Android Version: 5.0App: Booker Mobile App
Release date: Feb 12, 2015App Rating: 3
Author: Booker by MINDBODYCategory: business
Name: Booker Mobile AppExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Manage your business anytime, anywhere with the Booker Mobile App! Our fully revamped edition makes it straight for Booker clients to: • View and manage your calendar. • Book, update, and annul appointments. • Sell series, donation cards, and products. • Take cash, checks, credit cards, donation cards and donation certificates, series, Groupons, and credit account payments. • Apply peculiar discounts and override prices. • View client notes and profiles. • View a dashboard report to see how your business is performing. • View, edit, and initiate Services, Employees, Hours of Operations, and work areas where services are performed. • And more.



Seth Croswhite  6-22-2021
Worst appointment edition I've ever used. Logs me out and forces me to change my password each few day's. Recently I got a recent smartphone and number and this edition won't even work on my gadget despite having changed my password a dozen times. The devs need to go back to school on this one


Nichelle  6-2-2021
It's really difficult to avail this software. Not intuitive, so dozens glitches. Honestly hands down the worst booking system I've experienced. Both smartphone and online are ridiculously unintuitive. Mindbody must just drop booker all together. If genuinely feels like an ancient man built most of the app. Lol why are all the application species so weird for a SPA app? Golf, goggles, swimwear, and piano shouldn't be a locked type for my products. Y'all are the full worst


Victor Perez  5-28-2021
Really bad, it's super glitchy and have really intractable time logging in.


Michelle Raduenz  5-28-2021
It keeps crashing constantly you have to repair this. We are trying to play a business and it is Bookers internal errors and crashes


Liana C-M  5-14-2021
Confirming appts across edition is awful- edition changes all client's profiles to not receive sms so you have to edit every profile to receive sms each time you desire to send a confirmation


M S  4-26-2021
Super glitchy. Doesn't send SMS, sometimes shows weekly view, now it doesn't. extremely limited on what the edition actually can do, it's basically just for a speedy view of your schedule. For changes or making appointments for more than one service it's exquisite to avail a laptop.


squeezer Paucke  4-26-2021
You took the time clock option out with this newest update. Employees used that to clock in/out instead of the major computers. Please repair this troubles


jennifer Duncan  4-26-2021
Keeps logging me out for no activity but i just made an appt a few hours ago. Now its telling me i have no internet so the edition wont open but yet i can open other editions that avail internet.


Christina Lembke  4-16-2021
This edition has not worked for me, ever. I check to login, it shows the edition is loading and then I gain a "failed to load hardware" error. I've installed, deleted and reinstalled this edition over 25x because I need it for work. I have to access the booker domain on my Google Chrome browser instead which sucks because it's meant for a desktop. could love an explanation for why I can download all other editions to my smartphones smartphone without any hardware problems.


Gary Lance  3-9-2021
Hate the apps, what a mess


Laura Walker  3-4-2021
Any time I book a customer across my edition they never recieve a info or a reminder. I have had dozens no shows due to the bugs in the system.


Christine HairLady Wallace  2-28-2021
I have had to change password multiple times. edition says password and login don't match but that is incorrect. When I log in on the domain it works fine


Balaji Pulivarthi  1-28-2021
excellent one for the fundamental schedule options...👍 Suggestion is to add reports section as well on the app, suchlike to we have on the desktop version...


Vicki Dimmitt  1-12-2021
It never keeps my customer SMS setting so don't maintain the set up appointment text and are not getting the day before reminder so I am texting them myself..I have tell to client service and they keeping telling me my customers are blocking the reminders...HOW we can figure out to even do that..wish my salon owner could go to Vagaro loved their Booking and business system..


Raelyn Morris  12-29-2020
Mobile edition sucks extremely rarely will it open


Heather arispe  11-29-2020
There are often glitches with this app. Sometimes staff doesn't appear at all even when I force stop the app.


Random Sketchiness  11-24-2020
Was acceptable for limited avail but now crashes on login each time. Often doesn't accept the password


Tatiana McComas  11-14-2020
Takes ages to load only texts providers half the time


Nicky Trinh  10-19-2020


Brenda Williams  10-17-2020
Hate hate hate the recent update. So slow, just stops working, closes for no reason, makes me need to sign in multiple times a day. I cant execute multiple disclaimer jointly i have to execute every appointment separately now. HATE repair it or I'm getting another appointment app.


Eva Goldyn  10-12-2020
straight to avail and convenient when on the go


Donna Randall  10-8-2020
Painfully slow edition on my smartphones gadget with all sorts of weird glitches. Takes forever to refresh. I'll be looking at my schedule for the next day, and suddenly it switches to the topical or former day.


Keita Murphey  9-23-2020
Crashes multiple times daily.


Carly Roberts  9-19-2020
I am having issue even logging in. It keeps telling me my username/ password is wrong which I know isn't authentic because I am using the same username/password I used to sign in on my work computer this morning and I also avail it to sign in to the domain on the browser on my smartphone and never have a problem. However the edition will not take my username/password. Also for account name, is it supposed to be my name or the business name?


Erica Fulton  9-16-2020
horrible Scheduling edition discover Something Cheaper with Better Support! I have almost missed appointments. edition does not do half of the thing I told my demo rep I needed it to do. could have been better off sticking to square. client service is a joke, and when I place a complaint that I was sad with my service this far (after only 3 months) no one got back to me. Booker is an expensive scam for slight businesses.


Angel Leey  9-6-2020
I am using Android. And the last upgraded apps, I cant add progress notes, just only for viewing notes and 90% signing out by itself. Nothing better updated. Worse? Yes.


lauren dennis  7-27-2020
straight to avail


Norma Kocanda  7-23-2020
I avail Booker to massage is straight to it.


