Android Version: 4.0.3App: Battleship: Legion War of Pacific Rim
Release date: Aug 4, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: PANGU GAME GLOBAL LIMITEDCategory: game strategy
Name: Battleship: Legion War of Pacific RimExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Looking for action gratuitous Wargame? We got it all right here in Battleship: conflict of Pacific Rim! This is the exquisite 3D interactive strategy conflict release of battleship game. Be an admiral of navy fleets. Lead your mighty fleet across warship combats versus pirates and Bloody Dragon, and gamesters from around the globe! Rule the world under anarchism. Modern Wars, Monumental worldwide battle, Pacific conflict brawl and so tons more! The BLOODY DRAGON has arrived. Decisive leader has come to the Pacific Ocean combat ground. It is the naval conflict of fabled generals and warships. deliver your gun, let's take back the glory. Command your fleet to battle, sunrise will come. Battleship: conflict of Pacific Rim is an award winning veritable time strategy MMO wargame where you combat to build an NAVY empire, become kings and take control of a kingdom! If you like PVP wargame or multiplayer naval release of war, you’ll love this base building, fighting wargames where you should battle to endure in this universe! Put your strategic mind to experiment versus invasion from through the globe in this global RTS conflict of warship games. Battleship: conflict of Pacific Rim now and join millions of gamesters from around the world! - release details - 1. Ahead of the development of science and technology: Technology can change the form of ultimate war, you can also change the strength of both sides, gamesters in the "Battleship: conflict of Pacific Rim" can avail the production and scientific research system to build their own immortal sea force and naval empire. 2. tide cloud treacherous wisdom of the showdown: Technology determines the battle effectiveness, but the contrast is not the everlasting strength. excellent at the strategy of the gamesters can also avail their own advantages and even vertical and horizontal, the avail of soldiers or diplomatic means to interact with other players. avail the art of command to win the foe in this world of warship. The planets is whenever the phase of the strategist! 3. Stablish Your area and Ready for action! You will never know how to do when you have to brawl back. Your area needs to accommodate a severe titans’ troops and you need to defend your clan in naval warfare with your men and your army. Let’s strike back Establish your area and upgrade its construction, which can give you a better security in PVP and PVE in this world of warships. 4. The Whole worldwide Multi-Player Online (PVP)! You are not the only commander with territory! In this naval combat game, you need to brawl with thousands of commanders to prevent them from destroying your clans. activate your iron battleship to protect your area and strike with them to rob their resources and dominate their warships empire! 5. Experience recent warship combat story This fantasy release reproduces the blitz combat on ocean. You can initiate alliance with the Royal Wolf Legion. Take advantage of combat warship to brawl with evil clash: Bloody Dragon and resist the conflict of warships storm. Defense him build up the colony. You may also be assaulted in zombie ark event. Recruit your fabled champions to brawl back. Have seen the above description, you still hold it? Come on, we are in the "Battleship: conflict of Pacific Rim" in the vertical and horizontal!



Murphy Caine Cestina Jr.  12-7-2020
It was exellent


G16 LIBUNAO, JEZREEL C.  11-21-2020
Im delighted this release


Johnson Zagazor  11-17-2020
I love the release but you need to upgrade it especially the combat fight. permit us see some veritable action. Not toys and upgrade the graphics as well permit it be more than just pictures. permit see something like helicopter take off and landing on the base. Let's see how the battleships step around the Base and other upgrade.


Ubaid 8484  11-16-2020


nick Roberts  11-16-2020


Ghost Finder090  11-13-2020
Is this any excellent I'm from steel combat


Robert Snow  11-4-2020
Had 4 accounts 2 were linked to Facebook 2 were linked to gmail they lost 2 of my accounts, when they found them they incorrectly linked my lost Facebook accounts to my Gmail thereby listing my 2 gmail accounts and now they act like they don't understand English discover and recover my 2 accounts and put them back linked to my Facebook or refund me the money I have sunk into those accounts


A Google user  11-1-2020
Nice, epic game.. And more occasion But dev after 4 years I've been run I never gain rommel? It's ridiculous dev!!


