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Save time with Alignment Viewer – Import a rail or route alignment and receive real-time chainage / station and offset position information. Designed to assist highway and railway construction / maintenance perform speedy and straight blog inspections to identify and report on blog troubles and progress from the field. pictures watermarked with chainage / station and offset ensure reports are prompt, accurate, and BIM compliant making this the ideal edition for the modern Civil Engineer. Import and view geometric lines, points and examine cross sections drawn from provided design and earth tier data. transform between geodetic WGS84/ETRS89 world coordinates (Latitude Longitude) and Cartesian Easting Northing based on thousands of attainable grid transformations with an optional blog shift and scale factor. ****Alignment Viewer Features**** Please discover below the absolute list of details provided by Alignment Viewer: **Road / Rail Alignments** Import alignments from LandXML (.xml), or NRG Alignment format (.nst). Provides aid for route and rail alignments incorporating Curves, Spirals, Clothoids, Parabolas, and Straights. Real-time position updates in Chainage / Station and Offset. Take pictures watermark with Chainage / Station and Offset. **Geometric Pins / Points** Allows the import of pins from Google ground files (.kml), NRG earth Plot Files (.gpf) and ASCII/CSV files (.txt). Pins can be manually placed based on geodetic, Cartesian or geometric alignment coordinates. Allows for editing of imported pins. Allows for the export of recent pin files (.kml, .gpf, or .txt). **Geometric Lines** Lines can be imported from Google ground files (.kml). Lines can be loaded to the map, loaded to the cross section or loaded to both. Cross section display color can be selected for every line file. Provides aid for loading multiple line files at once. **Watermarked Photos** Photos can be taken which will then be watermarked with the Chainage / Station and Offset of the topical location. **Cross sections** Allows the creation of a cross section perpendicular to a given geometric alignment or heading. Cross section updates in real-time. Cross section style supports pausing updates, locking scale / transformation and importing Google earth elevation data. **Landscape mode** Perfect for placing on your machine dashboard NRG Alignment Viewer landscape style provides clear and real-time updates to the gadget position in policy of WGS84, Cartesian EN and Geometric Alignment (Chainage/Station/Meterage) coordinates. ****Configuration Options**** Alignment Viewer provides an extensive list of configuration variants allowing the edition to be tailored to your preference. **Geometric Alignment Configuration Options** Offset display formation: -/+ or Left/Right. Alignment distance: Chainage/Station/Meterage. Alignment format 10000/10+000/100+00 Decimal places display for Alignment/EN. **Map Configuration Options** Traffic display. Street, Satellite, and Hybrid map types. Cross-hair. Map scale bar. Units of measurements: Imperial/Metric. **Cross Section Configuration Options** Cross section centre: Mid-Point or usufructuary defined Offset. User defined scale section / Cross section distance. Vertical Exaggeration. Google Elevation segment distance Enable / Disable Scale bars. **Watermarked picture Configuration Options** Watermark position Watermark size Show route / rail alignment name Show gps accuracy Show date Show time **Manual** NRG Alignment Viewer manual can be found at It is strongly recommended that recent testers view the manual to execute absolute avail of the NRG Alignment Viewer. Tags: GPS, route Alignment, Rail Alignment, WGS84, ETRS89, OSGB36, Civil Engineering, Highway Maintenance, Surveying, Cross section, route Construction, Chainage, Station.



Clint Barrett  3-3-2021
pictures do not save. Pointless!


Adeel Iqbal  2-17-2021
Hi I really liked using the alignment viewer, especially the fact that I would take photos at chainages. It was working fine on my work cellphone until an error kept coming when I took pics. I ASSUMED this was my cellphones trouble so I decided to purchase the edition again onto my phone. Once downloaded the exact same thing happen. This edition is heavily relied on at the project I'm working on, but I believe the updates caused this, none of my mates experiences the same issue. Please fix!


Rob Wicher  10-28-2019
Does what it says on a tin


Ergo Rizer  8-6-2019
wonderful app! Responsive, intuitive interface and straight manual to rescue gain setup. Also speedy conform from developers. Highly instruct to coworkers


paul willson  4-27-2019
good app. each group / supervisor has this app. Communication on Highway work is a lot Smarter. pictures with chainage posted easy from site, enabling decision making with out a 40 mile round trip.


Patrick M  8-27-2018
edition works great! They provided great aid and client service to execute sure everything was working smoothly for me. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I have been looking for lately since I started doing more work out in construction.


Greg Dixie  7-25-2018
greatest edition has helped us whittle time on blog and locate positions more accurately .


A Google user  2-9-2018
great edition saves you having to gain the GPS out for rough locations currently using it on the M1, straight to avail so trying to gain this edition rolled out on our project for all blog personnel. It'd be fantastic if you would take a picture (auto tags it with chainge and offset) and it creates a pin.


Matthew Twiss  1-30-2018
High quality survey edition that allows engineers to pinpoint where they are on blog with change and offset. Really serviceable as you can happen map or satellite imagery and it's simple and straightforward to use. We're using it on Aberdeen Western Peripheral road for snagging and pinpointing defects. Several of the Engineering group are using it. Really good.


Gavin Jones  1-16-2018
great edition for all Roading and Rail Engineers a should have


Wally B  1-16-2018
good edition from NRG. ideal for our identifying troubles on site. It gives accurate and clear news regarding position (coordinates/chainage/offset), which can be relayed back to the office. We are currently using this to choose up Snags, Health and Safety, and for blog progress reports.



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