Android Version: 4.4App: Antiyoy
Release date: Nov 20, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: YiotroCategory: game strategy
Name: AntiyoyExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Turn-based strategy with simple rules. straight to learn, intractable to master. Features: - Hotseat multiplayer up to 10 players - Random map generator - Smooth animations and excellent optimization - straight trick



Fortune  12-11-2020
excellent but the tiers gain nearly impossible lol and can you add archers and navy pls


Hossein Kavand  12-11-2020
I beautiful tons never write any reviews for any editions but this release is literally one of the exquisite releases i have ever played . First 30 tiers are beautiful straight but from then on , it gets challenging but not nerv recking either. outstanding minimalistic thing could be cool if it existed in the release : control of territory percentage . overall developers have done a fantastic job on this game.


Juniper McFeley  12-10-2020
It was a excellent release but randomly when i am done with my turn it takes all my money and kills all my people.


Nafarfori  12-10-2020
Honestly, a excellent time waster, although i wish there were more colours


PIamonte Charles Laurence  12-10-2020
I think improving diplomacy will execute me to run this cute release again


AntsVidzeme  12-10-2020
brilliant mobile release I've ever played, no ads, a enjoyment little tier creator, although naval battle and multiplayer of any sorts could be good


Multiclip Projects  12-10-2020
Cool release


Blueberry  12-10-2020
If you like straightforward strategy with lots of replayability, this is a beautiful fantastic game, with pleasant and nostalgic sounds and music. On top of being free, its the most addictive release I've downloaded on my phone.


Andrii Vozniuk  12-9-2020
Cool game, we are waiting for multiplayer mode)


Anima Ojha  12-9-2020
This release is OP right there, I love the usufructuary levels, skirmish details and editor too. One thing that can be added is a naval combat and online multiplayer. Otherwise customization is awesome. I too have generated a usufructuary tier hope it will be out soon. BTW if u desire yours then u have email the developer for a usufructuary map:-)


Bill Reynolds  12-9-2020
Its a simple yet complex masterpeice


RSP_MASTERLIFEXD Sub to KaminYt  12-8-2020
Its intractable but its enjoyment like you can execute the ai brawl eachother and its fun. BUY THE release NOW.


Larchael notfound  12-7-2020


Mike N  12-6-2020
excellent fun, does just what it says on the box. Some of the earlier tiers in campaign can seem a bit to straight and unchallenging but then it steps up a tier and needs far better planning and strategies to win, have eventually got stuck on tier 79, can't gain past it!


Saphire Dex  12-5-2020
I really like it, it is excellent for government building. It had low graphics that rescue prevent glitching. My only complaint is that they don't have any navel combat. Maybe have it suchlike to the land combat, but you have to have a port village. And there are definrent leaves of ships. They can rescue you setel on islands.


Joe Hamilton  12-5-2020
Quite fun.


Richy Valdes  12-4-2020
fantastic game, but cumbersome and unbalanced. Overall, fantastic release and I instruct to anyone.


Zakkry Bulpett  12-4-2020


Tom Pliska  12-4-2020
Elegantly simple. Needs one more layer or dimension. Not sure what. But still a fantastic game.


Holly Priestman  12-3-2020
An good logic puzzle release with almost infinite missions - afterwards missions not for the faint of heart! :)


Evan Morley  12-3-2020
This is a fantastic strategy game. No ads, no pay to win.


Neil Roy  12-2-2020
a strategy release that does not consume big quantity of smartphone space..


Michael Aldridge  12-1-2020
Wish there were more releases like it.


Unrelatable Dude  12-1-2020
beautiful enjoyment game, especially since there's no ads.


Christopher Collado  12-1-2020
Love it. Addicting. Challenging.


Varadraj Poojary  12-1-2020
extremely excellent , i propose you that execute online it could apreacitable


Razvan Vlad  11-30-2020
cute game! I completed all tiers and I am now waiting for recent ones. maintain up the fantastic work.


Nigerian Prince  11-30-2020
It's a extremely excellent release but I wish it has multiple gamester option, I desire to run versus other gamesters


Raptor0508  11-30-2020
A enjoyment release to kill some time


Matt C  11-29-2020
fantastic offline game.


jax garrett  11-28-2020
I love this game. But the only thing that is annoying is that you cannot demolish your own residences


Vanda Maderová  11-28-2020
fantastic game, I have absolutely no complaints. I have been playing for the past few moths and my family missions every other on tiers to see who can complete them faster.


