Android Version: 2.3App: A Journey Towards Jesus
Release date: May 18, 2015App Rating: 5
Author: Kupina.meCategory: trivia
Name: A Journey Towards JesusExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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run for gratuitous to 'A trip Towards Jesus' and enjoy learning more about the Bible with this recent Christian release for young all ages! STORY Eliab's sister, Sara, is ill and after spending all their savings on medicines and doctors, their only hope is to discover a preacher named Jesus. Some believe he is the expected Messiah. Others think he is only a fake. For Eliab, the major character of this game, the clock is ticking. Will he overcome his fears and be able to discover HIM before is too late? Does Jesus know about Eliab? find and chills with the tale behind this exciting Christian release for android and tablets. FEATURES ‘A trip towards Jesus’ has 5 worlds absolute of surprises, characters to interact and converse with and missions that the major character will have to finish with your rescue to discover Jesus. • Travel the paths where Jesus was (Galilee, Samaria, etc.). • More than 2.000 questions and exciting missions that will experiment your knowledge of the Bible. • Mini-games with hundreds of species will put you to the test. • Don't forget to grab the elements needed for this journey, as they will rescue you when you need them the most. • acquire Stars with every tier finished according to your abilities and exchange them for valuable elements in the market. A wise choice of your elements can execute a large difference. #AJTJ: Prove everyone that you are the expert of the Bible in this recent and gratuitous Christian release for android and cellphones in which you will study more about Jesus while you stroll across diverse tiers in this fantastic adventure in a trip towards Jesus. Download it for free! Many thanks to those who run 'A trip Towards Jesus' (a.k.a 'En Busca de Jesús'). Thanks to your comments we will maintain creating recent Christians release like this one. We could love to read your opinion about this game. Please, reach us across our website: Join now our community on Facebook! ► This project has been created with the aid of



Ginelle Hutchins  6-19-2021
This release is for authentic believers to occupy their mind .I love it. Think I am going to download it again. This is my third time downloading this game.


Davis Wilderson  6-19-2021
Helps you study the Bible.


Heather Rodriguez-James  6-19-2021
It's enjoyment as well as educational.


michael hall  6-18-2021
outstanding release that helps you grow in knowledge of the bible


Lynn Crago  6-18-2021
Its enjoyment to run


Irene Bill  6-15-2021
fantastic release


mercy hackman  6-13-2021
good release I desire to instruct it to Indians that they must track Jesus and stop worshipping idols because Jesus is the idea the truth and the life


Zahara Simmons  6-12-2021
extremely good bible release


Daehan Kim  6-12-2021
fantastic game! missions my Bible knowledge and it's fun. Thanks everyone!


Jonovan  6-11-2021
God isn't veritable


Elizabeth Lambdans  6-5-2021
PERFECT! Just downloaded and run today. extremely interesting! Thanks for this.. delighted Sabbath.


Ayanna Holder  6-4-2021


Luis Miguel  6-4-2021
Esta muy genial la edition sigan asiendo lo mismo (⌒_⌒;)


Nicholas Headlam  6-2-2021
I love this release because I can do challenging thing about the bible


Swagtae Kookiechi  6-1-2021


A V  5-29-2021
I like the game, it's like a quiz of the bible.


Aida Karabu  5-28-2021
I dont generally write reviews for mobile games, but this one absolutely surpassed all my expectations! The lecture is well thought out, the release increases Bible knowledge while remaining amusing as a learning platform, teaches values of patience to the gamester - overall incredibly well thought out, coded and designed. Incredible!


Jessica Steinke  5-25-2021
I enjoy this game. fantastic idea to gain some time in the Word for any age.


Wenne Malino  5-23-2021
Lllloove it! The narration helps me to feel the context in a tons more veritable way, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Soo blessed with this quality Christian game. If you would supply an oral narration or conversations to rescue my students' listening skill, that could be more fantastic!


