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Starting your fitness trip has never been easier than with adidas Training. With a choice of short workouts and lots of variety, you’ll discover a idea to slide fitness into your schedule. Adidas Training is the ideal workout planner. avail the edition to personalize your workout plan, stay motivated, and celebrate your success. Workouts in the adidas Training edition are ideal for: - Fat burn - Strength training - Total-body burn - Working on your core stability - Improving your balance and posture - Feeling refreshed and confident Plan the ideal house workout ⁠— no matter what tier you’re at Tailor your routine to your ability and run to your strengths. Embrace what makes you diverse as you hit goals that are designed for your body. pick from more than 190 exercises to tone and strengthen all angles of your body. This workout edition has HD clips for every exercise to exhibit you how to ideal your form and gain the most from your movement. Be genre to your body with optional five-minute warm-ups. Target any territory of your body Use our plans to burn fat, build strength, or ease yourself into running. The Workout Creator permits you pick the territory of your body you desire to work and for how long. Whether it’s purely ab exercises, a leg and booty burner, or full-body workout, you can decide. Work out alongside top-class trainers and athletes Our master trainers and athletes are on-hand to shove you across a workout. track a guided clip workout with HIIT, ab exercises, yoga, boxing, and more. You’ll be learning from the best. track a heart-pumping 7-minute HIIT workout or be gently guided with a tension-melting yoga flow to stretch and strengthen. Build a social network that inspires and motivates you Who says your fitness trip has to be lonely? While you’ll enjoy getting into gear with our house workouts, you can execute connections with dependents ready to lift you and shove you along. Join a worldwide community Take part in fitness missions for yoga, running, and HIIT. Take part, no matter where you are, and see how you stack up versus the competition around the world. Stay on follow with plenty of features Let this workout edition become your on-hand personal trainer. The workout timer and voice trainer to execute your session a seamless experience. Your information feed keeps you up-to-date with your community and offers fitness and recovery guides from the adidas Runtastic blog. The health and nutrition section will rescue you maintain yourself nourished. App usage notification and extended partnership details The adidas Training edition is gratuitous to download and use. Some features, such as particular training plans, are unlocked only with the purchase of a extended Membership. Your partnership renews automatically if you do not annul it within 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. The renewal of your extended partnership will be charged to your account up to 24 hours before your topical partnership expires. The cancellation of an in-app partnership subscription is not permitted. The option to disable the automatic renewal of your extended partnership is attainable to you in your Google run account settings. Do you have further questions about our apps? reach us via



Sanjay Gupta  12-8-2020
exquisite for exercise


Korir K. Douglas  12-7-2020


Brandon Matteson 999  12-7-2020
It is wonderful and give you fantastic workouts


Joni Toloraia  12-7-2020
fantastic edition


mohammad reza ghavamnia  12-7-2020
extremely excellent


Alireza Tamini  12-7-2020


Ziad Ahmed  12-7-2020
excellent Training edition


May Shane  12-7-2020
It is excellent and i am reallu fit now


Mohammed Zameil  12-7-2020
Reviews our condition perfectly and selects the ideal wrokout routines


Tambona Sennelo  12-6-2020
fantastic edition


Erica Hardee  12-6-2020
Love this app!!!


Daniel Burke  12-6-2020
I love this app?


Vishva trivedi  12-6-2020
Hello adidas training team, please one suggestion to add nutrition feature.


Blessing Malata  12-6-2020
The exquisite workout app.


Chinyere Okoro  12-6-2020
Just installed this app. Looks excellent so far. Howwver, It could be good to be able to set the date you desire to start a training plan instead of it to automatically start on the day it's set. Look forward to using this edition and hope it lives up to expectations.


John Jackson  12-6-2020


Sam Samuel  12-6-2020
extremely good edition for fittness


Marjorie Maree  12-6-2020
This edition really gives me what I need. The only thing I wish was diverse was that I had the option to do a workout at night and the next one the next morning. It must work on a date format instead of a 24 hour format which means I can only do one workout over 24 hours instead of one at night after work and the next one the extremely next morning. That could be a good upgrade because life does happen and workouts needs to be done at diverse times.


