near you who know what they are looking for. C-Date is the online dating edition for interesting singles, who enjoy life to its fullest. You will forthwith be able to discover a partner for your next adventure – not just anyone, but the fitting person for you and your preferences. The recent C-Date online dating edition offers you: • Up to 25.000 recent members daily • recent matches daily • uncover for regional men or ladies near you • uncover for members who are online right now • Live-chat function to gain to know singles near you • Present yourself with a meaningful profile (photos, peculiar interests, etc.) • Be found and discover dependents with suchlike preferences & interests • absolute security of your privacy C-Date makes it straight to discover and meet singles near you that share your personal interests and preferences. You can chat and flirt within the edition before you meet. Have enjoyment – it might be love. Download C-Date today to discover out which singles are online right now and receive gratuitous reach information! Take your dating life into your own hands and dive into the world of online dating. There is no need for reservations. You have absolute control over how tons personal news you wish to share. Let us convince you for gratuitous that C-Date is the exquisite live chat edition for flirting and getting to know dependents like you! Here you can chat with singles near you that are online right now, gain to know singles with suchlike preferences and if the chemistry is right, you can arrange to meet exciting people. This will allow you to casually chat and flirt with singles looking for an adventure with no strings attached! It is about time for an online dating edition for adults who know what they want! C-Date is not your run-of-the-mill casual dating edition at all. Here singles desire more than exclusive dates and cheap romance. contact out to ladies near you who know what they desire or flirt with regional men that share your personal interests. Whether you prefer open dating with multiple dependents or desire to date one person at a time, C-Date allows you to flexibly pick your match’s preference and display your own. Unlike dozens other dating service apps, C-Date aspires to maximize your chances to meet singles near you in the veritable world by making chatting that tons easier. Download the edition now to see who is online and gain your personalized matches for free! We from C-Date wish you all the exquisite and lots of fun when chatting, flirting and getting to know other singles with our unique singles platform. Do you have any questions for C-Date or any ways how we can gain better? Simply send us an mail at [email protected] Our aid group looks forward to your message!



Dean Liddelow  6-11-2021
Don't waste your time.


Andrew Clare  6-8-2021
If I would give no stars I would..dont annoy with it! N


Peter Igidbashian  6-8-2021
Fraud! Avoid all cost! brand intends to take increased partnership fees without permission


Norbert Nowacki  6-1-2021
Another trash app, I am hunting this genre of apps, they desire money money money, if You wanna annul your partnership You have to send Fax!!! A fax, seriously? Who is using fax those days? dependents be extremely careful they offers are fake, £9 for 3 months but after 30 days bang! £ 40 extra, avoid at any cost do not waste Your money! This genre of editions must be unlawful !!!


John Smith  5-31-2021
SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Once you select 7 days trial you cannot go back. You need to send mail that nobody replies to in order to cancel, they charged me £50 already and filed a case with Paypal, my bank and Playstore. AVOID by All means How do you cancel?????


Phil Gower  5-31-2021
Too date, a few responses but majority are spammers, so far I've seen at least 1 with multiple profiles, avail the same Tag just slightly diverse pictures I'm mean really? regional 'Matches' are anywhere from 3 miles (that ok) to a 3+ hour drive. Assuming of course you actually gain a contact, but given that I could declare 60% of profiles have no picture my hopes are not high. At 25% have pictures but blur them. The edition is frustrating. Apparently I have ppl contacting me but nothing comes up.


Precious Ziqubu  5-27-2021
I can't even open a chat. Don't even know how to reply... Not for me.


Charly Baumann  5-22-2021
I have accidentally paid 299,49€ for the subscription. I desire my money back. I just desired to gain for one month extended subscription.


