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Al‑Anon Family teams is a mutual aid software for dependents whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. By sharing common experiences and applying the Al-Anon principles, families and buddies of alcoholics can deliver positive changes to their individual situations, whether or not the alcoholic admits the existence of a drinking problem or seeks help. The Al-Anon software is based on the Twelve Steps (adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous), which we try, little by little, one day at a time, to apply to our lives, along with our slogans and the Serenity Prayer. The loving interchange of rescue among members and diurnal reading of Al-Anon literature thus execute us ready to receive the priceless donation of serenity. The official mobile edition of the Al-Anon Family teams is designed to supply an straight idea for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking to discover hope and help, whether they can attend a face-to-face meeting or not. Features: - Al-Anon meetings powered by Zoom with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance enabled. In the edition you will see this added protection is identified by a green shield inside the meeting. The HIPAA compliance provides the following additional securities: -- Disallows cloud recordings -- Forces out of meeting chat encryption on -- Forces encryption for 3rd party endpoints -- Disables streaming to any service that only supports RTMP -- Prevents copying or saving meeting chats - Connect with Al-Anon buddies and chat privately with them - A built-in private journal, which you can avail to follow your recovery - information feed where you can share with your Al-Anon buddies what is on your mind; you can also view what’s on your friends’ minds. - Subscribe to a diurnal dose of Al-Anon members’ experience, strength, and hope. - readily contribute to the World Service Office to assist in the mobile edition in being self-supporting.



Devin Macomber  4-13-2021
readily accisssible app. It facilitates helping members discover an electronic meeting when in dire need and makes the edition enjoyment and straight to navigate options.


Latanya Mc  4-9-2021
Sometimes it does not work like right now when I need a meeting


Shannon Wandtke  4-7-2021
Love that you can meet recent ppl, discover meetings and have private chats with ppl too. Postings are a good touch too.


Peggy Wold  4-5-2021
Not usable can not gain beyond sign up won't accept any name I check to set up with


Carol Karahalios  4-1-2021
Is it possible to save meetings as favorites?


Basil Karahalios  4-1-2021
How do I change my image name in the app? Who do we reach for tech support?


Andrea Jovestani  3-21-2021
unable to gain past enter password despite having all the proper criteria, even when I unistall and reinstall app. extremely frustrating.


Cassie Herlihy  3-19-2021
This edition makes going to meetings so straight but I wish the functionality of the social part of it was better. You can't delete or edit posts and sometimes you gain emotional and post things your regret so that's kinda important.


Crystal steen  3-12-2021
The edition is down and I'm missing my meeting


William Grigsby  2-23-2021
Won't permit me register a account. I gain to the extremely end and the edition closes. No recent account registered when you check to login. Will check again once they repair bugs


Annie annie  2-23-2021
It may be a fantastic edition if I can finish the registration. the OTP code to the smartphone and mail is not showing up. I am not getting any code to enter.


hugh semple  2-18-2021
I love Al-Anon! Unfortunately, this edition has not operated well according to the edition directions. There is supposed to be an upgrade for this app. Again the directions I followed failed me. I accept that this is recent for us so I trust we will execute progress. I look forward to the recent version. Wishing all serenity. Hugh S.


Ericha Woolley  2-16-2021
During the sign up process, after putting in all my information, I tap "submit" or "sign up" I forget exactly the words, but then it shuts down the app. I tried this multiple times and the same error keeps happening.


Debra Higgins  2-16-2021
It's fantastic for meetings. I wish you would delete a chat when conversation is over. I can not edit my username either.


Frances Sullivan  2-15-2021
fantastic look. Limited meetings. could like issue shooting news on the edition itself in addition to the FAQS.


Annmarie Roberts  2-9-2021
I like the containt


Cookie Sims  2-7-2021


Jessica Noelle  2-5-2021
Sign up Error. I finish the needed onfo then it goes back to the major sign in page. I enter the notification and says usufructuary not found.


