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Release date: Sep 25, 2019App Rating: 4
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Name: Big Ben Bonger PLUSExtension: Apk
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permit the familiar Westminster Chimes of large Ben rescue maintain your day on schedule. Never again lose follow of time. avail large Ben Bonger PLUS when you're reading, working, studying or shopping. Or avail it for no motive at all. Every 15 minutes, this edition can bong like large Ben or any of several other clocks -- keeping you from reading a book until 2:00AM without realizing it. Besides it's enjoyment to stroll around all day bonging like large Ben. You will gain noticed. The Settings are straight to understand: * pick from large Ben or 6 other clock choices; * Optional Pendulum Sound; * 'Quiet Time' -- specify when you desire the Bonger to be silent; * Optional 'Bong when on a Phonecall'; * Optional Auto-Start when your gadget reboots; * Choice of Analog or Digital Clock Faces; * Front Panel expert Mute; Big Ben Bonger PLUS will not gain in your way. When you become tired of looking at the time, you can minimize the Bonger and avail your gadget normally. large Ben will continue to bong for you in background mode. See our website: for a finish list of details and a Demo Video. Big Ben Bonger PLUS is easy-to-use, and works the first time you start it up; there's no setup at all. You'll gain no adverts or unnecessary intimations from the Bonger. Works whether your gadget has signal or not -- even works in Airplane Mode. Language aid for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi and Japanese. The veritable large Ben in London will be down for repairs until 2021. maintain the tradition bonging. Download large Ben Bonger PLUS.



Simon Hulme KT  6-13-2021
I've whenever enjoyed this app. But lately it seems to be a little buggy. Sometimes the silent time does not stop, sometimes the alert does not go off & today the alert set off the quarterly hour alert at 16:03 instead of 16:00 alert on time & I didn't even have the quarterly alert turned on!


Fred McKinney  6-2-2021
First of all, thank you for making this attainable for gratuitous over Memorial Day weekend (my wife won't permit me spend money on editions LOL). I got this so that I would have it wake me up...but it doesn't. I have smartphones 11 on a Samsung Galaxy S10, model SM-G973U. Is there something else I'm supposed to do to execute the silent time trait do its thing? It chimes for the newest time at 10:00 PM just fine. Now, if I would just gain it to START chiming at 7:15 AM...


euri pides  5-30-2021
would be fantastic if it wasn't stop working all times, maybe in next upgrade ...


Kyle Oyama  5-28-2021
fantastic app, but it quits when I clear my new editions (you know hit the square button then clear all). Other than that, seems to work as advertised. And it irks the other dependents around me (even better! 😂).


Anthony Johnson  5-15-2021
Works perfectly as designed. No troubles found so far. Well done developer(s). Purchased the PLUS version ro gain the silencing option. smartphones 11, One UI Core 3.1, Samsung A21s,32GB RAM. whenever upgraded and lovingly maintained.


Rorysdaman _YTUBE2021  2-8-2021
I WAS ON THE edition AND large Ben DID NOT BONG!!!!!


Klaatu58  1-2-2021
Doesn't function despite battery deoptimization and degreenifying as I've done with my other three other clock editions that do work. Activating plugin didn't rescue either. UPDATE: Nope. Tried everything mentioned on web blog already. Like you said, "there are some smartphones where it just doesn't play right." good sound files though.


John Carter  1-1-2021
Can't change colour of clock or leave settings without closing app. Yes. just exits app. Ok now only desired it for recent year.


Bob Edwards  4-11-2020
ultimate UPDATE: DOWN-RATED TO >ZERO STARS< newest February (2020) I gave this edition a 1-star rating, and explained why. The Developer responded instantly with a pertinent question. I answered the question. I have seen NO follow-up from this developer. This is a PAID App. Since the Developer has not responded in the three months since, I regretfully should instruct versus anyone purchasing this App. INTERIM UPDATE: The Developer of this edition has contacted me with appropriate questions about the problem. We'll see if a repair is provided. // [ORIGINAL REVIEW >> USELESS?? I tested the gratuitous version. I liked it, but desired an application-specific volume control, and the ability to manage "quiet times." The PLUS version appeared to have those features, so I purchased and installed it on my Samsung GalaxyTab S2 (Android 7.0). Unfortunately the pop-up "Settings" box only displays the left half of the box. Thus the I can whittle the application's Volume, but cannot increase it. I also cannot see the right half of the "Quet Time" controls, and so cannot avail that trait either. Have I thrown away my $$ for an product that does not allow me access to its controls?


Jason Niepoetter  1-19-2020
The edition seems to work as it should. It could be cool to be able to stop the chime by shaking the phone.


George Strati  10-2-2019
Have been waiting for this for ages. Keeps crashing. I guess that will be fixed. But one main ongoing concern with this and also the gratuitous version is the volume control. I like to have this running in the background and discover that the the volume at the lowest setting is still idea to high. When you go down one more graduation to gain lower volume it jumps to off. Please replace with a volume control system that enables far finer control, like maybe a percent system. good chiming sounds. Thanks G



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