Android Version: 4.1App: Bloons Monkey City
Release date: Feb 4, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: ninja kiwiCategory: game strategy
Name: Bloons Monkey CityExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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600000 bloonstones   0




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initiate and customize your extremely own Monkey borough in this groundbreaking mix of borough residence and rook defense! UNIQUE SIMULATION + STRATEGY GAMING Take back the wilderness from the invading bloon hordes and pop your idea from a modest settlement to a thriving metropolis. Attack bloon-infested area adjacent to your city, win a short rook defense game, and add the captured area to your borough as a spot on which to build. each time you build, your borough looks cooler, you increase your power potential in rook defense play, and you open up even more rewards and challenges. AMAZING DEPTH AND VARIETY All 21 of the completely awesomized and carefully balanced Bloons TD 5 towers are attainable within Monkey City, with fully recent disclose mechanics. More than 130 residences and decorations give you infinite strategies and borough design options. examine the wilderness to discover treasure tiles and search 11 mighty peculiar elements like the Banana Replicator and the Dark Temple Idol. explosion bloons on 55 all recent rook defense maps or experiment your mastery on 13 wildly challenging original peculiar missions. REINFORCE YOUR FRIENDS Connect with Facebook and release Services friends, then rescue every other win and expand. Send provide Crates back and forth for bounty starting cash. Visit friends' towns to try out their strategies and their borough design skills, and while you're there root out any bloon spies to win a reward for both you and your friend. SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS Build up the strongest lineup of monkey towers possible and compete with other gamesters for the exquisite score in weekly Contested area events. avail the fresh in monkey science to send gamester vs. gamester bloon attacks, then see whose defenses are the strongest and earn extra rewards for victory. Download for gratuitous and run Bloons Monkey borough now! Pro tip: You can step your residences when they are not upgrading or injured - just tap and hold then step to a gratuitous captured tile! Please Note: Bloons Monkey borough is gratuitous to download and run (aside from internet, carrier, data, device, and other services for which the gamester is financially responsible), but some in-game elements can be purchased with veritable money. You can turn off the remittance trait by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings, or contact us at [email protected] for help. borough informations is organized individually, so if you share multiple towns on one gadget across multiple release services or Facebook logins, do note that your IAP will only apply to the borough active during purchase.



Aisa Guarda  12-8-2020
It was enjoyment I could like more Updates Plz I got an way each time you Desteroy 10 Baloons you will gain a Mesage that says that You have Goten 1 baloon scrap - how dozens baloons you will gain = 1 baloontonium


Ninja Stick  12-7-2020
It's excellent


Jamo Kablamo  12-7-2020
I love the game! The adverts are extremely annoying as they randomly pop up and slows the release down, but otherwise, really good!


Lillian Zudell  12-7-2020
It's a really excellent release but it's can be to intractable I mean it's enjoyment but if you don't like releases that are intractable it's not for you


david tydor  12-7-2020
Honestly I got this release when I went from computer blooms TD5 which was gratuitous to a mobile where it's not but the release itself is decent in the way that it gives you the modern towers but still I rather gain absolute TD5 mobile then this with how it Force paces you with tiers


Logan Rimarcik  12-6-2020
like the release but adverts are annoying they aren't often but they are annoying and I dont have 3 dollars to remove them


Rebecca Roberts  12-6-2020
exquisite release ever there is no adverts for me though I have this fame on my pc to I love this release to gain rid of adverts turn of you WiFi and boom no adverts but for me 0 adverts with wifi


yo75 z  12-6-2020
a classic td fantastic job


Wanxin Xiong  12-5-2020
fantastic release


Taten Sherman  12-5-2020
Love it


aboudi 147  12-5-2020
good release 👍


Lachlan_Bear  12-5-2020
fantastic release I've been playing btd since I was young


x Padera  12-5-2020
I like it


Thunder Knight  12-5-2020
the release is excellent and adicting however when I log on ALL MY BUILDS AND DECORATION WERE GONE! There goes over 46+ hours of gameplay! and I axidentally upgraded so my save informations is gone. I will uninstall the release because of this glitch


Alexis Duran Mendez  12-5-2020
Is excellent


Mr. Vent  12-4-2020
extremely enjoyment 😄😄


John Jones  12-4-2020
Requires a odd login which is not working before allowing to play. I bet its lot harder than the actual game.


doggo plays 2012  12-4-2020
I love the btd releases and when this release came out i got delighted


Carlos Pinto  12-4-2020


Unilonghorn  12-3-2020
enjoyment to run


Colin Lawson  12-3-2020
outstanding release it's really good I love the release it's so hilarious the monkey in the loading image makes me laugh he looks like a monarch .


