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Welcome to BitFunds - Crypto Cloud Mining :- BitFunds brings cryptocurrency mining and passive income to the masses There are dozens ideas to execute money in the cryptocurrency world. Trading crypto is one way, but another is mining the currencies created across blockchain technology. Getting money online is easy! Don’t miss a trending unique chance which allows you discover ideas to earn money by just having a smartphone in your pocket. Winners are those who use opportunities therefore, don't miss the opportunity and be a winner! You can also update a plan for a excellent profit, start mining and gain diurnal returns using our cloud mining service. We are providing the exquisite plans among the competitors within average investment because this is an earning chance for all the dependents either they are wealthy or destitute. Passive earning is each person's dream. Start Background mining forthwith with our cloud mining contracts! 100% guaranteed uptime. Your gadget will maintain mining in the background even if you minimize your edition and lock phone's screen Information and Process:- Mining involves two distinct functions: adding deals to the blockchain and also releasing recent currency. But mining needs a mighty computer and a generally complex software that helps miners compete with their peers in solving complicated mathematical problems. Famously, mining requires a lot of computer resources. A mining optimization platform called Bitfunds has announced a one-click advice that allows anyone, anywhere, to execute money from their smartphone instead of it just sitting idle. All mining processes are made by Cloud servers. Internet connection on your gadget is all that requires to start. Mining simulator does not require any peculiar skill and complicated settings. Press the button and start the process now! The product does not heat the phone, does not require a lot of resources and can work in the background without interfering with the avail of your gadget usage experience. each usufructuary participate in the same network using worldwide server power, that's why the performance of your gadget doesn’t matter, only time spent in the system does.



محمد الحديثي  1-4-2021


Emmanuel Bunggo  1-4-2021
It was okay at first. I just maintain it running in the background. But I notice, it stops for no motive and after I start mining again, I lose some Satoshi. Around 10000-20000+ everytime. 😑 Sucks because I mine on data. This is my third time it happened. I know it's just fine since it's free. We'll just have to see if it happens again. I haven't made any withdrawals yet. excellent client service though.


Morby TV  1-4-2021
I've been waiting for my withdrawal for 3 days.


5TUDI0 VLG  1-4-2021
Why im still pending to withdraw my btc? Are u series this is legit and paid crypto.. so dozens time ask for aid from mail but i got nothing answer from u guys. repair it !!!


Deeann Hartness  1-4-2021
Scam is what this edition is waste of money and time I paid for update and did not gain update and I did a withdrawal it's a triumph but nothing went into my wallet


rosli 25  1-4-2021
The exquisite edition


Dan Groza  1-4-2021
It crashes frequently, loses your satoshi and starts over... waste of time


Smart Media  1-4-2021
Never received from auspicious withdrawal since newest year 2020. blank promises remittance that I whenever received from their correspondence email. Google must pay attention on this matter.


Curiosidades Youtubetv  1-4-2021
It's anybody having the same trouble with balance missing ? Again I'm reporting that I'm losing SATon BCH and you not helping at all. It was over 31100 SAT on BCH and it went back to 25600 Can you please give me back everything. I have lost alread over 3000 SAT BCH. Not trust this anymore


Sandra Eniola  1-4-2021
The edition stops mining, and the worst part of it was it has minned over 20k SAT but annulled it and start from zero again What can I do to that


Tanggo Alpha  1-4-2021
This edition perform scam. Please don't avail this apps. You'll never receive your withdrawal deal


radulescu valentin  1-4-2021
Nobody has withdraw the money from 22 december 2020 and we are in 2021 , what is circumstance , i stop mining temporarly until they pay , is unfair and i will upgrade this if i see a change


Nathaniel Patagnan  1-4-2021
My widraw is still pending I'm 3 days waiting but the status is not changing. Please repair it thanks. Will change rating if widraw successfully


Sal Bercs  1-4-2021
2 stars because of something fishy I started mining newest month and never received the payout 1* legit for getting a lot of satoshis which i play in background and gained with it 1* scam or scammed after i gain a minimum satoshis and request payout the said withdrawal newest month was never came never received and never never never mine again this edition except they pay me i will give 5* and mine again..... dev waz up


Larry Johnson  1-4-2021
Well for starters I have mined over 28,000 Sat yet quotidian they take over half of what I've earned. Sometimes I gain it back, other times I don't. extremely frustrating


Bhangs Tibi  1-3-2021
its excellent and i hope its legit..i start in n fundamental plan maybe after a month i purchase diamond plan


Tim Eiring  1-3-2021
outstanding miner for mobile. Runs in the background Edit- I have made several attempts to withdraw my earnings and all it ever does is declare pending. I have yet to receive any of my withdraws. I have sent several messages to client aid and received no response from them. I'll change once I receive my withdraws


Dennis Pamplona  1-3-2021
Scam,this is a non paying app.


