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APP2Speak provides a voice to individuals who have lost the ability to converse and have hardship communicating their desires and needs. It is for adults, adolescents, for mom, or dad, brother or sister. Anyone who needs rescue communicating. APP2Speak is designed for individuals with stroke, apraxia, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, Autism, brain injury and other conditions effecting lecture and communication. APP2Speak helps regain independence across an easy-to-use photo-based app. APP2Speak is a completely functional augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) edition for lecture impaired individuals. Simply touch a pre-loaded picture to talk, or readily customize the edition by adding your own pictures or by taking a picture within the edition itself. The edition uses a pre-recorded (or any voice that you personally record) to converse your message to family and friends. The program provides easy-to-read recommendations and includes a built-in “Help” system, and it requires no peculiar training to initiate the optional “voice” and “photo” customizations. Custom pages are endless, initiate and save one or more phrases per picture for additional convenient conversation. Share your custom pages with other gadgets that have the edition installed. Create your Text -to-Speech page, with the option to save text to lecture history of redundant words and phrases. Set your preference to start APP2Speak on either pre-set page, text-to-speech page, or custom page. Features REQUIRES smartphones Version 10.0 and Up 4 pre-programmed pages of photos, words and lecture output for immediate communication Turn preset pictures on/off and step photos within the preset pages 2 variants for size of picture/photo Option for two voices Text to lecture - option to edit and save text to lecture (save redundant words and phrases) Adjust lecture rate Lock/unlock edit button Record personal, familiar voice Unlimited pages of customization using personal picture library, internet or take custom picture within APP2Speak and save in separate album folder created for APP2Speak Create and save one or more phrases per picture for additional convenient conversation Move and rearrange custom photos and pages Help button for clip demonstration, written recommendations and setting selections to start on text-to-speech page, start on custom page, adjust lecture rate, and lock/unlock edit button Set your preference to start APP2Speak on either pre-set page, text-to-speech page, or custom page.



R Wischdisch  4-29-2019
This edition is quite versatile with three variants for natural communication. I can readily add my own pictures and category a speedy message. It has helped me. I definitely instruct this app!


MaryLou Baldsand  4-18-2019
This is so straight to use. I love having pictures instead of cartoons and symbols. I like being able to put in my own photos.


Matt Jackson  3-26-2019
The edition is extremely practical for those unable to talk. I had a stroke that has made it intractable for me to talk. This edition helps especially in an environment where dependents dont desire to check and understand me.



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