Android Version: 5.0App: 33RD: Random Defense
Release date: Dec 17, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: WondersquadCategory: game strategy
Name: 33RD: Random DefenseExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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initiate your group of animals and charmers and brawl in battles! Stop the behemoths before there are 33 of them! Play Single, Co-op, and Duel modes! Animals are summoned randomly! So are the monsters, buffs, and even the placements! Test your luck in this release with multiple possibilities! [Features] ■ Single Mode Clear over 100 phases and receive rewards. ■ Duel style (1v1 PvP) Strategically initiate your group of animals and mission gamesters from through the world in real-time duels for your victory! ■ Co-op Mode Work jointly with your buddies to stop the swarms of behemoths and beat the highest score! ■ Animal Characters Collect over 50 unique animals to try their skills and grow them. ■ Wizards Train your charmers and study recent skills! ■ Simple Controls Easily summon, fuse, and update your behemoths with just your finger!



Amy Trinh  4-11-2021
The release run is enjoyment but coop is broken and unbalanced. Can never gain past tide 8 and the random person I match up with in coop with generally sucks (I have double the kills that they do). repair the coop instead of telling us to grow the wizard, thanks.


B K  4-11-2021
Its definitely enjoyment to play. The diverse modes are enjoyment but it could be good to have the foes like coop, pvp, single, and dungeon be consistent with every other, then build around that. Using a deck in co-op, doesnt act the same in pvp, or single, and vice versa. It could be good to be able to only have to study the deck you desire instead of switching depending on mode. At least more consistant than topical stats. The coop has gotten alot better however and is far more enjoyment to run than b4. Thx


Erica W  4-9-2021
It's enjoyment but please slow down the tide on co-op, It goes so swift and I lose within a minute


John Wu  4-8-2021
excellent release but too speedy to be blocked for any progesss except you pay.


Jānis L  4-8-2021
Impossible to progress


Jose, Jireh Jay  4-7-2021
THE BEST!!!! maintain UPDATING!!!!


Billy Anthony  4-7-2021
Its ok but the progression is extremely extremely slow


chris mungia  4-3-2021
I love the release and could love to give 5 stars but the co op I feel needs some work. I can't ever gain passed tide 8. I feel yall must double the health on co op since there is 2 people, and scale the foes health to be lower. They gain too severe too swift and makes it very intractable to defend.


shaun ong  4-2-2021
It's fun... N relaxing


Gally GGG  3-31-2021
enjoyment but for some motive today.. The animals sometimes do not attack? This just started to happen it is messing with my scores... Please repair this


Md Wazien Mohd  3-31-2021
Faz dikurniakan seorang anak bernama Richie Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre


Nathan Wen  3-30-2021
Pros: Clean graphics. good UI. excellent gameplay. The devs listen and are constantly working to better the game! Cons/Suggestions: Getting gold from capsule openings. Upgrading an unit: add what happens to the passive when you level. Clans:to rescue discover someone to coop with. Raid bosses: Join your clan to surmount a enormous boss Tutorial: More clarification on how some passives/mechanics work. Community:Make a discord/reddit so we can grow together. fantastic game, maintain up the excellent work.


Yon Kim  3-29-2021
I love the release but it needs more animals


Loh Andreas  3-29-2021
Duel is a mess. adversary leak and minus health, I didn't leak. But they kill 200 earlier than me. It doesn't execute any sense.


Zovael Angul  3-29-2021
A frenetic random TD with multiplayer offerings unfortunately shackled by extremely strictly finite stamina for multiplayer and a hat on diurnal earnings to stop the usual TD binge. As a singleplayer release it has a single map and your only progression is gacha rook upgrades but it manages well enough, though as a co-op release it is grossly overtuned and scales tons too swift for just having a single map there as well. It's intractable to argue for it versus its competition right now but maintain an eye on it.


PTG23 Gaming  3-24-2021
So Google were the ones who removed my review that's kinda rude! And now all of the sudden I have absolute access to the release again! :)


nick hobbs  3-23-2021
Played about 15 rounds, rounds are not long enough imo, there's short anf sweet/bite sized, but this is just to short. I'm hoping the rewards increase over time but having an infinite style that you get stuff from the longer you newest could be so tons better to incorporate.


Ruichun Ji  3-22-2021
After first time play, there was infinite accident when enter game(flash auto quit)


Joao Pedro  3-20-2021
The release is a bit intractable to grind. Also i propose you add more delay between tides in co-op. What the Logic for run co op if u cant gain out of tide 6/10? Also every tide come with double health this is absurd.


Gunnar Hardt  3-20-2021
enjoyment game, but trying to run without paying money is impossible due to how little in release currency you get. Also one of the 'prizes' from boxes is currency, so you can pay 200 gold to gain 15 gold or 5 tokens (out of 100 needed). 10 to 15 gold is the average, non one time prize, reward quantity and the lowest price is 200 gold. Its atrocious.


