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1000+ English Stories for babes edition contains 1000+ stories in 50+ multiple species such as Comical Stories, Inspiration Stories,Moral Stories,Education Stories,Tenali Raman stories,Akbar Birbal Stories,The Arabian Nights ,Panchatantra English Stories,Kids Stories and tons more. By reading the short English babes stories from this edition each day, you can rescue your babes build values, as well as ameliorate their reading comprehension abilities & study English by Stories.Download this 5000+ renowned Short English Stories app,short stories collection and enjoy it.If you discover this edition helpful, do share with your buddies and family. Features of 1000+ English Stories offline β€’ More than 1000 of the most famed English Stories. β€’ Bookmark your beloved English Stories. β€’ swift and responsive usufructuary interface with uncover capabilities β€’ Share trait to readily send your beloved English Stories to your friends. To send opinions to us, please enter your opinions and send us. Disclaimer: All names, logos, and screens are copyright of their respective owners. All the names, logos, and screens are used in this edition are just for identification and educational target only. Trademarks and companies are the property of their respective owners.



Gloria Akello  6-13-2021
I think its anice one


kyaw kyaw  6-13-2021
I desire to sleep


gireesh singh  6-12-2021
These stories are great


Amar Narayan Adam  6-5-2021
There is no thousand stories


Kavitha Palanisamy  6-3-2021
This is serviceable and amusing


Joef Soriano  6-3-2021
Its said 1000 English is not responding


Binita Kalita  6-2-2021
excellent editions


A.V.subramanyam A.V.S  5-29-2021


Narayan G Kulkarni  5-25-2021


extremely wrong 😀😀


Harriet Mwangombe  4-11-2021
I like it


Raju R  4-7-2021
This is extremely straight to understand but Why this edition often didn't open the stories? Please talk me what I had made mistake this?


hossein bahrami  4-4-2021
fantastic So serviceable


Raavi Dere  4-3-2021
It is great 😁 You guyes should check to execute a edition for teenagers also


Mugdha's Lifestyle  4-1-2021


Glory Lomotey  3-29-2021


Sitara Venugopalan  3-25-2021


siabi Djan  3-24-2021
I rated 5%5 bc when I first started to read it I felt so inspired and relaxed that I only started now at 22.25 on 24.3.2021


Ankita Pokharkar  3-21-2021
No photos


Mohd Kamran  3-20-2021
wonderful but we wish they could be some photos


khabria kb  3-18-2021
It is the exquisite thing for babes


Anitha Joy  3-18-2021


Sharu Prabu  3-16-2021
It is so super I like soooooooooo tons πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»


Miran Jimmy  3-14-2021
Stories i like


Chandrasekhar Shaha  3-14-2021
It is a excellent edition and fantastic edition it's tale are great😸 I love this edition


Scott Justin  3-8-2021
It seems to b a bug, after downloading this edition , lots of problem with my mobile.NOT FOR KIDS, ALL tale ENDS WITH BEATING, KILLING, MISERY, HORRIFIC, DEATH AND unhappy ENDING. DO NOT INSTALL 😠😠


MAHESWARI Hari Hara Sudhan L  3-6-2021


Riddhi Batabyal V sparkling  3-6-2021
excellent tale Book


A Google user  3-6-2021
extremely excellent I read these to myself quotidian and they are so good🀯☺️😁


Shadma Khatoon  3-5-2021
good i like to read stories


Bernadette Zoe McCarthy  2-26-2021
I think it will be a good tale book


lea gamer  2-25-2021
This edition was practical to read tale for babes i love it because I love the storys so tons is all my life in the school were I read the storys my teacher all the days gave me allot of storys to read it in the house I sure were i talk my teacher I Installed this edition she feel delighted 😊 and exciteding thanks for the how he execute the edition love you


Amber Zehoski  2-25-2021


Fenny Wijaya  2-24-2021
excellent app, maybe next time can added photo to execute babes more interesting reading by themselves.


Nupur Gupta  2-18-2021
good πŸ‘Œ


Archana Sharma  2-17-2021
extremely wrong hangs each time


Bekezela Dube  2-16-2021


Aishath Saeed  2-14-2021
extremely helpful.


kathreine parish  2-14-2021
When i open the edition it gose back to homescreen


Audric Talosig  2-13-2021
excellent for me !


