Android Version: 4.1App: Blackjack 21: Blackjackist
Release date: Oct 26, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: KamaGamesCategory: game card
Name: Blackjack 21: BlackjackistExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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run the exquisite blackjack 21 gratuitous release with millions of gamesters from all over the world! Blackjack is an exciting release that any gamester is sure to enjoy. Place your bet, gain more points than the dealer and win chips. Feel the risk as you dive into the casino atmosphere and hit the large time! Play now to ameliorate your skills, get experience, execute recent buddies and become the exquisite blackjack gamester ever! Game features: • gratuitous CHIPS – run the release each day to gain gratuitous chips! • gain REWARDS – Up the stakes, win releases versus the dealer, take risks to gain to 21 and disclose achievements. • QUESTS – finish diurnal quests to gain gratuitous chips! • YOUR OWN PROFILE PAGE – follow your progress and status in the game! gain experience and tier up. See how dozens blackjack tournaments you've won and achievements you've completed. gain unique properties and display them on your profile. View other players' profiles to see how you compare! • CHAT WITH OTHER PLAYERS – Have even more enjoyment at the casino tables with our convenient in-game instant messenger and chat with other blackjack players. • FAIR HAND DEALING GUARANTEED – Our certified Random Number Generator (RNG) gives you the exquisite and fairest blackjack experience! • study TO run – Are you recent to blackjack but whenever desired to check it? Our simple-to-follow trick style will rescue you take the first steps. Quickly study everything you need to know about blackjack, from the privacy of the release to winning combinations. • 3D GRAPHICS – An absolutely gratuitous blackjack release with stunningly realistic 3D graphics. • NO REGISTRATION – gain easy into the action. pick guest style to avail our gratuitous casino edition without registering. • SINGLE ACCOUNT – Start playing gratuitous blackjack on your smartphone, then continue on your cellphone without losing progress. avail your account to run any of our other casino releases in one app. ♥️♦️♠️♣️ desire more than blackjack? ♣️♠️♦️♥️ Try our other releases for an unforgettable 3D experience: • TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER – The most famed casino release among professional gamblers! experiment your abilities in wonderful poker tournaments! • SLOTS – examine our themed slots with lots of unique features! • ROULETTE – Featuring staggering 3D graphics and three varieties of table: French, American, and European. • OMAHA POKER – A more dynamic version of poker with 4 cards in a hand. Have more enjoyment with wonderful combinations! • BACCARAT – One of the most famed and exciting card releases with superior 3D graphics! • CRAPS – The first 3D craps release ever. execute bets, roll the dice, take risks and become the exquisite craps player! Subscribe to the official Facebook page of the release and be the first to discover out about our promotions and news! Follow us on Twitter and gain gratuitous chips! This release is only attainable to testers of legal age. The release offers no possibility of winning money or anything of value. triumph in playing this release does not imply your triumph in a suchlike real-money casino game.



Elisa Alcaraz  12-7-2020
Like playing this game.


Nwe Tun  12-6-2020


yo75 z  12-6-2020
excellent job it had all the things an edition like this needs


Who Dat Tyson  12-6-2020
Love it


Just like the Casino


Tyrone Davis  12-5-2020
maintain disconnecting


Ryan Turner  12-4-2020
Dealer somehow 20 80 percent of the time. excellent release overall, kills time


Paul Van Horn  12-4-2020
After $30,000 and 2 wivi it's been the exquisite time of my life!!!


Bhagyesh Sodha  12-4-2020
West of this


D Rick  12-4-2020
Its like a veritable table. G Plenty of money for free. U like most games.


Ghost Military Regiment  12-3-2020
This is one of my favourite releases it has excellent graphics, controls and what not. It's just the exquisite


Sydeth Kim  12-3-2020
outstanding release


seyed abuthahir  12-3-2020
Really I can't gain gratuitous coin utill Actually he need to buy coin with money only


David Lawler  12-2-2020
I have no.complaints, at all


zheng xiang  12-2-2020
Banker forever high card... should well dont play... go rob bank better


kim rowton  12-1-2020
If this was a casino in Vegas it wouldn't newest a week. Dealer seldom loses.