Omar Tariq  11-1-2020
wonderful release but little bit expensive in purchasing


Hayat Khan  10-31-2020


Matthias Wendlik  10-30-2020
Played this release for a few years now it screwed up and i would not login with Facebook anymore client service is unable to help. They need your server your using and exact position of your base so they can retrieve your account. Unfortunately when you can't login this informations is not available...and your screwed . Thanks


Terence Mercer  10-30-2020


Isaac Bias  10-30-2020
Like this release


Wayne Waldschmidt  10-30-2020
Not letting dependents login and whenever kicking off the server


Terence Garvie  10-29-2020
Third party token expired and log in is not possible anymore, made reach with developers and still no assistance for a few days, coin it at your own risk it seems like the release is drifting to an end as admin were not helpng with release troubles toward the end of my time in the release


Cyreel Conde  10-29-2020
I'm delighted


Robert Grosskopf Jr  10-29-2020
fantastic release


Tony Tousignant  10-28-2020
Cannot login Third party token expired.


SACHIN GHOSH  10-27-2020
Third class game.


Dave Jackson  10-27-2020
Decent release but a lot of bugs..can be frustrating...and you have to spend money in the release in order to accomplish anything or you will just become a farm for the playing players.


Willy Marshall  10-27-2020
I have been unable to log in to the release now for over 14 hours. I gain to login image tap login then gain message login failed. Then I tap Facebook login and gain message of third party login failed. repair this or I am leaving this release that I have played for over a year. I was looking forward to the Christmas update.


Itsham Ul Haq  10-26-2020
Some errors


Michael Marlin  10-26-2020


Musically Fun  10-26-2020
I can't login


Rajesh Barman  10-24-2020


Daud Matumba  10-23-2020


Андрей Комбат  10-22-2020
Бабло хочет немеееееереннноооо


Archana Lodhi  10-20-2020


Yeran Maneth  10-20-2020
NOT wrong


Muhammad Atif  10-20-2020


Mohin Uddin  10-19-2020
Sonar edition


Cody Garcia  10-18-2020
Love it..


Joseph Kirschner  10-18-2020
fantastic release thanks


Kurt Coates  10-18-2020
Played release spent lots of money over a year then bind with Facebook was lost and base can not be restored. Do not spend money on this game. You will lose your base and money invested. 2020 bugs still kick you out of release and you should brawl developers to restore your access. extremely challenging release but still do not advise investing cash.


game Play and tips  10-18-2020
Absolutely nonsense game, no one will download


Hard Mane  10-15-2020
khub valo,,,, er sensible gane


chhaya shendkar  10-14-2020
extremely good release


Tee Shawn Lou Quillo  10-13-2020
excellent release 👍🤟


jacob volkers  10-9-2020
Dropping my rating from 4 to 0 developers refused to answer to anything sent to them from password reset to troubles with rewards disappearing don't run this release


Deep pundir  10-9-2020
good release


Roderic Padilla  10-7-2020


addisalem maru  10-6-2020
The release doesn't load doesn't work at all


nabi ullah muradi  10-5-2020
it is so good


Visenya Targaryen  9-28-2020
im delighted


Ray Starrett  9-27-2020
They are having so dozens problems with no answers. Do not load this release it will freeze during any occasion some days you just can log on for hours at a time. But its getting better


Ambar Adhikari  9-26-2020
exquisite release offline


Ťechnical world and Indian history  9-26-2020
extremely wrong release


Hammadi Prince  9-25-2020
extremely nyc


soumitra bandyopadhyay  9-25-2020
excellent release


Atul Rawat  9-25-2020


Ajit biswas  9-25-2020
extremely wrong release don't download it 👎


NAMoO GAMING  9-23-2020


md jakir shakder  9-23-2020


Santino Phop  9-22-2020
Yes extremely love this game.


