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102.5 The Bone: Real. Raw. Radio โ€“ avail this edition to listen to the exquisite FM tell station in the Nation. Download the edition now to listen to the Mike Calta exhibit in the morning! Need tell radio while you work? execute sure you try out the Roger & JP show, and Drew Garabo Live middays! With our high-quality music player, you can listen to The Bone anywhere!



Darlene Serrago  6-4-2021
Downloaded edition and got NOTHING!! No music OR visual! What's the point??


S RA  6-3-2021
edition is great. Problem is Johnnyb show. How did cohost phil? ever gain on radio? John has turned exhibit over to him and it's truly awful. Pls replace. John is looking to leave anyways I believe. Thx.


T bone Malone  6-2-2021
Love me some Bone.


Lashua  6-1-2021
I love the app. I whenever have it sreaming whether I am in my home, in my studio, my store, office, or in the car. I have had no problems with the app.


Derrick Mietz  5-21-2021
The bone has become a part of my family.


Ase-Diesel-Tech  5-20-2021
this edition is terrible. on smartphones I have to constantly hit / notification / force stop / and then re open edition to gain it to work. once it's working it works fine but if you close it and reopen it is frozen and have to force stop and open again.


Robert Moliere  5-13-2021
These guys must be on each venue in the world.


Paul S  5-6-2021
This edition hardly works


carlos molina  5-5-2021
Love the morning and afternoon tell exhibit ๐Ÿ˜Š outstanding station exquisite in Fl. I'm a diurnal listener


James Schoenbeck  5-3-2021
exquisite radio out there! Love you all!


Robert galli  4-30-2021
I love this edition I love 102.5 the bone i avail it all day each day


Cliff Gammon  4-26-2021
Awsome extremely hilarious


doonesbury 73  4-14-2021
They repaired the edition it's a lot better


Alicia Smith  4-9-2021
I LOVE THE BONE it's outstanding i really like all the peps on the diverse shows everyone so diverse it's fantastic extremely straight to use.The edition is straight enjoyment and i love hearing or reading the diverse videos of the day thank you please maintain it straight love ๐Ÿ’—


Bob LaGasse  3-30-2021
might be the worst media edition online. So you missed the newest hour of a exhibit and figure hey they tell constantly about this wonderful edition to gain exhibit replays sick avail that to listen. NOOOOOO you wont cause you can fastforward or rewind so except you have 5 hours to listen again just forget about it. DUMB edition IS DUMB


Darryl Dorn  3-26-2021
Love it


Dale Hartley  3-20-2021
Sometimes when I avail the edition I have to uninstall it and reinstall it because it won't turn on and those days I'm not sure but when it works it works just fine


james jilg  3-16-2021
Only thing I don't like is I can't pause and resume recorded shows but I'm fine with listening to all the shows all day at work to be able to hear the entire show.


Jessica Constantine  3-11-2021
I could whenever give the bone five stars but right now desired to permit y'all know that ever since smartphones hide it's stupid upgrade for smartphones 11. The bone up has not been working correctly and it keeps crashing and it won't connect. I had to uninstall and reinstall the edition each single day since the update for Android. I don't know if it's an smartphones problem it probably is. Since nothing else seems to be working correctly with the update. I'm just giving y'all heads up otherwise five stars!


Richard Cwikowski  3-10-2021
fantastic pastime and fantastic edition


Dylan Laurie  3-3-2021
Only works half the time, other half just simply won't load.


sharonrose kuszewski  2-26-2021
My husband and I whenever look forward to listening to the show. Enjoy hearing what they all have to tell about. Humor, advice, topical affairs, etc... Dead person in envelope, Top ten. outstanding . Ocala Fl ๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒž


Mark Corbin  2-24-2021
I listen all day too all the shows I just desire to be able to text the I can relate to Studdering John about a concert I went to in Cleveland Ohio when he threw his brown flannel shirt out in the audience and my girlfriend caught it...


Larry Kelley  2-23-2021
It gotten alot better since when it first came out


Andrew Minenna  2-23-2021
Like the station but the edition only works half of the time.


Ziggy McCroy  2-22-2021
fantastic idea to listen to my beloved shows live or on repeat.


Alx Diaz  2-20-2021


Rick Volpatti  2-12-2021
fantastic pastime


Dale Boardman  2-11-2021
Monica steals the show.


Michelle Jenkins  2-11-2021
I listen regularly to all the shows. Love them all!


Ben Nebra  2-8-2021
fantastic regional radio shows streaming diurnal with zero crashes & keeps me laughing


David Villanueva  2-5-2021


Chelsea Wood  2-2-2021
I love the bone app! I gain to whenever listen to m my beloved shows


Stephen Crotts  1-29-2021
Johnny B and large Will Kuntz. exquisite exhibit ever!!! declare it. declare it! declare IT!


Dark Cloud  1-26-2021
I love it, but it constantly crashes when running in the background. I also wish it had an option to download shows to listen to offline.