Diane Plaga  12-1-2020
Fun, enjoyment


Ctc Mg  12-1-2020
This release is wack its staged i mean damm it like after u run so long u know the numbers thats coming


muhd fitri  12-1-2020


Ilay Lag  12-1-2020
This release is entirely rigged, from the bots taking away excellent cards to the very unlikely lose streaks that force you to purchase money or watch clips to continue playing, And don't even annoy with the copy paste conform of how you are verified by an "independent" third party auditor, Kamagames.


Aleksis Kal  12-1-2020
I played the release for 5 minutes. On the first ever table I went to the dealer got 3 blackjacks in a row


BRYON SWINEY  12-1-2020
ALL "N" ALL IT'S A excellent AND enjoyment GAME.IT'S THE ONLY release LIKE IT I HAVE FOUND SO FAR GIVE IT A check AND I THINK YOU WILL LIKE IT.AND excellent LUCK.!!!!!! HOW IS THE DEALER GETTING (20) 8 OUT OF 10 TIMES AND (21) relax OF TIME !!!!!! should NEED MY $$$ BUT THE release IS enjoyment MOST OF THE TIME !!!!!


A J  11-30-2020
Awsome gaming experience


Family Channel1234  11-30-2020
Yea about this game... At first I thought It's not a scam but after that Ohh infant the dealer will win 95% each time in a weird idea just don't waste ur time or money in this scam releases and developers please repair it and be the first blackjack release that isn't a scam thanks. (sorry for my wrong english)


Larry Rech  11-30-2020
It's about as veritable as it can gain on a phone.


Death Angel  11-29-2020
exquisite Card release


Mike 1% er Honcho  11-29-2020
Gr8 release could b so tons better if i didnt lose 80% of the time!


regman x  11-29-2020
Got banned and gave no motive for it. Uninstalled.


Kush Unruly  11-29-2020
Dose any of these BJ has a veritable payout coins across online gaming?


Cheat and fraud release


Anubhav Fatehpuria  11-28-2020
My account was blocked suddenly stating violation of certaim codes. Because of that i had to initiate a recent account and then the same thing happend with the recent account to. Both the accounts were suspended within 2 days. I dont gain to know without any notice or the motive for it how can they ban. And if i initiate a recent account then will it also be banned or i will be able to avail it?


Gaston Bonifazi  11-28-2020
It's a lot of enjoyment


Francis Ross  11-28-2020
The release is fantastic but the dealer wins to often


Farzana Safir  11-27-2020
rigged game!


Matthew Allen  11-27-2020
Super fun!


Athar Rasheed  11-27-2020
waste of time


faiz fitri  11-27-2020
better then others release


Mike Jason  11-27-2020
Do not download this app, they scam everyone... Once you run higher table everytime they freeze the game... If you like to be scam than download


Amilcar Solorzano  11-27-2020
release sucks it just takes all your money when you put in large but when you don't it let's you win DONT DOWNLOAD


Windy City  11-26-2020
fantastic release


Earl Lumpkins  11-26-2020


Teodora Papazova  11-26-2020
i love it, the graphics are ideal and it has a lot of releases not only blackjack


Romel Huggins  11-25-2020
It's just fantastic no problems other than the chances of winning and losing otherwise I like it extremely tons and will continue playing till the end


Vishal Jain  11-25-2020
fantastic for Blackjack practice...😀


Juan O Castro  11-24-2020
excellent edition so far sometimes its not fare but thats with all moble apps. I still like it.


Juan Martin Portaluppi  11-24-2020
More than obviously rigged. Disgustingly so, even. It's close to impossible to win anything on blackjack. They claim it's RNG verified but it's clearly a lie. Shameful. Used to be a excellent game, but something changed.


Robert Hudson  11-24-2020
Like the game. No Ads!!!


Daniel Kinrys  11-24-2020
The 3D animation, especially the dealer, is good


Rich Ulrich  11-24-2020
fantastic quality and interactive setup but I don't care what these guys declare this release is rigged! When they desire to take your chips they will!


