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Release date: Oct 20, 2011App Rating: 5
Author: IntellifactorCategory: game card
Name: Blackjack CoachExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Blackjack trainer trains you in fundamental Blackjack strategy. By using what you study here, you will have the highest probability of triumph in a veritable casino. Features: * fundamental Blackjack strategy coaching informs the gamester of the exquisite step when a mistake is made. * Configurable Strategy Options - 1, 2, 4+ decks in shoe - If the dealer hits or stands on tool 17 - If double after divide is allowed * 1, 2, and 4+ deck shoe model mimics the exact idea cards are dealt at a veritable casino. * Pairs and tool Hands style helps the gamester expert the additional complexity of these categories of hands. * Speed round style helps prepare the beginner for the action of playing at a veritable casino. * Simple usufructuary interface is straight for the beginner to understand and utilize. * High resolution graphics and sound execute release run more enjoyable. * Strategy Map shows the gamester what the proper moves must be. * Graphical charts exhibit the player's progress over time. * Card worth style helps the beginner promptly recognize the worth of their hand. AKA: Blackjack Trainer, Blackjack Tutor, Blackjack Helper, Blackjack fundamental Strategy



John Ellison  12-19-2020
fantastic for real, disciplined practice for fundamental strategy


Niel Thomas  11-26-2020
fantastic edition for practicing fundamental Strategy!!


Tony sun  11-15-2020
straight to run


Frank Frost  11-14-2020
extremely excellent game, but it doesn't tally winnings properly. When you win a hand, your balance must go up, but it doesn't. extremely strange. Still, I love it as a idea to run blackjack without losing my shirt.


Roger Sherman  11-11-2020
A excellent release that moves rapidly. The graphics are excellent with the exception that the cards are far too small. There is plenty of spot to double the size or even triple the size of the cards, which could execute them tons easier to read. I like the immediate correction and explanation for incorrect moves. I also like the straight availability of the Key tables.


Carlos Williams  11-1-2020
Definitely a should have if you desire to ameliorate your black jack game. Especially some of the training drills are fantastic


Garrett Fleischer  10-11-2020
fantastic learning tool. excellent UI.


Shum M  10-4-2020
excellent release


Vince Heuser  9-25-2020
Just the soft I was needing.


Tim Goetze  9-22-2020
value it


Joseph Montague  9-19-2020
fantastic game, practical guides for strategies, visuals layout and interface look basic. Overall extremely practical for learning to ameliorate blackjack skills.


Chuck Novotny  9-2-2020
excellent trick


Fabian Rojas  8-14-2020
excellent trainer


T.D. Trice  8-14-2020
An efficient game, does the job.


Isaac Delongchamp  8-12-2020
Simple and effective training tool, no adverts or other nonsense


Bobby Keyes  7-28-2020
extremely helpful.


Taz  5-3-2020
good trick


wong kia juay  4-5-2020
excellent learning trip in this app.


Ty Jamison  2-17-2020
Love it! I can actually study the odds chart with this game.


Peter Mroczkiewicz  2-10-2020
fantastic soft for anyone who knows nothing about blackjack.


Hal Jones  2-4-2020
extremely excellent practice and explained well


Scott Johnson  1-26-2020
fantastic idea to brush up before hitting the table. Tough dealer...which is good. I don't desire to have fake results and lose with veritable cash.


Alex Gutowski  1-12-2020
fantastic refresher for the flight to the casino! Remides me of the little details!


joshua treadway  1-10-2020


A Google user  1-6-2020
fantastic game!


cf Floyd  1-5-2020
Love it.


Jim P  12-20-2019
Rate me image pops up after each hand. extremely annoying.


RK  11-19-2019
extremely helpfull... good


Mike Hayden  11-3-2019
Works well


T Mac  10-2-2019
awesome release


rena halstrum  9-17-2019
straight to avail excellent for speedy practice.


Ronald Toledo  9-6-2019
Enjoyable and it refines my game.


Ha Duong  8-22-2019
outstanding edition outstanding edition


Jeff Tramel  6-27-2019
working good, getting me ready for cruise


Mark Lewis  6-5-2019
excellent app, the progress graphs would be a lot more, at least change the color of the pairs line to something achievable


Sterling Lemme  5-27-2019
excellent for thinking quickly and improving game.


Cee Me  5-11-2019
It really sharpens your skills!!!


David Stockburger  5-9-2019
release covers all the basics, gives excellent feedback, and plays smoothly. Well value it.


