Android Version: 4.4App: Beek - Familiar Spirit
Release date: Sep 27, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: Studio KlondikeCategory: role playing
Name: Beek - Familiar SpiritExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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A call for rescue within a mysterious messaging app. Someone lost and wondering across a forest in a faraway place. And their fate in your hands. Beek: How I Became a Familiar Spirit and Everything After That is a text-based narrative experience from the creators of Nekojishi. Featuring many of branching paths, multiple endings, and CG's to unlock! Help Beek seek a idea home, and face the darkness of this world with strength and courage. Note: - This release is free, however CG's are unlocked with a one-time purchase.



Erisarenエリサレン  6-18-2021
good tale and the twist at the end.


Javier Mora  6-3-2021
Not a supporter of text based releases but this one caught my attention, the cibceot is really immersive and inovative!!


Kyle Vanleeuwen  5-17-2021
They need to execute more releases like this. unless have checkpoints.


just a dolphin  4-30-2021
The tale sucks :/


Cherrygun  4-22-2021
I only started playing like hours ago, and i can already declare I don't really like it. generally i love this category of game. But I feel like our involvement is too little, our words too bland like we have no emotions, and beek offline after one respond from us. The text loads too long (im a swift reader so this irritate me so much) and sometimes beek online but just quiet for a minute. The connection between beek and us isn't excellent enough for me to be intrigued with the story. Sorry but im uninstalling


Ceroes Neko  4-18-2021
Not normally into this category of kind but it was an interesting release and story. must warn you that it was a furry release though. Also even though i made some genre of purchase and it doesn't transfer to my other gadgets like its supposed too. It also will not play on my last phone. It's not a large transaction for me since its not really my category of release but definitely something others must look out for.


Vall Ey  4-16-2021
Beek is idiot. And btw for the app, it's not really have intuitive conversation option, it's like we can't really pick the other respond beside the right one, it's made it like more a quiz than a visual novel like game.


James Francis Marquardt - Holm  4-3-2021
I have issue getting the micro purchases for the images. Ahh! :) Finished. awesome!. exquisite 4or 5 days ive spent in a while. I wonder what Veeph's road is like, slightly. Ohh! ... ... AH HA! I found original material on a blog im familiar with. Gotta start over. No biggie there. *points to head& the brain within.. releases we play. R an expression of the Mind. How they are approched. Managed. Like demanding Coexistance from your peers in a WarGame& such:)


khisa khisa  4-2-2021
Beek .


kinoko  3-24-2021
The batter life and reception of this dude's smartphone is insane.


kotori dickinson  3-17-2021
I was interested in the tale but the fact that you have to pay for the visuals really killed it for me.


jude nicolie baghari  3-14-2021
I like the release so tons and the tale but why we need to pay/purchase the pics??just asking ok uwu And please execute an part 2 my heart is melting in the end please execute an part 2


Arte Rose  3-1-2021
Beautifully written! A heartfelt tale and magnificent photos along with it. I've only played once so far but I plan on going for absolute completion.


josephomar3  2-25-2021
I like the release so far


aaron  2-22-2021
Sure it has its moments like everyone is saying, but this is a one of a genre VN and as cheesy as it sounds, I've fallen for it! Sometimes the charm of works on us, and I like the bite size storytelling. A furry fantasy isekai that's a should try.


Sean Lewis  2-16-2021
terrible decision for the photo i gain you gotta mame money but needing to buy photos ruins the tale why not pay for faster response anything that dosent ravage the tale by the time you gain the pictures for gratuitous yojr done with the tale therfore forfieting any worth that had but side note the tale is short lived as well as feels rushed but i do like it for what it is.


Supreme Overlord Aesop  2-16-2021
This release was really enjoyment to play. I just completed it and it was a super enjoyment playthrough. The ending was incredible. It gets a little stressful at parts, but other than that a second release could be super cool!


Elias  2-16-2021
release is fun,it's like a visual novel category but you're the character in it too! Love that they actually give Beek time to conform like he's doing the actions. Thanks for creating this game! Love your art too uwu!