Aman Raj  12-6-2020
extremely good edition to me


Parth Sharma  12-6-2020
This edition is really work it


Johnny. Speaks. Live  12-5-2020


Puff Kids  12-5-2020
This edition is amazing! I finally found the ideal app.


Kabiligi Clement  12-5-2020
Everything is cool, good exercises, timing, reps ... but the stretching part has room for improvement. Please add some variant there


Shri vish  12-5-2020
It is amazing.


Consuming grand informations


Guna deep  12-5-2020
fantastic edition 👌


Kelvin Doyle Mostrales  12-4-2020
really love the app. excellent for beginners


Paul Laryea  12-4-2020
amazing running edition


Eslam Abdelsater  12-4-2020
One of the most practical edition to be fit


d j  12-4-2020
extremely excellent


Renārs Gabriel  12-4-2020
When I started using this edition it was wonderful (5 stars). There were no clip loops, the voice trainer was speaking normally, exercises were shown congruently to their name. So, I got myself a extended subscription. Now.. the Voice trainer script seems to be messed up, also sometimes there is a incorrect screen for the exercise or none at all. Are you underpaying the developers? 😅 I came to this edition because Nike Training Club started to have troubles like these.. I'm using this on smartphones TV.


RUMA SARMA  12-4-2020
It's excellent really excellent


Bruce Lombe  12-4-2020
Lately I've been searching for that right workout that will suit my needs and after a long search, I found everything I need in Adidas training and since I got it I've experienced some good results.


Ged Welford  12-4-2020
The Adidas training edition works for me. I avail it about three times a week and mix it with bike, pull-up and other training. It's efficient and feels adaptive. I can skip the strange exercise that doesn't suit me, or add weights to some to execute it more challenging. I discover it enjoyable. It has an understated cool feel to it and is gratuitous of annoying elements, such as over enthusiastic shouty people.


Adarsh Desai  12-4-2020
excellent place to start


Mark Karobia  12-4-2020
A variant of exercise


Praviyaa __  12-4-2020


Nathaniel Soriano  12-3-2020
It's a fantastic app, have efficient wod's for a occupied person, and If you desire to finish some grand work you can avail these wod's as warming up exercises, and the streching part imo is finish to complete your wod


Yan Tashikan  12-3-2020
где приложение для горных велосипедов которое было до вашего прихода мудачье? Я ведь когда-то заплатил за него деньги.


Antonino DAgostino  12-3-2020
excellent but would do with a more advanced workout plans.


Jaron Eller  12-3-2020
wide range of workouts, fantastic explanations for each exercise and great guides for a healthy lifestyle!


Yousef Ibraheem al Nafisa  12-3-2020
A amazing adidas edition gives you appropriate, straight and not simple exercises that give you a bit of fatigue and activity. Some exercises are difficult at first, but with repetition, they are extremely easy. I advise you of the software and the product of exercises, I really liked it... which I participated in the software for a absolute year instead of the club's subscription. Also there are coaches, yoga and other exercises and serviceable nutritional advice. Thanks Adidas Runtastic.


Sandip Desai  12-3-2020
excellent workout


Dhruv Verma  12-3-2020
exquisite exercises edition


Israel Linares  12-3-2020
good clean, well designed layout, lots of variants


dietitian vipasha  12-3-2020
exquisite exercise friend


suman seraladan  12-3-2020


nestor endozo  12-3-2020
good and straight to gain fit with this app. 😊👌👍


Tugsuu Togooch  12-3-2020


Levon  12-3-2020
Cool app! I could add more stretching exercises that I could do after waking up. And add Yoga please


krishna chaitanya  12-3-2020
amazing edition for work out


Rajesh Banjara  12-3-2020
excellent for continue improvement


José Ulises Delgado Chio  12-3-2020
Please add Roku streaming aid



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