Android Version: 5.0App: American Block Sniper Survival
Release date: Jan 26, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: Aeria CanadaCategory: game action
Name: American Block Sniper SurvivalExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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**** INTENSE release run **** Launch a fun, fast-paced 3D mobile gaming experience upon downloading this addictive FPS game. Strike swift and surmount foes in this battle challenge. gather ammo and HP pickups as you advance. The advantage will decrease though, as the number of foes increases significantly. This final combat offers the option to go at it hand-to-hand or with a range of melee and firearm weapons. The choice is yours. pick your difficulty, earn power-ups by completing speedy tasks and disclose tiers on the challenge map select. **** SNIPER DEFENSE **** Test your marksmanship in this exciting recent mode, where you protect your rook versus tides of enemies. They will be coming in left, right and middle and you will have to space them quickly and pull the trigger to stop them all. Features: Pixel cube graphics Multiple tiers to disclose and explore Precision aiming Radar map Health meter Multiple hardship settings Plenty of classic weapons to check



njomza hima  2-3-2021
This is t


Malik Hassan abbas  2-3-2021
I proud of them i am playing but it is extremely intractable releases


Marco Joseph Claud  2-3-2021
Pangit na release


Scruffmuffler 34  2-2-2021
It's cool too see this release still gets upgraded


Isaac Vaughn Castillo  2-2-2021


Alfred Ler  2-2-2021
I like play.


Sandy Bergado  2-2-2021


henjin BB  2-2-2021
سلام من ملهله ی1ردکردم


Tyson Singh  2-2-2021
Pp loop


xian vloging pogi hahaha  2-2-2021
this release was extremely excellent it look like veritable Minecraft ilove it


Sarah Southward  2-1-2021


Tyler Carroll  2-1-2021
Really enjoyment release


Mahua Bridal makeup artist  2-1-2021
This is a extremely excellent release


austin abs  2-1-2021


msjdnk Daniel  1-31-2021


justin suarez  1-31-2021


Billy X  1-31-2021
Yep, I run minecraft official version but this is idea better.


Junior Asiamah  1-31-2021
I love this release so tons download it right now bro I'm not tripping do it


Jaycob Gonzales  1-31-2021
So cool


far par  1-31-2021
💎💎💎عالیه ممنونم از تون لطفا نصب کنید


Olivera Damjanoska  1-31-2021
Cool Game.


A Google user  1-31-2021
Asome and enjoyment


Neethu. Vc  1-31-2021


rham gutierrez  1-31-2021


Biswajit Razak  1-31-2021


A Google user  1-31-2021
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टेक्नो मोबाइल फोन  1-31-2021
Love it release


deca F  1-30-2021
I played this release on my buddies computer.


Steve Romano  1-30-2021
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Mike Hernandez  1-30-2021
It,s enjoyment


Jonathan Banyakan  1-30-2021
extremely good its not glitching like the other releases and i give 5 stars


kenzo cheng  1-30-2021
It's a nise release and truly execute me feel rest buttt the sound is kinda noisy if u shoot well I don't care about the sound but this release is ideal for teenager not for babes if babes run this they will not snipe they are to scared to run cuz have bot have to kill and so this is why I like the game!!


Swastika Dey  1-30-2021


Adokoy Balasabas  1-30-2021


david  1-29-2021
ammo is useless because it is bugged


Tiam Mahmoud  1-29-2021
Ilove it but it intractable and grafic are mediam


marjuni julmi  1-29-2021


szbeauty official  1-29-2021
Seba sedak


Shreyansh Singh  1-29-2021
I like this release


paul manibale  1-29-2021


fantastic edition stupid edition


Kim Anitta Damoi  1-28-2021
I love your release


GOATZILLA 5677  1-28-2021
I love killing these guys


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It so excellent


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I like this release


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Neha Bhatt  1-27-2021
good release 👌👌👏


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Minecraft YES PVP


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Brandi Miller  1-24-2021


Mustaqeem Akbar Ali  1-23-2021
I played this release since a long time ago I really love it and it has a excellent graphics I like it and my memory came back when I run this release


Anushhree Srrivastavva  1-23-2021
exquisite release ever


Leopoldo Mijares Jr  1-23-2021
Wowbits so cool i love this release its so good release its just like a minecraft its conflict like call of suty i love it i desire to run this release soo coool!🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😁😁😊😊


Candy Shammy  1-23-2021
Its excellent


Sharanya Bhat  1-23-2021
Worst release everrrrr don't installlll


Daisy Balmes  1-23-2021


Mika Gurrola  1-22-2021
You already played this


nadhif ismar  1-21-2021


matthew shane saputro  1-21-2021
i love snipers


Jamicah Lanuza  1-21-2021
i like it releases


telicia Smith  1-21-2021
I played this in 2016 this deliver back the excellent days


Bilguun Bilguun  1-21-2021


Halima Ali  1-20-2021


Daniel cuevas  1-20-2021
I love the release its to ideal to me😍😍😍😍😍


Demdem Gadiano  1-20-2021
Wait are duking kidding me this is so slow to downloaded


Daredevil azx  1-20-2021
I love it maintain it up


ruby anuar  1-20-2021
👍👍👍👍👍🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 ggggg


G R S G U E R O ᴍᴘ  1-19-2021
Este juego esta bien col.


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A Google user  1-19-2021
No excellent 2 star


Wasmin Min  1-19-2021
Uah is e gud Hahahaha Yudu gang


Sharmin Akter  1-19-2021
I like it


Karl Andrie  1-19-2021
This is cool 😎


Setsabile Hlophe  1-18-2021
I have had it sins 2016


Mary Ashley Palanca  1-17-2021
I hate this release its the amo and save me😡😡😡


Bairishter Yadav  1-17-2021
excellent release


Shafiq Zharfan  1-16-2021
I like this release so tons because this release is so exquisite and enjoyment


Simone Clements  1-16-2021
This release is so col


Jordan Giordano  1-16-2021
👎👎👎jelek kurang seru


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I like this✨✋🙃


Arsham_Vakili  1-16-2021
extremely excellent


Ladhonda Barnes  1-16-2021
Like it Cool



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