Android Version: 4.1App: 80s Mania Wrestling Returns
Release date: Jun 19, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Checkmate Creative LLCCategory: game simulation
Name: 80s Mania Wrestling ReturnsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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80s Mania Wrestling Returns is a entirely radical pro wrestling manager release and wrestling booker release presented as a collectible card game! And it's set in the 1980s and 1990s! Hundreds of wonderful retro wrestling characters flesh out this ancient school wrestling universe including wrestlers, tag teams, managers, commissioners, interviewers and more! every character is entirely original while also inspired by the brilliant decades in pop culture history! It’s piledriving parody at its finest! Wrestling release supporters looking for a pro wrestling GM style or booker release will love 80s Mania Wrestling Returns! Not only will you play your own fantasy wrestling league absolute of outstanding weekly shows using your collected wrestlers, you'll host a supercard each month where all your biggest feuds can settle the score! Full-blown stat tracking of all your wrestlers Wins and Losses, Title History for every of your Championship Belts and even Year End Awards execute this the exquisite wrestling simulator of any mobile wrestling release out there! 80s Mania Wrestling Returns might just be the exquisite wrestling release in the business!



Cinnia Glaze  12-17-2020
Love it. My husband plays this release constantly and got me into it. Now we're competing to see who can put on better shows. Having a little hardship obtaining major occasion caliber stars tho. But above all, outstanding game. We're hooked!


Clayton Englebert  12-17-2020
Absolutely LOVE the game! run 80sMWR and MMW constantly! Love the Superstars and the general manager concept. Wish Legends and major Eventers werent so intractable to obtain, but aside from that i wouldnt change a single thing! This edition is highly addictive, especially to an avid sports pastime consumer like myself.


Wade Wilson  12-16-2020
Most of the wrestlers appear as black boxes.


Cisco Lee  12-16-2020


Very Bad Gamer  12-13-2020
excellent game, but become a bore after 1 year except your planning on spending. I mean the cost to change heel/face is stupid, why could you have a cost ? Also could be fantastic if you would initiate stables and arrange interference in matches to build hype on feud. Maybe sometime. And the promos and skits etc are boring repeating, must be able to pick what you desire in that show, also be able to pick match categories and title matches.


adam hussain  12-13-2020


Rick Pryjda  12-8-2020
enjoyment game, no time limits and much of nostalgia. Only thing I could change is, there must be option for heel/face change


Pankaj Sharma  12-7-2020
Plz do upgrade in it and execute some recent superstars like ROMAN regins etc and there is a problem that it lag to tons and when I complete a match so tons of adverts come and then I have restart the release so if you will nake some updates in it so I can give five stars and major problem that it is only five days or three days it permit me run gratuitous but after some days it ask to ke that if you desire to run so give us 100 dolors and I delete this release so plz execute upgrade in it ok🤝🤝


Jordan Weddig  12-5-2020
enjoyment game.


Jarrod Earle  12-4-2020
I am loving this game. The only trouble I have is that it's too intractable to execute enough in-game money to be able to buy cards that really give you the edge.


Tim Herrington  12-3-2020
It's enjoyment I literally have a few dozen made up wrestlers that o could love to see on cards apparently you're not interested so


Andrew Wukman  12-2-2020
How do I declare this this with out sounding bad? This is a such a dumb enjoyment game. If you need something to just take your mind off the topical situation we're all in this is beautiful tons up there on the list of releases that work. The 80s themes remind me of watching when I was a kid. I wish I would run a version on my comp. Same mode but just something I would do to kill time and enjoy the art work and overall goofiness of it all. It's beautiful enjoyment trying to discover the combos for tag teams.


Pat Duke  12-1-2020
So tons 80s rasslin goodness


Matthew Brady  12-1-2020
Love it


Michael Adderley  11-30-2020
enjoyment to play...easy to manage....creative ways on the wrestlers and feuds...


Jonathan Almeida  11-29-2020
Update!!!!! Developer emailed me after 1 star review for not helping me with them double charging and now says we won't rescue lmao super butt harm developer, maybe don't be rude when a paying client actually needs help.


John Doe  11-25-2020
I've whenever loved this release in fact this is my 2nd time downloading it. When I switched smartphones I had issue getting my ancient release back( one that I've spent $150 readily on) and I was basically told your beat so BEWARE dependents THEY execute A enjoyment release BUT ARE TERRIBKE PEOPLE!


Murphy  11-24-2020
As an old-school wrestling fan, this is extremely fun.


Joseph Jones  11-19-2020
Cool concept


Ken West  11-18-2020
This is awesome!


Jordan Witcher  11-18-2020
A fantastic wrestling commander release and it is a fantastic release not to straight you got to strategize when booking matches I just need to know how to gain sponsors


Thomas fishwick  11-18-2020
extremely enjoyment release will take a while to study the idea booking works though


Allen Hook  11-17-2020
I liked it to start, then after I played a few weeks in the game, I set all the matches up etc, but the exhibit wouldn't start and couldn't do anything. Uninstalled


Eric Himes  11-16-2020
Got the blue image of death. Now it is stuck and won't reset the year


Steven Crocker  11-16-2020
This release is awesome. I love the ancient school feel.


Nick Newton  11-15-2020
extremely enjoyment Wrestling Booker. The characters are outlandish, the release is extremely straight to choose up and authentic wrestling supporters will be hooked!