Robert Randles  1-3-2021
Withdrawls never happen. edition is total BS! I desire my 65$ back


Steven Cooper  1-3-2021
It does nothing now! I can't even sign in, or sign up for a recent account since I wrote complaining about missing Satoshis for the 2nd or 3rd time. I can't connect, it tells me that there's no connection. I'm not sure if It has anything to do with the price of bitcoin over $33,000 right now or not? 🤔


Terence Andrew  1-3-2021
SCAM ALERT!!! I rate 5 star for you to see. This edition is a scam. Please don't install and upgrade. I updated to diamond plan and withdraw but never receive. I report and the client service just put triumph on the withdrawal history but never receive. Please report this app. entirely scam.


jesse lincoln  1-3-2021
Withdrawal is pending for how long they wish. They talk me 2hrs to 2days.... I still don't understand, what they're checking...


Anil Dewangan  1-3-2021
No remittance


محمد شهرابی  1-3-2021
I'm extremely upset I picked up Sat about two weeks ago but they have not been added to my account yet


Chandramani Bashyal  1-3-2021
Can you please talk me how withdrawal works as i withdrew but its in pending with wallet location which doesnot looks mine. Please clarify the above query


Hades Pagan  1-3-2021
So far so excellent straight enough to navigate and gain running bur as the ancient declaring goes " the proof is in the pudding " soon as I have had a auspicious withdrawl il give the 5th star.


Aaron  1-3-2021
I am not extremely happy. I ordered gold update and nobody from aid has repaired the trouble or refunded me my money back. I originally gave 5 star until this happened. I will change it if it gets repaired


عالم دنىا تمام  1-3-2021
It is fake, it cheats, it doesn't cheat, it doesn't cheat.


Sigi Hernandez  1-3-2021
1 star for now. client aid cane across and definitely doing excellent! They have been extremely professional and prompt in replies. I gave them 1 star at first but I am definitely upgrading to 2 stars! They are amazing! 😂 nahh i gonna give them 5. They were so professional even when i went idea overboard. They are excellent group.!!


Orca Ghost  1-3-2021
amazing edition actually works ... I'm impressed ....


Tori Whicker  1-3-2021
Scam! Dont pay them a dime! They'll run good until you cant refund from run shop then go cold. You're probably mining coin for THEM if it works at all LOL


That's So Blood Raven  1-3-2021
Not legitimate, its a scam, like each other bit app, be careful! permit me actually withdaw funds and prove me wrong! Look at all the fake, repetitive reviews! I hope the run shop takes all these BS editions down!


Rowan Lawrence  1-2-2021
Beware of this edition this edition will remove days value of mining for no reason. Looking at the withdrawal history, no one has withdrawn since mid to late December. intractable to convince me to pay for an update contract if you delete bitcoin just for fun. Was going to drop a lot of money for contracts but I guess I'll maintain looking around for options. Also I believe the edition is dead too. No updates since early December


john alade  1-2-2021
This is entirely a fake app.. quotidian to after d edition might have mined several satoshi,the next day,or only hours after,it will just erase all your mined satoshi and start all over from 0 satoshi and maintain repeating d same nonsense advice... never never waste your time downloading it or if you already did, spent your money upgrading their mining speed.. It's all designed to rob dependents of intractable earned money.. Google must remove all of these categories of smartphone mining robbing editions


Philip Nwafor  1-2-2021
I bought a Standard plan for $30 and it hasn't reflected on my account because it's still mining at 10ghs please repair this ASAP and I will give 5 stars.


taka tak video  1-2-2021
My withdrawal still pending newest 6 days


Rajkumar Biswas  1-2-2021
The bast earning edition 👉📱and insetle pament


Sara Correia  1-1-2021
maintain losing the coin I mined. I've been mining bitcoin coins and second time I lose all my crypto. could like a refund!!


Farman Khan Mayo  1-1-2021
I was a little scared at first if this was legit or not, but i can talk you that this really works When I gain my first withdrawal !! I instruct this to anyone who is looking for a legit edition that do the mining for you...


Wazir Khan  1-1-2021
I was a little scared at first if this was legit or not, but i can talk you that this really works When I gain my first withdrawal !! I instruct this to anyone who is looking for a legit edition that do the mining for you...


Pal Washa  1-1-2021
Yesterday I was searching on the internet how to gain gratuitous bitcoins swift and found this app. I posted a message on my fb and today I got a 0.02 btc commission from the referral program. It’s the first time I made money on the internet, either I got lucky or is that easy, I will look more into this...