KBG Kaden  12-3-2020
As a supporter of the bloons games, this one is a fantastic borough residence release for bloons fans. I like the game, but I have one thing that keeps me from giving five stars. The contested territory. Its a excellent idea to gain borough cash, knowledge packs, and other valuable things such as boosts. But it gets idea too intractable too fast. It sends a ridiculous quantity of lead, rainbow, and ceramics to where it overwhelms your defense each single time. They need to nerf the contested area but overall a enjoyment game.


Shockzz  12-3-2020
It's so enjoyment even it's a bit annoying still love the release and pls ad the druid monkey


Unkn0wn _  12-3-2020
fantastic Game!But there are somethings that don't add upp.It mostly gets Boring in the release Spoiler alarm its also extremely long. The thing is that there are a few Monkeys and the Bloons are original. Also i changed my Review to rescue Also add more Upgrades,Monkeys,Bloons,Moabs,and Events.And i don't care of graphics,im in for Fun.When i installed it.It was enjoyment Why?It was all recent to me actually i installed it twice in 2015 and 2017 and know 2020 I like this release But sometimes They gain Boring.


Adeline Anthony  12-3-2020
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet


Michael Salerno  12-2-2020


T Harris  12-2-2020
Love the release


Travis Grannemann  12-2-2020
fantastic game. In love


Neil Bennett  11-30-2020
Immortal bosses in a mobile game. This release is clearly rushed


Kody Coupland  11-29-2020
enjoyment release but a lot of adverts


A Google user  11-29-2020
Iv not tried it yet but I'm hoping it's excellent


Kaden Taylor  11-29-2020
deliver back the bosses please


Alan Gama  11-29-2020
It was extremely excellent in the beginning however the adverts can be annoying since they gain longer and longer.


Lauren Znachowski  11-29-2020
It's fantastic


Parisyanti Anas  11-29-2020
Same as battles, adverts >:(. like ik ninja kiwi needs money but why not just add like a trait where when youve played the release for 1 month or more and youll gain an offer of like "disable ads" and itll cost around 50k cash


Destructionawakes  11-29-2020


Minuette Macon  11-29-2020
exquisite release ever


Robert Wiggins  11-29-2020
It's excellent but it delete my SAVE FILE if this doesn't happen 5 star oh I'm 9 and I was at tier 23.


Chris Norberto  11-28-2020
This is like idea more enjoyment than Bloons TD 6!!


FIRE LORD  11-28-2020
motive why its a three star is because i lost my tier 15 account while playing


kirbys gaming and revews poyoo  11-28-2020
Same as whenever ol kiwi good job only complaint is that its intractable to do stuff like accident sites and trapped engineers


Мисье_Подствол  11-28-2020
It is 5 stars but NinjaKiwi doesn't conform to dependents who reviewed this game.


Codename7Hours  11-28-2020
When I tryed buying btd 6 it wouldn't permit me buy it. I have 1.02 on Google run and it currently has a sale making it .99 but it keeps declaring no.


Krish M  11-27-2020


Benjamin sorrentino  11-26-2020


Ronald Louie Gomez  11-26-2020
This release is excellent but the problem is so dozens adverts so its 4 stars


Brent Melton  11-25-2020
I love the lovely and good little monkeys they are so practical in this release I rate it a 10 out of 10 for fantastic release run who will have hated this release I love it


Owen Marshall  11-25-2020
Alright release but randomly deletes all informations


Gary Palicka  11-25-2020
I've paid $40 into this game. It keeps asking me for money. desire to complete the level? desire to buy something? Give me more money! Greed.


Derek Walker  11-24-2020
enjoyment borough builder, with added multiplayer and capturing battles.


Osie Cerin  11-24-2020


Noah Bickett  11-24-2020
I haven't really played this release cause I have a bug where I literally can't place towers


Mystic DC  11-24-2020
upgrade your release


YOO !  11-24-2020
This is really enjoyment and exciting


Emery Caymo  11-24-2020
wow that is a excellent release


Elijah Pangan  11-24-2020
enjoyment release and cool


Atpap 2007  11-24-2020
outstanding release and I think ninja kiwi made a really excellent job making this release


Kaiden Deaton  11-24-2020
I don't really care anymore. But I don't have my account informations still. But I still instruct it.. and I don't know my account code so if you can please talk me my code I will be happier than start over.


Ea Camarines  11-24-2020
All of my informations just vanish I'm so disappointed when I went to run just now I went back to tier 1 when I was already tier 11. Problem was solved Asap after contacting support! exquisite release ever!