Erin Murphy  1-22-2021
I avail this edition all the time!! I love 102.5 The Bone!!!


Lizeth Lopez  1-9-2021
Love This App. Love The Station. The exquisite tell Radio Station Ever.


Robert Fussell  12-26-2020
I love it excellent stuff


Scott Albers  12-23-2020
Better than it used to be, but quits when I switch between Bone edition and Twitter.


ryan orpin  12-21-2020
straight to use, just wish it had more photos.


todd ward  12-17-2020
fantastic app, straight to avail and whenever fantastic content!


Matt FL  12-15-2020
Love the bone ๐Ÿฆด๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†


Kristin Winkel  12-4-2020
I absolutely love listening, But half the time on my smartphones it never actually opens It just sits there with the bone logo... So I have to go listen on iTunes.Which means I can't listen to the replays ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


Ramiro Jaramillo  12-4-2020
Love this edition I gain veritable time information news and the shows are amusing


Ryan Stjohn  12-1-2020


Richard Jr  11-24-2020
Your app. Don't work right !


Dusty Robbins  11-17-2020
its slowly been getting better to use. i hope it continues to gain better.


Brian Sanchez  11-13-2020
Eazy to avail


dj bruner  11-9-2020
It has some glitches on the smartphones platform especially opening. But when it works it is fantastic because I gain to listen to my favourite radio station


Jason Murphy  11-7-2020
Suddenly will not activate on my Samsung Note 10+ I have reinstalled dozens times. Giving up.


tigerlilly 82  11-1-2020
fantastic edition ! I had dozens troubles in former versions of the app, but it works fantastic for me now . I appreciate the updates.


Andrew Gregson  10-16-2020
Still my go to app, but since this newest upgrade it takes an frustratingly long time to buffer and plays a ridiculous quantity of commercials. I love the station and all of the shows on the line up but please repair the app. Galaxy s8.


Nathanial Oates  10-13-2020
fantastic app! Haven't had troubles in a long time


Erica Jones  10-4-2020
Love!! Love!! Love!!!


Carl D  9-27-2020
I listen to the station on the radio primarily because this edition is extremely annoying. Sending messages and prompts multiple times a day everyday. Also how to close the edition is not easily apparent/easy.


Dylan m  9-17-2020
fantastic app!! a little delay but who care s can listen anywhere


Natali&Frank Boccia  9-14-2020
Its the exquisite edition there is


kristi almeda  9-11-2020
This edition is terrible. I have to force stop each single time I desire to open it and listen .


Gene Williams  9-10-2020
Love this exhibit


Kennen Price  9-8-2020
For some reason, this edition will run for about a minute or 2 then just stop. It doesn't crash. The playback just stops.


Michael Ulrich  9-8-2020
excellent lay out but sometimes its leggy and the exhibit falls behind


Neftali Pineiro  9-7-2020
It needs maintenance. I have to force stop it to gain it to work. Also, at times when I desire to replay shows and gain to the end, instead of restarting over again to the beginning, it will go into some other podcast instead.


Fran Lawless  9-2-2020
I love Rodger and JP I wish I would listen to it without commercials is there a idea and also don't like MO


david ashworth  8-31-2020
Its fantastic


J Coop  8-31-2020
fantastic content, all day.


Debra Ross  8-13-2020
Love the shows ๐Ÿ˜ฒ ๐Ÿ˜†, but what's with your app. Total disappointment!!! It plays, then freezes, constantly. Silly me, I thought ratings could be significant to you. To wrong you're missing all the listeners that can't listen on their cells because your edition stinks.


Tim Bourdon  8-10-2020
Horrible....its unhappy that I have to download TuneIn radio to listen to 102.5 because your edition is so pathetic


Katrina Bell  7-30-2020
I love this ap its the only idea i can listen to roger and jp when i miss their show. The only thing is you cant pick absolute past episodes of their show. Its the ONLY exhibit on the bone now that doesnt constantly bash trump!!!!


Kyle Scroggins  7-22-2020
The station is awesome, the edition is hot garbage.


Joseph Clay  7-14-2020
As described by others, constant stops with errors stating "slow network". It's not a network trouble (at least on my end) as my internet has plenty of bandwidth and is swift as hell. Please fix.


Devon Manns  6-16-2020
Love the bone, been listening for about 8 years now and the edition is the exquisite thing to happen to the show. Works beautiful well and there is whenever a exhibit to listen to. maintain up the excellent work 102.5 The Bone!


