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Try your best to seem innocent if you're the betrayer. Fake tasks, things like that. My strategy is, turn off the lights, kill the first person to go to turn on the lights, go in the vent, and then vent somewhere else. From there, just pretend you were heading to the lights.   1

die   -4





mom   -5

pet   -3

i want to be betrayer every time and i want to unlock all things and pets   -4

BE betrayer everytime   -3

I want to get everything in the avatar shop and be betrayer every single time   2

ur asscheeks   -4




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What is your advice for the beginners? ANSWER

idm   1

How to get promo code or bonus? ANSWER

Could you mention pros and cons? ANSWER

where do i get betrayer redeem codes ANSWER

Mew mew meh   1

how do i get them   0

How to get betrayal codes ANSWER

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It’s a mystery! Betrayal is a multiplayer mystery release where you and 6-12 other gamesters work jointly to solve who among you is a betrayer to the crew! HOW TO PLAY Are you a crewmate or a betrayer? Crewmates will work jointly to finish tasks around the map to win, but execute sure to stay alert! Betrayers among the squad will sneak around to cause disruptions and eliminate your fellow crewmates. Between rounds, you and your teammates will discuss who would be the betrayer. Did you see anything suspicious? Did you see someone sneaking around your eliminated crewmate? After discussing together, you will gain to vote on who you think is betraying the crew. Warning: if you guess incorrect and vote out an innocent crewmate, the betrayers will be even closer to winning! MULTIPLE enjoyment ROLES - Crewmates: to win, crewmates should finish all of their tasks and / or work jointly to find and vote out the betrayer! - Betrayers: if you’re a betrayer your goal is to eliminate crewmates and cause disruptions to their tasks! - Sheriff: a sheriff’s job is to defend your fellow crewmates. finish tasks and collect news so that you can eliminate a betrayer to save your crew! Be careful! If you eliminate a crewmate, you will also eliminate yourself! - Jester: your objective is to convince the squad that you are the betrayer! tutorial them into voting you out to win! VARIETY OF MAPS AND MODES Betrayal offers multiple release modes and maps! - Core style is the primary style that allows you to run with crewmates and betrayers - Hide & Seek is a enjoyment recent style where crewmates should avoid not only betrayers, but also a behemoth that will seek out and eliminate you! Work jointly to discover your tasks and finish them before you’re found! Want a change in scenery? Betrayal offers enjoyment maps to pick from! - Spaceship: board the spaceship for a journey to an unknown galaxy! - Haunted Mansion: a two-story map with a scary theme! Looking for a change of pace? Take a break and rest with buddies in Betrayal's unique fishing lobby! finish quests, update your fishing gear, and check your exquisite to seize the biggest fish! CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER Show off your style! You can customize your own unique look with a big collection of features, garments, accessories, hats, and pets! CONSTANTLY UPDATING Betrayal is whenever evolving to deliver recent and enjoyment content! maintain an eye out for recent maps, modes, and cosmetics coming in the future! Game Features: - run online with buddies or other gamesters from through the world - Customize your character with a variant of enjoyment features, skins, and pets - recent maps, modes, and roles consistently updated - straight and enjoyment gameplay - unique and pretty art style Join our Discord server for more information, announcements, or to share your suggestions with us:



ixf axdv  10-22-2021
code svdsavdsa


cake  7-25-2021


Jeniel  7-8-2021
epic domain


DarkAngel  5-11-2021
the release is enjoyment I just need codes


•S o f t i e  3-29-2021
This release is like among us but more better... its so fun...


antoine afflick  3-29-2021
Is enjoyment and have excellent graphics


Rainbow Queen  3-29-2021
I like the release but I can't category I don't know if it's my gadget or the release but rescue


Gaming Shark  3-29-2021
Just like among us! Love it!! Also it could be cool if you can add among us costumes and you can change the colors! Or an among us crewmate pet!!


Mohammad hossein Khalilzadehkochameshki  3-29-2021
Its better than among us Now among us is soooooooo wrong game,full with glitches,cheaters,aaaaand more.. But its better


Jesse Johnson  3-29-2021
It kicks me out and sometimes im not able to gain in a match but its a excellent release


José C . NM  3-29-2021
es muy buen juego


Sadasiva Barik  3-29-2021
Loved it.. But sometimes it's laggy..


Tamia Morrison  3-29-2021


King Thor  3-29-2021
Its not working.


Eyad Elayashy  3-29-2021
I like the recent roles especially the jester


sandeep bahl  3-29-2021
I love this app, kindly better than among us


Nethra Ravi  3-29-2021
Ita an wonderful release kinda like among us but its better


sundry soot  3-29-2021
La mejor copia de among us Es muy bueno


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