Jared O'grady  5-20-2021
Avoid this dating app. finish scam and they hide their veritable charges in slight print. They advertise it as £2.48 a month but really it is the quantity they whittle off the monthly charge of £9.90. After that it is £39.60 a month. I Contacted the brand about this and still waiting for their response. Most lady are fakes or either cam girls looking to gain more money from you. Luckily paid with a credit card and started a dispute versus them and my credit card brand has blocked further payments


Paul Baker  5-18-2021
The blog is a scam. I desire to annul my subscription. But you cannot do it across the keeps declaring you can after a few days.its beeb 7 days now and still can't do it. All i desire to do is annul please talk me how i csn do this. Give me a smartphone number for client services.


agris matvejs  5-15-2021
0 stars for this fraud edition save your money and maintain a idea from this scam. Thay gone charge u for nothing and u cant annul subscription even if u send them fax.


Nothing else Matters  5-12-2021
96% of the registered ladies hide their photos or do not upload any at all. You cannot enter individual profile texts. The opinions (also from the suggested contacts) is extremely low. You gain practically NOTHING for your money. It is extremely wrong that ladies can avail this service for free. I am extremely disappointed after 2 weeks and have already canceled my subscr. Cancellation via GooglePlay is the easiest! Stay away from this site! There is nothing to update!! I stay, by what is stated!! It is a scam!!


Dale Eastham  5-10-2021
Matched with dependents 100 miles away, fake accounts, didn't meet anybody in 6 months. finish rip off, stay clear!


Kwstas Papadopoulos  5-9-2021
tooo expensive!u can't do anything except you pay 80euros per month!


Simon Kienesberger  5-8-2021
idea to expensive and difficult to unsubscribe from. 95% of the photos hidden. Lot of fake accounts. I could even give -5 if possible. Ratio between Man and ladies definitely not 50/50 rather 60:1


Steven Yates  5-5-2021
For the love of all things avoid this. You have to pay to chat... Then you discover only 20 dependents no matter how large your biggest borough is, 90% are fake, all cam girls who desire your mail and credit card features After note. They declare everyone is real. No they are not. They also charge you AFTER you leave and the 1 time remittance is not 1 time. Currently trying to be refunded £100 Update... They have now got lawyers involved for a subscription I didn't apply for...


Bill McKinney  5-5-2021
This is a scam and I'm waiting to annul my subscription and up till now cant see how till they exhibit cancellation form, anyone know how I can cancel, they do not gain in youch, I've sent emails, jothing


James Otieno Ochieng  5-3-2021
Scam scam scam, you do a subscription and execute payment. To annul the scammers gives you some guidelines that don't exist. Who holds clients at ransom when they desire to leave? Giving stupid conditions! Avoid as a plague this is a Fraud site🤮🤮


Anthony Thomas  5-3-2021
Disgusting waste of money & a finish trap as you have avail of a fax vehicle in order to cancel!! Who does that in 2021! Avoid at all costs! Disgraceful money grab!!


Stacy Malibu  5-2-2021


Gatej Cristinel  5-1-2021
Total scam, they will made impossible to cancel.


anubis282  4-15-2021
AVOID SCAM. The edition and blog are a finish scam and waste of time, give the option of a 7 day trial that can be annulled although it does neglect to declare that it doesn't give the option to annul until 7 days after the remittance is received and requires the warning to be in 7 days prior to the next remittance via a form on the domain that needs to be downloaded and emailed to them. I have only managed an automated response from my multiple emails to them about this. AVOID THE SCAM.


wede baba  4-8-2021
good just that have not meet excellent posing


David and Alexa Go Fishing  4-6-2021
Scammers! Can not annul or deactivate on the app! Beware!


Michael Pulham  4-2-2021
Don't pay!!


John Laker  3-31-2021
full rubbish. absolute of scammers which the blog owners don't do anything about. Waste of time and money.


Ben Brooking  3-27-2021
AVOID! Filled with bots and scams, oh and it is almost impossible to terminate your account to boot!