RAM  2-3-2021
Not really an straight edition to understand. You can't just add random dependents throughout the world to tell to. I have had this edition for over a month and have 1 contact. It's basically me writing "posts" to myself. I dont even know how I came in reach with the person I have added. I thought it was a place for Al-anon folks to connect and socialize like social media... it's not, except I'm missing something


Kyla Marie  1-25-2021
Love the edition and the convenience!!! Love that its so straight to connect with others. Love that I have access to a journal. Love the diurnal reading in the extended content. Yay for team chats!! Edit** I love that the information feed is now more interactive with the update, however wish I could gain a info when dependents answer to my comments. I cannot send pictures or links back and forth in the chat.


Lisa Pasquale  1-23-2021
straight to avail and works 👌 😌 well!


Willard F Deveneau  1-22-2021
Am on V 1.2 now, and the difficulties I had have cleared up. Thank you.


Penni Williams  1-22-2021
new improvements are fantastic


Ty Harman  1-21-2021


Jancy  1-18-2021
I appreciate having another idea to access the program.


Bengal Roku  1-13-2021
I had high hopes for this edition but it falls short on delivering something of quality. In my opinion not value the $20 annually fee. maintain on improving this one WSO. Until then I can't justify spending money on this and the gratuitous content is nothing. Not value a download at this point.


Lou Jent  1-12-2021
I attended a meeting newest night (Saturday 11/28/20) and was quite looking forward to the next part tonight but maintain getting a server error all day today. Edit 1/12/21 -- this trouble was resolved, so tons gratitude to the developers of this edition and to everyone who uses it in fellowship and service.


MaryBeth Burton  1-6-2021
I tried to initiate an account and it just circles and says "Network Error!"


Don Keim  1-5-2021
I'm still getting two postings of the same reading. You had replied that you had repaired it. But not fixed!


Tera NEWBERRY  1-3-2021
Love this app! It makes finding meetings so tons easier!


Carol Zacharias  12-29-2020
horrible cannot gain in and cannot gain rescue


Cliff Schomburg  12-19-2020
Can't sign up for recent account because it won't send me an mail with verification code. Not sure why an account is even required. All I desire to do is uncover for Al-Anon meetings in my area. I cant even do that with this edition since it won't permit me initiate an account.


Lydia Grijalva  12-19-2020
This edition has so tons potential, but the dominant culture of it isn't dependents & software centered 😬 In al anon meetings, it's normal to announce that you'll be speaking at another meeting and invite folks to support, or invite folks to more particular teams (women's groups, lgbtq groups, men's group, etc). Here, it's not "allowed" (not team conscious, ego rules, there's no achievable business meeting). value trying in emergencies, maintain trying other teams if it feels weird.


Yucel Yalim  12-19-2020
Anon ... not sign up and sign your life away


Helena Lyons  12-18-2020
Just tried to avail for first time since installing, forgot password. Entered mail and it keeps declaring its not a authorized address. Yes it is, entered it multiple times and so it is correct. edition uninstalled as being useless and not usufructuary friendly. conform to developer as can't s8to do it any other way: mail location was entered correctly multiple times including not having first letter capitalised. I am aware of this automatic keyboard tutorial and so am well in the habit of getting it back to lower case.


Theresa Bowen  12-14-2020
Can't login or sign up, says i have an account for my name but when I enter my mail to gain rescue with my password, it says that I don't have an account- rescue please!


Carol A  12-4-2020
Trying to sign up and after I put my name in and tap next I gain an error that it needs a country code? Seriously? extremely disappointed!


Kastile  12-3-2020
I literally cant even sign up. It only shows me the boxes for first and newest name, and display name. When I put that in and check to step on it errors out telling me to add the country code thing for my smartphone number but those boxes arent even populating. Cant even avail the edition at all... I'm really frustrated and disappointed!


erin obryan  11-30-2020
Says response from server error...shut down and keeps declaring this. Will NOT allow me to sign into this APP, technical group responded instantly to my email, troubles are fixed! Thank you so much!


Jennifer C  11-30-2020
I desire to be able to love this app. I was able to access a clip 1 time. The edition crashed midway through, and I can not access anything now. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but maintain getting the same message.... Response from Server Error. Please help.


