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pretty Widgets is your exquisite companion when personalizing your house image with widgets. Be unique, express yourself. Thanks to its multiple customizable widgets and themes in the run Store, you can customize your house image according to your moods and wants with clocks, widgets and weather. You can also view the topical weather and the forecasted weather with pretty animations. Beautiful Widgets was the first product to accomplish one million paid downloads. It was listed as “Google Editor’s choice” for more than one year and has been listed as one of the top 10 paid products in the Google run shop for more than 4 years now. Just like 4 million other pretty widgets users, take advantage of comprehensive weather prediction news and the HD version of your other beloved clock widgets, weather widgets, compatible with smartphones and tablets. Principal functionalities: - Complete clocks widgets (time, date, alarm, etc.) - Multiple widgets (6x4, 6x1 and 6x2 only for tablets) - Download as dozens themes as you like to customize your widgets - Main weather prediction news for your topical address and all preferred cities - Weather intimations from around the world, disclose animations or interactive screensavers (DayDream) - Interactive weather wallpaper - Toggles widgets - Weather animations For more information, visit the website: Important information: - This product cannot be stored on the SD card due to the widgets - We do not guarantee operation on Roms and alternative Homepages - DayDream is only attainable for smartphones 4.2 *** Permissions *** - address : for geolocated forecast - SDCard : to save the themes - Wifi, Bluetooth, System softs : for toggle widgets - Affects battery : for updates - alert : to display the next alarm PressureNet SDK allow us to collect barometric informations to predict a better forecasting and to rescue researchers. *** significant *** We allow more than 15 minutes for the refund terms because we think it is too short. You can reach us from Google Checkout within 24 hours with an explanation on why you are not interested in keeping it. Warning: this do not apply during sales and promotions!



John Anderson  12-17-2020
I've used BW for years and it was great. Now in the newest two weeks the weather widget will not upgrade topical conditions and it thinks I live in Michigan even with force GPS address on. I live in Virginia. I don't believe this will be fixed. No activity from the DEV since 2016.


C R**d  12-17-2020
Sadly it's an abandoned edition that now drains the battery life. Still works but the battery drain has gotten worse and forced me to uninstall it. No updates in 4 years.


Roy Halo  12-17-2020
I love this app. The customizations are awesome. But since upgrade not working.


Curtis Freeman  12-17-2020
Time no longer displayed. No matter what I do the time no longer displays on the widget. The date and weather work fine. Please proper this trouble or trouble a refund.


Jeff Croop  12-16-2020
All themes are invisible after fresh patch 11, only the primary theme displays properly.


David Ruso  12-16-2020
Used to be the exquisite weather app, I'm using it from 2016, (now on galaxy s20) and don't desire to change it, but need some updates. 1. If you pick weather informations provider "Weather Underground" there is a problem with weather upgrade (writing: unable to refresh due to connection issue), works only on "Accuweather". 2. gadget care whenever notifying about "high battery usage". 3. After system upgrade to smartphones 11, on house image shows only primary themes. Please, take the time to repair that troubles !!!


Joshua Goodman  12-16-2020
Clock won't upgrade kinda useless now


Jan Rothwell  12-15-2020
My Samsung galaxy s20+ has just done an update, but this edition no longer works properly. It will not exhibit the clock or weather on the widget. I've used this edition for years so unhappy it no longer works properly


Jeffrey Bohning  12-14-2020
Used to be the best. Now clock doesn't upgrade properly or maintain proper time. 0


Jimmy De La Garza  12-14-2020
Np longer maintained, only the primary theme works with smartphones 10 on Galaxy S20U


Ben  12-14-2020


Derrick H  12-14-2020
Broken after smartphones v11. mirroring dozens new comments...this WAS a fantastic app, but after the new smartphones release, it's useless. Such a disappointment...