Paul Stevens  3-26-2021
Rubbish, extremely glitchy it takes ages to do anything, the forgot password site doesn't work, it charged me 3 times as tons as it said it was going to and set up re occurring payments which I didnt know about, why is this on here, its not safe


Doris B. Bautista  3-26-2021
Nothing happens yet.


keith chapman  3-25-2021
incredible that this us still.on Google. They ask you to pay, but partnership still pending, and you can't access cancellation form while it is pending. Total and utter waste of time. The two.people I did manage to chat with desired to go to diverse domain which again charges you. Worst edition since "hitlers European tour guide' AVOID LIKE ITS HERPES


Cuevas Andrian  3-22-2021
It a good edition and simple


Kevin Hughes  3-17-2021
The edition quality is meager with no ability to uncover by distance. In the conversation image you can't scroll back to read earlier content. I was whenever getting matches, often with dependents from other countries. If a 'match' did answer to messages it was because they desired me to avail Kik so they would spam me to sign up for their extended services elsewhere. Avoid like the plague!


P Marty  3-17-2021
Not wrong


mdrocks 78  3-17-2021
Can't discover a cancellation button


Wayne Kelly  3-14-2021
Most ladies on here are fake profile all the ladies that have contacted me all of them have been trying to gain me to sign in to fake accounts with my bank account details. If I was a moron I could be skint by now. This is probably the worst sight I have ever used. You are better paying for a prescription on pof or boom, happen or tinder all are tons better then this trash


Hector Vazquez Gomez Terrazas  3-11-2021
Pésima aplicación, ni si quiera te dan días de prueba, quieres que gastes un dineral sin saber de qué. Trata


John McCorrie  3-6-2021
Don't waste your time. After paying and realising it's a finish waste of money and energy I tried to cancel. They desire you to post a cancellation form to Luxembourg. Unable to do this I contacted client service to annul like the responses on here from the service state, Surprise surprise they haven't responded! Google really need to remove these ASAP!


Dani P  3-6-2021
entirely fraud. It is advertised 3£or something er month and they charge you 10£ No idea to reach them, luckily i pay via PayPal so i will gain my money back. Someone must close this. All profile are fake. Shame on you


Herbet Moreira  3-2-2021
Se não pagar, nada pode fazer no App... absolutamente nada! Não consegui ficar 5 minutos usando... pois é impossível. É caro... muito caro.


Kristijonas Latvelis  2-27-2021
scammers. edition is absolute of fake bot profiles operated by the company. once you pay for a membership, they will charge you at least 5x time sum for the second month which you won't be able to gain a refund for or annul so easily. before going any further, read trustpilot and other reviews sites on web.


Jin Brown  2-27-2021
My bank account have been hacked and found out my money been going to this blog I've mail them to annul this with no conform , they are unwilling to rescue just take your money my bank account will block them as it's a fake blog They have just an automated system to message the same message by email. I've been emailing but no joy . I have now got a police report ref as this blog is a scam and they are aware of his blog and the law breaking scam they are doing to dependents


krishna phoenix  2-23-2021


Simon B  2-19-2021
How are these dependents still allowed to operate?, they are clearly criminals practicing blatant fraud, notice : DO NOT USE, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BANK features


D Ali  2-18-2021
absolute of fake profiles and wont permit me permit you change from extended without jumping across hoops will still charge you even if you deactivate your profile phishing scams all day do not avail this edition i emailed client service and they responded in German horrible edition avoid tried to annul they wouldn't allow me to now they are trying to charge me an arm and a leg to annul threatening court and bailiffs they originally said 9.99 for the month but have tried to take more even though I deactivated


Subhadip Pal  2-16-2021
Money grabbing app...though i never paid 😄


Robert Rain  2-11-2021
Wouldn't permit me register. beautiful rubbish.


Nisha Caldera  2-8-2021
You have taken unauthorised subscription fee and also there's is no option to delete your profile in this app. So they will continue taking your money. Its a total scam.