YoTeddyBear  2-8-2021
This release is ok, but I really doing enjoy the texting aspect. I hate just sitting here waiting for Beek to respond. I desire to be the one exploring all these places. You are basically just an advisor, and that makes this release extremely boring, especially when you are just starting at a text image the whole time.


Mr Mix  2-6-2021
fantastic game,loved the story, although a bit weird at the end,it was beautiful Good,if there is a Break 2 to continue their tale I'll run it no doubt,I instruct playing this text novel


Nick Grey  2-1-2021
excellent release


CODE: V  1-26-2021
Love the release but Can you add a timer talk next chat


Mr.Puppet Animation  1-24-2021
It's excellent game,but it sometimes got annoying with the info


Jessi TheGhost  1-23-2021
1.The protagonist is not a extremely excellent character. I gain that we're supposed to direct the tale by advising him, but he has hardly any agency, even in life-threatening situations. Gets annoying quickly. 2. The mechanic is interesting, but hurts the story. Beek messages you at inappropriate times. If you're being attacked by monsters, why could you waste time and leave yourself open by texting? Breaks the illusion. 3. About as hilarious as an episode of the large Bang Theory. 4. Art is alright.


Person  1-18-2021
value paying the 4 dollars for the images, excellent stuff!


Ganroi Mossang  1-18-2021
I love this category of releases 💖


Arturo Vegas  1-12-2021
Honestly its a extremely speedy release from start to complete and does not offer tons more after you complete the tale mode, with other releases offering more pictures, characters, and side quests.


Guardian DireWolf  1-9-2021
excellent release


Onyx Alagasia  1-3-2021
The pauses between reach are understandable, but it makes it harder. All of the sudden, I have 12 messages I need to read and am frantically hitting pause. I could prefer just getting one message and then the plot pausing until the edition is opened. Although the topical system is more realistic, it isn't a excellent genre of realism. I love the tale and characters, but not the real-life headaches of texting.


Indica Unicorn  1-2-2021
could be better if you didn't have to buy the photos and instead of getting the whole pack why not just permit the gamester receive one at a time as they are taken/sent? Like a normal message? And also it could be fantastic if the message actually responded like a normal message so the gamester can declare their own thing and then the release answer or not based on what is going on so it isn't too drawn out or revealing to fast.


Draquenvar  12-26-2020
intimations *would* have been nice, if it'd just send ONE. I did not enjoy a few weeks of waiting between messages to contact an ending sequence with no save point, having to start over completely. Annoyingly, tale can proceed when closed, as others have mentioned. Even IF you buy the pack (I haven't), you cannot "bookmark" without clearing it. For being text-based, the grammar/etc. needs work. It's a productive release that I desire to love - unfortunately, the execution leaves tons to be desired.


Emran Ismail  12-26-2020
excellent novel but I wish we had more visuals to go with it! I like two characters (bear and werewolf) but I'm sadden we don't gain to see enough of them. I desire more pics of them. We need more furry boys in our lives


sparkys studio  12-16-2020
Is it weird that I discover conveniences in talking to beek but it's a wonderful release


Art Chapman  11-30-2020
I havent playee because i think smartphones maxx isnt compatable


Ore-sama Don'taddme  11-26-2020
Nice. IF ONLY I would watch adverts to open up pictures sent to me, that could be perfect. Edit: I didn't even have the edition open but the tale moved on its own lol. Beek never messaged me again, it said-- cause I never "replied" when he/she was at church surrounded by mages. Have to restart everything. Can't even skip to the parts where I can just answer.


bow wow09  11-21-2020
I love how a certain quantity of time needs to pass before you gain another text, so that you can't just blast across the game, or gain bored of it. However, while I'm reading the texts, there's this decreasing bar. What is that for?