JD  12-14-2020
Loved it until the smartphones 11 update. Now only primary clock and weather widgets come up, everything else is empty


Leslie Turner  12-13-2020
Cool edition


josh harper  12-13-2020
I have used this edition for years.....all of a sudden the clock no longer appears


A Google user  12-13-2020
Used this 10 years no problem. Come on guys upgrade your app, only primary works now, 5 to 1 says something


Hugh Weller-Lewis  12-12-2020
Was my go-to house image edition for at least 10 years. Now doesn't reinstall properly with phone/tablet updates. Have persevered despite the irritations, but am now giving up! The freaking edition hasn't been upgraded since 2016, for goodness sake! And the website/support centre no longer exists. Don't install this app.


Ian Newton  12-12-2020
Stopped updating weather or battery with smartphones 10. Devs, how about testing with smartphones 10, fixing and posting an update? As a work-around uninstalling and reinstalling appears to repair weather updates, accept all permissions and start with set defaults.


A Google user  12-11-2020
The clock widget won't update. Reached out to dev twice. No response. I guess this legacy widget edition is finally dead.


A Google user  12-10-2020
Doesn't seem to be supported anymore. Time to discover something recent


Ron Thompson  12-8-2020
Used to be great, now no updates in FOUR years! This is why developers have issue charging for apps! I'm not paying money for editions that they may stop developing over time! Avoid this edition because you WON'T EVER gain updates any longer.


Chris Jacobs  12-6-2020
Doesn't work well with smartphones 11.


Jason Abrazaldo  12-3-2020
Clock and weather no longer auto refresh. This used to be the exquisite clock/weather widget. Now unusable. It says it has been 480hrs since newest refresh. ?? repair this.


A Google user  12-2-2020
I bought this a long time ago, and it's gotten slowly worse over time. Now that I'm on smartphones v11 it's flaky and doesn't even look extremely good. The widgets don't cover them territory they used to and leave half the expected fill territory blank. I'm not liking it extremely tons anymore, so starting to look for something else. Maybe a combination information and weather widget application...


Tia Layne  12-1-2020
I love my pretty widgets edition I paid for. I just recently got the recent Samsung note 10 and all the clocks exhibit unless naked mountain. Why is this? What can I do to repair this? I love my clock and desire to maintain it.


Jamat Ali  11-30-2020
Clock stops refreshing the time.


A Google user  11-29-2020
For 6 years I have loved these widgets, but it's been over 4 years since the newest update, and parts of the widget don't work correctly. smartphones is now on v11, and this edition really needs to be brought up to current. I'd hate to go looking for a replacement, but maybe I've already gotten my money's worth, and upgrade my own views.


David Lee  11-28-2020
This once pretty ship has sunk down to the bottom of abandon edition sea, and never to gain another upgrade again.


Philippe Fossier  11-28-2020
Used to be fantastic but no longer works under the fresh smartphones game


A Google user  11-23-2020
edition is strongly in need of update, and has become a large battery drain


A Google user  11-22-2020
exquisite and beloved edition for yrs! No other comes close!


Robert Fecher  11-17-2020
upgrade 11/17/20: My clock widget isn't updating the time. It refreshes when it feels like it. Sometimes (if the time hasn't refreshed) I can go into the world clock and it will refresh, but not always. fantastic configuration capability. I've got a couple editions and they look just like I desire them to!


Jen G  11-17-2020
Running battery down quickly.


Juan Pena Jr.  11-17-2020
I've had this edition for years.. Doesn't maintain time now and for some motive I've been charged for it AGAIN during this fresh download.. Can't even gain a refund.. location this and I'll change my review


Richard Quashie  11-16-2020
Older versiob


Steve Hickman  11-14-2020
Not compatible with smartphones 11. I've been a delighted usufructuary of the pro version over the years and it's been fantastic with several HTC and Samsung smartphones but it doesn't work on my recent Google Pixel 5 🙁


Van K  11-14-2020
Been using this weather edition for about 5 years. Still the exquisite


D Downey  11-13-2020
Been pro usufructuary for years. Custom clock no longer works. Looks like sorry has stopped


Gary Beeson  11-12-2020
Used to be good. Used to! Was one is the exquisite clock widgets out there. The newest several years have seen problems with the weather, click and address not updating at all!! Tried to repair by uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works. I'm done!