Donald Hayes  6-16-2020
The bone gets 5 stars the edition gets zero Stars. there's absolutely no point in listing the problems because the developers and listeners know what they are. It's had the same problems for years. I've used the edition on Samsung apple and OnePlus smartphones and had the same problems and all three Android/Apple smartphones


George Weilenmann  6-16-2020
Far too intrusive, power drain as well.


k v  6-12-2020
Mike Calta exhibit is the BEST๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’šI laugh each morning on the idea to work. Love Galvin


Brian Corter  6-11-2020
GREAT. outstanding Shows and Hosts


brad brand  6-10-2020
The edition doesn't even load anymore. It just opens a empty white image with a spinning circle on it


Ricky Barber  6-9-2020
I've listened to 102.5 since early 2000's. They've got some excellent stories to listen too. Some of the crazy contest, releases and other...make you think about life stuff. The four star rating doesn't mean anything. I leave at least one egg out of the basket, for all apps.๐Ÿ˜ฎ Might go up would go down.๐Ÿ˜•


Matthew Smith  6-5-2020
We desire you to ADD SLATER'S information exhibit FOR STREAM STREAM.


Audrey Williams  5-29-2020
I've only been listening to y'all for a few months, but I'm entirely addicted now...I switch from my smartphone to automobile radio on my idea to work, listen at work, then at 2pm, back on in my automobile and switch back to smartphone at home...thanks for making my day!


The Elike  5-19-2020
I used to love the shows before 4 out of their 5 main broadcasts started spewing political propaganda each day.


errol converse  5-19-2020
Constantly quits could really love to listen when I'm in the home but this is the fifth time in the newest 10 minutes.


gravie dave  5-18-2020
Its not working. Tried to download 3 times still just keeps trying to load


shane legg  5-16-2020
Can listen to my beloved station anywhere in the world


Diego Flores  5-12-2020


larry riddle  5-12-2020
Live streaming funny radio content. Love these hosts, but also love the cohosts. Compelling content here! edition is convenient and informative.


Maurice Andrews  5-11-2020
fantastic content!


Thomas Nichols  5-11-2020
love this edition fantastic if you are working at night you can gain pastime that everyone is listening to during day


Erik Hernandez  5-6-2020
Why does it stop and start so much?


Greg Turner  5-5-2020
My beloved station!


smok3y 420  5-4-2020
It works extremely well. The only gripe I have is when I pause from my headphones the edition freezes and needs to be restarted.


Ellen Martin  4-29-2020
WHAT is circumstance with this app? I've had it for years & listen daily. For a while now, it constantly stops & starts. Sometimes you'll miss chunks of the show, other times it starts again with an ad, and then sometimes it starts before where it stopped so you hear the same stuff twice. This problem is not information to you guys...please repair it! I will revise my rating when you


Just A Generic Name  4-21-2020
edition restarts/stops playing after a couple of minutes. Just recently started experiencing this problem. Prior to this, I never had any issues. Please assist


Barak ShortStack Stasiowski  4-6-2020
Omg! I love this app! I'm a Truckdriver + Need this edition to execute My Boreing Day Go Fast!! WOW outstanding Job Developers๐Ÿ˜ฑAlmost each trait of this blog has Gr8ly Improved..Thx. Update: Still a fantastic edition


John Jarvis  4-2-2020
The edition does not open.


Nikki H  4-1-2020
I love Roger and Jp! And the Mike Calta show! I gain the fresh information with a personal touch and love the banter


G Will  3-31-2020
Love the whole line up...


Johnathan Mandel  3-30-2020
Gotta have my "THE BONE!!"


Amanda Bush  3-23-2020
I have moved to Ohio and I still listen each day!


Nick Savino  3-17-2020


David Upton  3-17-2020
fantastic design of the edition all my beloved radio personalities are on that station can I ask for more


Bobby Krogman  3-16-2020
I love the edition because I moved out of the listening territory and it's the only idea I can hear all of my beloved shows


Corinna LilBlonde  3-15-2020
Most the time while listening to the live exhibit and sometimes while listening to a prerecorded show, the edition constantly stops each 2 or 3 minutes and then I have to restart it just to be able to hear the exhibit again.


Joe S.  3-13-2020
Love it


randy peterson  3-10-2020
Drew Garabo is the exquisite gratuitous pastime I have found in Tampa since moving here in September 2019. exquisite afternoon exhibit ever.


Sonya Hamil  3-6-2020
I love the bone TV. I only listen to Drew and John, and love to see them live and in action while on the air. I feel like I know and understand them better. Love the exhibit and the app!!!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Dylan  3-6-2020
The live stream constantly stops streaming. Will run replays and videos no problem though




Alex Hart  2-26-2020
beautiful cool. Can i gain melodies played instead of commercials? I could pay for that, but not a lot.


Jeff Jacobs  2-18-2020
Enjoy The Bone wherever I may be.


Preston Britt  2-12-2020
Streams great! Just wish they were able to edit and repost entire shows in segments, for example Galvin's information in the morning or John's Joints in the afternoon.


Louis Ramirez  2-3-2020
exquisite radio station alive...


John M  1-27-2020
Constantly loses connection and page never updates. They really must go back to the I Heart Radio edition


ros hamilton  1-23-2020


Tirbo Max  1-21-2020
The edition continuously stops working



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