Uchmann Tony  2-4-2021
04/02/21 If you're thinking to sign up to these thieves, worst way of your life! I've raised complaints to the Trading Standards, advertisement Standards Authority and news Commission's Office following from my attempt to sign up to their discounted (75% @£2.48) subscription. They sent marketing material for £2.48 subscription but didn't display the remittance page on PayPal, took £9.90. These are criminals in their intent and methodology. Don't even think about joining them!!!


jon reed  2-2-2021
Wouldn't instruct at all to anyone. Matches from all 4 corners of the country but not in any mileage serviceable to your vicinity. To be fair, u would do it yourself and charge someone 25 quid for the privilege of using your blog and sit back and laugh your head off. Fake profiles and scams. Knock yourself out


Andreas Born  2-1-2021
The edition shows the rong status of information each time


Jean-Pierre Le Roux  1-21-2021
This edition sounds just wat I need and whant 🍑


Jerome Eckel  1-20-2021


Ozzy Hitsugaya  1-17-2021
This edition is not gratuitous at all


Gerhard Vorster  1-15-2021
Only the registration ks free. You can't even see other dependents on the edition or the domain without a partnership which is also extremely expensive. A total waste of my time.


Andreas G  1-10-2021
Definitely scammers. Cancellation and account removal process is incredibly difficult and they are slow to respond. It is clear they do this on target to charge again. This is not a extremely excellent experience and a below par dating app.


Kwazi Goba  1-7-2021
For a first time user, it is quit readily acce


Maileen Geisler  1-6-2021
Not extremely open minded Only restrictive binary gender variants


Joe Gardner  1-3-2021
horrible app. You have to pay just to read messages and all profiles look like bots anyway


Richie Trainer  12-30-2020
Do not use. It is a nightmare to annul and you have to fill in a form. Most dependents on the are fake and scammers.


Vijayamuralidhar Loganathan  12-27-2020
Money cheaters. There is no cancellation button after the subscription and these dependents keeps on stealing money from your account. Cancellation is a long process you have to fill the form and sent to them and they will annul it after a month. Please dont avail this


Matt Freeman  12-25-2020
DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THEM! I'm still cancelling my profile (app gives a handful of dependents but scattered a cross the universe) so not for me. Sent in mail after mail after email. All of a sudden, what this they desire money? Collections? I'm currently fighting them tooth and nail, they won't answer to you until you need to pay!!


Laurence McNaughton  12-15-2020
An full scam. I paid for premium. Utter fool I was. Do not touch it. To then annul your membership, they request a fax. full joke. I have sent an mail to their client services demanding the cancellation of my extended membership. finish frauds. Just trying to con dependents out of their money.


Alistair Koolman  12-10-2020
If you've subscribed... Google the brand and theres lots of solution on how to transaction with the scammers behind this. First thing is annul your card.


Angel Neshkovski  12-9-2020
Fake edition


Yousef Abdulwahab  12-5-2020
Avoid it. No one ever reply. I only recieve messages from someone who desires me to vote. I emailed client service about my trouble and I mentioned that I desire to cancel. They only replied of the cancellation process. When I tried to cancel. The newest button they asked to click wasn't there. I emailed back and they didn't conform and and they took £39.60 from my account without informing me. It's the worst app.


Swapnil Sarjine  12-2-2020
Please annul my subscriptions permanently and refund my subscription fees.


callum jennings  12-1-2020
DO NOT BUY. extended partnership is not value the hastle


Israel Solomon  11-28-2020
exquisite meeting edition ever


PRIYA KHANNA  11-28-2020
ALERT!!! Do not download this app.. Its just about robbing you.. How can i report this edition to Google? So that its pulled down completely..Any testers kindly suggest.


Khalid Khan  11-28-2020
Do Not Download! This edition will steal your informations and Money.


Ifyobodo Paul  11-17-2020


Wesley Jean-Baptiste  11-16-2020
Sign up, realise its a large con then the edition won't permit you remove your pictures or delete the app, fantastic!


Joshua Bamford  11-16-2020
horrible they will trap you in there extended partnership for ever and you'll be paying for it for the relax of your life ps who avail fax in 2020?



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