John Biegel  11-12-2020
fantastic app, so dozens ideas to set up your widgets.


David Snyder  11-9-2020
Abandoned.. a veritable pity as this was one of my beloved editions for years...


Bud Stahley  11-3-2020
Hasn't been upgraded since 2016. Loved this app. Now on smartphones 11. It will only play with primary skins. Sad... Because it really was a fantastic app!


GM Serino  11-2-2020
Not upgraded since 08/25/14. edition crashes & clock disappears. After fresh smartphones upgrade my Galaxy S10 showed message stating edition made for older versions. Once my beloved clock app. Developers don't answer to users. I purchased paid version & they don't care. WHY WON'T run shop REMOVE NONWORKING, UNSUPPORTED / DISCONTINUED APPS?


A Google user  11-1-2020
Been using this widget for a long time, and maintain coming back to it. I do wish the developer could do a refresh to maintain it current. For everyone that just upgraded to smartphones 11, you need to remove your wedget themes, and add them back to gain them to work again.


Will E  11-1-2020
Used to be great. Doesnt work with recent smartphones versions. Hasnt been upgraded since 2016 so I have to discover a recent one.


Markus Hirsch  11-1-2020
Worked fine for years. Now the weather widget doesnt work anymore. Only shows "tap tp retreive" always. Reinstalled but no luck. fantastic shame for otherwise fine app. Please fix.


Patrick  10-27-2020
Was fantastic now it's terrible. Will not display weather icons anymore on OnePlus 8 Pro. Tried getting diverse themes and reinstalling. fantastic that I paid for this at one point and now it is useless


Pun Deerwater  10-24-2020
It's all excellent


Michael T. Delgado  10-24-2020
Used this for years and years with the exception of maybe the past 1.5 yrs. I remembered to install it again with my last smartphone but something is missing,there used to be so tons more news in the expanded absolute page weather display. It used to give pollen count,UV, and tons more all at a glance. I wish that was still attainable in such a speedy straight format. Still 5 stars,this is near and dear and so useful.


The Clouded Barber  10-23-2020
The edition is not updating weather on the widget


Luke Brickley  10-22-2020
But now details that used to work don't. I used to be able to tap my clock to deliver up my alert settings. Now there is no idea to even site to the alert app. Granted I bought this a long time ago, I don't see why you could start removing features.


saurabh kumar  10-20-2020
No development since years that too in paid version. Google must remove such garbages who don't monitor their editions


A Google user  10-18-2020
newest upgrade was May 9, 2016! Do I need to declare more? finish junk that doesn't work. Stay away!


A Google user  10-18-2020
I've been a paid usufructuary since the days of my Galaxy S3, but it doesn't work with my recent smartphone (S20). I really hope that it gets upgraded to stay current, because I love the ability to customize my house image with it.


jon dean  10-17-2020
Had the edition for years and loved it. But it looks to be a dead project. No upgrade for four years. With smartphones 11 the time no longer shows in the widget. So long BW, loved it while it worked


Karl Nelson  10-17-2020


Peter Brown  10-17-2020
I found the repair for smartphones 10 users. Forget about Power options. Go into the Battery settings, locate the BW app, and turn off monitoring of its battery use. Solved! track UP: Well, now I'm on smartphones 11 and the only clock theme that shows up in the widget, is the primary clock. Will permit you know if I discover a fix. Really wish the developers of BW Pro could ponder updating their app. =(


Revilleza Lucky  10-14-2020
What happened to the weather app?


A Google user  10-14-2020
excellent information ancient USERS! You can gain this work in recent smartphones but you have to go to settings->apps->permissions->autostart, pick app.. Or something suchlike depending of smartphone model. I got Xiaomi MIUI 12. recent smartphones got so dozens power saving systems so that they block editions working.


Marcus K  10-13-2020


A Google user  10-12-2020
I try in with this edition each few years or so. unhappy that the developers seemed to just take my money and go.