Janelle Beach  11-30-2020
Cant log in


Krista Smith  11-30-2020
have not been able to log in for 24 hours. gain a server error even after uninstalling and reinstalling. no tech aid available. unable to attend any meetings. not to mention no recommendations on domain on how to avail phone, zoom or any other platform. entire domain and edition are not usufructuary outgoing during a time when face to face meetings are on hold and straight online access is imperative


Rolicia Martin  11-30-2020
Currently unable to avail the edition to access meetings or chat. Error says "Response from Server Error". Using Samsung Galaxy S10.


Kristy Kufner  11-29-2020
I purchased the extended version of this app, I am unable to log in... it says responseFromServerError I cant sign in, or sign up...Ive deleted and re installed the edition several times...cleared the cache and still gain the same pop up message on bottom.. This is a enormous part of my partner's recovery.. and mine. I haven't had a response from my former emails to developer, and Ive paid for the extended service. I could like this addressed forthwith and have some aid provided.


Carissa Dennery  11-29-2020
I used to love it, the convience. However, I cannot see which meetings are during the week, only for the day and they vanish once the meeting is over. And now, it is giving me a service error. What is going on?


Katrina Trammell  11-29-2020
Wont permit me sign up!! Just declare sc server error response


Erika Hardaway  11-24-2020
At first the when the edition started out it had glitches.Iphones testers can't log into meetings only smartphones users.Well it's been fixed.We have 17,000 members on the edition now as I speak,which is really awesome.I enjoy the edition because I can send dependents a buddy request to be my friend,they have a journal section in the edition if I pick to journal,I can post my thoughts about diverse things so ppl that I made buddies with on the edition can see what I post.Check it out💗💗


Charlene Troyer  11-24-2020
I have been utilizing this edition since 10/25/2020 and have had no troubles with performance that would not be traced to my internet connection. fantastic resource for those recent to Alanon as well as older members during this epidemic.


James Morman  11-22-2020
2 issues: Asking if I have a buddy or family member that struggles with alcoholism is something only the buddy or family member can disclose. This edition is a add for a fee based app. Both of these concepts break with our steps and traditions. What happened to defend the anonymity of alcoholics and attraction rather than promotion?? What a shame. Is Al-Anon now an exclusive club for victims?? My recovery holds me responsible. Delete this app- no good. Hello - a closed meeting? No one I know comes looking to AlAnon except they are in need and in pain. dozens of us, when new, are not sure what alcoholism even looks like! Members today are affected by the "ism" - family members acting out whether they drink or not. execute this inclusive. Are the folks running AFG in recovery and avail a sponsor? Seems like our service direction is play by non-members or folks that are using service commitments to medicate their own control issues?


Ian Mcallister  11-6-2020
Poorly developed app. Setup and personal news requisite for an account is excessive. Once in the app, meeting list doesn't display so the domain remains of more value.


Jolyne McCrary  11-2-2020
Terrible... Can't gain past sign up process. Temporary code never arrives to smartphone or email. Network error. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No luck. Not value the frustration or hassle. Too bad. I hear rave reviews from others .


Anna Kiff  11-1-2020
I'm unable to register. I've tried . No luck. I need help. Living with an addict and I have no where to turn to. I'm giving up.


Ricky Goodall  10-21-2020
I'm delighted this edition exists, but I'm confused about the time zone. What time region are the meeting times in?


brenda ackley  10-14-2020
I need rescue to sign up


Lori Malin  10-3-2020
I am loving this app! A lot of bugs were worked out and I'm sure more will be revealed and repaired but as of today I have had an straight time navigating thru it. I made a $10 contribution thru the edition and it was super easy. I have found buddies and met recent ones because of the zoom meetings posted diurnal on the app! I paid for the extended service and so far it's value it! Kudos to AFG WSO! Thank you for making this happen!


Lynda Bee  10-2-2020
I live in Zimbabwe Africa 🌍 🇿🇼 and your edition says our Mobile 📱 numbers are INVALID! ‼️ SO WE CANNOT avail YOUR APP! ‼️ Really living under a DICTATOR WE NEED editions LIKE YOURS THE MOST.


