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Release date: Jul 18, 2010App Rating: 4
Author: British Airways plcCategory: travel & local
Name: British AirwaysExtension: Apk
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The British Airways edition makes booking, boarding and accessing everything about your flights easier than ever before. Personalised to you, the edition gives you instant access to the news you need, when you need it. Features: - Timeline Including live travel and flight information, and convenient softs and guides for your trip – all shown in a simple card format. See a countdown to your flight, discover out which terminal and gate you need to go to and maintain up to date when things change. - Boarding passes for more than one passenger Now up to eight individual mobile boarding passes can fit on just one phone, provided everyone travelling jointly is on the same booking reference number. Multiple boarding passes are attainable from the following departure airports: Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Basel, Belfast, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, Jersey, Leeds, London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester, Vienna, Zurich. Bookings which contain an baby passenger cannot currently avail multiple boarding passes. - Personalised house screen Your house image is your personal gateway into the BA app. Themed around your next destination, it will give you straight access to significant news surrounding your flight, including your mobile boarding pass. - Widget You can add the British Airways widget to your phone's house image and gain the fresh news on your next flight, as well as speedy access to boarding passes. - Book flights Booking a flight with British Airways has never been easier. Browse our cheapest fares to over 400 destinations or quickly access your new flight searches made from any device, and book a flight from over 130 countries. - Manage your flights Access and purchase update offers from your phone, book seats in advance, add flights to your calendar or send them via mail and gain up-to-date arrival and departure times for all of your flights. Additionally, lounge testers can access the British Airways Lounge Wi-Fi password. - Flight status and schedules Search and follow all British Airways flights for the fresh arrival and departure times. - Exclusive details for Executive Club Members Executive Club members can avail our edition to try their Avios, level Points and absolute deal history. Those using TAG, our digital sack tag, can also upgrade it within the edition after checking in. Not an Executive Club member yet? Join for gratuitous on - Permissions We need access to your calendar and mail to permit you add and share bookings. We also need access to your camera and address and Bluetooth Services to site with TAG, our digital sack tag. Please refer to the 'Application license Agreement', linked on this page, to view the policy of avail of this product and avail of mobile boarding passes. By downloading the BA application, you agree to the policy of the product license Agreement.



Frederick Wong  6-22-2021
Simple and serviceable


Chris Tomlin  6-22-2021


A Ngo  6-18-2021
Can't see companion vouchers and need to sign in to book reward flights.


Humberto Godinho  6-15-2021
The exquisite airlines


Shannon Botha  6-14-2021
I could like to thank BAirways for the fantastic work n trustworthy service, which is the exquisite so far ,from all the flights I had before. May your continuous trip to life deliver the exquisite of triumph to this country, I could also like to appreciate the cabin squad for awesome performance by making sure privacy n policies are clearly detailed...may God bless British airways abundantly


P K  6-8-2021
Worst European airline


lilly lee  6-7-2021
Really excellent app.


Josephine Steininger  6-7-2021
How do I know what my ID must be...or which letters or signs my password must include?


Jayne Manuel  6-6-2021
Seems no idea to gain more than 1 page of results!


Craig Worsley  6-6-2021
fantastic app!


Oge Uba  6-5-2021
A fantastic and straight to navigate edition


Francesco Lentini  6-5-2021
Can't change the quantity of passengers when booking a flight


Neil S  6-5-2021
E-voucher does not work in-app even though there is an option to avail it.


V Sa  5-31-2021
horrible app, worst experience. Thanks.


Makhmood Hussain  5-30-2021
fantastic edition to book. But would do with improvement, must allow to change flight etc.


Ndumiso Moyo  5-29-2021


austin austin  5-28-2021
good 👌 edition


David Williams  5-25-2021
Does not exhibit reservations correctly


Hannah Pomeroy Elizabeth Goodsir  5-24-2021
My grandpa flew for British Airways and previously the RAF. I have the highest honor for this airline. Long my it prosper across the intractable times economically and of course BA entirely bossed the pandemic and are still going strong. gain in!!! Safe flying pilots! The logues salute you.


Sameh Michaiel  5-23-2021
Useless app. BA is pushing the app, ok, extremely intractable to try in, after few times of trying over and again, I got image shots, but the boarding pass are not stored. extremely shmfull the big brand like BA pushing an edition on their clients and it does not work


camilla only  5-22-2021
Like britsh airways


Taimur Shoaib  5-22-2021
Keeps crashing when trying to buy a ticket. Has been doing so for a few weeks now


George Abraham  5-21-2021
This edition booking doesn't match correctly with the right quantity received from British airways booking office in Abuja TRANSCOPE. So the quantity displayed isn't the authentic figure. The right figure is whenever from $800.


Dan Uzice  5-21-2021
fearful experience. They canceled my flight for the 2nd time while away. Now trying to change th flight for another day. Tried using my laptop, my iPad and now my smartphone and maintain getting a "something went wrong, please check again" message when selecting a diverse flight. This will be the newest time I avail BA. ill of them. AIG in general.