Bruhfiki  11-15-2020
As a wrestling fan, this is a enjoyment game, but some of the storylines you check to encapture don't work out due to the mechanics of the game. Character designs look great, a veritable throwback to the WWF era.


Malachi Mallicoat  11-15-2020
Love the obscure references


Psycho Frank  11-15-2020
beautiful enjoyment so far. The characters are beautiful cool and I like the satire.


mel hurston  11-13-2020
Experience is good, still trying to figure how to ameliorate stars on matches.


Bonny Bibby  11-12-2020
I desire to give this release a fantastic rating. It's fun. First day I played for hours. Day 2: release stuck at opening loading screen. Tried 4 times. Uninstalled, tried again... Nothing. Can't open it. Using galaxy 9 note. If this can be fixed, will change my review.


Sam Allison  11-12-2020
Super enjoyment and straight to learn. Simple yet complex enough to think where did the time go.


Julio Trevolta  11-9-2020
outstanding enjoyment


Chris Lewis  11-9-2020
This release is so awesome. should run for any wrestling fan.


Derek Weese  11-5-2020
This release is a blast! If you loved ancient school WWF and WCW as a babe in the 80's or 90's, or caught up with it on the WWE Network, then you'll love this. Basically, in this you're either Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff, and you do your exquisite to supply exciting softwares and PPV's for your growing audience. A whole lot of fun. But, warning, it can be addicting.


Jared Parham  11-4-2020
enjoyment release


Tyler S  11-4-2020
extremely excellent game. This release brings me back memories of the original general manager style in smackdown vs raw. Please maintain adding more content! fantastic execution. But i think the negative ratings are unfair. good setup and love the upgraded content! However the card system is a little wonky.


dom manetti  11-3-2020
fantastic release play, nostalgic characters, enjoyment match categories and variants


Jack Norred  10-27-2020
Its a cool release


Scottius Maximus I  10-25-2020
Exceptional release


Rob N  10-23-2020
fantastic release


Joshua Montell  10-23-2020


Diego Oregon  10-21-2020
Really liked this. whenever gives me a fantastic imagination.


Christon Moore  10-19-2020
extremely enjoyment for a pro wrestling fan, don't really understand the grading for occasions had mostly 3 star matches for ppv got the lowest ratings and can never come close to number 1, also I'm in the 90's and maintain getting cards of talent that become inactive in 89 in the shop


lethal warrior wrestling official wereseling brand  10-16-2020
deliver back the combat royal rumble


Adam Wicklund  10-11-2020
Not sure why you can't avail all cards owned, merch especially. Just started playing tho


Tim Buss  10-11-2020
Love it


Larry Caswell  10-9-2020
This release give me the exquisite feeling of the exquisite time of wrestling.


EKoLi SHiFT  10-8-2020
outstanding release and addicting and a fantastic release to kill time and sometimes lose follow of time in a excellent idea


Guy Miller  10-8-2020
You don't know wrestling except you know 80s wrestling


Darren Shields-Pettitt  10-7-2020
Really good, enjoyment game. If like me you remember WWF in the 80s and 90s this release is for you.


I Am Te 1  10-7-2020
enjoyment and addictive... but the grind is so bad... increase the money rate!!!


Jonathan Coleman  10-6-2020
ill game. Love it.


Nikolai Swartz  10-4-2020
enjoyment game. Easier to build up coins compared to it's counterpart, Modern Mania Wrestling, but everything is still priced quite high, especially when you are starting out. tons bigger roster than the Modern Version with plenty of nods to 80's and 90's pop culture.


Kevnot  10-1-2020
The release literally holds your hand and there is no idea to skip the tutorial. Doesn't load except you have an internet connection. Overall, I had a wrong experience. Won't instruct it.


Tyrrelle Gabutin  10-1-2020
It is a excellent game. But please add some entrance. It will be better if it has an entrance. But it's a excellent release so 5 STARS


Adam Winters  9-30-2020
Mega Powers Unite! All the exquisite parts of the late 80s Golden age of wrestling when personalities and promotions made a wrestler, and you loved them. Who's a veritable American? Who knows. Whats behind the mask? Probably pain and regrets. Haha. Thats why we loved it. enjoyment game. No veritable pay to run except you desire to aquire the content faster (wrestlers, venues, promotions) doesn't outcome progress. A latest release with grand 80s cheese, done with the love of obvious supporters of the era.


Ricardo Velazquez  9-29-2020
It's nostalgic enjoyment on a bun, but beware, it is extremely grindy and knowing what to do is a crapshoot


Paul Waldron  9-27-2020
Its a fantastic release that keeps you occupied for hours. fantastic wrestlers and managers. could like to see in the release where for a 3 star match you can earn tokens.. so for each star match you get 1 token n so on.


brian parker  9-27-2020
A Misunderstanding release Situation


Buddy Poythress  9-25-2020
This release is idea better than supercard, extremely enjoyment and cool cards. If ya like manager style in wwe releases this is like it. Give it a check whats there to lose other than your title!


rowdit Dowdit  9-25-2020
Not fantastic but entertaining. Better than I expected, I desire to give it 5 stars because I'm addicted however, it seems you gotta pay to gain anybody really good. I'll maintain playing, it may be worthy of 5 stars just, not sure yet Update....5 stars because I'm entirely addicted. Such a simple game, so addictive! There's a Facebook page of gamesters even. I'll put money into this when I can just because the developer deserves it, this is a nostalgic masterpiece!



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