Praveena G0vekar  5-23-2021
extremely good


GOD'S Little one  5-22-2021
Nice, maintain on making these genre of Games, May the monsieur be with you❤✝️


Pearl Doe  5-20-2021
release just froze 🥺


Grace HasBeenGiven  5-19-2021
Love this release ❤


Ndumiso Mavuso  5-14-2021
Just that you have to be extremely fast... Otherwise its outstanding


Daniel Kolotoč  5-11-2021
fantastic game. wonderful story.


Danity Thelwell  5-11-2021
I love this edition so much💕💕


jeff corning  5-5-2021
extremely intuitive. No release better than this discover out what you know and don't know as it inspires to read or learn the BIBLE


Jorge Herrera  5-3-2021


Diana Makena  5-3-2021
Indeed this release is wonderful and interesting and time is so vital too just as i had gone across the messages and info's here Found them to be so practical and so far am on phase 9! On the outskirts of Galilee, and so far as I have been playing this release have also continued to uncover for Christ Jesus in the physical too just has the release has missions life's missions are there too This is a release that all dependents must run and parents must ponder downloading it for their infants as well.


Mr. T  5-3-2021
I enjoy the timed, biblical trivia questions. It's not straight either. Cool idea to brush up on my biblical knowledge. 👍


Temitope Oyegun  5-3-2021


The Crook Family 5  5-2-2021
Que bendicion I love it!


Deborah Meaders  4-30-2021
It can be challenging and it is fun.


Neph kun  4-30-2021
I love it


Martha Agbemasu  4-30-2021
This release is a experiment of bible knowledge and it serves as a revision. I love to run this game, but one thing I dislike about it is the time bar and lives.


D.K Thom  4-26-2021
A recent trip into the bible , I love this app. fantastic job.


cassy chikwenje  4-19-2021
It's a fantastic game. Really pushes me to up my Bible knowledge and read more.


Lilly Fox  4-18-2021
extremely extremely extremely good game. Everything about it is wonderful. You won't be disappointed. I instruct it to anyone who enjoys learning the bible. excellent job developers!!!


Ashley Pelham  4-17-2021
Love this game!


JSue Rupe  4-17-2021
So far I'm really enjoying this game, it's still too early to execute a ultimate decision.. thank you to everyone that made this release possible... this is fantastic


Faith Enselay  4-17-2021
So challenging ! Quite hard😁


Nicole Franklin pocf  4-14-2021
Love it!!!!


Hena Kim  4-12-2021
fantastic app!


Robert Smith  4-8-2021
I think this is the exquisite quality trivia game. However, I wish all these Christian programmers and animators could stop being so divided so instead so they would execute a veritable CHRISTian release instead of many of trivia games. With Genesis 3D, Superbook, etc. There's no motive to not be a quality Christian game.


kathy cabeen  4-7-2021
Too intractable


Patricia Gage  4-7-2021
I love the game, but, I dont think you must lose a life because you dont know how to spell a word. For instance, zacchaeus, I lost all my lives, had to look it up to know how to spell it. Lol! Definitely excellent for memorization!


Lovie Gadong Peniero  4-5-2021
Bit challenging when it comes to memorrization.


Abbner L  4-3-2021
beautiful swift paced, if you are not a fantastic speller of biblical words then some rounds may be intractable for you.


Janice Shoesmith  4-2-2021
It's fantastic for remembering the facts from the Bible


Carina Wolfram  3-29-2021


Raphaëlla Adjé  3-28-2021
Supeeeeeeer jeu, franchement incroyable👏🏾


Anthony Backe  3-25-2021
outstanding thanks ☺️


Eben Hammond  3-20-2021
Love the takes me back to scriptures !!


andrie hanekom  3-18-2021
Really good release


Cosmin Paun  3-17-2021
ne place foarte mult


Victor Slaughter  3-15-2021
The release is just fantastic all the idea around. The timer is perfectly intense. The elements you can buy and in release currency are perfectly balanced. The trivia is the right genre of difficult. You definitely can not be a beginner to the bible to run this release and beat the tiers on your first go but you will learn. Also the fact that there is a really tidy tale with characters sharing veritable doubts and feelings about Jesus really wraps this release up in perfection.


Felda Cortes Moreno  3-15-2021
Muy emocionante e interesante!