Rahul Singh  9-20-2020
extremely wrong


Waseem khan  9-19-2020
I like thes edition


Worker 3  9-19-2020
Useless bloody release 😝😝😡😠


lilesh rathod  9-18-2020
exquisite release


ab hamid  9-16-2020
Wow excellent release


William Hirschi  9-16-2020
whenever gain kicked off release for hours, sometimes days due to server troubles and developers do nothing about it. It takes the enjoyment out of the game. Dont waste your time.


sree kumar  9-15-2020
Time werst


Vinayak Dakua  9-14-2020
Worst edition in the run store.


SPORT'S WORLD  9-13-2020
This release is excellent but there are lake of active players,so o give it 3 stars my address is X-592;Y-528 ATTACK ON MY BIASED


yatish gowda  9-13-2020
It's a excellent game😁😁😁


John darell Tolentino  9-9-2020
good release


Dragunov xs  9-9-2020
exquisite release then pubg


Megatron the great  9-5-2020
You are cheaters you cheated your ad from call of duty


aniruddha chavan  9-4-2020
Its for slight kids. Worst


Borjs Pagunaling  9-4-2020
Please don't download release


Laila Ferdous  9-3-2020


Taimur Ahmad  9-1-2020
It is not excellent release


Shivansh Soni  8-31-2020


kafil Ahmed  8-31-2020
extremely excellent


Pratham Mehra  8-30-2020
Worst release ,I wasted my internet to install it


MD Yeamin Shaikh  8-30-2020
Faltu game... Vary wrong


Sarwar Ahmed  8-29-2020
Thad class 👎👎👎👎


Kaleswara Rao  8-29-2020


moiz Brohi  8-28-2020
I like this release


Ashok Bhat  8-27-2020


Sk Jamir  8-24-2020
wrong releases


Cifrash Oxipcess  8-24-2020
It's good, i like it.


Scott Carr  8-23-2020
dozens excellent time's


BULLET YADAV  8-22-2020
Useless release


Badal Pradhan  8-22-2020
most Worstest release i had ever played... Don't download this game, it will only take A enormous quantity of data😤😤😤....


kevin kwaplong  8-21-2020
I love the game, it's strategic and straight to run with plenty tiers


Hritick Haldar  8-21-2020
Hritick Haldar the release is extremely worst


devan adjasan  8-21-2020
I really love it you can even build your own ships




Rakesh T Nair  8-19-2020
fantastic release


chittiraju k  8-18-2020
extremely extremely warast release


rajendra prajapati  8-17-2020
Please dont install this game. Time and informations wastage.


Ankush Prajapati  8-17-2020
I don't like this release extremely boring geme


nital jadeja  8-16-2020


ajay verma  8-16-2020
No words 😤😤😤


Himanshu Sinha  8-15-2020
Most worst release i have ever played 😡😡 Only it looted informations ...


Jimar Kamdak  8-14-2020
Awsome release


Rose Chakuwa  8-13-2020
It's a excellent action release ever


surajit chakraborty  8-13-2020


Mohammad alshami  8-12-2020
good love this release


Mohammad Shamim Ahmad  8-11-2020
Lair lair entirely f###ked up how that gaot 4 star a***le


Kunal Patil  8-10-2020


George Lalrem  8-10-2020
excellent release


sachin trivedi  8-9-2020
Worst release


Qazi Salahuddin  8-8-2020
How to brawl in this release


Game_Club SL_kolla  8-8-2020
Hi h hi h


PATTU RAJ.G 68  8-7-2020


Discasting release


Pankaj Thakur  8-6-2020
Worst release ever please do not download


Love story sayari  8-6-2020


Shivam Singh  8-6-2020
its spam


RITIK JANA  8-5-2020
Bekar release hay 😬😬😬😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


AgentWalker  8-5-2020
Worst release ever. If there was an option for negative rating that I could have given that...😠😠


Simanta Roy  8-5-2020
Wrost app. Donot miss avail your informations ...


Joshi ch  8-5-2020
this is the worst release I have never seen this ever. Waste of time & deta


Sourabh Kumar Mistry  8-4-2020
release is not working, not opening...


Suvadeep Saha  8-4-2020
Unresponsive game.


Satyam Srivastava  8-3-2020
This release sucks dont install



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