Zebastian Rodriguez Velazquez  11-24-2020
It has all the things I love residence diverse things such as going from a canon to a missile that kills everything and a monkey throwing darts to cadipalts with spikes in them,perfect with me


Shobhon Prusty  11-24-2020
Experience was excellent but have some seen some main lags


Sutavan Hicks  11-24-2020
I can't gain in the release


Glen Galloway  11-24-2020
Edit. Actually after I played the regular rook defense five and six I game that their better cause of you can go as long as you desire and you dont have to research upgrades.


Why Me  11-23-2020
I got to lvl 20, but reset, and the release broke after I did another tile and it went down to lvl 2


Joe merit  11-23-2020
I Like How You Can Customize Your borough


Ma Lay  11-23-2020
I desire to that that GOOD!!!!


bad  11-23-2020
Can gain boring veritable swift but enjoyment


Dehzz _424  11-23-2020
Its a beautiful enjoyment release ngl


Marlon And Mario  11-23-2020
I love this release so tons


A S  11-22-2020
adverts bombs. Annoying af.


Mike Sperl  11-22-2020
Oldbor5 is not


daboot 614  11-22-2020
Well I like everything about the release unless how intractable the area is and how intractable it is to tier up it's honestly fine


Richard Ward  11-22-2020
Designed as a mobile release im presuming. Runs ok in the early release but contested area high tiers its a finish slide exhibit on a phone. enjoyment at first but No late release either.


Choopy Gaming  11-22-2020
It's a really enjoyment release not gonna lie (•‿•) but there is 1 problem.I can't gain to be buddies with my dad.Listen I'm a babe so I trust my dad and mom,my dad says that Facebook is wrong so I don't gain it but I desire to be buddies with my dad so what to do...Just add buddy links to What's up and Hangouts.Its really annoying but other than that it's really enjoyment ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ


Angela Embry  11-22-2020


Seth Hunt  11-22-2020
One of those build a home wait 1 day. But with loot boxes, veritable money gems to skip progress and intentional hardship spikes to encourage you to deliver out that credit card. I forgot to mention the pop up 30 second unskippable ads.


Ted Schilling  11-21-2020
I like this release


Don Divelbiss  11-21-2020
Its apparent you dont care you allow cheats and penalize sincere gamesters go to hell I'd give you negative 25 stars


Diane Brewer  11-20-2020
I enjoy this release


Anthony Spencer  11-20-2020
extremely awsome!


JV Lopez  11-20-2020
I feel like I can stat making progress by taking some of the downward areas to build more and gain better now! EDIT: Hey NK, I only have 15 rounds instead of 26 to stop the ZOMG when saving the monkey subs. If you would repair that, or, execute it cost less to fix the major monkey sub ((it costs 8000!) doing both could be good too). Even though that this is a mobile game, It also works well with computers too! I actually found a glitch where I would not run because the internet went out so I force turned off my computer. Simple right? Nope. When I went to run the release again, I had all of my money and my U.I. was fine (all of my bloonstones and monkeys + monkey upgrades (I did not have any residences down unless the starter buildings)). Thankfully, I was doing horribly during my past city. Now I am a lot better at this game. You don't need to repair that NK. It made me a better player!


Neo Harper  11-20-2020
lost my save on btd6


kiel's vlog  11-20-2020
execute time offline Nad execute bloons td 6 gratuitous pls pls just of one week


Omar Scott  11-20-2020
the release is relly excellent but i can not run the release on my computer because i have it on my smartphone


AJ ROBERTSON  11-19-2020
Hi I logged in and it relax all the process and it could be about 24 hole hours and I had each rook in the release


buttery gaming GANG  11-19-2020


Ra Yuok  11-19-2020
excellent excellent


Nuclear Gamer  11-19-2020
enjoyment game, but dang it gets beautiful rough by the time you disclose the Dartling Gunners. Had to take a break after I got frustrated with trying to progress further, but I maintain a note to come back and check again always that happens. Put a lot of hours into my borough at this point, and I ain't plannin' on stoppin' !


Jacob Sharpe  11-19-2020
excellent release


Daniel Phillips  11-19-2020
This is an wonderful release it's putting rook defense into civilization whoever gamester this will probably enjoy it


Tabitha Rosales  11-18-2020
I already had release but deleted😢but restalldad


Zufar Hanif  11-18-2020


gameing with orionpig  11-17-2020
I could have bin a 5 star but my release restarted and lost my in release walls


Prowessplays  11-17-2020
excellent online release


oofed Oofed  11-17-2020
Too dozens adds but other than that great release fantastic for if you hate balloons or if you love monkeys!


Pierson Smith  11-16-2020
A excellent idea to enjoy the experience of BTD5 in a diverse way. I do not personally like the look of the monkeys in the loading images and quests.


Kate Premer  11-16-2020
I grew up playing all the Bloons games, and this is the ideal compilation of the full exquisite of the series. This is my beloved game.