Jennifer Garcia  3-14-2021
A bible mission that is. This release doesn't just ask the fundamental questions, but ask the challenging questions too. study something recent each time I play. (Said this in 5/28/18 and still agree in 3/12/21)


bailey easterling  3-12-2021
I love this how it's like a trip release with trivia whenever inspiring me to learn God's word more.


Eloge Landry Sery KOko  3-10-2021


D Churn  3-9-2021
excellent idea to experiment Bible knowledge. There is a lot of reading.


Peanut N Jessy  3-5-2021
There are some minor grammar troubles here and there but the release is fantastic for any student of The Word. Spiritually edifying and educational with power ups and plenty of content to execute it feel like a release Update: The tiers where you piece jointly Scripture word by word must avail The KJV. I feel that the literal word by word translation is appropriate for Scripture memorization and thus, that specific task.


denelia  3-3-2021


I love this game, but i read my Bible in monarch james version not NIV MOST QUESTIONS COME IN NIV


ERICA HARRIS  3-1-2021
Interesting testing my biblical knowledge


Debric Sweeney  2-26-2021
The monsieur is amazing!!!!!!!


Lic Ious  2-25-2021
I absolutely love this game!!! Educational and fun!!!


Mir ela  2-20-2021


Anusha Lobo  2-14-2021
exquisite edition


Doreen Williams  2-13-2021
It's a fantastic release


Jordan Zavesky  2-11-2021
I am having fun, good release to sharpen bible abilities


Oueudzi Louk  2-10-2021
Superbe appli pour connaitre la vie de Jésus


hannah couillard  2-7-2021
enjoyment and challenging with excellent graphics and truth.


Mimy  2-6-2021
Très bon jeu pour qui teste nos connaissances sur la Bible


Elonge Otang  2-4-2021
exquisite release mandkind has ever known although the part of the Romans is extremely though so it must have an support option


Montreal Hall  2-2-2021
straight idea to learn by replaying ancient phases to get points


Chris Patrick  2-1-2021
I like the game, but the editions doesn't permit you exit the release


Alicia Kyle  1-31-2021
I am having so tons enjoyment in this game!!


Angelita Sandoval  1-31-2021
love this app, extremely challenging, keeps me on my toes.


Deidre Abernathy  1-30-2021
Scriptural. extremely accurate! Enjoy it extremely much!


Andreas C  1-28-2021
outstanding idea to aquire knowledge of the bible! Winnings!!


Gabby G.  1-26-2021
Love this game!!!👍😋


Seleman Kondowe  1-20-2021


Rodrigo  1-18-2021
fantastic app!


Alma Tawali  1-15-2021
This release is really enjoyment to run and it helped me understand some of the situation that has happened during this journey. If you desire do not read your Bible too often, this release is a excellent start for you. I recommended others to download it for them and their infants especially to have a amazing trip towards Jesus.


Trisa Pike  1-14-2021
outstanding game! Helps you study scripture as you go


Renee Jefferson  1-14-2021
This release is areally excellent to quiz yourself on scripture. But some of the questions are long which and i can"t read across the answers quickly enough.


KAM Merkel  1-14-2021
Time moves quickly, you need to know the respond when your reading the question. You don't have time to read all the possible choices for each question and ponder the answer. There's basically no time to think. I could like to see references and Bible version quotes after the round for right and incorrect answers. Is there a motive there is Not any easy, intermediate, and intractable tier options? Are you trying to encourage or be a stumbling block. mission those who wish to be challenged.


Manju .V.S  1-12-2021
This release is so enjoyment and wonderful


Dosu Nonheu Thierry  1-11-2021
cute and impressive it can rescue to know bigger things in the Bible


Aby Benny  1-10-2021


OnlyJesus CanSaveYou  1-9-2021
The trivia is too intractable to have a time limit and a limited quantity of lives


Amma's cookery studio  1-6-2021
It shows about God


R Kavitha  1-4-2021
Super release


Daniel Mwape  12-30-2020
It's a extremely good game... I discover nothing incorrect with it at all.. its really enjoyment



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