Sunrisefalling  9-27-2020
I had some concerns about the edition and issue setting up an account, but the dependents monitoring these comments helped me across it. Thanks for the good client service! Is there demo or trick attainable for every of the edition features? For example, something within the edition that explains the target of "My timeline" and how to avail it, or how posts work. It's not intuitive for me.


Angela Cupelli  9-27-2020
Not sure why the edition isn't working on my mobile phone. I can enter by logging in however I am unable to join. It was working when I first downloaded the edition but since yesterday the join button is disabled. I can enter across my tablet. I'd prefer to avail my phone.


Zygmund Zee  9-25-2020
I tried to setup an account and it wouldn't accept my password. So I read the reviews and saw that I was using a peculiar character that was not supported. So I came up with a recent password that has a supported character, and it still didn't accept the password. It's obvious this edition is still a beta edition and not ready for prime time. 8/28, same password problem. 9/25 OK, the problem was thepassword was TOO! Long. execute sure you maintain it to 12 characters or under. I was trying for a severe password.


eliza faith  9-22-2020
I dont see any meetings. How is that possible


Linda Miltztrey  9-17-2020
Can't figure out how to change the display name


Abby W.  9-13-2020
Needs VAST improvement. NOT usufructuary friendly. I could give it 0 stars if I could.


A Celor  9-10-2020
I don't mind offering my dob... The the edition requires my going backward my months to gain to June 1962... Please discover another manner of input.


Carol R  9-8-2020
Confusing to enter country code for US. Shows +1 by primary but you still have to category it in. maximal password length is too short. Did not receive one-time password (OTP) by text. Fortunately I was able to access my email. There needs to be a rescue function. I can't figure out how to uncover for a meeting. It looks like there are no Al-Anon meetings on Tuesdays, which is silly.


Amy L. Allison  9-3-2020
no veritable explanation of what this edition can do for you. Long-standing member of Al-Anon and extremely tech-savvy


Thomas Juenemann  9-2-2020
Can't login because my password is too long. This is 2020...any blog that mandates a password of 8 to 12 characters is not extremely worried about security. Seriously, don't limit the upper end of password length. I won't annoy trying to sign in until this is rectified.


Renee Trudeau  9-2-2020
Impossible to register. I filled out the form and was told to input my one-time password (OTP). I got the mail with the OTP, put it in the edition - and nothing, even after trying several times. I noticed a slight error message in the lower-left on one attempt. Error says "Network Error!" with no further explanation. Frustrating!


Stephanie Kryger  9-1-2020
I had no troubles downloading the edition or getting it set up. I think they did a fantastic job with the edition and am thankful for a recent idea to connect to other Al-Anon members. As long as you track the steps, it was beautiful straight to install.


Scot P  9-1-2020
Thank you Al-Anon! fantastic place to meet with others struggling with a family member's drinking.


Akila  9-1-2020
The edition not accepting password..


Craig Holmes  8-31-2020
Won't even allow me to execute the password


Sue Harmer  8-31-2020
Thanks for the edition I think it's a fantastic idea. Can time regions be added to meetings please? Can meetings that exhibit up allow us to add a start to them or something so it sends us a info before starting? Thank you, that makes the edition tons more appealing 🤩


Dickie Spatz Secretary Thursday Step & Study AFG  8-30-2020
Days trying to sign jp


Terran Brown  8-29-2020
A excellent start although I could like to sub on a monthly basis rather than a year.


Renie Doherty  8-29-2020
Tried signing up, repeatedly. Takes all my personal news then says to enter a code sent to mail and text. Neither ever exhibit up.


Shannon M O'Regan  8-28-2020
Getting Server errors trying to set-up recent login. Need repair the bugs.


Julie Webster  8-28-2020
I am trying to sign up but each password I put in is not accepting it. Please rescue me. I've been so excited about this edition for several months. I think I am within the boundaries of letters, numbers and the peculiar characters that you require. Thank you.