Madiha Khatoon  1-1-2021
I've been using Bitfund since May, and it's been fantastic so far. I initially withdraw my first quantity about $120 . I've also made two slight withdrawls (mostly to experiment the service) and it was straight and quick, with no extra fees. I highly instruct it!...


Madiha Rajpoot  1-1-2021
The most honest product brand that i now got finally for withdraw my funds...very excellent job. Thanks to all of you Bitfund Team…


Madiha Nusrat  1-1-2021
No extra charges, no delays in withdrawal. Bitfund is a place to Earn money in legit way. excellent job developer…


Ahmed Shehzad Lashari  1-1-2021
I like to mine here in Bitfund because it is a legit platform and offers a fantastic update earning which exhibit your development each time. thanks Bitfund mining for this platform...


Alia Bhatt Awan  1-1-2021
I joined a couple of months ago. After some days of cloud mining. I was able to gain paid 0.005 BTC smoothly. Now, I'm waiting for another pay out to update it. I'm hoping that Bitfund will be one of the exquisite cloud mining aside from Other fake apps. Hug for you guys and Love alots!...


MuralieYamuna Yamuna  1-1-2021


MS Bhatti  1-1-2021
I've been here for over 3 months now. I returned my upgrading remittance also and now I am making a profit. This is the exquisite cloud mining service. Do not trust scammers, join this edition and gain passive income each day!.....


Muhammad Subhan  1-1-2021
i really like it its the outstanding platform for Earning by investing a slight quantity one of my fav edition is multimine


Jones Writed  1-1-2021
excellent and Legit whenever and Forever. Thank You extremely tons Bitfund. I wish your brand to be the biggest edition brand in the world...


Aqsa Azan  1-1-2021
I have been residence my initial withdraw. I’ve waited to post a review until i got my first withdrawal. Well it happened.... IMMEDIATELY. easy through. extremely impressive. Now I am extremely delighted to instruct AND invest further...


Khaliq Umar Awan  1-1-2021
It's really good,, so far I gain my fund quotidian and I think it's trustable edition or not, And then I finally got my payment. Thanks to Bitfund team...


Usman Abbas  1-1-2021
I just made a withdrawal of my BTC at Bitfund. Thank you Bitfund. Hopefully Bitfund can newest a long time and not SCAM. I hope that Bitfund becomes my exquisite BTC Mining. I will increase my upgrading in Bitfund. The service is extremely excellent and extremely friendly…..


Makinde deborah olufumilayo  1-1-2021
This edition is definitely a scam, my satoshi maintain disappearing, I have lost over 7000 Satoshi more than 5 times now and I just lost over 7800 Satoshi. I contacted the aid crew, promised to do something but I have not seen any positive effect, no return of the lost Satoshi and another one just got dissappeard. run shop must not allow fake edition in the shop If my trouble is resolved positively, I will come back to change my review


Shahid Afridi  1-1-2021
I've been here for over 3 months now. I returned my upgrading remittance also and now I am making a profit. This is the exquisite cloud mining service. Do not trust scammers, join this edition and gain passive income each day!.....


Vance Chan  1-1-2021
excellent client service, my first time here, just hoping to coins out funds.. exquisite of luck...


Adam Amile  1-1-2021
If you are honest, productive and hardworking, you are definitely one of the employees and managers of "Bitfund LTD" thanks. withdraw paid. with exquisite wishes all others…


William Brown  1-1-2021


Umair Faheem  1-1-2021
Well with severe support,kind,honestly.The edition is sincere and i hope it lasts.withdraw swift and without fees.loved it.....


Ijaaz Khan  1-1-2021
For me Bitfund is the exquisite earning edition this year starting.They are transparent,consistent and cares by sending reminders to avoid scammers.Recommended.....


Ahsaan Dost  1-1-2021
Bitfund is that the best,i prefer them and that i love what they are doing best(mining and securing our acount versus wrong seeds).i have update and that i am earning and still earning.....


Mujtaba Basheer  1-1-2021
aid is whenever responsive when question arise.i like that the bitfund brand is trying to conduct its work transparently.Does not execute large promises,and tries to fulfill its former promises:)......


harry harry  1-1-2021
Thank you for this I love it money for gratuitous can't complain about that. excellent app. Recommended edition for any one who like mining and desire to earn money...


Sanam Akhunzadi  1-1-2021
With regards to you , I don 't have a lot of experience , but I think it 's a extremely excellent way , and it can be a extremely large rescue for those seeking to earn money from internet...


