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4anime is an wonderful anime edition that each Anime supporter and Otaku must have. Watch here all your beloved anime and limitless downloads 4anime! Watch anime online in high quality with English dubbed + subbed+gogo anime. Here you can watch online anime without paying, registering,4animes. Watch here all your beloved anime and limitless downloads 4anime! 4anime & anime prime details : - follow beloved animes - execute watchlists 4 anime - Plan what to watch 4 anime - English SUB Animes - try the schedule for recent episodes - gain notified when a recent episode is released goganime - Watch trial episodes directly 4animes - pretty UI (Dark Mode) - English Subbed and Dubbed category - Browse by genre, trending and recent season 4 anime edition



Athsham gaming legend  1-16-2021
It a fantastic edition but it doesn't permit me watch some episode like lot and lot of time of waiting so please please please please please repair it I am so annoyed please please please repair it


Milos Pantic  1-15-2021
As anime archive its must gain 5⭐. But the edition is over all bad. It takes god knows how long to even start the app. If it even desire to start. You must optimize edition far better. It is to grand for the smartphone to run. repair that it will be the some may be willing to pay extended features.


B&J Irrigation System  1-15-2021
When i first dowloaded there were no issues. However, now it takes forever to load when i first open as well as when i select the anime i desire to watch and when i check to go to the season as well.


chikara silk  1-15-2021
I can never load in


Kevin max  1-15-2021
This edition its cool


Frank Aksidan  1-15-2021
9anime suggested coming here while they are down and guess what 4anime isn't working either!😪


Black Demon  1-15-2021
It was excellent but it genre of stopped working now. It's just loading and loading and loading all the time😭


youloveyoualot  1-15-2021


Ben Holley  1-15-2021
horrible When I check to open the edition some times it takes ages but when it does allow me in all the shows are just plain white canvas


Alexander Amogod  1-15-2021
I'm downloading since 9anime isn't working yet but I do have other editions that I can avail to watch netflix, hulu, funimation, etc


Nia Madalane  1-15-2021
Everything was fine but today the edition has been acting up. It didn't load and if it did it said there was no Internet even though my connection was perfectly fine and the next nearly all but one anime is gone. I think you have a bug. Please repair this.


Arabella Wayne Merca  1-15-2021


Ericamila Ramos  1-15-2021
exquisite anime edition I see


Matthew Sanguinetti  1-15-2021
This edition was 4 star. outstanding selection and only had an occasional episode here and there that wouldn't run but now the edition won't even load for me. Iv only had it a couple weeks


Zahra Shukri  1-15-2021
Cant even open🙂


Me No  1-15-2021
barely works


Hudey  1-15-2021
This anime watching edition was basically flawless up until a couple of days ago - the edition doesn't load onto the house page anymore. I would've rated this edition 5 stars if I would still load into it.


Aizat Akmal  1-15-2021
exquisite edition for anime but sometime its i cant gain in...i dont think its about my informations or coverage because my wifi whenever in absolute coverage....


BLEH H3NTAI  1-15-2021
I can't log in


Brian Dolatre  1-15-2021
Did the edition crashed? Or under maintenance? It says try internet connection, but im connected with wifi


Alfo Nso  1-15-2021
I gave it 5star but now u can't in the edition it's on the loading image I have download and delete several times but still not working


Michael Adriano  1-15-2021
This edition i great.


Paolo Librado  1-15-2021
Its a two stars for me i know bat rating but im gonna go easy to the point its a excellent edition at first in a couple of days it whenever said to me to "Check my internet connection" i've been though my connection is totaly fine....Please repair this


Clinton Daniel  1-15-2021


Steel Dark116  1-15-2021


douglas apocalypze  1-15-2021
"please try your network connection" if my internet connection was the problem, i wouldn't even been able to download the edition now could i? repair your edition please


gabby gab  1-15-2021
Screw 9anime for recommending this edition they jus the same with the same trouble telling me there's there's no internet connection when I'm connected to the wifi😒


Jillian Maxene Tan 9-L.Brocka  1-15-2021
Why is it suddenly not working?


Aj Bautista  1-15-2021
repair it


Niel Brian Inocencio  1-15-2021


Haqiemy Shah  1-15-2021
edition yang menjadikan aku seorang wibu


Ole Weisink  1-15-2021


kuroo tetsuroo  1-15-2021
My wifi had no problem but it maintain declaring to try my connection


Khaliun Galsannyam  1-15-2021
It was a fantastic edition at first but when I check to avail the edition it's whenever loading and I don't know what it is please repair it! I love this edition


Himawari Uzumaki  1-15-2021
This edition scks. I downloaded this edition because someone recommended this to me at first I'm excited because I got a recent edition where I can watch anime but I didn't work it says try your internet connection even my WiFi is fine. If you repair this I'll change my rate into 5 stars.


Wieyna  1-15-2021
why whenever appear no connection even my informations was excellent. please repair that 😭


Kelvin Samuel  1-15-2021
Lame and hope breaking


Nathan Perez  1-15-2021
gogo anime is better


Azrin Mohd  1-15-2021
I read the other reviews that said that this was a excellent edition but IT whenever SAYS MY INTERNET CONNECTION IS wrong BUT I CAN avail IT PERFECTLY! PLEASE repair THIS.