P5YCH0 K1LLJ0Y  11-20-2020
I love this release so tons ;^; it's so touching and I beautiful tons got all of the ending..I love this release so I'll rate this 5


Saberton  11-18-2020
Slow progress throughout the story, wish the in release time was faster


Gabriel Mendoza  11-15-2020
This release is sow enjoyment I even grown attached to the characters even when the messeges gain sow dozens it's still enjoyment to run and it gives excitement thrill I wish there where more release like this


Heather OwO  11-11-2020
Now, I know this opinion might not be shared by others, and that's fine. (Also spoilers.) I give it four stars because after seeing the characters in supporter art I found them really hot and handsome, that's what compelled me to check it. I don't give it five stars because, even if I was kidnapped by the most appealing men ever, no idea in hell I could care at any point about their feelings. The fact that Akro had the nerve to ask his victim why they didn't trust the kidnappers sent me; I uninstalled.


Sempai Gamer san 2.O  11-2-2020
I open the release the release isn't working it's exhibit black image plz repair it


HadyanHD  10-29-2020
It's really excellent RPG game, but... but you need to pay money to see/unlock the photos... which is a wrong thing...


Male Version Edited By Me  10-29-2020
Ang Ganda Ng Kwento Nakakatense Sya Tsaka Ang Tagal Ng conform HAHAHA Pero Ang Ganda Ng tale Nya Sana Merong Magkaroon Ng tale Ung My photo Naman I Like It ♥♡♥♥♡♡


Justine Padilla  10-28-2020
entirely made me wonder in a fantasy world. I liked it!


Lycan Coon  10-27-2020
Its a extremely excellent game. Ive like it extremely much. It has a extremely excellent felling as if im actually talking to someone else. However their was a time were i had to restart over 😑 because i wasn't able to message him back.. but other than that I enjoyed the game. Can't wait to see whats instore next


BlueLightningWolf :D  10-15-2020
very enjoyment and unique fantasy game!! The chracters look soo good in the photos the audio is relaxing and suits the release soo well im tryin to gain all endings now after just getting the authentic ending it made me shed a tear it was pretty :) can't wait to see the relax and gain all the badges and endings releases soooo fun!!! (But the thing with my notifs even tho im not in vibrate these notifs still do? Cuz i don't desire it to vibrate my smartphone alot especially when he texts a ton of messages


dfvdsqgfqds fqdsfeazf  10-13-2020
A extremely original release (of those you do not anything alike anywhere AFAIK), telling the genre of stories I really love, featuring the genre of characters I really love, trying to build a relationship in a idea I really love. I have not been far in the release for the moment. There does not seem to be dozens diverse musics (music looping as ambiant track) but the few ones never gain me tired. The first pics I have discovered so far looks goddamn sweet. I could like the tale to newest forever so bad.


War Frame  9-27-2020
Bug Found! Beek's newest text were "alright then. i'll gain back to you when we've completed talking." But i've been in this text and when i close the release for about 15 mins, it start over from the "i'll exhibit it to akro and veeph and see if they know anything."


Lin Mizuchi  9-26-2020
enjoyment i just hope this release is not slight like an hour long


Generally  9-16-2020
extremely interesting story, gameplay is solid (because its beautiful simple) and I like the characters.


France Sojie  9-15-2020
intimations not working


province renovence  9-14-2020
wonderful game! And i got the authentic ending in my first playthrough! Nice!


Deepbluesea  9-11-2020
Really love this release


Draika The Dragon  9-4-2020
It's an wonderful game!


MF-Reality Tyme  8-26-2020
beautiful excellent release


king of hearts  8-25-2020


Heather Jones  8-15-2020
I ADORE this game. It's enjoyment & simple. I saw others thought the time between sets was either to long or short but I thought it was fine as I would gain back to it always I was ready, and mostly, was able to pause to seize up. I only had 2 glitches. The first was when they're attacked in the library, it didn't pause so I would seize up before it decided to ignore so I missed a tale chance. And at the end, when they're trying to send Beek back, it froze. Price is also a bit steep for not a lot...


Jacqueline Acuña  8-11-2020
Love it!


Mr.Monokuma  8-2-2020
fantastic release loved the tale and characters, only had one whole playthrough though. The only problem I have is that it's annoying that I have to pay $4 for some excellent features. If you are bored and have a lot of time I could recommend. Pro tip: Start playing in the morning


Branden Johnson  8-2-2020
The most significant button is the "force next message" option in the settings. I read a tale on my time, not it's.