Aleksandr Strizhevskiy  10-11-2020
The clock is whenever wrong. It gets stuck or something. And my smartphone complains about all the battery it's draining. Disappointed with this widget. Wish we would gain HD Widgets back.


Chris Jordon  10-11-2020
I have also had this edition for years and loved it, but the weather updates have stopped working (clock still works) and nothing seems to gain them working. I'm so disappointed that I will need to go to another app.


Hendrik Velloen  10-11-2020
It used to be a extremely excellent and flexible widget for clocks/weather with plenty downloadable skins. Now it just sucks, nothing works


Martin Blank  10-11-2020
aid has stopped for this once fantastic app. Doesn't work on a Pixel 3 with smartphones 11 and I guess it never will.


A Google user  10-9-2020
BEEN ABANDON Wow, lot of changes to one of the exquisite editions on the market. I really enjoy the work these guys have done over the years. This time around maybe not as much. The interface has changed a lot, and seem to be more steps to gain the same results than before. After getting the hang of the recent interface I have to confess I like what I see, but will still be confusing to some of the newbies to BW. UPDATE: Calendar doesn't update, the clock widge doesn't maintain the proper system time on Note 10.


A Google user  10-9-2020
These new reviews are all ridiculous. Been using this widget since the day it was released and it still works great. Exclude the edition from optimization, maintain it in memory and it works great. This behavior is not recent as you literally could need to do the same with any other edition on Android. I just really don't understand the hate as I've used this on no less than 20 gadgets over the newest 10 or so years and it has whenever worked fine. Abandoned, yes. Still works just fine.


William Baxter  10-7-2020
Hasn't been upgraded in years. Themes do not work with smartphones 10. This edition is officially worthless.


L W  10-7-2020
No longer updates time


Taran Allen  10-7-2020
Need to upgrade 😫


Ray Tobin  10-5-2020
Needs a upgrade !! Not upgraded since 2016


rokkitgurl  10-5-2020
The edition no longer works. Devs have abandoned the app.


Curtis White  10-4-2020
This no longer works with smartphones 11 and it has been abandoned. instruct you don't pay for it as the brand refuses to respond.


Julien Neidballa  10-3-2020
This edition used to be awesome, but since I upgraded to smartphones 11 it no longer works properly. Such a shame, my prior rating was a 5.


Evan E  10-2-2020
Pro usufructuary for years now but like others have said clocks are no longer keeping time. Will change back to 5 stars but developers have to maintain up with updates. I presume it has to do with new smartphones system updates. Using a Galaxy S8+ currently.


kyle sedgwick  10-2-2020
no skins work on smartphones 11.


amanda l  10-1-2020
Can't refresh weather without it getting an error message


Bret Burnett  9-30-2020


Meghan Miller  9-30-2020
Genuinely devastated that this edition doesn't work anymore. It's been half of my homescreen for a decade, and when it worked, it was a five star app, no question. But it doesn't work on smartphones 10, so I guess it's time to declare goodbye.


Kerijin  9-29-2020
I could like the developers to gain back to this or game code so others can. That said, for those finding clock broken or Battery reports.. It's the smartphones settings /update. You have to go into smartphones settings /apps /bw/battery and turn off optimization. That's the only repair that worked so far. Currently, clock trouble is fixed. All else works as beautifully as ever


Amanda Bunch  9-25-2020
I've been a pro usufructuary of this edition for YEARS. I've had it on multiple Samsung phones. It's one of the few editions I actually paid for over the years because it's that good. But it stopped working. The clock does not update. I've contacted the developer multiple times with no response. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. The clock refuses to update. I desperately desire this edition to work again, it's my time and weather and take sup half of my homescreen - that's how significant it is to me. Please repair this.


A Google user  9-25-2020
Google upgrade on 9-23-20 ruined the pretty widget app. I've been using this edition since it was new. Now it doesn't work at all. Don't gain this app!


d0ns7er  9-24-2020
No longer being supported, must be removed from run store.



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