Deborah Gay  8-28-2020
speedy response to problems. Of course not dozens meetings - WSO can't step them, its up to every group. I know it will take time to step the ones I attend - business meeting and vote, getting the word out to members and them getting on the app. Progress! Its the nature of Al-anon that we don't step fast. 😉🐌. I'd rather track the principles and declare a large THANK YOU to all the folks working on this! I appreciate all your intractable work 💜


Matthew Lyon  8-28-2020
I was able to access the app, but all day meeting searches return zero meetings. What am I doing wrong?


Ron Krumwiede  8-28-2020
Can't sign up server error


Dirk Manuel  8-27-2020
Searching for buddies pulls up multiple "people" with the same profile pic. It only lists online meetings via this app. And to uncover for a meeting you need to know some text in the name. Why not at least list all in-person or temporary Zoom meetings? Even the uncover on the domain is better than this. How about uncover by address and avail the phone's GPS? Or at least be able to enter a city. Why not allow you to select your house team and propose buddies within that? So tons wasted opportunity.


dianne hazard  8-27-2020
Just started using it. Got on a meeting newest night. Progress not Perfection. A little confusing sign-up.


Cole Dunham  8-27-2020
This edition is really not usufructuary friendly. I tried several times to sign up and was not able to. Either it was a password trouble and then supposedly a code was to be sent to my smartphone and a timer started counting down!!!! A code never showed in my smartphone messages and I don't have my mail easily on my smartphone 🙃😑 KISS maintain it simple for us older folks or it will be a no go. Frustrated and took it off my phone.


Doug Straus  8-27-2020
Ridiculous amature birthdate entry. For me, I could have to scroll across 850+ months to gain to my DOB. No thanks. I'll check again in a year, maybe it will be improved by then.


Diana Holga  8-26-2020
This is not at all anonymous. intractable pass. Why does ir require an account to access the app? Why does it request personal/identifiable information? How does this fit in the Traditions?


R2 The artist  8-26-2020
I have downloaded the app. dozens troubles trying to establish an account/sign in. Nowhere to gain help/answers?


Eden Terrell  8-26-2020
Really desire to give more stars, because it's about time for some technological software access, but.... it won't even recognize a password that meets all the criteria.


Alissa H  8-26-2020
Tried setting up with multiple diverse passwords and I gain the same response every time, need one every alpha, numeric, and peculiar character between 6-16 characters. Everything I've tried meets that and it still won't accept any.


Pat Spencer  8-25-2020
Initially unable to launch the app. When attempting to access the OTP, I didn't receive any regular reply. I eventually found it in my junk folder. Settled on a username that was accepted. Now have the edition on my phone. Thanks for working on advices to the problems with setup.


W. L. R.  8-25-2020
Tried registering, entered all info, phone, etc, clicked "Next".... nothing. Dead in the water.


Pappy  8-23-2020


Susan Kaarby  8-22-2020
Does not setup a username nor does the edition supply guidelines. Uninstalled


Rebecca Leigh  8-22-2020
I could like to avail this edition however none of the usernames i tried work and there are no guidelines so i couldnt initiate an account


Stephanie Chmiel  8-22-2020
As others have said, I cannot sign up because all of my usufructuary names have been rejected. I don't see why Al-Anon needs my birthday: They would just ask if I am over 18. And as others have said, the policy of service are a bit much.


Carol Keegan  8-22-2020
It will not allow me to execute a username. Please rescue


Michaela Funke  8-21-2020
I cant set up an account. each username i check using it says it is not allowed. Help!!


Camille E Acey  8-20-2020
This is mostly useless. Please let's digitize CAL instead of doing this.


Sue  8-19-2020
Love how straight it is to navigate in the app...the extended content is AWESOME. The ability to connect with other testers for recovery is priceless!!


Elizabeth WilsonWall  8-19-2020
OTP not sent and edition install timed out


Therese Terry Carroll Foley  8-19-2020
Its not sending the otp


Chris  8-18-2020
straight to navigate, high quality audio, wealthy with features, trustworthy and stable. This will be a well used app.


Lorfa Lee  8-17-2020
Did not send the OTP code


Anne Palmer  8-15-2020
issue getting OTP sent to my smartphone or email.



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