Android Version: 4.0App: 3DTuning
Release date: Dec 12, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: 3DTuningCategory: simulation
Name: 3DTuningExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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unique 3D automobile configurator! More than 1000 automobiles in photorealistic quality! 1. enormous selection of cars, exterior design and tuning options; 2. company recent automobile models, as well most famed automobiles of the 20th and 21st century; 3. unique collection of wheels, front and rear bumpers, grills, headlamps and tail lamps, spoilers, fenders, mirrors, as well as a variant of air intakes and tons more; 4. attainable details include exterior color change, suspension tier customization, automobile paintings and dozens more; 5. product is integrated with, so your unique automobile garage is whenever at your disposal, while constant and frequent blog updates are forthwith attainable on your mobile devices. Create and share your garage of unique automobiles with individual tuning projects!



ALI 022-TKCI_SBY  6-23-2021
I'm really loving this game...keep it up...please put all gratuitous mods especially for the muscles cars.thx.


Fish  6-23-2021
Takes time to load in parts to the point where i just give up after 3 minutes, also desire more common automobiles like the toyota rav 4


Johnny Fernandez  6-23-2021
Dont mean this in any entitlement but loving this release just Add 2007 chevy aveo 5. And add on for the cobra R must have the Cobra terminator body kit.


k mcg  6-23-2021
fantastic edition for customising the cars. I could like for there to be an option to paint the alloys white, the same idea there is the option painting the automobiles


JA TRACTOR MAN  6-22-2021


Jabulani Baloyi  6-22-2021


Hawwa Dhonthuthu  6-22-2021
would you please add more McLarens and some newer categories of automobiles


CarTunerStendy  6-22-2021
exquisite edition i ever downloaded


Ashfaq Haider  6-22-2021
I love this release


Adhithyan Aji  6-22-2021
Can u add ancient baleno,new baleno swift,innova, mahindra thar it could be good if u do it.


Sreelakshmi Sane  6-21-2021
You guys must add svj kit for aventador and aventador roadster model and you must add sto kit for huracan this is why iaam giving 4 stars


Alex Green  6-21-2021
You guys need to add sound to all of the vehicles and add like hood exhaust for diesels and my cat the exhaust go down from the bed with like a 6-in tip and I love it it's a really excellent thing


Mohit Kantiwal  6-21-2021
very excellent but it must add some indian automobiles also.


Cozzie  6-21-2021
ill of voting on automobiles for them to go and add more childish supercars again I'm uninstalling after years now it's getting boring it's supposed to be a tuning edition yet we are constantly getting silly company recent supercars we will never own and can't do tons with tuning wise it rediculous there are older European and Japanese automobiles in the automobile voting that are screaming out to be added... WHY does the ford sierra cosworth have only 9 votes when lastime i checked it had over 400 votes???


Ronald Hillstrand  6-21-2021
fantastic edition but my lorry is not available. could it be possible to add a 2018 Silverado double cab?


nabhan nasar  6-21-2021
I really like this edition but there is one problem.There are no enough vehicles and if the add a option to experiment the vehicles like driving it.The edition will be in the top.


Hamo Elhwary  6-21-2021
excellent and realistic release


Dream  6-21-2021
Soo enjoyment haha


Joseph S  6-21-2021
Please upgrade the foxbody mustang and add lx version and convertible and please repair the freezing loading trouble


Alton Wyatt  6-20-2021
Never works


Liam Bruno  6-20-2021
exquisite automobile release on the platform, 10/10


rajinder jassar  6-20-2021


JILAM GAMER  6-20-2021
This is good edition for ever


Keith Story  6-20-2021
I love it bc I gain to customize trucks and automobiles with my cusions


Marie Garcia  6-20-2021
More automobiles


Naniki Matsidiso  6-20-2021
Yall are dope I love each thing the graphics are so dope just please add toyota QUANTUM and a Nissan tiida


subsets gaming  6-20-2021
I liked the release but i desire to see what i can do with a chevy cavalier in this release


outdoors in mississippi  6-20-2021
I only give it two because the domain is excellent but the mobile release suck ever thing is locked and you cant build what you desire so i dont recmind the release but do gi check out there domain ps release develiper execute each thing attainable


Robbie Adams  6-19-2021
I could like to see more trucks like 92 to 96 model ford F150 short wheel base and cowl hoods for 06 model silverado's thanks


Cain Nelson  6-19-2021
fantastic release I love making cool automobiles with this edition I could definitely instruct installing it if you like customizing automobiles and trucks


TheEmerald DJ  6-19-2021
I gain to customize any of the automobiles inside of the app. My favorites to mod are the trucks and tuner cars.


Lesedi Mathebula  6-19-2021


William Crowder  6-19-2021
I desire more automobiles coming


Aiera Angga  6-19-2021
First time install edition and check opened but whenever force close...


Jessey Ramos  6-19-2021
Honestly the exquisite to mod a car, like there really is no edition that can compete with this one, one down side is for more automobile parts like lips and splitters could be good and grills too. If you can upgrade to paint more particular parts that could seriously execute this ideal like some front bumpers have a "lip" so if i desired to paint just the lip and not the bumper it wont, but otherwise 99.5/100!!!!