Williams Mary  11-24-2020
It a cute release


Himanshu Desai  11-24-2020
Not veritable Blackjack experience. Just after your money. Computer makes 8 cards 21


Phumelele Mhaga  11-23-2020
good release


Kenneth Kent  11-22-2020
It is Great.


Mark Brown  11-22-2020
always I run poker on this release I whenever to gain wrong hands and somehow I whenever lose


Mahan Afshar  11-22-2020


Bob B  11-22-2020
I feel used. would not win after I purchased some chips. Appears others feel the same.


Ahmad Syam  11-22-2020
When you start playing this release it's "kinda" enjoyment but when you starting to broke you'll realize that the release expert had like 99% win rate just wait and see her pull 4 frickin card and gain 21 not once but 6 time in my experience.


prajot bhandari  11-21-2020


Tim M  11-21-2020
SCAM. Chinese & Russian Owned edition (check receipt). Stopped playing blackjack on this edition ages ago, when I noticed extremely obvious glitches in d image leading 2impossible losses. I run poker releases instead with "real players"(NOT). Their cheat with poker is they have fake gamesters from China&Russia on the table that whenever win virtually ever hand. NOT RANDOM. Their gamesters know exactly when 2 come on 2 a table & leave a seat & u loose . If u r winning, they'll stalk u. Watch 4 dis during chip sales


Janice Fletcher  11-20-2020
Reminds me of Vegas


Jessica Ellis  11-19-2020
enjoyment with diurnal bonuses... Doesnt have to cost anything. Other editions cost once you play out of chips


Erokerok ManrabSou  11-19-2020
interesting release


Edi 301  11-18-2020
this release so sucks. I made a mistake that I didn't understand before. As a upshot of the error, my id was frozen and would not run again. It is unlucky that the mistakes of gamesters who do not understand must be briefed and given an chance to proper mistakes. but this release does not apply. they are too cruel


Derek Kingcade  11-18-2020
Its beautiful excellent


Curtis Jue  11-18-2020
Beware!! Like most of the negative post, this release is rigged and you will lose!! I was dumb enough to spend alot of money on these chips and lost it all. You have better odds playing at a veritable casino. I have deleted the edition and just desire to forget and step on from this horrible and nightmarish experience.


Amir Laine  11-17-2020


Wanda King  11-16-2020
Really enjoyment release


Kuah Soon Hooi  11-16-2020


William Fortune  11-15-2020
In furtively enjoyment Incredibly enjoyment


Ocram Nebres  11-14-2020
The worst card release ever, the graphics are amazing, but the release itself is extremely bad, the dealer is whenever lands at 17-21, I whenever land from 13-15, I whenever lose or busted, you whenever execute the gamesters lose to buy some fricking chips, uninstalled.


james schroeder  11-13-2020
Pay to win if no pay no win they declare there's a random number generator but it's a lie it doesn't matter what you have because dependents who gain VIP (very significant payer) points whenever draw to win literally each time a non pay gamester has suited cards and a vip plays their suit comes up yep "random" ok explain how i got a easy flush on the flop and the turn and river were running of the same suit for a pay gamester a higher easy flush odds are .0000000024% or 3100000000 to 1 per odds maker


Murat Ucan  11-13-2020
fantastic release


Akinyemi Akinlagun  11-12-2020


John Webst  11-12-2020
Lots of enjoyment not buggy


Kua Puri  11-12-2020
Took me a while to rate. Maybe Im just having an unfortunate day as the aid group says on there RNG on a couple of times I lost 10 times in a row in Blackjack. Ive tired for a 3rd time playing like the dealer who hits 16 & below & stand with 17 yet another unfortunate streak of bust cards dealt. Dealer ends up with 19 when I had 18, 20 when I had 19 and worst 21 when I had 20. This is a so called pattern of losses with everyone who plays. You must never spend a dime just to feel unfortunate and cheated


Sotirisk  11-12-2020
For everyone that says this release its not fair well its gambling did u ever see a fair release of gambling in your life????