Housemaker 08  11-16-2020
I enjoy this release a lot I mean ALOT but now when I check to run it it says I have to download Google run releases and I don't desire to it takes up spot and didn't avail to require Google run releases


Fin Gatling  11-16-2020
extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely fantastic 👍 a excellent way 😁


minecraft gaming  11-16-2020
It is a really excellent release and you must run it


L P  11-16-2020
excellent release


عدي عدي  11-15-2020


Alexander Judge  11-15-2020
I loved this release and it lasted me a long time until my smartphone crashes and I load back on and lose all of my progress I tried everything to gain it back but it did not work.


red foxer  11-15-2020
It's okey


Aaron Anderson  11-15-2020
fantastic release but the adds are a bit tons


William Odell  11-14-2020
wrong grafiks but s hood release


Benjamin MC  11-14-2020
This release is great, but updates aren't large and patch notes aren't fantastic for updates. Maybe recent terrain with expanding border? Also scale for some smartphones aren't great, as inviting buddies from Facebook needs you to accept cookies, but accept all is off screen.


Wendy-Leigh Coombes  11-14-2020
extremely addictive


Jan ericko Estoque  11-14-2020
Not wrong release


Michael Freedman  11-14-2020
Love it.


Ninja playz  11-14-2020
I like it 5 stars


Mr. SCIZOR  11-14-2020
excellent release


Evenyaboi gamerboi  11-14-2020
10/10 could instruct for those who love btd and residence games/idle games...yes, this is technically an lazy release :3 tho I could like if you guys didn't have 2 ZOMGS for the area take at tide 32 or something, would just be me tho


christian eugenio  11-13-2020
I love the Bloons Series and this release is as excellent as all other games.


Levi Johnson  11-13-2020
J Juu


Virendra Prasad  11-13-2020
I lov ninja kiwi cuz they execute alot of offline releases and I can't run online releases


Brandon Ochello  11-13-2020


Gavyn Games  11-13-2020


Nathan Bullock  11-12-2020
It is one of my beloved releases not only because I like BTD, I also because it is a borough residence and leadership release


Jen Robbins  11-12-2020
Dartling gunners are really cool and the release is fun:-) .


Jærëdthë眜lkïd  11-12-2020


Kolja Cikic  11-12-2020
I like the release and graphics but I can't pass Moab graveyard round 3 its too intractable you need Moab shrader for spike factory to see fit round 3


Kathryn Brown  11-12-2020
beloved release to play. Remember, it's a marathon, not a race.


Frumious Chipmunk  11-11-2020
Equating monkeys to humans by letting them have a city. Blasphemy.


Cole Hosteroo  11-11-2020
Amazing, just like all other ninja kiwi games! All the same monkeys and their upgrades, with an idle, completely customizable city-building twist. I highly instruct downloading.


try try  11-11-2020
I'm so wealthy in the release


Raiyan tips and tricks  11-11-2020
ITS Tooooooooo goood because its toooooooooo straight peasy Lemons quizy


Vinay Visakh  11-11-2020
wonderful release and extremely insane I even like this release


PHOENIX 04  11-11-2020
I hope they execute this release online


Tyler Garza  11-11-2020
Great, but do have 1 request. Can you add a path to put on water so my river isnt disconnecting half my town? Please?


Charlie Gibson  11-10-2020
excellent release 5 stars


We Are ALEXANDERS  11-10-2020
wonderful work ninja kiwi


King Robsprite G.T  11-10-2020


Levi Galleta  11-10-2020


Bean  11-10-2020
Facebook must not be the only idea to add friends. I tried to add my brother as a buddy across the google run but it doesn't work. Not everyone has facebook. Otherwise its a really excellent game.


Seb Raymond  11-10-2020
It allows glides and put the balloon at the end


Lenora Seay  11-10-2020
release maintain freezing stopping and starting over


Debbie Schoenholtz  11-10-2020
If you enjoy rook defense games, I highly instruct this one!


Eddie_The_Underlord_Cow  11-9-2020
Fun, but quickly gets extremely grindy. Like level 3 upgrades taking 2 days.


JJ Martin  11-9-2020
Not really interesting


Pedman Mantz  11-9-2020


Calhan Moses  11-9-2020
Too dozens forced adverts if they got rid of that readily a grate release


BeMaxx2004 15  11-9-2020
I love it


Jalen Minners  11-9-2020
Has fantastic audio and a excellent release


kevinplayz  11-9-2020
In the first 2 days it was fantastic but then one morning i went to run this again and suddenly EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING was GONE. Idk if this is a glich or something but im unistalling if this happens to you write a revew on it and maybe if we gain enough revews they will repair it.



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