ONLY CARS  6-19-2021
exquisite edition EVER FOUND🔥


Jd Lamar  6-19-2021
The exquisite customizing release ever weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


juan flores  6-18-2021
could give a 5 star but the mods must be about the same for each automobile like the older civics to have a stanced look too


Pravin Kumar  6-18-2021
It's not like any other seriously I do love this edition a lot, as an auto enthusist it's an time drainer for me. But they do need to add some more automobiles from South Asia too


Kids Tube  6-18-2021
This release is so outstanding but please in the next upgrade execute us an option to drive the automobile after we tune it


gokulmani 0215  6-18-2021
good work professional's outstanding You can't discover any other tuning edition it's amazing Plzz upgrade Ford E350 , bronco sport And offroad mods to normal automobiles outstanding fantastic job


harshit official  6-18-2021
You have to add more recent bikes


GLMV ALEX  6-18-2021


Kenzo Birdsong  6-18-2021
Please add the 67 Pontiac gto with actual customizable pieces.concept automobiles such as the Shelby cobra concept, ford mustang gt-r concept, Cadillac sixteen etc


no no  6-18-2021
Everything about this is wrong


अजगर GAMING  6-18-2021


aldo aldo  6-18-2021
Love it, love the quantity of customization and directions I can mod vehicles. could definitely like to see some 2005 ish gmc's in the future


Shane Cul  6-18-2021
I think it is a fantastic release and it is fantastic for rendering but I wish you would ha e infinite costsimzation for each automobile and I wish we didn't have to spend money but overall its a fantastic release 👍🏼keep up the excellent work


elder rodriguez  6-17-2021
This is a extremely excellent release I like it alot


Fati Islami  6-17-2021
I love this release


Onyx  6-17-2021


Blue Camo Plaz  6-17-2021
So I have a automobile update if u would add it. It's the Jeep gladeater 6/6 conversion that thestradman did to his


Marcus Lumpkin08jr to freind me on roblox  6-17-2021
Cool release


Nushkyn  6-17-2021
Please add a Fiat Tipo


Tyler Drent  6-17-2021
I'm unable to restore purchases


Tyler Ballanger  6-16-2021
Not enough body kits or wheel companies


Jannie Hendricks  6-16-2021
Iove it


Sawyer Farris  6-16-2021
We need an 03 cobra terminator and slicks and turbos,and a thing where you can drive your automobile


Michaela Perryman  6-16-2021
And because I like it but you are at a recent automobiles I am going to customize it now


CMR hello  6-15-2021
Love the fact you can hear the engine on tha automobiles it could be cool if you would also build automobiles from scratch and give statistics like power to weight ratios and break horse power stats


All the trucks are locked and I don't desire to pay for them


mary fox  6-15-2021
I love this release and I don't know what to say, It's awesome! But one thing you would add is the choice to execute your automobile electric or gas


Tamandani Chaweza  6-15-2021
i am a swift automobile reacing


kyle bartel  6-15-2021
enjoyment to run with. just wish they had my '04 Subaru outback h6 sedan


Juan Frijole  6-15-2021
You shouldn't have to pay to customize a damn automobile


CARS  6-15-2021
Its a really realistic edition i love it but i feel like there must be more automobiles and customizes . ITS A REALLY excellent edition


Nisha Thiyar  6-15-2021


manda lanjewar  6-15-2021
It's extremely good but it must add all recent automobiles as early as possible


Mike  6-15-2021
You have to pay for everything...


Dane Graham  6-15-2021
I absolutely love the customization and no edition compares to what this edition can do. Ps could love if you got the Nissan Frontier for trucks.


Sierra's Vlogs  6-14-2021


Victor sanhanga  6-14-2021


FAAZ HUSSAIN YT  6-14-2021
This is the exquisite edition ever but I am disappointed that there are some automobiles on money and some parts on money too just to execute it gratuitous and check to add more automobiles and diverse models but it is the exquisite edition ever!


VIOLETx Gaming  6-14-2021
release is so good but please add ,wagonR,honda City,Honda civic reborn and some other automobiles 😊😊❤👍


Damian Cekani  6-14-2021
Ai like sow mutch this release


Ryan D  6-14-2021
With the last upgrade the release crashes even more than it used to. I really enjoy the vast machine selections and parts but I can't even enjoy it anymore due to a critical accident on nearly each single build.


SomeGuys ontheInternet  6-14-2021
been a supporter of this edition since i was in highschool just recently downloaded it again to see if they upgraded anything i disliked in the 5 years seems the only thing they upgraded since is more automobiles and diverse layout still missing broad body kits diverse healights and tailights on older automobiles still cant adjust the rim size and some rims still glitch on certain automobiles causing it to look extremely wee and lifted dont gain me incorrect its a cool edition but after 5 years still having almost all the same troubles


Paocha Haokip  6-14-2021
Thanks developers this is the exquisite machine designing game.But can u add more Indian companies like mahindra so that Indian dependents can like this release more.THE . exquisite . release . EVER!


SGT CROSS  6-14-2021
It's absolutely outstanding to modify automobiles how you like without tons limit Plz add Holden and other Aussie automobiles is all I ask


Richard B. Stuart  6-14-2021
Please add the 3rd generation Mitsubishi eclipse convertible.


TRILL 13  6-14-2021
This is a extremely cool time consuming release I run this always I'm bored thanks for you game👍💯


Tristan James  6-14-2021
exquisite release



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