Jeff Shilts  11-10-2020
Its a excellent feeling


Joseph Lincoln D.  11-10-2020
Quanto mais jogo menos parece aleatório as cartas, no Blackjack é onde fica mais visível.


Ladreann Wilson  11-10-2020
It foolish


Arlene Pittman  11-9-2020
You can pretend its all so real, then go to casino and loose your shirt lol


Tham yew meng  11-9-2020
Won chips about a million.. They just chop out without warning you.. Felted cheated..anyway is just a release not veritable money..


An Am  11-9-2020
Really excellent releases


Varsha Bhanushali  11-8-2020
is it good release ?


Jacob J vahnish  11-7-2020
extremely professional, large like 😇


slamber88 channel  11-7-2020
Damn...cant open table...noob release


Steven Shopnick  11-6-2020
veritable transaction


Kay Mack  11-6-2020
wrong !!!! Out of 40 hands I only won 3 times . Smdh don't waste your time . good graphics


Biju Mani  11-6-2020
This is one genre of hacking guys need only money from's not given any pastime it's just like entrapment..if I seen you in front of me I'm gonna kick your face..🤬🤬🤬


Lynsey Molina  11-6-2020
Hi.. Hiw can i initiate recent account? Pls?


Pulkit Dalania  11-5-2020
The deck is ripped. slight cards only.


Michael Rios  11-5-2020
I uninstalled this release after a gamester started with racial slurs to gamester next to me. He called him a taco bender, told him to execute him , his master, a taco, and other offensive remarks. I reported this but no action taken. Being Hispanic i urge a boycott of this game. No stars if i could.


ABOOMR أبو عمر  11-4-2020


Helen Kraft  11-4-2020
good edition


Marcie Ryan  11-4-2020


جواد حسین‏ ‏زاده  11-4-2020
خیلی خوبه


John Davidson  11-3-2020
Simple. Well executed.


Cedric Williams  11-3-2020
It's fantastic


Joharijohar johar  11-3-2020


Ann Campbell  11-2-2020


Cornell Goodwill  11-2-2020
Exciting! Thrilling


- NIEL'S Gaming -  11-2-2020
Everything about this release is nearly good. But some of the release might be glitched or something. In poker when i got pair, other gamester also have pair but lower than me. Still my pair doesn't count.


Andrew L'Esperance  11-1-2020
When I first read the negative reviews for this game, I was sure they were dependents that were just mad about losing. Now after witnessing the crazy quantity of statistical anomalies with astronomical odds, happen on a regular basis, I think they might be onto something. I played poker versus other dependents (and bots), not the house, so you'd think it could be even odds for all, but nope. recent gamesters whenever do insanely well, but then go insanely cold. They desire you to spend veritable money. I won't.


Jesse Adams  10-31-2020
fantastic app! Works like it is supposed to!


Liberty Smith  10-31-2020
extremely excellent graphic and fast. However I pay a lot of live Black Jack and the release leans toward the dealer extra heavy, probably because of it being a in release purchase app. And for that I give the release run a 4 star


Aidens Journey  10-31-2020
Love to run


mahen selvi  10-31-2020


Happy Samsung  10-31-2020


Lee Performance  10-31-2020
Omg please dont conform to me😂 This release is rigged to buy chips! Dealer gets 20 and 21 face card each other hand😂 now why could i run a release like this?????? Playing a release knowing that it's rigged. Dont trust their good and fake conform to you declaring they're sorry...its injure control! 😂 i dont care if a release looks good when I NEVER WIN! come on now


Danny Searle  10-30-2020
The AI dealer has a 90%+ win rate. You may think you are safe on 20, until the dealer pulls 5 cards and gets 21. Otherwise it gets 20 for a push. This whole release is designed to permit you win at first, then execute you lose 98% of the time. When you play out, you are urged to buy more chips with veritable money. Othewise, watch a clip for gratuitous chips, and the developer gets veritable money for showing the video. There are better, more fair releases out there.


Andre de Leeuw  10-29-2020
entirely agree with all the rigged reviews, the release is a total scam and they pretend the have been externally audited and have a random number generating system lol.


