Android Version: 4.4App: Blitzkrieg Fire
Release date: Aug 31, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Wirraway SoftwareCategory: game strategy
Name: Blitzkrieg FireExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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Blitzkrieg Fire is a turn-based strategic wargame set in the European and North African theaters of World conflict II. Take command of the land, air, and naval forces of Britain, Germany, the USSR, the United States, Italy, France, Poland, Finland, Romania, and dozens other nations in the largest war in history. Experience the entire conflict across 19 historically accurate campaigns, from the Spanish Civil conflict to the downfall of Germany. Command squadrons of more than 230 categories of aircraft, from iconic warbirds like the Spitfire and Bf-109 to less well-known categories like the Soviet I-16 and Polish P.24. Control the seas with more than 80 categories of warships including submarines, battleships and aircraft carriers. Blitzkrieg Fire is powered by a detailed and realistic simulation of WW2 air, naval, and earth combat. brawl versus an sensible AI which constantly adapts its strategy to ensure each release is challenging and unique. Blitzkrieg Fire contains no in-app purchases or adverts of any kind, and an internet connection is not requisite to play. Buy the release once and gain access to all topical and future content. The release details 19 campaigns, including: - Blitzkrieg Fire: brawl the whole of WW2 month-by-month on a map spanning from the United States to the Ural Mountains. - Invasion of Poland: Lead German or Polish forces in the opening acts of WWII. - combat of Britain: protect the towns of fantastic Britain from the Luftwaffe onslaught. - Operation Barbarossa: Command millions of German or Soviet army in the largest invasion in history. - Western Desert: Lead the infamous 'Afrika Korps' or 'Desert Rats' in the fabled campaign for North Africa. - Operation Overlord: Command a gigantic Allied invasion of Fortress Europe.



Zachary Cook  9-2-2021
fantastic WWII strategy game. good to deliver the fantastic release that was Pacific Fire into the European theater, and a good assortment of improvements on top of that. Look forward to future improvements and future games.


God  9-2-2021
I wasn't sure how they'd do it, but my god, they improved on the newest game. recent creature types, recent actions, recent maps, recent mechanics, more campaign maps. I cannot instruct enough.


J.D. Hundley  9-1-2021
Absolutely wonderful Pacific fire was fantastic but this is better. Highly instruct both games, if you like ancient school strategy releases like Hearts of Iron this is well value the money.


The Compass Guy  9-1-2021
Ever desire to run something else than HOI4 because your friend Italy could ameliorate relation with Finland instead of actually residence an army? Ever got tired of in release transactions, pop up adverts and the 20+ DLCs other releases have? Well this release is for you. Featuring more than 15 campaign scenarios with a historical setting and can be played as both sides. Alternatively, check the not-so-historical sandbox style where the Soviet can protect Britain versus an invasion by the Romanian


Solothurn 20mm  9-1-2021
Amazing, just amazing.


Shadow Strif  9-1-2021
I love it its everything i desired 100% value the money


sonic smasher3  9-1-2021
I love it! I've had it for about 30 minutes and it's absolutely perfect! One thing I wish there was is the d-day landings with peculiar map, like in pacific fire on iwo jima


Gangsta  9-1-2021
Finally! It's out, and it's awesome!


Masterhero 200  9-1-2021
This release is expert piece and deserve a lot this exquisite turn base strategy release I ever saw



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