Android Version: 4.1App: Booster for Free Fire - Game Booster & LAG FIX
Release date: Oct 21, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: United, Inc.Category: tools
Name: Booster for Free Fire - Game Booster & LAG FIXExtension: Apk
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Booster for gratuitous Fire release Booster will Boost your device's performance, and optimize the memory automatically to speed up you phone.💎 💎 ►FEATURES: ★ Smart enough to detect and repair lag during release play ★ CPU Turbo ★ FPS Optimizer ★ execute smartphones faster than ever ★ gratuitous beloved releases from high ping ★ Extend battery life with one tap ★ Drop smartphones temperature fast ★ Zero Lag ★ completely optimized to boost release speed by 70% ► LAG repair Tool • gratuitous Fire Booster gain you more Booyah! • play on low range gadgets using the boosting settings fully lag free • This is the ideal soft for better gaming experience ► How to avail gratuitous Fire Booster - Lag Fixer • Open gratuitous Fire Booster application • Click Boost button • The wanted changes are made • Click on release icon to launch • Completed ► FFBOOSTER: • This is %100 ban gratuitous option. • gain the maximal fps ! • No heating for all gadgets ! • whittle the CPU load !



faisu Baba  6-21-2021
extremely good ❤️💚💛💋


Sira Singh  6-21-2021


Suresh Baghel  6-21-2021


Pardeep Singh  6-21-2021


pro free fire gameng  6-20-2021
Fi hi y


SY boy  6-20-2021
exquisite edition


Jeevan Jeevu  6-20-2021


Tejas Asp  6-19-2021
Super experience in my mobile this edition extremely excellent performance but battery using high


Blue Panda  6-19-2021


Ashish Goyal  6-19-2021
Titti edition


Dinesh Negi  6-19-2021


Dharsan R  6-18-2021
My smartphone was lagging so tons I tried this edition after using this edition my smartphone was not lagging at all


Chanda Yadav  6-17-2021
good edition op in the chet


Vicky Ror  6-17-2021
excellent edition for gratuitous fire


Dipchand Sahu  6-17-2021


Kalai Selvan  6-16-2021


Kazim Hussain  6-16-2021


Ttool Mia  6-16-2021
repair server problem


Win Win  6-15-2021
Saw kp


OP SAIBA FF  6-15-2021
I hate this aap its extremely lag😡


pro gamer  6-14-2021
Im ameliorate your edition


Ethan ilaija baleilovoni  6-14-2021
Wow I give five stars 🌟 because when I booster the edition it's good, when I press gratuitous fire it says booster again then I booster after that the informations go swift wow thx😉😉😉🤟🤟🤟


Sahil Ansari  6-13-2021


Bikas Kujur  6-12-2021
Booster gratuitous fire


Tenzin Tibet  6-12-2021
I love


Vinay Patil  6-12-2021


Dibya Seth  6-12-2021
good gratuitous fire network problem edition Didn't. For the first time in the morning and I don't know what to youth team to tttttttttttt


Pranav Yadav  6-12-2021
Eलौरा edition h


Avnishapll  6-11-2021
exquisite edition


swami gaming  6-11-2021
Regards from my Verizon 📱 for the relax of my buddies and 👪 is going well with you I love you and your family are


Sabbi bhandol Sabbi bhandol  6-11-2021
Sidhu moose wala 💪👌💓


Prem kumar  6-11-2021
Fake edition this


Karmveer singh  6-11-2021


Nimish Yadav  6-9-2021
This is extremely excellent edition to one shot gamester


DebendraLal Naik  6-9-2021
ୟ୍ଯ3ekelwpw Tr fhu


deep Sardar  6-8-2021
Think gratuitous fire boost. L


Y girish Girish  6-7-2021
booster for gratuitous fire edition is extremely good edition


Rohinikumari Erigila  6-6-2021
extremely good


kapil technical amethi  6-6-2021


extremely good


Zainab Banoo  6-5-2021


Krishna kanta Saren  6-5-2021


Dipali thakur rajput  6-5-2021


Suryansh Mishra  6-5-2021
It is a excellent release booster


Salim Salim  6-4-2021
SALEEM saleem Zaffer .


Sainj Sainj  6-4-2021


Lata Joshi  6-4-2021
I got 1 star because this edition is not working properly and no sole problem of autoback . this is fake😠😠


ff Games  6-3-2021


Angos Cy  6-2-2021
Smooth playing gratuitous fire


Deen tharsiyas Deen tharsiyas  6-2-2021


Om Ghotekar  6-2-2021


thimmasarthi venkatanarasamma  6-2-2021


Golu Golu  6-2-2021


Bardan Pandey  5-31-2021
extremely splendid but my smartphone gets whenever lag my smartphone is ancient


Hruthikadithya Hruthikadithya  5-30-2021
I like this edition


Kapil Swami  5-29-2021
Super edition


Rajesh Yadav  5-28-2021
excellent edition


Anitarajesh Bansod  5-28-2021
good edition


Harshal Mankar  5-27-2021
Mera pone 1gb ram oppo a33f laggin 😈😡😡😡😡✔💢💢🔚


surinder kumar  5-26-2021
gratuitous fire no back


Panchi Chhetri  5-26-2021
What is happning to my booster it is opening and closing


Muhammed Musthafa  5-25-2021
This edition not download. It not working i am unhappy 🥺🥺🥺


Bhushan Lal  5-25-2021


Ujwal tips and tricks Pp  5-25-2021


Sulochana padhan Sulochana Prasad  5-25-2021
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻/(ò.ó)┛彡┻━┻┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻(┛❍ᴥ❍)┛彡┻━┻


Jakir Khan  5-24-2021
good edition khoob bhalo edition


Bhoora Vishwakarma  5-24-2021
gratuitous fire internet


Dilip Ahari  5-24-2021
बहुत खराब है


BAD BOY  5-24-2021


Jai Vikranta  5-24-2021
extremely good


A_K GAMING  5-24-2021


Anita Devi  5-21-2021
Half excellent


ANANDHA RAMA  5-21-2021
This edition is 100 working edition I like it


Bhagwan Kumawat  5-21-2021
good edition you are also download this edition


Hamul Sk  5-20-2021
jio internet


yaswanth k  5-19-2021
Wow supper edition


Harpreet Singh  5-17-2021
Noob edition


sankar marndi  5-17-2021


Harpal Gangwar  5-16-2021
Not download


amardi amar  5-16-2021


fancy hossain 9140  5-16-2021
gratuitous fire junk clineir


Bir Singh  5-16-2021
Love u wifeee I am R my idea back to you on this mail



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