Android Version: 4.4App: Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos
Release date: Nov 12, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Room StudiosCategory: arcade
Name: Anime: The Last Battle of The CosmosExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Anime: The newest combat of the Cosmos is a veritable time 2D fighting release with over than 30 champions and villains from anime and manga who are ready to brawl as you wish. Are you an anime supporter or an otaku? Did you whenever desire to be able to brawl with anime characters from diverse universes? Do you desire to brawl with Hunters, Ninjas, Shinigamis , Wizards, champions or more? Now all of these have gathered in one game. brawl as you wish. Whether it's a brawl between champions from the same universe, a diverse universe or a brawl between villains from diverse anime universes who would have never been able to meet in another way. All of them are gathered here in this 2D fighting release excursively for android. How to play: - Tap the Left / Right button to step the character. - Double Tap the Left / Right button to dash. - To avoid a hit, teleport to the back of the foe by tapping the up button or tap the guard button to minimize the damage. - Tap the Attack button repeatedly to perform a combo. - Tap the Super / final button for an epic attack that transactions a lot of damage. - Tap the Charge button to be able to avail the Super / final attack. - The first to contact zero health points loses. - if you are playing in groups style then tap on the gamester screen to switch during the brawl



Michael Pelias  6-23-2021
It's the exquisite release l can discover a money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]


Lina Manipon  6-23-2021


Bayarchimeg Ononzul  6-23-2021


Lord Dracornite  6-22-2021
Literally one of the exquisite releases I've ever played


Nkateko Mapose  6-22-2021
Love this release i wish it had more naruto characters


Maricris Tolentino  6-22-2021
I love it


Mirabel Amaechi  6-21-2021
Its a cool lad release


kenneth congrats lloveras  6-21-2021


sean lenard lopez  6-21-2021


Boingotlo Gopolang  6-20-2021
It as been a month


Hezekiah Tupou  6-20-2021


rr  6-19-2021
Plz add more anime characters . good release and need to ameliorate graphics .


Celara Requiem  6-19-2021
Goku ain't even here


Big Dream  6-18-2021
This is one of the exquisite releases out there please add more characters. Also from My champion academia.Goodbye don't be mean!


Mohamed Ahmed  6-18-2021
I need to download it 😂😂😂


LJFshy  6-18-2021
wonderful release please deliver in Madara Uchiha and all might


Viper Ganaz  6-18-2021
I really like this release ! But you need add recent character anime from jujutsu kaisen or demon slayer or black clover 😊


Bheng Coralde  6-18-2021


Mike Dee Nudalo Layao  6-17-2021
I give 4 stars because i have a suggest. Can you please add more evolution and champions like Luffys Gear4 Tank Man and Snake man please


Spectish Ish  6-17-2021
This release is excellent


chad gaming  6-17-2021
I love run gratuitous fire as well and this so cool


Ramsey JT  6-17-2021
Removed goku = wrong


Phantom  6-17-2021
fantastic release to run when you bored


Emmanuel Nkwocha  6-15-2021


Mazwe Shongwe  6-15-2021
Not wrong


Jordan Velasquez  6-15-2021
The release is so enjoyment but would you add more characters i have a lot of cash and i have nothing to spend them on


Gadreel Remeiz  6-15-2021
You can not surmount Hard-Mode Computers. They are Too Op 1.They Corner you to wall and you have no more substitutions so you just taking the spam beating. 💥👊🏼 K.O 😵 2. They spam "substitution". You can't land a hit on them without them teleporting behind you it seems their substitution can't play out. Gamemodes Also I wish you can add gamemodes like gratuitous For All, or PvP Online. And 2v2 Online.


Fallen sword master  6-14-2021
I just desire more naruto characters and the bots be on sum else they can hit you mid combo and when your charging up they hit you down and when u sub they turn around and hit you again and when you check too stop them from awekening they just smack you away anyways you must add more sauskes like babe sauske and babe naruto and maybe babe sakura too finish the group anyways i love the release


Ebot Vera  6-14-2021
excellent release


vangie Sosa  6-14-2021


Rina Royalty  6-14-2021
The release Really Fun😁😁


Ramil Dejesus  6-14-2021
Is so cool


Boulaayoune Hafid  6-13-2021
تبا كم احب هده الاعبة


Chibueze Patrick  6-13-2021
good game. would avail some more characters


Bradley Jansen  6-13-2021
I like this on my smartphone alot..... I will maintain it forever


pro gaming 94  6-13-2021
Op release for naruto supporters


sean fernandez  6-12-2021
fantastic Game🥰


Ian Olvera  6-12-2021
Definitely Top 3 Anime releases For Moblie Devices, If You Love Naruto, HXH, Bleach, MHA, absolute Metal Alchemist, Etc this is definitely a release you must check out, it's Basically Jump Force in arcade version.


Aluicous  6-11-2021


Christie Dugas  6-11-2021


Jacob Kuilan  6-10-2021
I maintain dying from that stupid fairytale guy no matter what


Manatsa Hove  6-8-2021
Not too shabby


Reynante Bas  6-8-2021
I got a suggestion ban the release haha.