Gdawg 15  7-31-2020
OMG THIS IS A fantastic release I CRIED FOR AN HOUR WHEN THE tale WAS OVER PLZ execute A SECOND release OR tale PLZ I could LOVE IF YOU DID THAT


Duy Đặng Hoàng  7-24-2020
good chatting generator


Noobs DeSroobs  7-22-2020
wrong writing, no veritable sense of choice as all variants are essentially the same, and extremely unnatural characters. lovely way though.


Samuel louis  7-20-2020
Now this is the genre of release that genre of keeps me brand when im alone😭😭and btw!i forgot that this release has a cool trait or just igc but when u shake ur smartphone the bg of the release shakes hahaha cool🤩🤩


Flaurian Blanchet  7-18-2020
I had a blast playing this game! I just had a little issue at one point in the story, when a lot happens in a short time and the "stop timer" button didn't work well, so I couldn't read and act quickly enough. The characters are well fleshed out, and I liked them a lot! That's why I bought the update pack ^^


kai zu  7-17-2020
I liked it even if it was short it was a good release


Chris Afton  7-14-2020
Man come on I desired to see what they in the bathe


Matty Sky  6-23-2020
Recently I have reinstalled the edition in another account, I really do like the release but now for some motive it doesn't makes it past the loading screen, it just fades into black and it stays like that, I've tried restarting it and reinstalling it but it's not working


Kyle Mackenzie  6-21-2020
I just completed my first playthrough of the tale and I can't wait to go back and check some diverse paths! Using text conversation permits this release do some enjoyment things like making it intractable to text in some situations and permit the character express himself more than just a pure text story. The pauses between certain periods (Such as sleeping and eating) had me eagerly waiting for when I could gain another message, and helped spot out the game. The purchase was definitely value it based on the price.


recon wolf  6-13-2020
Phenomanal to a point i wish that the release had more liberty to it like giving us the photos for gratuitous and then the relax thats already needing to buy to gain it stays the same


Alter  6-12-2020
each time I open the edition it's just a black image


Grimnir stormcrow  6-11-2020
Its more of. choose your own adventure novel than an actual release but it cool conceptually..and the times between texts guve it a bit more realism to the conversatuon..its gratuitous ro rwad but 3.99 if you desire to try out the photos but theyre cool enough to execute it value it...i only wish it was more AI like where i can category and have my own conversations even if its not directly tied to the tale but could add that extra depth


James Walker  6-3-2020
It's excellent but the time between the characters text and their reaction times is idea off.


Kazya Glaedwine  6-3-2020
first thing, it didn't match how swift I could category depending on feelings. second, who's this Beek? He's like dumb dumb. unrealistic. third, can't he just take a photo of it instead of explaining?


Goddess Smooth  6-2-2020
It's alright but paying for pictures is just dumb. If this release is supposed to be a veritable time text simulator then the pictures must be free. In veritable life I don't have to pay extra to recieve pictures so why is it even a thing?


Aimi ad  5-27-2020
I love this game💕💕


Shamel Elham Suhaimi  5-26-2020
Akro is lovely af. The whole tale was well made. 11/10 could like to see Akro


Matthew  5-24-2020
This release is really addictive especially during epidemic, it's a enjoyment interactive release with really excellent narrative stories. Klondike plz execute more releases like this Thx (>_<)


Jean To nguyen  5-24-2020
Is weird cause i can t run anymore when i open the edition there s the black and red stripes for a second and it just becomes black.


Indo Burst Blader  5-23-2020
This is really great!!!


Freddy PlushBear  5-22-2020
How long do i have to wait because the image goes black after it does the red trangle thingy?


