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* What is a Bluetooth Remote Shutter? The Bluetooth Remote Shutter connects via bluetooth to your iOS and smartphones gadgets enabling you to control your gadgets shutter game and capture photos from upto 30 feet away. Simply pair your gadget to the Bluetooth Remote Shutter and start snapping away with just a click of the button. * Why need a Bluetooth Remote Shutter? 1. Tapping the screen, no matter how carefully you do it, causes vibrations. These vibrations will affect the shot. In most instances, they’ll slightly affect the concentrate (since you’re moving the camera). In particularly wrong cases, you’ll gain a blurred screen from the movement of the camera! 2. You can take that annoying, awkward, and embarrassing arm out of the corner of all your photos. Not only does that lead to better picture composition, but it also opens you up to a whole recent world of selfie poses. 3. You can take team pictures (with the whole group!) 4. You can take pictures of yourself, So dependents think you have friends * What is the Bluetooth Remote Shutter App? It is an edition that you can connect to other smartphone via Bluetooth, and it activates the shutter button for you. It works like the bluetooth remote shutter stick, They have a few diverse names – camera remote, remote shutter, remote clicker and selfie shutter. * How to avail Bluetooth Remote Shutter App? 1. Enable the camera phone's bluetooth and permit it visible. 2. Tap "Scan & Connect". 3. Start searching nearby devices. 4. After searching complete, Select the camera smartphone from list to connect. 5. After paired and connected, activate camera phone's camera app. 6. Tap "Take a Photo" to control the phone's camera shutter. * Does any smartphone aid Bluetooth Remote Shutter App? No. dozens gadget manufacturers have disabled the Bluetooth HID gadget profile on their devices. You could have to ask your gadget manufacturers to enable it. You can try with this edition {Bluetooth HID gadget Profile Compatibility Checker} if the Bluetooth HID gadget profile is disabled for you or not.



JayR Pating  5-30-2021
fantastic app!! Thank you


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No working variants


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Wouldn't connect


Phu HUYNH  3-5-2021
fantastic app. This is what i sreached for hours. Thank you


Yash Chiman  3-1-2021
Was finding such edition from so long and it worked, although there is some delay with long distance, but fantastic job



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