Fenrys Temple  3-20-2021
This release is fantastic and I desire to rate it higher, but my trouble is specifically the co-op. My wife and I rather enjoy releases of this type, but even though we've been playing a couple of weeks, we both have solid decks and we understand the base concept, I genuinely can't even talk what is dealing injure to me in the co-op battles. No strategy we can discover can consistently gain us past tide 7-8, and it just doesn't seem reasonable defensible. Again, love the game, but some of it is a bit unclear.


Evan Stant  3-19-2021


nick mccoy  3-18-2021
I really like this release but it's a pay to play. I'm at a stand still and it's beautiful irritating. Seems like the behemoths are to mighty and theres no idea to gain passed tide 6 on co op. repair this little problem and u will earn a 5 star rating from me extremely quickly.


Kenneth Estrada  3-18-2021
It's okay, the co-op is idea too hard, I feel like every release only lasts a minute or 2 minutes and then it's over, theres nearly no balance to the co-op, it's idea too hard, idk how you guys expect gamesters to stay if it takes 2+ months to gain any sort of excellent update


Apam Basi  3-17-2021
Pay to win release


Kyle Dudley  3-17-2021
Pay to win


Ryan G  3-13-2021
does not work on root


trever conley  3-11-2021
I love the game. But its so damn hard. It's intractable to get money. Duel you gain no gold for winning every one. Coop is idea to hard(needs to lower npc hp or raise the npc limit) Sometimes you can go round 12 and only gain 2 tokens. No discord for this game. Once the release gets a little easier sick give a higher rating. Other than that a enjoyment game. permit us earn more gold please!!!


alson low zhe hao  3-8-2021
intractable to play, stuck at phase 35 for the entire day. I guess they desire dependents to pay for the game. Uninstalled


Kevin Mu  3-1-2021
fantastic game!


-ERROR-  2-26-2021
releases like this must not be tier based. It makes the release idea TO SLOW "Random Dice: PvP Defence" is idea better than this just be cause of that alone.


tuong vo cat  2-26-2021
Do you know how it is to gain 1 mythic stone? And now you you talk me to gain 6 stones just for 1 hero? Ridiculous!!!! And reduced to 1 star this is not deserve 4.0 star


alphakennybody  2-25-2021
Its enjoyment but its intractable to gain gold and diamonds


simone cuccagna  2-23-2021
Cool release so far, love the graphics!


Chris  2-22-2021
Rank progress has troubles saving, balance is wild west style, and no responses from support. Probably exquisite to choose a diverse release as there are many in this mode now.


Time Investment  2-21-2021
lovely and hilarious rook defense game. enjoyment to run for hours.


Kian Hoe Kang  2-21-2021
Simple, enjoyment and addictive game!


Cody Watts  2-20-2021
outstanding rook defense strategic game, so dozens things you can do its alot of enjoyment to see how dozens rounds you can execute it across


sgtpotatoe  2-20-2021
Really amusing release to run on my commutes, simple but challenging to run


Kabigon Mikan  2-19-2021
This is the fantastic diffense release edition for spending gratuitous time.


Pexy Doll  2-19-2021
Cool rook defense. extremely addictive gameplay. I like to run this release all day long.


D Layesk  2-19-2021
fantastic game. A really enjoyment and excellent looking yower defense. I enjoy playing it


Danh Nguyễn  2-13-2021
Too hard. Bye bye


Ajayi Abayomi Abidemi  2-11-2021
exquisite defence release with good UI, graphic design exquisite and control in the gameplay is good.


Kevin Delagado  2-10-2021
Juego bastante interesante y divertido me gusto mucho el diseño al estilo pixel art


Laura Rossi  2-10-2021
Gioco di rook Defence ben fatto! Dalla grafica discreta e intuitivo! Consigliato


mragnarok mragg  2-9-2021
low coin


Jamal GS  2-9-2021
A more clear description on how diverse guys work. Another idea to gain elements and a idea to view what they do before hand. Increase the gold you gain when opening chests I discover it not enjoyment to spend 500 gold and gain 59 back and thats it. Co-op needs to be a bit easier I think overall and the rewards need to be consistent. My highest tide was 12 and I didn't gain dozens tokens from it but a play I got to 7 I got more. Those are just from the top of my head the release is extremely excellent maintain it up! :)


maoue maoue  2-8-2021
constantly paired with ai players. coop too intractable (will never gain past round 10), no point playing a release where each style you gain paired by ai.


Peter B  2-5-2021
Doesn't work, tried it on two phones. Did I mess up and install a trojan?


alfred kwan  2-1-2021
Gold hat for diurnal gold is too low, cannot do tons with it


Samuel Audet  1-26-2021
This is the exquisite smartphones defense release I've played so far. The release is extremely simple and really entertaining. execute animals with peculiar abilities appear and demolish the enemies. The release allows you to ameliorate the characters in release and on the menu which allows you to initiate extremely interesting strategies. In addition, the adverts are rare and only appear when you desire to open a safe. Its not like each other releases absolute of anoying ads.


Bryan Ng  12-31-2020
survivor could a good style to add, overall release is beautiful fun.But more gold chance would be added, maybe enabling selling of useless animal piece too could be good



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