Riekie Schumacher  7-22-2020
edition doesn't step down with the time. You have to scroll down to discover your next appointments. You also can't even clock in on the app. You should go to their domain to clock. Booker aid is also a joke. Takes forever to gain a hold of someone and when you do most of them time they don't even know how to rescue repair the issue. I wouldn't avail this booking system.


SC  7-22-2020
Too slow, glitches


Patrick Myers  7-22-2020
Getting better! Time clock in the edition is main rescue


Amanda Cedillos  7-22-2020
Glitches, not very usufructuary friendly, but over the newest 5 years they have slowly improved.


Kelly Desjardins  7-9-2020
Why does it have to be upgraded so often??


César Alcántar  7-8-2020


Lettia McBride  7-8-2020
This edition crashes diurnal and won't open until I fully restart my phone. When it needed an upgrade it fully stopped working. full fail of function when I need it.


Marlena Mexican  7-7-2020
5 Stars


Christina Larios  7-7-2020
straight to access from any device, straight to avail


Cathy Ould  7-7-2020
Love it!!


Pramod Sonkar  7-5-2020


Eric Jorgenson  7-4-2020
Does not allow me to view customer notes on an smartphones gadget and whenever runs super slow


everybodyloveeverybody  6-25-2020
Booker fan!


Tiffany Funk  6-24-2020
It was working now it's not. I play my business across it and need it to function properly asap.


Victoria Mead  6-17-2020
Please repair your app! It crashes each time I check and book in a client! I've uninstalled and reinstalled the edition 5 times now. I'm using smartphones and from what I have read you just upgraded the edition for android. Clearly there is a problem with it...


Stacey Boreta  6-16-2020
nearly impossible to log into. Called support. She was little help. extremely disappointed.


Brian Cooper  6-1-2020
used to be excellent until Mindbody took over


Julius Hamilton  5-31-2020
whenever logs out and is so intractable to log in but i have to avail it because of the place i work for. I have uninstalled twice still no difference cant log in boss has reset password still nothing.


Jon Spotts  5-21-2020
Decent scheduling appointment and money leadership for salons. Impressed by the updates. Gradually showing itself off.


Lice Clinics Of America  5-21-2020
straight to avail


Eric Luu  3-14-2020
terrible editions compare to the computer version. Please repair the app, it took 10 mins to load, sometimes frozen and didn't response. I paid excellent money for their service and the booker edition is worst than vagaro or other editions system. This is unacceptable


Samantha Maline  3-9-2020
I'm locked in to using this system for my business because changing could be a logistical nightmare but I desire to warn others. It won't connect to your Google Plus Business listing like others will. No tipping image for secured appointments. No packages on the mobile menu. No option to secure apt with donation cert on mobile version. wrong attitude rescue desk with no critical thinking problem-solving skills. customers gain charged multiple times on same service ticket. There's so tons more...


Amy Cook  2-26-2020
Can't visualize life without my Booker edition ever again. And neither can my clients!


Shahrokh S.Namin  2-3-2020
Hi, i am working in the two locations in same company. each time i have to log out and then log in to other address with the same usufructuary name. Any solutions?


Allie Greenwood  1-6-2020
Love this app! So straight to use!😉


Brian Doty  12-16-2019
straight to use. Plus can transition to absolute software if more functions are needed with just 2 clicks!


Emmanuel Gauthier  12-11-2019
Can't even avail it, maintain loading the bookings forever and ever


cassandra carrillo  12-2-2019
Its excellent


Paresh Soni  11-22-2019


James Michael Hipsher  11-21-2019
For the most part really good. admin, still gives me a experiment for my patience..... However i&j&pj M


Robin Zakariaei  11-19-2019


Amanda Jones  11-7-2019
edition is outstanding it's a extremely convenient I can launch it from my mobile smartphone and book appointment love it!


Frezia Restrepo  11-6-2019
extremely accurate, straight to log in,and simple to understand,direct.


Danielle Williams  10-24-2019
good edition


james karimi  10-13-2019


laura schaeffer  10-8-2019
Not working


meiju meijuqin  9-18-2019
Since my iPad upgrade. It doesn't match with my Samsung iPad. I can't see my schedule, only see from absolute screen.


Ryan Sheppard  9-11-2019
Effective, efficient and straight to use.


Cynthia Blue  9-7-2019


Chanel Rivera  9-6-2019
love this app!!! straight to use. When I play into a customer outside the salon i am able to book appointments speedy ans simple. Booker takes the hassle out of the work. Allows me to prepare for my days stressfree and definitely as a working Mom with active babes keeps me well organized and on top of the world!!!


Machiatta Chihuahua  8-29-2019
Why do you need access to my mic and info/files on the SD card?? And Bluetooth? And now location?? UNINSTALL


Tiffany Casson  8-8-2019
I cant log in, need to ask my boss or text booker to send a password reset once a week. This edition sucks!


Jaime Phillips  7-29-2019
I have downloaded this edition a couple of times for diverse jobs and I was fully unable to login the first time with all the proper notification and now the 2nd time had 4 months of use, which was convenient but sluggish. Now I am again unable to sign in, though nothing changed. Go across a browser!


Cathy Robinson  7-22-2019
good business edition convenient for optimum client services


David Martin  7-17-2019
beautiful darn excellent


Andre Richard Salon  6-13-2019
its gets better and better


brett bolyos  6-12-2019
excellent but I wish they'd add a info trait


Cassandra Kole  6-5-2019
Works fantastic



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