Axijlreyder Guiniling  1-15-2021
I love the edition so tons but Its missing two things the uncover board thing is not for the anime it's for the animes actors Wich I hate and some anime is missing episodes like one peice ep 128 138 and it even says I have meager internet connection when google,cod,pubg works perfectly fine and these editions are editions that needs loads of internet or informations but 4anime doesn't work for some motive


Mhyco Carlo Nino Dela Cruz  1-15-2021
I like the recent episode of assassin x assassin and I can repair the episode of one piece because it's broken but I desire the 4anime edition pls respond me


Asuka Ken  1-15-2021
Can i gain respond why everytime I open this edition it says that no connection?


Iman Soffia  1-15-2021
When i log in this edition it whenever declare try your connection while my connection is super good😞please repair it


Jeikeu Gaming  1-15-2021


Jennifer Amelia  1-15-2021
It kept declaring i have wrong connection when my connection is extremely excellent for other apps..


JemzYT  1-15-2021


Gither Wayne Gumpal  1-15-2021
Man I thought this edition is the exquisite edition for watching anime but, after I downloaded this edition for 3 weeks it keeps declaring that try your connection even my wifi connection is good.


aLex hOnG  1-15-2021
rubbish app, cant even watch a single episode in this edition even though my internet was perfect. It whenever says try YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. I just dont gain it, please repair this, seriously


Keemmmo Duh  1-15-2021
The edition is excellent when it desires to work. Ive had it for 2 days and havent been able to aatch one exhibit becausw of the constent crashes. Some times the edition dont even wanna open. Do better


Moody Thetics  1-15-2021


Gilbert Gilbert  1-15-2021
It extremely cool edition


kono pikachu da  1-15-2021
Not working


Rohini Nagar  1-15-2021
Goood extremely excellent


D4• WARIOR  1-15-2021
When open the edition declare try internet connection but my wifi actually okay


K¡m  1-15-2021
I'm kinda pissed off but I'm okay tho cause I just downloaded it and When I opened it,it says try you're internet connection(and the spelling of connection is incorrect lmao) and my wifi is fully fine! I guess I have to uninstall and discover another app😗


Raudhatul Azly  1-15-2021
It kept showing try your internet connection even thought there is no problem with my internet.


Kendra Kikuo  1-15-2021
This is probably the exquisite anime to watch edition ever and i could give it a five star but there's a problem, the loading is really slow and my internet is really swift so i dont understand why its loading super super slow sometimes it says no internet connection but my internet is fine so, plz repair that if u can if not its ok i still love the app.


April Pontiveros  1-15-2021
Is it only me? Or the edition really says 'check your internet connection' even tho I have a fine internet connection?


Jason Eddy  1-15-2021
edition ini tiada mau buka dan try your lnternet connection Tolong please


Eunice Macadangdang  1-15-2021
For now I gonna give it one star because it's said to me I have to internet connection bot my Internet is swift and strong, and If u are the creator of 9anime pls repair it🥺


٭Losing intrest٭  1-15-2021
Not even working just like 9anime how fantastic of you


4mza 77  1-15-2021
When i open the edition its whenever declare try your internet connection but my wifi is fine.Please repair this bug right now developer


Nandanie Bridgemohan  1-15-2021
Not fn loading


Jaylene Eppel  1-15-2021
Ok i really like this edition but its jusy so annoying that it deos not even give opsions when you are searching an animrs name up


Zxc Ibarra  1-15-2021
This is a excellent edition but when i open it, it says "Check your internet connection" but my connection is FINE.


Jeremie Reventar  1-15-2021
Bulok ang arte mong edition ka tangina naka wifi nako try your internet parin gago ampp kayamot


Shanakay Shields  1-15-2021
It keeps declaring please try your internet connection and nothing is incorrect with my WiFi


Friday Okpako  1-15-2021
Its extremely extremely nice, i first discovered it from 9anime and i should declare its amazing thanks for the edition fantastic one


Geras Hamakas  1-14-2021
What are you waiting for? Life is shorter that u think


Jess Lim  1-14-2021
It was fine unless for laggs occasionally.


PRO GAMER SFI  1-14-2021
exquisite edition ever!


Daily Simp  1-14-2021
This edition keeps telling me I dont have a wifi connection, but when I try settings I am DEFINITELY connected. Until you repair this, I can only give it 1 star.


Fadhli Dzil  1-14-2021
I can't login


erens wife.  1-14-2021
I'm rating this a 4 because on the anime series named "free! " The peculiar episodes don't work with anyone


Shemton Drones  1-14-2021
good work...needs polishing tho


solape osoba  1-14-2021
good work in the program programming, the display work is amazing,


Anudari Ganbold  1-14-2021
It's excellent


Whatever Meme  1-14-2021
exhibit internet problem while using high speed internet


Dwight Larry Cobb  1-14-2021
i have a wifi with 50 mbps but the loading time nearly it whenever disconnect. i desire to give a higher rating because i love it. please repair


qrul G4MING  1-14-2021
Kenapa loading lmbt sgt budu


Evan Currie  1-14-2021


Bo- Bias  1-14-2021
What's the difference between 4anime and 9 anime


Khayxiong Xiongkhay  1-14-2021
Love it


ksdvee Gaming  1-14-2021
Why with 9anime???!


Lemon Nothing but a lemon  1-14-2021
It worked fine at first but now it doesn't even work and says that there is no connection even tho my connection is excellent please repair this and i will give it 5 stars


Dominik Honaker  1-14-2021
IT IS A VIRUS ! Look it up on Google.


Janice Quiambao  1-14-2021
When ever I open the edition it takes long to load and I dont think its because of my Wifi is there any idea you can repair this?


kvstugo  1-14-2021
excellent domain no adverts



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