Jade C  2-11-2021
i love this edition like i read it almost each night but theres a little thing i desire this edition to include is making the stories longer thank you


Dipti Naik  2-11-2021
I like it


Mohd Furkhan  2-9-2021
Love it


Zanele Msani  2-8-2021


Andrew Nandalo  2-1-2021
The stories execute my kid's occupied apart from sharpening there spoken English and abilities


Iju Richard  2-1-2021
Kept crashing


Vaishali Patadiya  1-29-2021
extremely excellent edition


L. Manideepu  1-25-2021
extremely wrong it not in offline style it must on offline style so that we you gain more rating ist' it


Sanvi Joshi  1-25-2021
There are only 12 series


Carla Roache  1-25-2021
It's good


Shemsa Ali  1-23-2021
Swahili fiction book


Husnain Malik  1-20-2021
It is a excellent book i read it in my gratuitous time i am pakistani but i like the all


siji mohan  1-14-2021


Kisha Nicole Octaviano  1-12-2021
this edition supposed to have a 5 star it really gives the correct education by reading it on my siblings


khloe love  1-11-2021
I love this edition its extremely practical i can read on my freetime. theres alot of storys altho i wish they had photos with the storys


Sotheary Reth  1-10-2021
good stories to rescue babes develop English and morality.


chithra kani  1-7-2021


Fatimah Tettehgah  1-7-2021
I gave this edition 5 stars because it is really educativeπŸŽ“ it helped one to read better. excellent edition


Shubhada Bhide  1-5-2021


Yohanette Dalziel  1-5-2021
extremely practical English stories edition indeed for children.


Jella Sneha  1-4-2021
This is extremely practical to my brother because he cannot read english so in this he can study excellent habits and he can converse english so,this is amazing and serviceable


Fatima Muhammed  1-3-2021
Itis really niceβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜


Harm Won  1-1-2021
No photos just text useless


Subhra Debnath  12-27-2020
If there was no adds I could give it 5star


Sohayeeb Hossain  12-24-2020
The stories were outstanding I like this edition


Ravi kumar Chittimalla  12-24-2020
good to see this edition


Aica Jatayna  12-22-2020
I like this edition so dozens tale in sleep i can,t sleep now


Manjula KS  12-15-2020
This is the exquisite appfor babes πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


Sarmin Snigdha  12-15-2020
extremely wonderful app!


Jerusha Singh  12-15-2020
The exquisite tale edition ever I love it No adverts at all I told my buddies about it and they love it


Ifeoma Emeana  12-13-2020


sangeetha Ramprasad  12-12-2020
It is an wonderful edition for babes there are soo dozens stories I love this edition 😍😍


Moses Gray  12-10-2020


Naveed Sarwar  12-9-2020
excellent stories in it


Madhav Shankar  12-7-2020
excellent edition


excellent edition for babes


Jaykaransingh Jadon  12-5-2020
There is a excellent reception which is a excellent idea to understand the English language.


Christine Gabitanan  12-1-2020
Is wrong so wrong yup is so so wrong


Ayesha Kareem  11-30-2020
extremely smart


manasa rohitha  11-29-2020
so good edition I like it


Georgia's Life  11-28-2020
Not excellent


ilhaam Izma  11-21-2020
I like this edition extremely tons πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


perumal Aboi  11-20-2020
It's extremely excellent


kanak anchalia  11-18-2020
extremely excellent appp


Presley Adams  11-13-2020
I love this edition


Henry Attuquaye  11-12-2020


car malon  11-10-2020


Yuri denniz Lambino  11-6-2020
I love this release


Sugyani Priyadarshini Mohanty  11-6-2020
good edition


Nicajhane Gutierrez  11-4-2020
Love it


Dainty ZB  11-2-2020
Does wanna open


jasmine thompson  11-1-2020
good hilarious


Biji Mathew  11-1-2020
It is extremely serviceable for babes when they don't have a book to read...πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. But as well as danger for their eyes....πŸ˜™πŸ˜™


Tenzin Choedon  10-30-2020
fantastic tale


Thiyagarajan R  10-30-2020


Janisse canlas  10-16-2020


Leann Alibong  10-15-2020
This tale is good


KING GAMER  10-13-2020
fantastic edition it helps me alot


Noorashidah Zulkefle  10-12-2020
extremely excellent


Aratikatla Sireesha  10-6-2020
It's not that tons of a sudden


Vaishnavi R  10-3-2020
That tons we can't declare abt this edition it will doesn't install only how dozens times I have installed but it does not install only


Ishika Hatwar  10-3-2020
Wow so good edition for babes


Bridget Kc  10-1-2020


David Sevene Borracha  9-29-2020
I have not yet download it but im sure it will rescue me to be occupied during this lockdown


judeallen rubia  9-27-2020


Sagnik Bhattacharjee  9-19-2020


Elizabeth Ogutu  9-15-2020


Sudhir Shukla  9-14-2020
excellent service


Md Sameer  9-13-2020
This edition is good ! When we have gratuitous time we must read it πŸ€“πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


Mary Mascarenhas  9-12-2020
I like this edition but they must put more storys


shima Seddig  9-11-2020
It has more than 1000 tale and it is so interesting



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