Moses gaming  6-7-2021
i run this release


DanielaFelix Molina  6-6-2021
excellent release


Nana Akua  6-6-2021
This is a excellent release but its not exactly like anime stardust mugen


Avi Patel  6-6-2021
Really excellent release


Dead WolfAk19  6-6-2021
I love this release


Jessie Quita  6-6-2021
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Cameron Simpsom  6-6-2021
Yes its good l can see that when you disclose recent skins you gain charaters in the release


ScieNo1  6-5-2021
Even if this release maybe discontinued I still enjoyed it a few years ago 🤗🤗


Aulthria Oxfard  6-5-2021
its so goooood


Ngawethu Sihawu  6-4-2021
I gave it one star because when l win Two fights it crashes It is enjoyment but really needs one piece and boruto


Alpha and Omega  6-4-2021
ideal  6-4-2021
Mard style is impossible how do u expect me to finish it😐


Cynthia Opoku  6-3-2021
So excellent release


Grace Eme  6-3-2021
exquisite release ever


Noah Edwards  6-2-2021
Please add more characters of khnakie form toky goul and for goku and vegeta and Naruto grown grown-up form


Jennifer Seales  6-2-2021
I could give you a five start but I wish there was more characters to pick from and when I won all the tournaments it says that I got a recent person to run with but when I look I still have the same dependents but other then those two problems then thos is a really enjoyment release to run in my gratuitous time😁😁


Mharc Piañar  6-2-2021
Bobo hindi joy stick


doris mwanza  6-1-2021
The release is so cool that i also run it but NOT quotidian but the problem is i wanna run with ultra insinct goku adult gohan will be enjoyment and oh! What about GOGETA AND VEGITO (gasp*) that could be enjoyment and with Vegito ssb and gogeta ssb (Super Saiyan blue) it could be more enjoyment don't forget ssj rose goku black and those and this release might have more than 5 stars in our imagination it could be 10 stars. I really mean it so just add em and gain your 10 stars


Veronica Magauta  6-1-2021
The first exquisite release i have evening run


Joseph Pactanac  6-1-2021
Sobrang ganda nito kasi nandito sila goku naruto grabe


Braeden Cunden  5-31-2021
fantastic release but can u put some recent characters in the release such as one piece and others


Maria Luz Villegas  5-30-2021
This release is extremely cool but i think put some upgrade


Shardul Yengantiwar  5-29-2021


LULU Lizu  5-29-2021
This game's controls are annoying good character designs but gameplay is really wrong so not waste you internet trust me developers check to execute an upgrade better than this please


Muhamad fathul hakim Muhamad ridzuan  5-29-2021
beautiful enjoyment to run


Zairemmawia Ralte  5-29-2021
This release is i like


jynovel delrosario  5-29-2021


wicked tick  5-29-2021
This release is fantastic it has all the characters I know But there's a small glitch one of the fairy story characters


Anthony Kinyua  5-28-2021


Eurikho Maraggun  5-28-2021
This release is outstanding


NAYA GAMER  5-28-2021


Davey Luerssen  5-27-2021
I like it but each two second your block works and then dos3nt and when your bots just trap you in the corner you are just dead


I'm a dyeing Jelly bean  5-27-2021
I'm a die intractable JoJo supporter and I'm contented but you must add JoJo skins


Michael Babalola  5-26-2021
This release is interesting


Siyabonga Mvakwendlu  5-26-2021
It's the exquisite release ever the fabled anime Super release 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 go 🇬🇧


Joel Victor  5-26-2021
Add more chracters


Arjay Reponte  5-26-2021
a like this is release excellent ilove the anime


You Tube  5-26-2021
wonderful release but can you add Attack on titan chracters?


Ains Ooal Gown  5-25-2021
Please add these if possible: -overlord characters -More one punch man characters -all the pirates from luffy's team from the anime one peace -All seven deadly sins including transformations -All hokage and transformations from naruto -Add the MC from the anime arifureta Bugs -There is a bug where the combat stops when your thrown skill that about to hit the foe got nullified by the enemy's transformation activation And lastly please rearrange the characters to their teams


Marites Alhambra  5-25-2021
LP ko hi ho Hill Lee Soo USS USSR Issy


Cypresjuge YT  5-24-2021
The exquisite anime release i have played


keng kitchana  5-24-2021
This edition is but i hope they will add gojo and tanjiro


Omega burbank  5-23-2021


diamond beater  5-23-2021
This release puts adverts and viruses on your phone. If you don't mind those adverts then it is an good game.


Ian Jason Marquez  5-23-2021


FLOW FF  5-23-2021


Randy Matas  5-22-2021


KianJiro 06  5-22-2021
The release is great! But i think u must add one piece


Wandile Warras  5-22-2021
Some of the coolest mugen releases I ve ever played


Meme GOD / Sanji  5-21-2021
You know this release is excellent 🤣


Lucas Elliott  5-21-2021
exquisite release ever I love is I am idickted to. It exquisite 👌👌


Sundari Bhangalia  5-21-2021
extremely excellent release but you give more characters like pain from naruto ultra instinct goku,


Lil Trev kun Gamer Pixel  5-21-2021
It could be good if you put like pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh characters in this release or Dragons quest characters


Rafid Hossain  5-20-2021
I LOVE THIS edition because I can't rescue any thing else to stop making me run this game!!!!!


IORI CHANNEL oquendo  5-20-2021
Wow this release is wonderful i love it so dozens characters i give you five star


Adriel tries to Animate  5-20-2021
could give this more stars if it hadn't bugged/crashed so dozens times And also plus add more Jojo characters or any characters


joman cabello  5-20-2021
You must add more attacks and combos



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