Yvette neal  10-29-2020
Dont like card releases


Dymond Seong  10-29-2020
Adventurous experience 😁👍


Godex Ribut  10-29-2020
excellent veritable live.


Dale Hopkins  10-28-2020
This edition has it all!! Love logging on to play!


jinrose lee  10-28-2020
No excellent release scammer


maddenmonkey  10-27-2020
Clean release no adverts and gratuitous gambling


wing loh  10-27-2020


matt wood  10-26-2020
its a constant stream of runner runner for the win. NOT THE release FOR veritable POKER supporters


Tyronda Cook  10-25-2020
It's a fantastic release 2 play.....


Steve Railsback  10-25-2020
Can't ever win. Dealer transactions from bottle of deck. Plus too dozens democrat losers.


jesus del valle  10-25-2020
Buen juego, recomendado.


Temilade Adesanwo  10-25-2020
This release is unbelievable 👌


Jauna Beeks  10-25-2020
This is a really, really excellent game. Reminds me of my days dealing it!


Wong  10-25-2020
Although the dozens gamemodes are enjoyment and interesting , they are most certainly rigged . An example could be blackjack where the dealers are nearly whenever pulling 21's , 20's or any number above yours . I'd certainly rate this a 5 star if it was not for everything being rigged .


Mr rong  10-24-2020
Dont waste time and money buy chip at this win is difficult. whenever lose .. this product only cares about benefit selling chip..i propose better run veritable gambling online,if you win money can be redeemed..SERIUSLY CHEATING GAME!!!!!


Jeff her  10-23-2020
How do you run 10 hands on blackjack, lose 8 hands and win 2 hands only? each game, sometimes no win. How you going to execute me gain 20 in my hand, your dealer has 12, and draws until gain 21. Haha and you lose automatically if you don't buy insurance. And dealer black jack hits often too. terrible blackjack app. Don't download this edition except you desire to lose each game.


Jim Ablan  10-23-2020
Left feeling violated. As tons as this release likes to tell about its RNG (random number generator), it's rigged. For example, the probability of losing 13 hands in a row at blackjack(not counting a push) is 1 in 4217. This happened to me 5 times today. I've sunk thousands of dollars into this release only to be cheated out of it. Don't waste your money!


Karan Bai6  10-23-2020


Ashar Vines  10-23-2020
exquisite release Ever!😀😀😀


Anihe Frankly  10-23-2020


Jimmy Bates  10-22-2020
repaired so you lose and have to watch adverts or spend money to gain chips. Uninstalled


Odie Bone  10-22-2020
I'm no pro but they really have a ill definition of random. Been playing for years and today I gain 7 easy releases dealer opens with 21 or hit until 21. Not declaring it's impossible but definitely not for a game. Please dont conform BS because ur compliance is as rigged as u. Normal dependents just trying to run a release and u screwed it. If u do feel sorry then u must just sincerely apologize and admitting that u dont care how everyone feels. Hope all dependents stop spending real$.


Scott James  10-21-2020
Love playing the the release I run all the time but half the time when I'm in a tourney and winning it kicks off me it's nearly like it's on target I've lost so tons money really frustrating especially when it's the newest of your chips


Ricky WELAN  10-21-2020
fantastic app!


Angela Monroe  10-20-2020


Duke Hansen  10-20-2020


Ninja Turtle  10-20-2020
owner cheat whenever win..suck game..make us tu buy coin..stupid..uninstall.. who read this,please uninstall..


Renee Willoughby  10-20-2020


jasabb  10-20-2020
Don't be fooled by their "3rd party verification". I've gambled for years and years and have never seen something more rigged. You're odds at a veritable casino are tons diverse from this hack. "Generally accepted" by who? The brand you pay is not unbiased. I wish you Blackjackist the exquisite of luck in your cheating scheme!


Chris S. Johnson  10-19-2020
Just like VEGAS


Ashley Gros  10-18-2020
mission ing


Blair G  10-18-2020


Dane Lacoste  10-18-2020
fantastic game/ time killer



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