Matthew Schniederjan  5-8-2019
fantastic idea to practice fundamental strategy.


David O'Patry  4-1-2019
extremely enjoyable and educational.


A Google user  10-23-2018
Progress chart does not upgrade


Christine Pardo  6-16-2018
fantastic practice. straight access to the chart.


kirkdouglasracing  5-26-2018
ideal to study fundamental Blackjack strategy. Pay the $1.99 for no ads. Well worth it.


A Google user  5-12-2018
Love this app!!


Doug Pagnutti  4-19-2018
excellent for practising the included strategy table. I wish it had a continuous mode so you would run more or fewer hands and then gain a summary.


William Wisk  1-3-2018
Tried other editions that gave the incorrect solution per "the book." I like to practice to know when to divide every and each pair without hesitation. This edition is space on and helps embed that information.


Scott Johnson  5-20-2017
fantastic idea to study blackjack.


Mel Croner  4-15-2017


jim cooper  4-13-2017
Really enjoyable


Alan Sarhan  4-6-2017
exquisite blackjack edition I've found. Doesn't eat up informations in background and doesn't demand access to a lot of unrelated notification on my device. Just wish it could work in landscape mode, and wish there was a setting for non-instructional release run and no limit on number of hands. Word to the wise: blackjack privacy and odds favor the dealer. Even if you do everything right, you'll generally lose.


Les Burnam  3-11-2017
excellent solution and a sincere game.


Ryan Peters  1-7-2017
well value the price,,,


Robin B. Quinn  1-4-2017
Nothing's perfect, but this is beautiful good.


Larry McMillin  12-31-2016
good tips, good game.


Julie Bowley  12-24-2016
Love the fact you can swipe the hand chart. Hours of enjoyment practice time. A fantastic rescue to increase your odds of winning veritable coins when the time comes


A Google user  11-18-2016
excellent edition to brush up skills. Wish it had option to do more than 20 releases at a time.


A Google user  11-10-2016
Like the format. permits you practice wager as well as fundamental strategy.


Bird Song  10-2-2016
Its excellent but I noticed some of the solution busts the gamester when using my instincts to stand. Its fun.


neal lumantas  9-29-2016
Reasonably priced, simple to play, and release tips you across blackjack strategy. Also super low battery consumption while binge playing.


Guillermo Martinez  9-27-2016
fantastic learning soft


Jonathan Day  9-8-2016
Downloaded 4 or 5 bj releases before i found one that was value it, that being said there must be an option to mute sounds


Chris E  9-6-2016
This really is a trainer. If you run the drills you will learn. In addition to earning the mechanics of the game, it shows you that being proper doesn't whenever mean winning a specific hand. Sometimes your proper and you still lose. I appreciate the reality lesson.


The North Project  8-5-2016
So far so good, learnt a lot about run so far, as a finish novice, could be excellent if it explained what doubling and splitting meant but a excellent edition well value the money =)


R friend  8-2-2016
Exercises the funemental. No speed control, but it does have diverse speeds. necessary tool.


Android Tablet  7-2-2016
exquisite BJ edition Ive played! My mind would only hold so tons news and other editions confuse me by allowing me to guess. I just swipe the strategy card out readily and quickly before making my step learning only the proper move. I luv how it allows u to practice pairs and while doing so, I study the other hands a little at a time. This edition teaches u how to run correctly. Others editions proper u after u have made the incorrect step or are too complicated to look at the strategy card before making a move. My #1.


Chad Medina  7-2-2016


Chris Gingell  5-30-2016
excellent app. Only downside is that I can't discover the variants image shown in the Screenshots


Cory Deniston  2-19-2016
I like how it refreshes the privacy when you execute a mistake


A Google user  12-31-2015
Works fantastic


Ricardo Salcedo  10-20-2015
While the artwork would avail a little help, this is a enjoyment edition that helps sharpen your game. The "pairs" and "soft hand" variants are great.


Brandon Fulcher  5-26-2015
It could be more enjoyment if you would change the bet.


A Google user  3-11-2012
trainer doesn't match the chart. I'm learning the incorrect plays.


A Google user  11-26-2011
I enjoyed this edition more than the dozens others out there.


A Google user  10-20-2011
I'm not an experienced player, and I learned a lot from playing this app! I found that after playing a few times, I began to know some of the card techniques which increased my winnings. This is a enjoyment idea to run and study while playing!



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