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Release date: Dec 26, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: AgmaCategory: action
Name: Agma.ioExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official

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About is an online MMO action game. You start as a slight blob, and your challenge is to eat other, smaller cells. As you grow larger, you discover yourself in the midst of a combat between aggressively big players. endure by utilizing diverse techniques. Farm cash in the release to become wealthy and buy powerups to avail versus other gamesters such as 2x speed, portals, virus spawn, shove powers, and more. In 2020, a recent style Infection (zombie vs human) was released. The release also offers multiple other gamemodes, ranging from combat Royale, to Virus Farm, Selffeed and Gigantic. These servers have diverse mechanics and goals, and makes for an immersive combination of fantastic enjoyment and joy to play. avail your exclusive wearables, skins and cosmetics/accessories to exhibit other gamesters who's the boss. As you play, you tier up and gain higher ranking and rewards. You will meet other gamesters who are both hostile and outgoing throughout your journey. You can befriend dependents by adding them to your friendlist, and messaging them across the chat system. You can donation other gamesters powerups by dropping it on them whilst in the game. You are welcome to experience the world of agma :) Discord:



[Real]π•π•Œπ•ƒπ•ƒπ•€π”Έβ„•π”Έ  10-4-2021


Michael Bishop  6-12-2021
Really enjoyment release but I wish you would have a zoom


Abdullah Khan  6-4-2021
This release sucks I can't even run repair it so I can run or I uninst


You've been TROLLED  5-26-2021
It's ok I guess dynamics aren't intractable thing I dont like is I spawn and I gain spawn killed promptly plus the powerups are too over powered lesson it down a bit and newest bit absolutely not least take off the jets they gain in the idea


Luis Gabriel Padillo  5-9-2021
Can u put dual on it its enjoyment and wonderful I'm tier 36 on it


This is the worst ever release it lags so tons on mobile and is not fair at all!!!!


Lanii Vuelo  4-30-2021
Been playing this release for 5 years, and there is whenever recent updates so I never gain tired of it! extremely wonderful game. I propose anyone to run this game!!!!


Garry Javier  4-26-2021
pls can you do only mobile gamester in server its so intractable to run when other is in pc and theres no marco spilt pls repair that


Arsenii Popov  4-23-2021
I like this release g ;)


Bernice Bryant  4-20-2021
Omg 😲 this release 5 star 🌟


CHILL OUT Beatz  4-20-2021
Ha ha all that time I was playing from mobile chorme I didn't realize πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘Œ


Kelsey Murphy  4-18-2021


Pranshu  4-6-2021
Love this release its just its too addictive


Katrina Querimit  3-31-2021
😳 😳 😲 wow


Kurt Michel Sebastien Dimaculangan  3-26-2021
fantastic release but i didnt hive it 5 stars coz the server is so laggy


Tamari Kun  3-14-2021
its excellent


mehnaz bibi  3-13-2021
wonderful release


Ajhay Saturnino  3-9-2021 is so cool to run i desire Gold member my name Ajlangnaman2 tyy


SwagboyQ  2-19-2021
Sont work


Amariyah Crawford  2-18-2021
This release is excellent you must check it but go on youtube for some guides and hints (β€’β€Ώβ€’)


Mareng Maria  2-12-2021
What is gold a gold member is gratuitous


Ben Hall  2-10-2021
The exquisite release i ever had but can you please have the vires like a little less please because i gain mad when dependents put virus into me for no reasen but over all its still excellent maintain it up


Rukaiyatu Habu Garba  2-1-2021
I can,t believe agma is out on mobile yay


Kraken  1-30-2021
wonderful edition especially coming from a content creator


The NM  1-27-2021
i cant change control direction ,,,,,even cant run excellent with left sided control ,i desire right side ,fix this matter as soon as possible


Reena Salot  1-19-2021
This is gonna be the 2nd exquisite release


arkin velasco  1-16-2021
Realy cool i like this but to lag πŸ˜‚ and to intractable to log in but good i dint log in lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and straight im'ma pro ther and i clik style tutorial so that wher i did pro coooool hehe...😏 to selfeed i realy like it intractable lol =-_-= @[email protected] and fantastic im done πŸ˜€ who execute this cool /_/ 0.O to this name is power absolute need to RUN... Not the exquisite hehe and a im done and dont for gain rate this to 1-5...


H.H Gamers  1-5-2021
Mobile control wrong work kill him everyone Plz set this promblem resolution


TurtleTj  1-5-2021
It a fantastic release I have been playing for a couple months and am tier 60 and am having a fantastic time.


Tishana Rampersaud  1-4-2021
its a fantastic release 🀩


Unstoppable  1-4-2021


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