Chicken Chan  5-21-2020
I discover this release enjoyment but what threw me off was for someone trying to rescue a person in a diverse dimension we apparently have extremely little to say. I believe there must be more variants to express our (the readers) curiosity and or our personalitys rather than the fundamental variants like calm them down or don't text back. Maybe add more variants like what you would declare to calm them, to truly execute us feel integrated like we actually have an influence but aside from that, I think y'all are doing great👍


RED WEREWOLF  5-21-2020
The tale is ok this far. But went at the beginning. I ignore her text to permits the release know that I cant believe what he said. But ignore or not the release just maintain play like I believe that and doesn't give any negative answers each respond just helping him. I know it wrong but doesn't have negative respond execute this release less realistic. I mean if someone unknown chat you in the center nowhere they will block it. they must have dialog declare like "I dont believe you" or" are you drunk"


JanMi Di  5-21-2020
This release which emulates a conversation with a lost spirit, who conveniently has a phone. The chat conversation take a span of 2 minutes or less per session and you can disclose CG depending on your choices. While the CG is well value it, Skip style and Bookmark style are severely lacking. In Skip Mode, you'll skip on the waiting time for every session, but still have to go across the seconds Beek "types" his messages. Bookmark won't save your progress or flags, which... why even bother?


Red Scarf Neil Whisker  5-18-2020
Its awesome! So may unexpected roads challenging choices!


R. G.  5-13-2020
They posted a indication to their release which makes getting all ends a lot more enjoyment since you don't have to check a lot without a swift style


Heru Trimurwanto  5-13-2020
What's with the non stop chat? Is this even a game?


Meta Xylene  5-10-2020
It was a charming experience, especially near the end there, the ost really brings out the magic. But there's really not tons going on, with the content, the conversation between you and Beek, the characters, and the writing. It's a loosely threaded tale at best, there's little snippets of the characters here and there, but too open ended to be immersive. The guys who did the art and soundtrack are beautiful good!


nota quality meme depresso espresso  5-9-2020
A little tons for the pictures as they lack a bit and isnt tons in the long play the tale flipped around a bit and some spelling errors also when I got the bath pic I expected "more" to be sincere cause how beek was playing on if you're going to execute us pay execute it value our money


Josh Collado  5-7-2020
I feel the idea they handle the pay to run was awful. At least permit me see an screen to see if the art is good.


John Sanchez  5-5-2020


kwangyae  5-3-2020
Ugh, not to complain, but as soon as I downloaded this release info kept ringing like each 2 minutes. Also, I discover the pics quite annoying as you have to pay to see them!!! Lastly, the tale doesn't execute you feel extremely involved, and Beek seems extremely chatty and I feel like this release could ameliorate if WE were the character Beek or something.... I got so bored of this release for literally half an hour because Beek wouldn't stop whining and uninstalled it asap. Sorry if I seem too judgmental! Xx


Khanh Hoang  5-2-2020
I love it. It might takes you at least 4 days to complete the tale but the run mode is somewhat unique. It feels like I have a buddy who live in the Furry world. Somehow I wish this is real.


i really want to kill myself  4-17-2020
So I really like the veritable time concept of the release where you have to wait minutes or hours in order to discover out what happens next. It really makes it feel like you're talking to someone, like the release desires you to. My only criticism is that you (the person you run as) has extremely little variants to declare and even though Beek bonds with you, it really feels like there is nearly no connection on the gamesters part due to little variants and how Beek does 90% of the talking in the conversations you have.


that one furry  4-12-2020
excellent release i really like there releases


S Emhecht  4-12-2020
Just really not that enjoyment to be an observer who gives solution rather than the actual major character. Plus I'd rather just pay a one time fee to disclose all the CG instead of playing across the boring story. Beek really sucks as a character, someone you'd see at an anime con and go out of your idea to avoid. Also, devs, you're missing the point: the timer system needn't be tweaked for "reading speeds." The mechanic is simply not enjoyment to begin with, like a needy GF who needs you to text back NOW.


mubai li  4-8-2020
很不错但我想反馈一个bug 手机开了英文游玩后每次退出再次进入字体都会变成白白的长条需要再次更改字体才可解决 机型小米8se


Ana Trejo Segador  4-5-2020
After finishing the release and getting what I hope is the excellent ending, I can't describe in words how tons I love the tale of this game. Just thank you for making such a pretty game. Thank you.


SEES Portable  4-5-2020
Its super excellent and mysterious!!!