Steve Harvey-Cook  11-28-2020
good highly addictive strategy game, and its fully gratuitous with no ads!


Zack Vafaifar  11-28-2020
Only down side is how addictive it is


Snaily  11-27-2020
Won't permit me build structures or armies. I know how to, I paid attention to the trick and I'm pressing the right buttons, but after the trick it just decides I'm no longer pressing them.


Noah Jacobs  11-27-2020
exquisite release I've ever played


visible pass  11-27-2020
Do not permit the crude but functional graphics fool you. This is a deep strategy game.


Not essential


Kevymetal  11-26-2020
I've played Slay for over a decade, found this release three years ago and I'm hooked. I run it constantly. It's great for offline, the save details allow speedy run where you left off, and even if you beat campaign, you'll have a mega mission trying to beat some of the tougher levels. I even joined the Reddit and the community is great, as is the developer. Can't wait for more campaign maps!


Taven Ride  11-26-2020
Kinda intractable but its like the other games... excellent


Rafał Sokołowski  11-25-2020
exquisite ever speedy strategy game. A couple o minutes per day to reset my brain from the work missions :) could be fantastic to see more advanced AI (some times irrational moves:) All in all, my beloved smartphones release so far! Thanks,


Somya Paul  11-25-2020


kelly good  11-25-2020
fantastic release


Zane Whitcomb  11-25-2020
enjoyment release for passing time


The K.G.B.  11-23-2020
It is extremely simple and thus, it lacks tons replayability at all after your first game.


Mehul Arora  11-23-2020
fantastic game, wonderful tactics. An idea: if you can transfer money to your other isle could be great!


MozarteanChaos  11-22-2020
wonderfully enjoyment little release - not super complex, but engaging enough to maintain me coming back, and has beautiful tons no adverts at all, as far as i know. my only complaint is the lack of control over the borough name list - i can add custom names to the list, but it doesn't look like i can prevent the primary ones from being used, apart from manually replacing them when they are. it'd be cool if testers had the option of replacing the primary names, instead of just adding to them.


Laura Rau  11-22-2020


vincent william rodriguez  11-22-2020
good game, just needs some improvements when replaying a release like backwards button, but overall this is a excellent game.


Vibing Cat  11-22-2020
Really the exquisite Strategy release i just don't like when all my deployed army died i don't gain it.


Just Fred  11-21-2020
Simple but excellent


Miigizi Linklater  11-21-2020
It's one of the exquisite releases I've played it's straight to understand and you can just sit back and relax. I've been playing it for days PS: I also loved you're other release vodobanka


Умар Умаров  11-21-2020
Было бы неплохо, если бы разработчик давал разрабатывать свои скины ;)


Maurice  11-21-2020
Like chess, it has a fundamental interface, but is infinitely playable and replayable. Once you're done the campaign, you can step on to usufructuary generated levels, run auto-generated skirmish games, or design and run your own. This is hands-down my go to offline game.


Ender Nuvmen  11-21-2020
This release is Amazing. I Spend hours playing it. Its Really fun.


Anime MV  11-21-2020
extremely exquisite release that I played in absolute my 20 years. maintain it up.😘


Edward Costley  11-21-2020
A really enjoyment release with lots of potential. One trouble that i constantly discover myself in though is losing interest after 15 minutes of playing. There is definitely more content that can be added, such as navies. Even some audio in the backround would execute if it feel more immersive. enjoyment release in all though.


Morgan Bazalgette  11-20-2020
yet another strategy release where once you really gain the gist of it it becomes boring and uninteresting (divide and conquer), but fantastic release up til then


Darren Ivers  11-20-2020
Excellent. Simple, casual release with no drivers for time, etc. run at will.


phailup E  11-20-2020
excellent release


Howard Johnson  11-20-2020
Simple but elegant, love the challenging AI. Also love the pass-the-phone multi-play enjoyment with friends. fantastic release to take with you for offline play. In the fresh version you can even change the skins of the icons representing the armies.


Mekay Doge  11-20-2020
It never asked me to rate it, but it really is an outstanding release that you entirely gain addicted to. And there's like no adverts ? If I had the coins I'd be spamming their inbox with it!


Reza Norman  11-20-2020
extremely simple but addicting


Nopy327  11-19-2020
I dont understand, sorry. My creatures just die


Alan Lee  11-19-2020
i like this release


Jon Lopez  11-18-2020
good puzzle/strategy game, fantastic for when I don't have cellular data. No adverts or microtransactions.



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