Keven Petreson  1-1-2021
This is extremely fantastic and cleverly admirable and extremely scientific mining. I hope that in the near future we will see less growth and improvement of defects. Recommended...


jin jan  1-1-2021
Thank you Bitfund! I just received my 3rd withdrawal and I'm in awe with the swift transaction. maintain it up…


nabeel 77  1-1-2021
At first I am hesitant to start mining since I found the edition adverts in a team of gratuitous mining editions which generally a lot of scammers, however, when i tried to browse the content of Bitfund editions I decided to check and up to this moment I am extremely contented with the services and their transparency with their investors. maintain up the excellent works and I hope that your vision will be fulfilled. excellent luck...


M B  1-1-2021
None answers inquiries, payout requests over 3 days and no respond


Cameron Fawbush  12-31-2020
No luck with withdrawals yet, they have been pending for a week. Still waiting to hear back from support.


Tanveer Great  12-31-2020
Yesterday I was searching on the internet how to gain gratuitous bitcoins swift and found this app. I posted a message on my fb and today I got a 0.02 btc commission from the referral program. It’s the first time I made money on the internet, either I got lucky or is that easy, I will look more into this.....


Fantasy Dream  12-31-2020
Thanks to admin for supporting me in all the mining process as well as paid me. I have joined Bitfund one month ago and I got paid two times and now I have update my bundle so I received my remittance in just 24 hours and i received diurnal payment. Once again thanks Bitfund team.....


Tulip 28  12-31-2020
Bitfund was recommended to me by a friend. Said that this platform has the biggest benefit compared to other editions and swift payouts. As a result, I also decided to give it a try, and from my own experience I was convinced that this is really the exquisite mining platform I have ever seen. Mining is really legal on this edition and extremely profitable. I instruct everyone to avail and mine cryptocurrency on this app!.....


Sweet Potato28  12-31-2020
My first withdrawal was auspicious now my mind can relax after reading some comments declaring they can't withdraw thanks multimine but hope this continues. fantastic app, Highly recommended.....


Bread Beyond  12-31-2020
Bitfund is a extremely appropriate Cloud mining app. In the future, this crypto mining edition is a recent era of mining generation with the fresh technology crypto mining makes benefits faster and easier. fantastic to have this category of earning apps. Recommended…..


Monday Right  12-31-2020
I was a little scared at first if this was legit or not, but i can talk you that this really works When I gain my first withdrawal !! I instruct this to anyone who is looking for a legit edition that do the mining for you.....


Tayyab 21  12-31-2020
At newest I found the exquisite mining platform. It's Bitfund cloud mining. The most significant thing is that mining is legal on this app! I am thankful to them because I win 0.1 BTC across this legit app, which was held few days ago. So I advise everyone, who really desires to execute money…..


Mosco Left  12-31-2020
Here I was able to gain the maximal benefit that I have not received on other mining platforms. Anyone can readily become a member of this crypto mining edition and start making money quickly.....


Zaheer Tutor  12-31-2020
excellent and Legit whenever and Forever. Thank You extremely tons Bitfund.I wish your mining brand to be the biggest brand in the world...


Zaheer AKram  12-31-2020
I have really enjoyed your software have suchlike softwares that have failed and or been unreliable. So far the client service has been extremely good. Also love the confirmation emails I received maintain up the excellent work…


Mad ness person  12-31-2020
fantastic work. I got my remittance in less than 1 minute. Thanks Bitfund team. 100% trustworthy. Highly recommended...


Mad Person  12-31-2020
A extremely excellent edition that pays me at any time i request a withdrawal (thanks to the Bitfund team!!) Bitfund is a fantastic app. It is legit and fastest paying product in bitcoin mining. I encourage everybody to mine their bitcoins here at Bitfund...


Joy Root by pt  12-31-2020
Honestly, Bitfund has dazzled me with my withdrawal today. Most dependents took it as scam but sincerely I have been able to execute a withdrawal of 0.02 BTC to my wallet. extremely delighted and Highly recommended....


Hamza Zia  12-31-2020
An good mining platform for making large money. Most importantly, the edition is legal and registered, so we can safely and without fear to join this app. The edition has Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins. Payments come extremely quickly, in 30 minutes, the maximal takes 1 day. I wholeheartedly advise this mining edition to everyone, mine cryptocurrency and start earning quickly and most importantly, large money…


Ahad Gelani  12-31-2020
here we can mine both bitcoins and Etherium and other currencies also.The payments came to me in about a couple of hours. among other mining edition I've tried, this one is beautiful good. and most importantly, the edition is fully legal and pays...


Ahsan Zia  12-31-2020
I have not found any better platform for mining than Bitfund! With this platform, we can earn widely known Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum and dozens other coins! We wait about a day for payment, but sometimes all this is processed in 15 minutes. The edition is profitable and is legally registered...



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