Kai Leverett  4-4-2020
fantastic interactive tale so far, but as a former comment has stated, it's a bit lengthy on the time between texts.i also don't feel the want to purchase the pics, because I'm waiting to be hooked onto the actual story, and once I feel like I'm getting there, I'm waiting for hours again I had to uncover the creators artwork so I knew what genre of work I'd be spending $ on. If the first pic would be unlocked, it could be a fantastic preview for those unfamiliar with your work. Good-job!


Andres Villalobos  4-3-2020
I wish there was more :c


W.  4-2-2020
For a release that relies so heavily on dialogue, I was unhappy to see that the writing felt so... cringy. The character Beek's idea of talking feels beautiful off- It's intractable to be descriptive and have action in the context of a conversation over 'texting.' It has a lot of potential, but when the 'graphics' (i.e. photos) are something that needs to be bought, the writing must be able to execute up for it.


karma  4-1-2020
The tale is nicely written and the fact that it is veritable time makes it more immersive. I give it a 10/10.


Kinta Naomi  4-1-2020
I like this, but desire to pause the game. How do I pause it?


S4RM4  3-26-2020
Exelent job! I realy LOVE it! After playing this I felt so alive and cheared. The tale is gorgeous along with the audio and the idea the surroundings were described begived me their world that excellent that the screen wasnt needed. They all made me feel fantastic and putted a excellent mood on me! However, there's a problem with the timer - even when paused, time is still flowing and i had lesser problems with that. All in all, fantastic game! I could have loved if you execute another one like this! :D


Fudanshi - Kun  3-26-2020
This release is reaaaaally good!!! It feels just as if you are really part of the release and is a extremely intetactive one! The ending, well... I don't wanna spoil it. But it was the best! Especially with those graphics too huehue.


Nathan McAllister  3-26-2020
I do love this release a lot. The only thing I didn't expect is to have to wait for certain quantity of time to continue the story. But that makes it so tons more interesting and realistic than other games.


Vincent Fields  3-26-2020
Love it


Debugger Bear  3-25-2020
great concept for a little game. Interesting story. beautiful CGs. Frustrating replayability. In order to replay the release you still have to do all of the communication in "real time" which makes hunting down missing CGs a gigantic pain, especially considering there are wrong endings that just kill off Beek for seemingly no reason. At one point he literally says "I'm standing near a cliff" and proceeds to slip and fall to his death like an idiot.


Lorenzo Pinon  3-25-2020
[Bugs update] Hello! First off, I loved the game! Anyways, I have discovered some bugs that seemed to happen occasionally (Player replies hang up at 4th day (specifically near one of the endings) and always I restart the edition (like, respond across second day and etc., The actual newest message from beek wasn't there, but random messages that weren't associated to the newest conversation. You can do it guys!


Skyslayerstar Starlow  3-25-2020
I like it. Though with not tons content to give. The time between texts is unrealistic in dozens situations too. You have 3 mini problems in this micro novel. That cause a large problem for what you might be trying to achieve. Not enough content, not what dependents are looking for, nothing to exhibit value than a tale that even so doesnt convince me to pay for the pictures sadly. Need to take it to the next level. More story/content and execute it a edition to buy. Give us more things to see so we desire to buy it.


- Omelulu -  3-22-2020
That was AWESOME! I didn't really gain immersed at first for a motive I don't know. It just all felt normal. But when *that* --I'm not gonna spoil it-- happened, it felt awesome! Perhaps as if I felt the magical in the tale as well! It felt a bit sudden but I felt the magic, the victory, and then the parting at the end of the story. It made my emotions go again. I think the soundtrack played a enormous part on that! Thank you for this fantastic adventure!!


Raghtor D  3-17-2020
I think... Looks excellent to playing, then.. This game.... Have good tale that idea i'll run this release and rate it '<' but.. I desire to know who's beek?, why we rescue him? '<', Album just all Friend's Beek hopely i desire to see Beek and all His buddy on the picture for Ending series... I mean excellent ending? -Then i desire declare again sorry if my English so bad/too bad/and u cant underston (-/\-)-


Lead Boo  3-15-2020
good VN and all but having to wait a whole day for recent dialogue is the bane of my existence.