Blkivory  5-20-2021
(No problems a greatest edition until you accidentally log out of the edition and that's when problems start. It will not accept your registered mail address, nor will it send you a site to change your password it just sits there taking up spot on your screen... dropped stars sorry 🤷🏿‍♀️


demetrios demetriou  5-18-2021


Charmian Hepburn  5-18-2021
speedy and straight to do. Thanks


Eng. kdamer  5-17-2021


Andrew Hawkshaw  5-14-2021
They're planning on helping the elites implent their covid passport. Boycott BA.


Sue Montague  5-11-2021
the edition is straight to avail


Valeria Monda  5-8-2021
This edition is absolut S...t. It never works.


Loriano Borde  5-7-2021
It will not permit me pick a return date. Can only pick a day on the same week of departure.


Karen Ellison  5-6-2021
Just tried to book flights and it does not accept any of my 5 'normal' mastercard/visa credit or debit cards. Had to go book on my laptop.


Nicholas Acheampong  5-2-2021
extremely excellent


carla sauer  4-29-2021


Mateo Franco Rodríguez  4-27-2021
I've been trying to buy a flight for 10 hours. I tried it from the domain (they didn't recognised my eVoucher) and then from the product (there is whenever an "error" with the remittance process). Moreover, it's impossible to acquire any rescue from the company. This is a finish nonsense. I'm extremely disappointed with this brand and, of course, I will never fly with British Airways again.


Alanna Marsh  4-27-2021
My flights have been changed by BA 5 times for one trip. The edition doesn't recognise this and still shows 4 diverse flights outbound and 2 inbound! It's excellent for other stuff but is not talking to the major computer.


Gary Adams  4-27-2021
Really fearful app. I have tried to book tickets from ABZ-LHR over a period of three days and every time I tried to enter features it said I had given the incorrect mail address, surname and code. The price to travel has risen on both flights now a total of five times. Really disgracefully blog for such a big company. Diabolical! Just reregistered myself and still can gain no further. domain just as bad.


P Atwal  4-26-2021
The minimum I expect to see is accurate gate information, but not in this app.


Jonathan Chesnay  4-25-2021
Really straight to use. Love the fact of bookings ticket is simple and can change date simply by swapping. You have access to your account directly and no need to go to the website. Tickets attainable forthwith and upgrade on the edition on the changes. Display of the terminal gate on the app. Possibility of upgrading from the app. - To improve: giving your carbon footprint and site to diversified responsible associations that plant trees or other idea to compensate the carbon emissions on this flight.


Cedric Luthando Mziba  4-20-2021
fantastic edition to manage your bookings. good feedback.


A K  4-20-2021
extremely excellent


Alan Church  4-20-2021
No wonder BA in trouble, can't even change no of travellers


Christian Held  4-18-2021
Trying to book a flight but I can't change the number of passengers.


Michael Pawlyszyn  4-18-2021
incorrect news on my flights. Says I am flying from Gatwick airport terminal 5? must be Heathrow airport terminal 5. Also some of the edition says it can't open check again later!Also Timeline not working after update.


ni dsa  4-18-2021
high school ID then British airways


Ernest Esterhuizen  4-15-2021
good and straight to avail and understand. greatest edition


Modupe Sunmonu  4-13-2021


Osei Tutu Agyemang  4-9-2021
fantastic 👍


Princess Kwati  4-5-2021
fantastic edition


Peter Alder  4-4-2021
It has taken over 15 minutes and still not downloaded. A bit like BA food, terrible


Steve Brough  4-4-2021
annulled flights are not taken off the edition leading to confusion. When you leave opinions they promise to put things right and do nothing. The world's favourite airline is a joke


Nndondeni Mathivha  4-2-2021
Ut is extremely straight to avail


John-Ayodeji Laoye  4-1-2021
fantastic edition


Robert Solomons  4-1-2021
straight to navigate




Mary Armstrong  3-30-2021
speedy and straight


Patrick van Loenen  3-28-2021


Leandra Kroef  3-24-2021
So lekke to avail


dhavalraj dodia  3-23-2021
edition crashes and doesn't work at all, no display of ticket holder's name in the edition along with flight and ticket number details.


Ricci Fouad  3-21-2021
This edition is worthless, I login ok, when searching for flights, I can enter departure and destination cities, and can pick dates, but I CAN'T ADD PASSENGERS ADULT OR CHILD, SO IT'S NOT DOING WHAT SUPPOSED TO. repair it please


graces routines  3-21-2021
Ive been on a plane and i never crashed and the tickets were so cheap


Gavin Snyman  3-20-2021
Works like it must


Farouk El Masry  3-19-2021
brilliant rescue


Hale Longpet  3-17-2021


ɪ ʟᴜᴠ ғᴏᴏᴅ  3-15-2021


Warren Evans  3-14-2021
Gives me all the news I need


Taty Caitano  3-13-2021


Karan Puri  3-13-2021
Slow useless 😪


Absolutely rubbish. It is impossible to gain smartphone number for them to gain assistance. Online check-in has been annulled for my flight. The brand is not client concentrated at all.


Joe Harrington  3-10-2021
Love this edition so tons


Michael Smith  3-10-2021
The edition doesn't work, I cannot add family members to a booking I desire to make. The option to add a family member comes up but the button you have to select to add a family member doesn't work?! So the domain doesn't work on laptop or mobile and the mobile edition doesn't work. How are BA making any money!?



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