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Note! This edition is not made as release controller. This is for robots. This edition is the fresh version of "Bluetooth Serial Controller". Icon has been changed from the former version. (renamed again from "BT Serial Controller" ) By using Bluetooth SPP , you can do Wireless Serial Communication with AVR, PIC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. Please change the button size to fit your gadget image size. (PREFERENCE - OPTION - Button Size) You can freely set the name of the button, command, visibility, and repeat. By selecting the controller (A-E) , you can shop up to 5 diverse set-ups. In terminal style , you can save &copy communication logs. By enabling [PREFERENCE - OPTION - CONTROLLER+TERMINAL] , you can see sent & received data. The worth of controller can be backup About backup ・ storage address is displayed when you save. ・ The informations saved folder "Controller Backup" is the common folder to all controller apps. (ex. WiFi TCP/UDP Controller ) ・ informations category is "CSV". So if NAME or COMMAND contains ",(comma)" , this informations can't be read completely. ※Permissions for backup: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE , READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ※Permissions for advertising: INTERNET , ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE



Denton Offutt  6-23-2021


gicarr8490 giocb  6-22-2021
i cant connect my wii remotes so 1 star


Wilfer  5-28-2021
It doesn't work. Scam!


Johirul Islam  3-6-2021
Awesome! thanks to the developer(s).


Clyde allsopp  12-8-2020
L loved


Eleutério Reinaldo  7-7-2020
It's amazing, I just loved that But, it's frail on presentation and displaying, but actually it works perfectly I do instruct that


Sobia Shaheen  5-14-2020


suyog patange  5-9-2020
dozens variants execute it extremely straight to modify as per developer/user requirement.


The Guy knows tech  4-18-2020
Not supporting Bluetooth low energy


Sage Contess  4-13-2020
Just didn't work with my divice


Danny Muir  2-7-2020
Doesn't work on note 8


syed nasir ulla H  1-25-2020
good edition for robotics and smartphones 📱


SinopaIsGamer  11-10-2019
I was expecting this to rescue me run releases that don't have controller support. When this has xbox controller aid talk me but till then don't waist my time


Bahha Amgoune  9-30-2019
ideal edition thanks


Clark Robbins  5-30-2019
only connects to paired gadgets does not scan for ble gadgets


Stephen Gill  5-30-2019
greatest edition for relay boards


Dipankar Tarafdar  2-22-2019
good edition its fantastic ideal serial controller 💯💯💯


Gustavo Canales  2-1-2019
wow this is a fantastic app.


Sarah White O.  12-24-2018


harvey velarde  8-14-2018
hi please repair the on/off toggle... it's better if when the button turns off ,the command to turn off also send at the same time ...


Robert Gallesio  4-12-2018
fantastic app. extremely straight to configure buttons with commands and layout Worked no problems with a RP3. could be good if it automatically connected, is this possible?


dingolovethrob  12-18-2017
good edition that does exactly what i needed. Connected effortlessly. Hc-06 worked in seconds, arduino responding to commands within an hour of starting the project. Marvelous.


saladnuts  10-7-2017
Live saver, works ideal for my arduino drone!


Vilius Kraujutis  8-27-2017
Did not work with Raspberry Pi


Dan Fidurko  7-24-2017
Works fantastic w/ a raspberry pi3. You can customize the layout of the buttons, execute them send repeatable commands each 100ms, much of other features. extremely well done. Thank you!


David Kománek  4-2-2017
Works perfectly with HC-06 and arduino.


Zaheer A  12-13-2016
I used with hc05 module. Quickly connects. Customising individual buttons is a fantastic option.


Jayesh Karkare  11-13-2016
I was searching for an edition which define buttons as per my choice to avail it in my project and yes it is the exquisite edition for me


Alexander Kharin  10-17-2016
That's a little good tool! Thanks for a work. It was quite straight to build control pad for some speedy commands buttons with ability to gain reaction and telemetry from SPP.


Damien Dando  10-9-2016
good app! Is there a idea to send a peculiar character (like \r or \n) at the end of every command sent?


David  9-8-2016
The config puts weird spaces in after restarting the app. That breaks my command interface which expects a newline at the end of the stream. I tried using the save and restore details but there is a bug in the code that if the command has commas it will separate every comma into a separate command and overwrite the next command with that entry. I'm guessing the developer uses csv for the backup format. That's lame. avail xml and execute it impossible for the stored informations to affect deserialization of the backup


Matheus Carvalho  6-16-2016
the exquisite edition for the arduíno controll


Samakkin Pipatsuriya  6-11-2016
avail with hc-05 arduino


Freddie Snijman  6-11-2016
This is a extremely serviceable working app! could be good to be able to rename controllers instead of A-E, to own choice.


SwKEmb SwkEmb  5-27-2016
extremely good edition that would save substantial time for any emebeded developer. Recently i was playing around with @DATE peculiar command and found that if topical time is 12:08:58am and format is HH:mm:ss it sends 00:08:58 and for format kk:mm:ss it sends 24:08:58 would you repair that?


Omer Mesbah  5-19-2016
fantastic !! nice, working with my Arduino Uno, extremely simple and avail absolute ...Thanks


elias nassar  4-29-2016
works ver fine


Faris Erfan  3-12-2016
fantastic app! I just need to know if I would set a timer to turn on/off the lights?? And if I would control the light sensitivity! Thank you :) could give 5 stars if I would gain the answers!


frost1004  3-5-2016
Does what it says


chris stevens  1-31-2016
extremely good customisable control. Just wish one would change button colors and shapes too. could also be good to enable readouts rather than just the text.


Nishanth Subbaiyan  1-26-2016
This kinda edition is what I was looking for.. A slight suggest. After pressing a button, the command that is sent across the button is displayed below.. Instead, the text or whatever that is serial printed on arduino can be displayed, so we would gain be a confirmation whether the occasion has occurred with that command or not. Really hats off to you.


Ammar Khalil  1-19-2016
Just ideal for Rover or any category of controlling. In order to access ascii codes just use"int data, if(data=='A')". Now here the ascii code of A will be passed to MCU and will be processed accordingly. I've written it because my hole day is utilized by this thing;)


Maurice D'Mello  12-16-2015
After dozens days of searching for an straight edition to connect my S4 to my Arduino UNO via an HC-05, I came through this App. It meets my exact requirement and requires minimum learning time. I was able to software the controller within two minutes to do exactly what I desired to do, with my custom screens. I strongly instruct this edition to anyone, especially for those just starting out on this fantastic adventure for Arduino+Android+BlueTooth.


Arnav Jain  12-3-2015
outstanding well I knew how to software on smartphones but it could take time to execute a ui edition for communication on smartphones this saved me time for my project


Dale Whitmore  9-28-2015
custom button names and characters it sends. Just what i needed thanks. button shape is not all uniform,why??


Muhammad jawad  8-15-2015
outstanding...... fantastic job dewelopers maintain it up... :-)


joe zeroh  6-4-2015
IMHO it could be more intuitive to be separate buttons from layout, but anyway thanks for the fantastic edition


Rricha Jalota  4-6-2015
It's quite good but I'm not able to figure out how to avail buttons for sending commands to arduino. Please help.


Alfredo F. Prades  1-26-2015
I have been using the ancient version of this edition to control an arduino controlled rc car, and it did job sucessully.



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