Pheydenz  3-12-2020
Love the release but after my 1st play i cant seem to gain the any achievments for the endings


Reyno Athalla  3-10-2020


Payton spring paw 124  3-9-2020
The only problem I have is that you can't see some of the screens without paying for the whole release other than that it sounds wonderful and it's like you're actually talking with someone


Tiberion Jraxiosn  3-9-2020
i dont feel like i belong


Aki BigButt  3-8-2020
I can't run the release after I redownload it on my phone. I could love to gain the CG and all but the release doesn't work no matter what I do.


Dhkc Fjdkd  3-7-2020
The tale is ok the fact that it has veritable time is a hinderence to both the gamester skeduel and the releases flow ontop of that the release makes you pay to look at the imiges could not recimend for thows resons i would transaction with one or the other but haveing to transaction with both ruens the release


Austin Lam  3-6-2020
Edited: Just completed most part of the release and I guess it ended up beautiful good. Still a little offputting with the long intervals between conversation. I could propose to add in a visual timer so we would at least see


Dalton Rybka  3-6-2020
Its not excellent that you have to pay for the photos and have to wait to continue playing.


Richard A  3-2-2020
I desire to love the release but it's very inconvenient that the release forces you to execute a conform before you even know what's going on. I ran out of time several times and even pausing the time bar doesn't stop the timer because it kicked me off from a choice while paused. release is buggy overall. With scrolling up while Beek is replying. Had the release stop replying to me at one point and had to reset the game. I paid for the absolute version and it's feels like a struggle to enjoy.


Nathan La'maire  2-29-2020
Interesting release idea, but the tale is genre of straightforward, and too intractable to execute a excellent ending, for me I made BEEK died only just I'm heroic (I don't care anything about recovery pack, it's OK not to have it) I think it is quite better if you can execute all decisions a excellent ending but diverse ways, especially in your purpose consumer, so that statisfy them.


KudiWolf  2-28-2020
This tale is really good and unexpected, I could declare that I love it. But I have one question to developers: will be there some genre of continue of that story? I could be thankful for respond 🙂


Harley Fullerton-smith  2-27-2020
Feels a little to slow. I wish we would watch adverts to speed up offline times. EDIT: pay to see photos? Seriously??


Trickster  2-27-2020
I'm currently still going across my first play and i have some notes - the release is (up till now) fantastic with the tale telling - i wish the shove notis could be more noticeable (maybe it's just my gadget but the notis don't drop down over other apps, making me have to constantly try if there's been any progress). - a single typo/grammar issue(?) with beek's line starting with "wich" that i thought was ment to be "wish". But all in all i love this release to bits


Amos Teo Hua An  2-25-2020
the tale is good and the interactions are perfect. I whenever think so tons before jumping into any choices.


MC Tronse  2-25-2020
I will give all 5 star out but, release is kinda laggy when scrolling, I'm using the note 8. I like the option to actrually category on the keyboard randomly to give out text....I like the feeling of clicking keyboard from other realtime text game. Btw I like the iphone mode text sound and noti more.. I bought the screen pack and love it !


WOLFORD  2-25-2020
It's a beautiful good role playing release I got the download site from twitter ^w^ Although I wish I would save the screens on the release :/ it looks beautiful good to have it as a wallpaper X3 Edit : when BEEK went to sleep I waited for 6hrs till he wakes up when he did he sent a message but I couldn't conform it just got stuck I waited for 3hrs but still it's still stock I can't conform to BEEK's message so I just reset the release >.< Developer please repair this trouble


Swiftpaw12  2-24-2020
A excellent concept that feels weighed down by having to wait for so long between active sessions. I'm entirely not salty that I can't gain a excellent ending after waiting a week.


荒川千戶  2-23-2020
Changed my mind, this release is actually beautiful damn excellent when it is in Chinese, without awkward English localisation. This release drives tears, I love it!


xJust Zx  2-23-2020
The release itself is really good, but it has one critical problem, which is waiting time for reply, compared to this i could pick to watch adverts from time to time in a one go gameplay instead of waiting for hours to continue



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